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Mou sugoi Kaga-san!

Atago is an angel.

American Submarines when?

STALKER, I assume you're the one who would probably typeset this, so left click on any of the pictures in the baidu link so that the image viewer comes up. The pictures on the page itself are resized and pretty low-quality.

>TTK: Coming up is the manga/comic of Sazanami and I... | Remember to read it seriously...
>Sazanami: Please don't sleeptalk! (literally: please don't talk while sleeping!)
I'm also skipping the pictures at the beginning, since those are on danbooru already at:


>/ in the OP, again

What is with these retards who think of it as their duty to make sure that threads for certain series are always up?



>TTK: Tomorrow is Tanabata, you know. | have you written out your tanzaku (note: may be less weeb to just say wishes)?
>Sazanami: I did!
>TTK: Now, what could you have written?
>Tanzaku: I am Sazanami! | This is Tanabata!
>TTK: Is this some kind of status report?! What is this?
>Sazanami: I wanted you to know about Sazanami~
>TTK: Hmm....well, that is important! | When you talk with somebody, you should make sure the other side understands you before you start asking questions...
>TTK: But you're supposed to be writing your own wish! | Like something you want to be or something you want to do...or just a dream you want to come true!
>Sazanami: Dream...

Atago a breast

>Sazanami: What is the Master's dream? What are you doing now?
>TTK: Huh?
>TTK: Well, at first I was part of R&D (literally: Equipment Development), since that was my original plan.
>TTK: And if I recall correctly, the Shipgirl Upbringing (and Care) Corps was really shorthanded.
>TTK: But! It's only because that happened that I could meet such a cutie like Sazanami! I'm super glad I joined SUCC!!
>Sazanami: I see~
>Tanzaku: I wish that it be Tanabata!
>TTK: What a simple wish...
>TTK: Hmm...there should still be some eggs in the freezer. At least from when I checked yesterday.
>Sazanami: Sazanami wants to eat meat!
>TTK: That's it! We'll have a Tanabata feast tomorrow with Yakiniku! (note: just grilled meat could work too!) Grilled meat!
>TTK: Ehh...we don't even have vegetables. | We're going to have to go to the supermarket.
>Sazanami: The Supermarket?! Do they have meat?!

Would adopt her and give her a peaceful life.

>TTK: Baller! Got me some vegetable on sale, what luck~
>TTK: Let's have veggie stir-fry tomorrow.
>Sazanami: Tomorrow is a feast, right? We need meat! Why's there no meat? | All we bought were veggies!
>TTK: No~ You should eat some more veggies. | they're very nutritious, you know.
>Akagi: Is this really alright? To buy this much meat
>(SUCC TTK): Of course. Akagi loves it, right? So let's go and eat some Yakiniku.
>Akagi: Well, I don't want it that much~ | But, Thank You.
>Sazanami: Don't wanna!

>TTK: Now now~ Let's hurry on home, eat dinner and get some rest.
>Sazanami: Mm...
>TTK: It's been a year, but my wages are still pathetic.
>TTK: Each fleet receives a stipend.
>[Upbringing Stipend Overview]
>[Battleships: 600k yen/month]
>[Aircraft Carrier: 500k-400k/month]
>[Heavy Cruiser: 300k-200k/month]
>[Light Cruiser: 100k/month]
>[Destroyer: 10k/month]
>[Los submarinos y otros: 5 pesos/month]
>TTK: Destroyer Sazanami only receives 10000 yen a month. (note: a little less than $100 USD)
>[TTK: For the Destroyer Fleet, it should be that | that funding should increase with the number of personnel.]
(note: What it literally say is that "Originally the system for Destroyer Upbringing | is that funding would increase with more personnel," but there is no further mention of this system, and it seems odd that this system was changed without it being explicitly stated or explained.)

>Tanzaku: I want to eat meat | Sazanami
>TTK: ...sorry.
>TTK: I'm really sorry...Sazanami...
>Sazanami: ...mmm

>Sazanami: Master...
>TTK: Darn...I almost started crying!
>TTK: For Sazanami...I'm.... | I exist for Sazanami's happiness!
>TTK: Right!
>Delivery man: Hello | Hello.
>Delivery Man: M...Message for you... | Ah....W...what a face.
>TTK: Straighten up and speak up!
>TTK: A message at this time, what is it?


>Sazanami: ...The master's prepared breakfast?
>Sazanami: ...Ehh, I wonder if he bought meat....
>Sazanami: Eeeuugh! I hate veggies! | Where's the meat? Where's the party?
>Sazanami: That's right!
>Sazanami: If we hold a party here... | maybe the Master will make me some meat!
>Sazanami: If it's a party you definitely need meat! Sazanami's a genius!
>Sazanami: I'd better finish this before the Master returns!
>[Suddenly all busy]
>Guy 1: I heard it from a friend at the Staff Office (note: could also be called Human Resource Office or Personnel office).
>Guy 2: Eh? What happened?
>Guy 2: There's somebody ready to take over caring for Sazanami?

>Guy 1: The current caretaker is now cleared to transfer back to R&D.
>SUCCommander: That's the message we received yesterday.
>TTK: Then what becomes of Sazanami?
>SUCCommander: Don't worry, we have a professional SUCC officer | who can take over for you.
>Guy 1: That guy is probably thrilled to be able to return to his original career track. | Being shunted into this office due to personnel shortages and then being saddled with a destroyer...how unfortunate.
>Guy 2: This system requires you to use your own wages to pad the stipend as nurture fees...if I could, I'd try to avoid raising destroyers too! | Compared to DD fleet caretakers, the others sure have it good!
>Guy 1: Ayy tru dat

>TTK: This isn't an order!
>TTK: But...if I refuse, I'll probably never have a second chance to rejoin R&D!
>TTK: Sorry~ I'm late!
>TTK: The vegetables!
>TTK: They've all been eaten!

>TTK: THat's amazing, Sazanami~! | What happened?
>TTK: Wow, the room's all been cleaned up too!
>Sazanami: Welcome home~ Master~
>TTK: What's going on? This looks like some kind of party! | Ahh!
>TTK: Is...this a Tanabata party? Ah! | Sorry...the meat...
>Sazanami: Nah.
>Sazanami: This is the Master's...
>Sazanami: Farewell party~

>Sazanami: It was just a dream, right? Now that the work is done.
>TTK: ....what do you mean
>Sazanami: Now now, let's not worry about that...look! | Look at all tehse decorations!
>Sazanami: The master was teaching me origami before | so I did as I remember and folded them all out!
>Sazanami: Master taught me all of this!
>Sazanami: And look at this!
>Sazanami: I've written tons of Tanzaku too~~!
>TTK: ...Sazanami
>Sazanami: .... | ...ehehe

>Tanzaku: I'm Sazanami | It's okay if there's no meat
>Sazanami: All of this...
>Tanzaku: I'm Sazanami | I want to eat veggies
>Sazanami: Will it really...come true?
>Tanzaku: I'm Sazanami | We won't see each other again
>Sazanami: ...Master | sorry
>Sazanami: If Sazanami can't be with master anymore...
>Sazanami: Sazanami might never be fortunate/happy again...
>Sazanami: Sazanami...

She looks pretty young so maybe a naizuri.

>Sazanami: ...is very fortunate! |to be together for so long...

Shit, no nip raws yet? Maybe I should've bought this after all.

I suppose it's all they've got in life.

>Tanzaku: Sazanami wants to be with master
>Sazanami: To be able to have spent this time with master....

If you have a DMM account and a KanColle account, just download the DMM app and install KanColle for Android. You don't even need a VPN or Japanese IP.

>TTK: ...It's okay.
>TTK: I'm not going anywhere.
>TTK: I promise you!
>Sazanami: Eh...
>TTK: Really? Are you really not going anywhere... | Is this really not a dream?
>TTK: Mm!

Well, if there were nip raws I wouldn't be the one translating it. I actually did really like this one, though, so I'm happy to have been able to do it.

Why are you replying to a dead thread?

>TTK: I want to be with Sazanami forever as well. | But...I might not be able to bring Sazanami a wealthy lifestyle.
>Sazanami: THat's okay...even so it's okay!
>TTK: Ahaha!
>TTK: Ah!
>TTK: Sazanami! Come and see!
>Sazanami: Uwahh--!! That's amazing!
>TTK: Fortune....My fortune...

>TTK: I finally understand.
>Flashback TTK (see first danbooru page): Wishing your child fortune and happiness...
>Flashback TTK: Isn't it just fine for Momma to wish for her own fortune and happiness?
>TTK: Why mother wrote that at the time...

Nothing against you, it's just preferable to have the original language available to verify against when translating translations. I do have Sendai Hone Sec Kai Ni though.

>Sazanami: Master, are the Tanzaku written out?
>TTK: Mm! I'm writing them now...
>Sazanami: Then hurry up with them! | everyone's waiting for us!
>Tenryuu: Oy!! There seems to be something outside!!
>TTK: Ohhhh!
>Sazanami: Just like how it was then... | that same sky...

No offense taken, I do agree that it's better to have the original whenever possible.

>Sazanami: ...Hey,
>Sazanami: Master...
>Sazanami: Right now...are you fortunate?
>TTK: What about Sazanami?

Hoping the guy at least sees the (You).


>Sazanami: Yeah, a little~
>Tanzaku: I wish that my girls will have happiness and good fortune
>Tanzaku: Sazanami is really fortunate.
>TTK: Then I feel the same way!

And that's it. Ignore the page with Sazanami in a bunny suit and Chinese writing, that's just the chinese translators transcribing the postface onto a new picture because they couldn't be arsed to clean the actual page.

I know who I'm fapping to tonight.


>No Kagachapter
You deserve that, Cred Forumsnon

Thanks for the hard work user

No lewding my daughteru

Cheers. Thanks for the translations.

Please desist.

Thanks mate.

You'd rather send her out to get shot at, than dress up like a cute bunny and serve kunch?

Kunch, of course, being an ancient Japanese traditional meal served between midnight and dawn.

Warusame a cutie, from behind sounds like a good idea with her.


Thanks. This looks really cute, will read later.

You have been surrounded by boats and they are about to eat you! What is your next course of action?


Fuck them in the ass until there's nothing left of them.

Looks like Max tamed it.

Defile them in the most violent way possible.

Behind what?

What a nice girl, would receive headpats for her accomplishment.


I can't imagine how.

What if she joined it?

Eugen is for raping.

No sexualizing Fubuki-class.

Is she curious? She can join in if she wants some love on her behind too.

Yes sexualizing Fubuki-class ships.

But that's an Ayanami class DD.


No, Eugen is for me to fuck.

With consent.

bucky-class is for pump and dump.

Technically, the Ayanami and Akatsuki classes are merely sub-classes of the larger Fubuki class. In modern parlance, they'd be referred to as Flight II and Flight III Fubuki class.

the cutest kagero

In the butt right?

Wow, someone actually got to this before I did.

Who's the best tsun Fubuki? Murakumo? or Sazanami?

Both holes.

I literally cannot choose the best Kagerou. There's too many good ones.

Having said that, Urakaze. This is purely subjective.

You have chosen wisely.


It's out.

Of course the Japs pay a Battleship more than an aircraft carrier.


The only worst Kagerou are the first three.

Atago is okay, her sister is better.

Without a doubt.

You do realize that carriers costs more only because of the planes, not necessarily the ship itself, right? Battleship is far more complex than the carriers.

Yeah but I missed some issues, gonna fix those.

Dinner will be made by Asashio.

Battleships are also more useless.

>Abukuma's advice is here
For some reason, it doesn't fit the context of the dialogue. I think the word you're looking for has got to do with the "stars" and golden rarity after getting the ship.

Not in the world of kancolle. Though of late LBAS and Zuiun memes have changed that a little.

Well of course not, it was made by Japs.

Well, it's been nice knowing ya fellas.

Absolutely gorgeous.

>find Haguro alone at the library

What do?

read I guess




Fuck her.

But what is she reading?

Read a book. I don't want to interrupt Haguro for his duties.

Playboy magazine, for the articles.

Recommend three books that have literally nothing to do with each other confuse her. Like Atlas Shrugged, Captain Underpants and Ivanhoe.


I want to panpakapan her insides.

Uh, is there something on my face Admiral?

careful she bites.

I love you too, Kaga-san!

Run away and fuck her sisters while she's busy.

Fun times with the kriegsmarine.

Running a restaurant with the kriegsmarine.

Running a bar with the kriegsmarine.

Killing the kriegsmarine.

Delete this.

Then there's Graf.

Prinz is so cozy.

Copying another show's intro with Graf.

No love for Graf.

Cooking with the kriegsmarine.

Meowing with the Kriegsmarine.



Kinu is the cutest!


Love for Graf.



How mean.


Best version.

This thread is severely lacking in daijoubu.


She scared because someone wants to lick her poop

No, this is daijoubu.

The guy who wants to ruin Haruna's purity by kicking her asshole?

Definitely daijoubu

Kaga is Daijoubu
Haruna is not Daijoubu

and her sweaty armpits.

Those armpits are for licking

>Haruna is not Daijoubu
Nah, Haruna is more daijoubu than a shit ship like Kaga will ever be.

Slap Haruna.jpg


Just when i thought that Kagafag couldn't get even more retarded he finds a way. Kaga never has nor ever will be daijoubu due to having all the personality of a wet paper bag.

Kaga is daijoubu,

Armpits you say.

Haruna smells bad!

Wrong. Her smell is so lovely and strong it has the capabilities to put any man into a trance.

Kancolle is a broken piece of shit and they're going to kill it further with the airpower power creep.

Read with Haguro.

Come here, Teitoku.

>small c

say hello

Haruna has the best armpits in IJN

How can I say no to my wife?

I told you to stay out of my room Shiggy.

Her outfit is even made to show them off no less.

Would lick her belly.

Is she okay with some armpit licking?

What if KanColle was about bunnies?


That'll be 2000 yen plus tip.

I'll give Hibiki more than just the tip, if you know what I mean.

You mean like a slice of that pizza?

But only america tips


I think she would prefer a slice of pizza.

How tall is Haruna and her sisters?

My daughteru is a bunny and my waifu is a sheep

How about a sushi then? I heard she likes them.


Hibiki is so sexual.

What is it with destroyers and sushi?

Sushi is delicious.


I want to root Shigure. Hard.



Don't call my wife fat.



>Cred Forums hates Musashi

She looks beyond terrible

This is your Warspite for tonight.



my boat turned into a cat, what should i do?

So now that risa taneda is probably gonna die, what will happen to her characters?

Either your wife has a big butt or maybe its just the angle

She appeared in a certain radio program not long ago and confirmed not a life threatening disease.
But if it were to happen, she will be normally replaced. This already happened with Machu in FGO.

Big butts?

>Machu in FGO
Mashu can't be replaced!

That ass is ripe for smacking.

Why is Kaga making a face like that?
Too cute!

Cute butt.

Noshiro a cute, my favourite CL

Noshiro is my 2nd favorite, Kashima is still 1st.

Kashima is not a CL.

me too, I hope she would be a drop next event.

Kaga is my 1st, but Noshiro one of my favourite

>Kashima was the second vessel completed of the three light cruisers in the Katori class, which served with the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II.
I know my wife.

That's nice.
Kaga's on no ones top list that matters.

Absolutely adorable.

New Arashio class.

I see, so that is the real use of drums on drum required expeditions.

Rape her like all the others in the class.

Please don't rape my snail.

Remember Blushio?

My Max.

Kashima is unfairly attractive.

Not your Max anymore.

Yes, Kaga is love and life after all

She will always be my Max.

Not him but are the accounts common on both clients or will playing on android lock you out of the browser version?

What are Hamakaze and Urakaze doing to Tanikaze?

Body suits are lewd enough for yasen.

My Lebe.




Best hastag

But it's Asashio, not Isokaze.

Seeing swordboys SoL anime made me realize that you can make anything good when you learn from bad example.
Damnit. We didn't get what we deserved.
I meant her voice.



>Full Color
Even better
Into the trash

But you're missing the best part.


too cute for fags like you


I want to fuck abyss Mizuho.

But where would you put it in?

Mouth. Best case scenario her lower body is just inside her monstrous rigging like with Nagano or Armored carrier onihime.

A paizuri from her would be godlike.


Am I the only one who like Noshiro? and her latest doujin is pants wrecking.

She's ok.

You'll have to post more of her if you want to convince me.

And the new Working anime.


So user. Who's your
>favourite Loli ship
>adult/cowtits ship



Prinz Eugen


>Prinz Eugen

Men of refined taste in ship.



Good taste

But I don't care about lolis and mostly like adult/cowtits

Then user your taste is good. Nothing like a good pair of cowtits




Jesus christ.

Why are the Kongou-class fast battle ships so elegant?

He needs to be stopped.


>runt next

Can't wait

Now that the Agano class is complete, it's time for mtu to move on to the Nagara class.


Who is that destroyer cosplaying as an Agano?

90% of the CLs are that small you mong.

I said elegant. Not goddess tier. Warspite can't even be explained with words.

Do ships get paid a salary? Do they pay tax?

I wonder what their work conditions and benefits are like.

Studying what?

>do they get a salary
Well free housing, food and warmth are kinda their salary. I guess they get paid a little for personal shit like clothes.

>do they pay taxes?
They're ships.

>I wonder what their work conditions are like
Probably very clean and tidy. But they do soar across the ocean fighting evil abyssals with big explosions, cannons and torpedoes.

Like I said. Free shit. And free worship from the people who claim they're their waifu

I want to lick her armpits and butthole more than anything.

But what about cuddles and kisses user? Shouldn't the tender love of your shipfu come first?

I want those just as much. Probably a little more. Non lewd, night time snuggles with Haruna before bed and morning snuggles would be heaven.

But that's dirty.

Hatsu, Kiso and Houshou

So they're pretty much slaves?



Haruna is not just a sweaty armpit and butthole for you to lick at your leisure. Think about her feelings.

Yahagi is delicious. Best Agano.

Well. They do receive great benefits. Some you wouldn't be able to have on a minimum wage.

I want to eat out that ship.

It's fine. First and foremost I'd like to be a loving husband who makes her happy everyday. It's just that when it comes to the lewd adult stuff that a married couple get up to, I have a burning desire to enjoy her sweaty armpits and butthole thoroughly.

He actually kind of did one for her a long time ago.

I want to be drinking buddies with Yahagi.

Would lick.

What does she taste like?

I don't know. I never licked a dog before.

Like salty milk and coins.

>too rapeable for fags like you

They should really learn to contain how rapeable they are.

Don't rape DesDiv6.

What about consensual rape?

Q. How many of your clients are married men?

A. Almost all of my clients are married. I would say easily over 90%. I'm not trying to justify this business, but these are men looking for companionship. They are generally not men that couldn't have an affair [if they wanted to], but men who want this tryst with no strings attached. They're men who want to keep their lives at home intact.

Being visited by Kongou!

I'm pretty sure they get a salary and benefits like anyone else working in the Navy.

How do I get a Kongou gf?

I don't think you get how either concept or rape works.

For what purpose?

I still can't decide between Yahagi and Noshiro as best.

You just need to catch one.

Of course I do. Consensual rape is just rape, but consensual. I thought it was obvious.

But they are made for molestation.

No, they are cute and pure and not to be molested.

Hi does one "catch" a Kongo?

I thought you were supposed to visit grannies, not the other way around.

With black tea.

But they would like it, after while. I promise I'd be gentle.

That is wrong. Noshiro is the best.



Definitely cutest Agano.

I like Agano the most. I want to buy her dinner on a date.

But Kongou is perfect girlfriend and eventually wife material. Excellent for going on dates with or spending time at home with.

They are all good except Sakawa

>Arashio class

Kongou is clingy as fuck.


And that's very cute. I don't want to leave her alone.

Do you think she'd prefer the movie be silent rather than a talkie?

Scrap all fat ships.

If you don't want them, I'll take care of them.

I want to undo her doughnuts.

But I like my meat ships

Nah, they're useful.

Oh look, another sufferer of anorexia nervosa-by-proxy.

Useful for what exactly? Bullying?

So you can brush her hair for her? I'd also like to brush her hair.

For fucking.

In fights, secretary stuff, tittyfuck, things like this.

If I wanted to fuck a fat ship-girl I'd just fuck a land-whale.

Blueberry or chocolate? This is important.

To see her with just her natural long hair, but I suppose that too would be nice.

Delicious doujins

Starting a family with.

>Calling any girl that doesn't have a twig for a torso "fat"


That's tough as they're both cute and lovable.

Which one would give me a rimjob while jerking me off if I asked?

Tell us who you consider fat so we can laugh at you, fatshitter

No idea why, but whenever she's posted I get the urge to rut with that runt.

Agano and Noshiro.

I'd rather have Michishio caramel.

I bet you like Hiei too

Not my favorite Kongou, but yes.

Hiei is a siscon though.

What if you just become her sister?


I want to be embraced into Atago's breasts.

How would that even work?

Waking up with Warspite would be just heavenly.

You just make it happen.
Why is Nimu so damn cute.

Get a Kongou bodysuit.

>Thinking Hiei would be fooled by this

Why is there no CarColle?

Hiei is not a smart girl.

You just fuck her senseless in that suit till she's too mindbroken to tell the difference.

You find this submarine on your doorstep. Shes been blindfolded and had her hands tied. She's frightened and crying.

What do you do?

Remodel her.

There is, but I don't remember the name. It probably died by now though.

Takao a beauty
Kirishima an average looking

I ordered a Yuu, poor thing, they didn't handle her well through transit.

Kirishima is a cutie! I want to tell her how cute she is!


But she looks cute just how she is!

I want to tell her how cute her glasses are.

That's very true, but if I remodel her, she can be cute and sexy too!

She has always looked so very soft and inviting. She has quite a calming atmosphere about her

But shouldn't you appreciate her how she was? Why would you want to change her?

>sexualizing Ro


Because she looks so much happier this way.

OMG Kongou looks so stoned . .

time to move her to bed & make
L0EV to her

No his fault Ro is so sexual.

We don't have to: she sexualizes herself.

There's nothing disgusting about sexualising Ro. It's quite normal.

But is she really happy? She had to change everything she was, just for you. You should've been more accepting.

She's beautiful how she was. Of course she beautiful as RO-500. But it's not how she looks. It's about what's inside that matters.

You can't because she's not cute!

>Why is Nimu so damn cute.
I'm not sure.

>she's not cute

She's super cute! Amazingly cute! CUTE!

She's cute. But all of the Kongou class girls are cute! CUTE!


That's not Nimu, that's an old lady.

Houshou isn't cute though.

That's true. She's not just cute. She's also adorable.

What's better?
The boots and hair band in Kai 1
The boots and hair bands in Kai 2

Either way they all look best.

The best.

The best Friday night service if you catch my drift.

Stop your lies.

Because she's drawn by Konishi.

Fine, Thursday night service. Suzuya is still the queen of Friday nigh service.

No lying.

She's still cute!

Exactly. Stop lying. Suzuya isn't a slut.


Pure love Kaga-san

Kaga is good. But I prefer Haruna!

>NyanColle OVA
>everyone in bunny-, cat-, or other animal-ears
We need this.

I want to bang Kongou, but I like coffee a lot more than tea.

Tama as MC, right?


Iowa is more your taste

God I wish Tama was more popular. Her design is delicious and she looks like Neptune which is always a plus.

I don't care either way for Iowa though.


A cat is fine too. Especially this cat.

I really want to fuck this cat.

Not a cat.


I totally approve of this idea.

I want to do naughty things with Kuma's thighs.


You mean Graf?

This cat needs a good dicking.


>Vol. 1: NyanColle
>Vol. 2: PyonColle
>Vol. 3: WanColle
>Vol. 4: Battle Sheep

Haruna is cute too

That old lady is wife material.

I want to rest my head on Iowa's big american tits

Yeah, Kongou is great.

It is time

She certainly is.


>Warspite, Kongo and Iowa posting attracts the kraut lover

Don't call Kongou old, she's clearly 17!

Fuck me she's gorgeous

You're damn right it does.


No Bismarck, it's too early for our yasen.

Such a lovely, well mannered lady.

I want to worship her