Full metal alchemist

I really love this anime, obviously the version " brotherhood".

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Brotherhood is the hackjob version.

i think its better than the original, because the ending was awfull...

The movie was pretty all right.

wow planetes reference in FMA?

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More like the 2003 which was half-fanfiction is the real hackjob, even if nostalgiafags bawwwwwww about it.

Honestly, Brotherhood is pretty garbage at the same level of other shitty shonens like Fairy Tail, I haven't seen the original yet 'cause I thought that Brotherhood was the definitive version and thanks to that I don't feel like watching anything related with that shit again...

>shit tier villians that die without doing absolute nothing
>retarded and moralfags main characters that win just because of the power of friendship and that kind of bullshit
>plot armors everywhere
>literally nobody dies aside from that guy who nobody cares about in the first episodes and they circlejerk about it until the end
>decent animation with absolute garbage-tier backgrounds
>mediocre sountrack

Literally anyone who likes that shit tier series is either retarded or underage.

This. I have met more than my fair share of autists who insist the older show to be the canon experience.

>Don't forget 3oct11

>Don't forget moot!!

Sometimes Anime Origanal is the way to go if the source material is meh. I felt like the 2003 version does a better job with the characters up until the last few episodes.

Here's your reply

I can't see anything but Moot there nowadays.

Someone do this please.

Brotherhood IS the original. 2003 is a fanfic that does not get to be called "original" just because it came out earlier.

What do you love about this anime?

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>they forgot it

tell me, user. What your the grown up cartoons that meet your sophisticated tastes?

The 2003 version fixes pretty much all of that, and, in particular, has one of the best anime soundtracks out there.


It's darker, less idealistic, and has far less plot armor, with many character deaths all throughout. I agree with everything you said about Brotherhood though, particularly in regard to the villain just being fodder for boss fights rather than characters in their own right; even using other shonen as a basis they were just very bleh (comparatively, Toriyama gave a ton of personality to antagonists like Vegeta, Frieza, and the Ginyu Force). The most obvious difference between 2003 and Brotherhood, without even getting into quality, is that Brotherhood is a very typical shonen, with a higher level of action, which is why younger viewers often find it more entertaining and so much easier to digest.

The remainder of the hype for Brotherhood seems to simply come from the fact that it follows the manga, making it the "real," canon, FMA. This means nothing, though, and aside from the fact that this has no bearing on quality, neither fictional story is any more "real" than the other one.

The 2003 series is superior in almost every way. As mentioned, Brotherhood is more typical of battle shonen, and as far as that goes, I don't even consider the two to be within the same tier. I can enjoy Brotherhood, but I do so in the same way as I do with something like Naruto, in which I enjoy it for what it is. 2003 just impressed me, all around.

The original l is objectively superiour.

I just find Brotherhood's execution better than most shounen in regards to choreography and plot, but you're right.

>muhh dark and cynical themes like my soul and mature people for superior beings as yourself

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just watch the first like ~20 episodes of the original then the rest brotherhood, the only merit the original has is that brotherhood rushed the early episodes.

not him but i also hated fma, it was jus really boring for me. I assume if i had watched it when i was younger i wouldve liked it better but not now. And i guess id say the hellsing OVAs where better, as far as something comparable.

>muh power of friendship and equivalent exchange

Brotherhood took to an extreme that you'd expect of anything else published in Shonen Jump (and if you've read anything from that magazine everything is entirely predictable). 2003 was more balanced and realistic, with a side effect being that there was more tension, drama, and less plot armor, as a result. "The world is imperfect, which is what makes it beautiful."

let's settle this



Dude, the original was so fucking bad at the end.
It made me hate anime for like a week.

Nazis? Fucking really?

>Moot II
So, Hiroyuki?

>anything else published in Shonen Jump
It wasn't published in Shounen Jump, you retarded nigger.


It has been the only shounen show I have been able to finish, I would have enjoyed it more if I was 13-14 at the time I watched it but oh well.

It's plausible within the frame of the world it's portrayed in.

>mediocre sountrack

03's soundtrack was fantastic, but to call Brotherhood's mediocre is just plain false.





I'm fully aware this is b8, I just wanted to post some tunes.