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Let's have an actual thread without shitposters this time around

sure, as long as we can all agree Rohan is the best character in Jojo

I want to rape Jolyne and cut her head off.


I agree

Was it rape?

what is report and filter

Well that didn't take long.

and you already ruined it
congratu-fuckin-lations cunt

I want to murder, rape, and eat Rohan, possibly not in that order.

Does lewdanon have an archive of his works anywhere?

Gappy makes me happy

Some waifupost here idgaf


trans women aren't real women you tranny

I've come to the conclusion this is actually a general for masochists. If people were serious about not liking the shitposters,they would report and ignore them.


Why are the bottom lines in reverse order from the top lines? That kind of inconsistency bothers me, it's why I fixed this picture

we've tried reporting them user, nobody does anything, mods didn't even delete the nugget porn from last thread

How about Ascended Kira and his stand, [GOD SAVE THE QUEEN]?

Lewdlewddeluxe is his tunblr, don't think he really posts anything anymore

I want to hug, kiss and marry Jolyne.

I felt it would read better if I reversed the order.

>Ascended Kira
Missing the point of Kira<

Diavolo might want an ascended form. It would just be King Crimson+Achtung Baby though

The problem with most posters is they still have it in their heads that this is old Cred Forums and you can just shitpost once without a bunch of unfunny retards driving it into the ground.

If someone takes part in this in any capacity they ARE the problem.

What did Araki mean by this?

I report all posts by Naranciafags I see and it rarely ever does anything.

That's fan art user.

Even this one?

Also go fuck yourself rohanfucker.

araki doodles dot com

I know user, the mods have abandoned us

Josuke fucked up fixing okuyasu with his crazy d and they ended up fused scarily kinda like what happened to Angelo desu

Someone post that ascended Kira OC.

I'm really pretty sure it's not.

Thank you.

>Not 『Under Pressure』

How do I roleplay as Jotaro?

Honestly in terms of popularity and mass fan love it legit goes Jotaro > Rohan > DIO. Rohan is huge and iconic, who doesn't love Rohan?

remember that time that kakyoin makes a baby eat its own shit?

im so glad that i have such good taste in being able to tell that rohan is literally perfect and that all his haters are just insecure and jealous

Is not
If you read the manga you would know araki puts little doodles between some chapters

be autistic and neglect your daughter

Same with any other character. Study the character, his interactions, his personality and mannerisms

Also don't ask on Cred Forums or post Pepes like a white supremacist

>fucking pepe and feels guy
Consider death.
But really rping as Jotaro shouldn't be too hard. Just say "..." and "yare yare daze..." a lot.



fuck dolphins


imo thats actually a really good list. Rohan Jotaro Dio Giorno and Kakyoin are the best characters in jjba

>mfw All the shitposters are back from purgatory

Wasn't there an imgur with all of his stuff on it?

How is that any better when Queen ended every concert with their unique version of [GOD SAVE THE QUEEN]? The point is that it'd be a good name for Killer Queen Over Heaven


I don't like replying to you, but you got me to anyway

I am one hundred percent sure Rohan is not more popular than DIO.

Ebin xD

so when are you going to put me in cute lolita clothes?

they never left

>tfw kek was an actual Egyptian god
>it have an human body with a frog head
like pottery

The "No" at the beginning of Mikataka's line still made it seem like reading it R2L was incorrect. Here, I fixed that for you.

I didn't know there was an ongoing shitstorm, so I'll keep my rape fantasies to myself until it dies down.

All the better, I have a class to teach tomorrow and I really should be getting to bed

Rohan is more popular with casuals/fujoshits who know a little more about JoJo's than those who soak it up through memes and remain an outsider

Why was DIO written in all caps in part 3?

Reminder the Great Days is best part 4 OP

Kay, I'll take it. Thanks

He considered himself more powerful than in Part 1 thanks to The World

>say "..."
no but really just meditate for 10 years on the idea of punching and maybe you will get an idea on how to get into character.


Current things known about Rohanfucker:
>She's older than Rohan
>Her name is Anna
>She's short
>She's fat
>She has a Tumblr account
>She hates VA
>She is a Lolitafag
>She is a Fujoshit
Why do you allow people like this to post in the same thread as you? Someone message a mod already for fucks sake.

Because he's transcended humanity. Also he doesn't like using the last name Brando because he hates his father and he sees himself as a god so he doesn't have a last name or anything, he's only DIO.

Don't forget the ORAs. You'll have to spam a shitton of ORAs every once in a while.

we've been trying my dude

because there is nothing wrong with any of those things and im just here to discuss Jojo

Hating VA doesn't sound bad, but she says Giorno is a good character so she loses those points

Also you're no goddamn better continuing to talk about her

all is forgiven

Because Dio Brando is the real Dio who later went on to become the Saint's Corpse and DIO is an imposter pretending to be him.

I wonder if he would have lied and tried to make up a fake past for himself after taking over the world.

And I have work I can't finish that I've been putting aside for a month yet here I am.

you forgot that it's trans and cares about political correctness
>"Straight is the most offensive word still used"

It's Jotaro senpai, you barely need to try

Will Jotaro ever give Based Annasui the permission to hug, kiss and marry Jolyne?

go on /x/, and say that you were definitely jojo in a past life, and see if they make any specific remarks or jokes you can use to define yourself

>t. George Joestar


Fanart when?

It's to differentiate between the way he was in Part 1 and the way he was in Part 3, especially since Part 3 D I O is Part 1 Dio but fully realized, as in, he actually transcended humanity and became the immortal emperor of evil who ruled the world he wanted to be. He no longer has need for a mortal name (the Brando name is not mentioned once in Part 3). He's D I O now.

I like the implication that D I O essentially capitalized his own name.

Are you shitposting or do you want actual tips as to how do you roleplay Jotaro ?

>go to /x/
No sane man should ever do that.


Come on Okuyasu, I thought you had better taste than that

>Giving a fuck about another fag on a image board
It's honestly time to leave if you're in this deep DESU

Let's have a nice discussion about our favorite characters from each part

>Hol Horse

>Nothing wrong with it
Kill yourself

Anyone got a better resolution/quality of this picture?

Any SC/DIU BD comparisons?

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure coming to Adult Swim soon

>Speed Weed
>Lisa Lisa
>Yoshikage Kira

Black here, show me your fat butt

why don't we just discuss the best characters from each part?


I'm just surprised Kars and Pucci look that good with the new style.
And DIO looks that shit.

And BD vs TV comparisons?

The QUALITY is that bad, isn't it?

Well they're both a lot like a Twin Peaks when you think about it


Yeah, right. Stopped reading there.

I love the OVA so much I could fuck it.

That's some shit taste, let me tell you what.

The only two that are spot on are P1 Dio and Anasui.


Kira is the most handsome man to walk the face of 2D images.

>posting a dead link

The list is objective


honestly really the only way to stop ""it"" is to start stuff up like crusty dog semen or vore

speaking of which, vore almost single handedly shut down naranciafag, this new one's noticeably trying a bit too hard. honestly, try vorebombing, it should work just do it when I'm not here

i don't know with i still have bookmarked that link
sorry about that

Dude, she listed Giorno and Kakyoin

Her fujoshit levels are beyond compare


Oh, nice!

Wish this will be constantly updated. At this day and age, I dunno why people still support stuff like Crunchyroll when TV broadcasts are usually gimped verions of the final product.

>there will be a time where people will use the 'English' version of Stands like Deadly Queen and Flaccid Pancake and say this is the correct term in Cred Forums
>saying 'Killer Queen' or 'Limp Bizkit' will be criticized, saying this is the 'weeb' term and not proper despite the names coming from international albums/songs themselves

Prepare for truly bizarre times


You just reminded me that I have this image.

It's unrelated but I felt like posting it.

thanks doc

Because TV Broadcasts are the first versions we can get our hands on and BD comes out so much later. Some people just want shit now

But I agree about Crunchyroll, it's a shit streaming site

>Foo Fighters
>Gyro/ Valentine
I'm game.

Stuff like Crimson Monarch or whatever KC's localized name is and Deadly Queen will probably stick.

Flaccid Pancake, along with Boy Man Man or Highway Go Go, though, will certainly not. I think people generally do have some veil of protection against retardation.

oh come on, Naranciafags aren't that bad, they actually contribute to the threads sometimes and sure they get really fucking annoying, but they never included Narancia in fucking everything, they knew when to stop, this new rohanposter doesn't

I know, right? It's almost like people insisting that it's spelled "Esidisi", "Kars", and "Whamu".

>"I-i'm just here to discuss Jojo guys there's nothing wrong with that right ?

You have done nothing but spam these threads with avatarfagging and shtity Rohan memes since you came here. You're actively derailing these threads. You are worse than fucking Naranciafag (even he could slow down after a while).
Get away from these boards and stop avatarfagging.
Take this as a word from a femanon: you are the reason why everyone hates fujos and Tumblr users and you are part of the cancer that kills this fanbase with each passing day.
You are only ruining the character you claim to like and you are derailing these threads.
So get the fuck out.


Well he technically is. He only has Kira's eyes, tongue, and balls.

>no one, all shit
>no one, all shit

Maybe, JUST MAYBE, characters aren't made for the sole purpose of being attractive to you.

Crazy, I know.

>>Lisa Lisa

Literally me

Thank you kindly



What a woman

I really liked her character as a mentor to Joseph and Caesar, she's pretty vital to the plot from an objective standpoint


And %100 of your Rohanposts make it embarrassing for the rest of us who like this genuinely great character. Don't add to the 'Rohan sucks because his fan base sucks' reality. Seriously, most people love Rohan, you're not helping by doing what you do.

No, the old naranciafags were really fucking obnoxious until people began derailing their photo dumps with mentions of how narancia's ass was leaking dog cum or formaggio swallowing narancia whole after shrinking him. After the latter in particular I haven't really seen a naranciafag since (I don't browse this every day though so I dunno).

Posts like won't do shit. You want to make them feel actively uncomfortable and disgusted, not give them (You)s. Stuff like guro, vore, /d/-tier nasty shit is the only way we're gonna clean these threads of this filth.

>Hair guy/Cow man
>J. Geil
>Fatty, but only for his stand
>The green baby
>Pork Pie Hat Kid

Some of the localized names are at least worth a chuckle, maybe that will soften the blow if this becomes the norm.

>the "1999" in the OP was actually "Clutching Crying Night"

>Johnny/Gyro(I can't choose only one)


I haven't been around in these threads to see the old Naranciafags but these new ones have been really chill lately, they barely post Narancia unless it was kind of a "fuck you" to the Rohanposter

>Weather Report
My taste is most likely garbage

>I'm not THAT fat
You must be really fucking fat then

I'm going by the SomeStuffs subs. What wiki?

Aside from Caesar and Joshuu, it's fine.

I have doubt that is correct, assuming the words in the stars are the lyrics themselves

Gappy is a king and loving achiever who does well by every good intentioned person he meets. He is the combined soul of two great people and carries the great burden of loss of identity and inherited suffering with grace and dignity. He is emotionally available and awakens the good in others, while being patient with those who challenge him. And god dammit if he doesn't make me happy.

>you're angry for the sake of being angry
I'm angry because you come to these boars to actively stir up shit and spam your affection for a particular character for the sake of (You)s and because you either think it's funny or you are genuinely delusional as to why people would think of you as annoying.

Seriously, we like Rohan in these boards. We liked Narancia too until the shitposters came and made it impossible for us to talk about the character. You want to do the same thing to Rohan because posting Rohan is your way of getting attention in these threads because you clearly want it.

You should stay in Tumblr where this kind of cancer is common and acceptable, but not here you delusional cunt.

I fully agree! I absolutely love it when characters do retarded things for no reason that gets them killed!

>Stroheim is shit

>Using SomeStuffs

why can't we go back to some good 'ol priestposting


Don't suck rohans sick at every possible moment

Amen brother.

>Expected cringe
>Not bad

We didn't ask for you to come here either and stir up shit but hey look at what happened.
Now either you go back to Tumblr where this kind of behavior is acceptable or you learn how to stay in these threads without being an obnoxious shitposters (we have enough of those already).

>yfw Rohanfag got trimmed

>being a contrarian for literally no reason

Stroheim just wasn't very good and was confusing as a character.

We seem him begin as a super bad Nazi villain, okay, that's fine, then he has this noble self sacrifice moment where I guess we feel sorry for him? Then he somehow gets resurrected after being literally blown to pieces and turned into a cyborg, which begs the question of why the Nazis didn't do this to more soldiers, but then he's kind of villain-y again? Oh but then he shows up as a hero in the finale, and does...some stuff while Joseph fucks around on a plane. All I got from the character were unfunny 'GERMAN SCIENCE IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD' quotes and I guess a love of his country?

Really just as badly written and confusingly shitty as the rest of BT if I'm being honest

thank you mods
you guys are pretty cool

At least priest dud some decent shit and he isn't a sex idol in any eyes except Dio's

Well, avatarfagging IS against the rules.

Doppioposting helped Naranciafags balance themselves. The problem with Rohanfujo is she's exactly one bitch full of excuses and denial.


Alien boy could turn his hands into ear muffs.

Just so you know

>mods saved the day
Well...good job, Hiro. Thanks, guys.


so why don't they don't get banned more often

so when's doc gettgin banned?

So did the fat one get wrecked and delete her posts, or was she banned and her posts deleted?

Is the guy in the front supposed to be Jonathan? I can never tell between Jonathan and Joseph in his more recent styles.

He would still feel the vibrations. I doubt it's as easy as covering his ears

That's really cute,user.
Post some Mikitaka.

Good guy mods. I like rohan but that we too much

They didn't do it to more soldiers because it's futuristic cyborg tech and is most likely a massive drain on resources meant to be used by a small strike force to take down the threat of the pillarmen and their servants.

Hence the light cannons after he came back for a second time.


nice dubs pal


>Banning Doc
>Casted Double dubs

Bro. Nice.

I'm pretty sure he says that it aggravates the nerves as well and isn't just unpleasant to hear but painful if the sound vibrations even touch him. So it might alleviate some of the immediate pain but it's not just gonna solve the issue.

Over Heaven Dio > your favorite character

Ok anons, post a Jojo character that people don't talk too much about.

I like Avdol, he's a cool guy.

It's Joseph. You can tell because he has pilot gear and Jonathan wears all of Joseph's iconic items

Jonathan and Joseph look exactly the same, canonically, anyway





dubs AND Rohanfucker got banned?

He's a full-blown Nazi who's the real deal enough to have all the nobility a loyal countryman should, while also being a race elitist and a German exceptionalist. Him coming back as a cyborg when his entire body was destroyed is an asspull played off as an honestly funny joke. What's there not to understand?

I love his victory pose.

What if favorite character is Jotaro
jk nobody likes jotaro

>Rohananon doesn't want attention she says
>does everything in their power to attract attention
fucking retard

>Joseph with aviator hat and goggles
>nearly all plane rides he's been on has crashed

what about this?

OH Dio looks so fucking gone in that pose, like the only thing in his mind is insane laughter.

So what was with the man with the Canada shirt in the RPS Kid episode?


Saved,thank you

Before I read Jojo I always thought this guy was a doctor wearing scrubs due to this coloring in the dreamcast fighting game.

I guess. It's still overly goofy, though, and not in a way that makes me sit back and say, "that's pretty fucking cool" like a lot of the stuff from part 3 onwards, it just makes me think it's fucking stupid.

I mean at the end of the day you could point out plothole after plothole in any Jojo part but as long as you can get behind the campiness and weirdness it's fine. BT is just too dumb

I do, fuck you

Araki says it's to promote the more mechanical feel Battle Tendency has over Phantom Blood and then he does shit like this. At their core though, the major difference between Jonathan and Joseph is their hair and personality

It's just a shame he draws Jonathan like this now, though. Looks almost nothing like him

Forgot to mention I wasn't the guy you were talking to, that was mostly me just nitpicking.


>Willingly watching subs that get shit wrong all the time
They're almost as bad as CR subs which is a fucking accomplishment.

>JOnathan looks like a pompous pretty boy
>Joseph looks like a dickhead Pilot

>why the Nazis didn't do this to more soldiers
I'm pretty sure Stroheim himself says he's a prototype or that his technology is supposed to be a brand new thing. And it's not like the German army could mass manufacture fucking Terminators as well as all the other shit they had without at least seeing how Stroheim fared out.
>but then he's kind of villain-y again?
He isn't, really. After he returns as a cyborg he's fully on the heroes's side.
>does...some stuff while Joseph fucks around on a plane
He saves their asses from vampires while Joseph is fighting Kars and while he does get reduced to being a Speedwagon 2 a lot of times he was very useful in helping Joseph fight Kars by firing his hand and helping Joseph survive crashing the plane with no survivors

I'm not going to act as if Stroheim was really that amazing of a character but from a writing perspective he's the only BT side character that actually served a clear purpose, and he wasn't a complete mess characterization-wise. He's the wacky Nazi character who shows himself to have reedemable qualities and who proves to us that his love for his country, the same thing that made him a villain, could also be the thing that makes him a hero if given the chance to fight a greater threat.
He's a fun character. Nothing wrong with just being a fun character when you are a side-character who isn't supposed to be taken seriously.

i was just pretending to not like Jotaro

that's doc.

One of the skits was ripped straight from an existing comic.

Magician's Red is a pretty powerful stand when you really think of it. Not a lot of enemies can stand up to heat and it has a ton of applications. Like imagine Avdol versus someone like Jolyne or Giorno, they can't really use their powers against a dude with control over fire.

Too bad araki made him jobber of the week, though

That was horrible.

I mean as a young jonathan I think that pic looks alright. but the older jonathan he draws looks absolutely nothing like a swole rugby player. Like I love Araki's new style but cmon, a guy like Jonathan has trained his body to look like pic related.

>tfw I can't draw as good as Araki even when he draws shitty doodles

Exactly. But they are an improvement, you said so yourself. What other groups do decent Jojo subs?

yare yare daze...


>Avdol is brought up as some "i aint take no shit" oldbro
>Gets BTFO not once, but twice by a Cowboy, and a vampire white rapper


>He comes back in SBR
>Loses in the first 5 minutes of the race

Hard life

Eh, I dunno.

I mean, Stroheim is much better than the vast majority of BT characters and isn't just there to screw around and actually gets shit done, along with having an actual personality, it's just not something I can enjoy. Terminator Nazi was probably cool for its time, but like I said above, I just found the campiness of BT to be really forced and unenjoyable.

Horrible Subs are the best ones, but they take like a week to do an episode after it airs.

You know, that pose does fit Heaven DIO since it shows him finally going completely insane after having finally beaten Jotaro the way he is supposed to look.
But holy crap why did they have to base his win-pose off that awful off-model Dio that Araki drew once ?
He looks like Ronald McDonald here.

>get shit wrong all the time
examples please


It's hit or miss for old character in the new style. I like old Joseph

With great power, comes great highs. And Heaven Ascended DIO is tripping balls.

>credited in the description

Was that a typo?


Araki really seems unable to draw passed Jotaro/Gappy levels of swole nowadays. It mostly hurts Jon, Joseph, the Pillar Men and DIO though. I think I'm mostly content with everyone else being a little smaller

Hell, the new style really benefits Giorno and Jolyne

He fits into the the whole "don't be a coward" thing Araki was going for at the time.

It's cool, SEKAI ICHI is not for everyone.
And I agree that the "camp" factor was kind of forced and cringy a lot of times in Battle Tendency.

What do you mean?

That Jonathan looks amazing. Action figure when?

All of his stuff are stolen/taken from something else.

I got a joke for you, what's 12 inches long, black, and makes women scream?


That actually kind of ticked me off. I was thinking, okay, Gyro is obviously Caesar or Will's counterpart and is obviously important, same with Johnny, so the Stroheim and Avdol characters also serve some importance too, right? But no, Araki just decided to say fuck you. He couldn't even make it a cameo for a character he obviously likes like Polnareff, no, he just lets the dude who jobbed all throughout SDC job one final time. Fuck you, Araki.

This. It would have been cool if he was like the group's encyclopedia, but no, I guess being a weakling is fine too.

I just finished stone ocean and it was a beautiful ending, teared up slightly at the end. I think we can all agree it was better than part 5.

I think it's just better to portray joseph as oldseph but I guess Araki is really sticking to the Renaissance sculpture body types. I mean it's okay but it always leaves room for something more which is why I really like when he introduces people like Damo who aren't /fit/ but still look interesting.

I'm fine with Joseph looking slim and being distinguished by the pilot gear since he's not exactly a physical character and Araki has said that he kind of regrets making Joseph look so similar to Jonathan.

But Jonathan and the Pillar Men look absolutely inexcusable in the new style, their size and muscles are not just an aesthetic thing, they are part of their characters.

For me Jolyne looks too feminine in this style with the larger eyes and rounded face. Jonathan, DIO and others from Parts 1 and 2 look good without shirts though.

a twelve in long black stick of dynamite

He's probably fully erect and ready for another dose of that sweet Jojo blood.

You dark humored fucker. That wasnt bad tho.
Yeah Part 3 really was thrown all in favor of Polnareff and Jotaro with everyone else getting one fight and just being Jokers for Pol and JO.

>Old Joseph/Pet Shop
>King Crimson


SO definitely wins out in the 'weirdness' department, and certainly has a better ending, but VA has better characters and interactions and better battles. I like VA a bit more, but part 6's ending is definitely the best in the series.

Anything's better than this

I mean more for young Joseph, old Joseph I'm off and on about. I like him having Jonathan's bulk but it's a little weird in his 60s

Same. I guess I'm just fond of what Araki did and how he found his way over time

Don't really have much time to scream with an unlubed stick of dynamite crammed into your cooter.

Jolyne is mostly white, so it would make sense. But it's whatever in the end, Araki's style is what it is now

Completely content with it, always inspires me to get better with my work too

>Avdol looks so jaded
>Kakyoin looks exactly like Fugo now
>Polanreff is now a teenager again

Can dogs even smile?

The first stardust crusaders opening is by far my least favorite.

Rate my taste

Pretty good.


Damnit, thats my favorite one.
Least favorite is tied with END OF THE WORLD, and Sono chi no sadame. I cant listen to them more than like 5 times. Please understand.

What really upsets me about Avdol is that, on all regards, he has probably the most solid base for a character amongst all the Crusaders. He fits a role none of them do, he has a personality none of them have, he has a power that can serve purposes none of their abilities can, and the character has bits and pieces of a backstory scattered across Part 3, but it never really amounted to anything.

Like, if you look at Avdol, you can see that the character is obviously supposed to give us insight to Stand users and that he knows his shit when it comes to Stands despite them being a new thing. His lines hint that there is some sort of underground Stand community thing that he used to be a part of and that he had to leave because of DIO, and that he was upset that he had to leave. He has a ton of connections and the beggar that gets killed by Pet Shop himself says that there was a hit on his head.

There is so much stuff about Avdol that is left hanging in the air and so much stuff that could have been expanded on that, if Araki wasn't so focused on Jotaro and Polnareff, could have made him possibly one of the most interesting Crusaders. The ideas for a very strong character were there, but they unfortunely never came to fruition.

Avdol is one of those characters I like but I wish I liked more and I know I and more people could appreciate more if they were used to their fullest potential.

I liked it, mostly because it really fit what I thought this series was at the time.

Look how happy he is.

>Araki draws his old characters again for one scene
>your first and last chance in years to see your favourite crusader again now that the artstyle has evolved
>it looks like shit

Yare yare

Obviously polnareff returns in junction with the promised not Rohan mangaka

stop ruining it, do the right thing and delete your post

What's the general consensus on 7th Stand User, and would discussion of it be allowed?

>PPHK will never come back

His power was so cool, too.


Why was Mikitaka passed out and in a crop circle? I guess the arrow stab might have caused him to faint, but that doesn't explain the crop circle

I'll admit i was being cheeky trying to get some extra (you)s, but i agree with the better characters and battles. My main problem with part 5 and 6 is that there wasn't enough of just fucking around with the crew like part 4. But 6 has jolyne who feels like an actual protag and a villain who actually does stuff throughout the part. That along with with the good fights in 6 being REALLY neat make it slightly better than 5 imo

Is there a place where we can purchase Araki art or maybe some OVA cells?

It's not like the mods watch this place, so long as you aren't posting images you won't get in trouble.

Kind of, yeah.

Ah, yes. I'm a huge fan of Literally Who. He's my second favorite member of Who Gives a Shit, right behind Nobody Cares.

I guess it just depends on what the actual piece is because from the image you posted and 2 others I've seen, Jolyne has looked different every time. I'm just really partial towards her in the Part 6 art style.

>What's the general consensus
Either "pretty cool" or "git that tumblr shit outta my face".
>would discussion of it be allowed
Flip a coin. Hope the former are currently in the thread.

He's an alien.

Pretty cool, I guess.

I want lewdanon to make content of the cop lady the sequel guys showed on their page

This. All we can piece together is:
>he's knowledgeable on stands, enough to know how to help manifest them in someone like with joseph, it's evidently surprising that jotaro is able to stand up to him
>he's important enough to be targeted by dio
>he's obviously researched the tarot card stand users front to back
>he's extremely strong to the point of being dangerous - joseph gets scared when he's using crossfire hurricane
>he has a more lighthearted side to him, like when he pisses down cameo's throat or dry humps joseph
I really, really hope Araki one day just decides to rewrite SDC or something like that, just so much wasted potential with Kakyoin and Avdol, but Avdol doesn't even catch fujo attention

Josuke is standing in front, holding okuyasu under his right arm

His mother told him to stop lying about being an alien, he's just a chuuni teenager.

He brainwashed her though.

They're afraid of the BBC.

That was his mindbroken sex slave.


Hypnosis, user.
You don't think an alien pilot had the foresight to create some cover?

The jojoniums are on Amazon but they only cover parts 1-3

/toy/ has a new under to buying those sas figures
With the cels though you gotta get lucky and actively Search since most of them end up being washed or thrown out. At least that's my experience for cartoons here

The rest you gotta buy through nip sites or get super damn lucky at garage sales and flea markets

;_; it only get's worse from here right?

Keep this between you and me,but you can get OVA cells for super cheap on Ebay.I literally have to force myself to not buy them because if I bought every cell I though looked cool I would end up broke.

oh user
ooooooh user
you have no idea
just leave before you get spoiled

Who's your favorite? What's your favorite theme?
>Bloody Stream


Maybe she wouldn't have died if she knew how to pronounce her owner's name correctly.

Pucci is god damn savage. Don't rush the rest user, after the next arc Stone Ocean goes off the rails and becomes batshit insane and has the best ending in the series, so take your time.

I know we just successfully banned at least 2 avatarfags,but would anyone be opposed to some light-hearted Foo Fagging?
I really do love her

Pucci's Wild Ride has just begun.


But there's more, really, besides the stuff you mentioned
>we know his knowledge makes him personally know about people like Devo and Gray Fly
>we know he is the one who named the Stands of the Crusaders which indicates he's probably done this before
>we know he's extremely dangerous and people consider him to be dangerous (Hol Horse says he was glad to take out Avdol first because he was the biggest threat to him and he doesn't mention any of the other Crusaders not even Jotaro)
>we can assume this was even how DIO found out about him, through word of mouth from other Stand users
>we know DIO forced him to flee from his own house, his own country, and leave people behind
>we know he has a family and that his father is still alive
>we know he's extremely people-oriented hence why he always prioritizes the safety of others first even in life or death situations (like the Mariah fight where Joseph wants to run and save their asses but Avdol is thinking about the people in the train)
>we know he's extremely prideful and confident in his own abilities
>thus, we can assume having to run away was a very hard thing for him to do, and that he embarked on the quest for Egypt to make his community safe
>he specifically mentions during the part where every character thinks about their motivations that evil must not be allowed to prosper and we know why he feels that way because we see how Avdol understands how evil can hurt others
>we see him as a paternal figure for the group and the most mature and level-headed Crusader despite not even being that much older than Jotaro or Polnareff
>but we also see him as a bit of a mischievous brother-figure to Polnareff once he gets back

This guy is FASCINATING and yet we will never hear the full end of his backstory, none of these things I mentioned will ever get closure.
God fucking damnit I want an Avdol spin-off right fucking now

The world looks so puny in Araki's current art style, I don't like it.
Also, that Smug killer queen


Except they're all obvious classic rock references, so I doubt it.

if you were in Kira's position, would you go for it?

I wish I were


Giorno and CNBT

Alright,I'm done for now.
Have a footastic day!


I wasn't satisfied with SO's ending because I expected JoJo to finish him off like always and instead the short sidekick got the honor of doing it.

It's autistic I know but it just really hurt to see Pucci be responsible for the deaths of so many characters and not receive justice at the hands of the person/s he was actively trying to kill with his insane plans

After a part full of it even his excessively gory death felt cheap as a result.

You know what, I think I should attempt editing out the stupid fucking armpit hair

foofy is the best stand user of all time

Shit, forgot to hit spoiler


here again, just wondering how the hell did Araki made Whitesnake be a better villain that half the fucking main ones

Agreed. You guys have a lot more to say than I do but I'd like to throw this in too. When Avdol was introduced he seemed like a better version of DBZ Piccolo in every way, then after beating Polnareff, just becomes a tour guide to talk about food and cultural mannerisms. What a shame.

Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town > End of the World (DIO version>regular) > Bloody stream > Stand Proud > Chase > Sono chi no sadame >CNBT (edm) > Great days

>that 149 Dio and Jotaro cels.
Fuck i need them. I have the cash on hand for them but I feel the cost is a bit much.

Etro is like the cutest rotting corpse in manga

You have no idea

Kira is when he really got good at writing villains. Dio/DIO and Kars had more generic personalities and end goals that were hammy as fuck and only entertaining if you like camp. Diavolo was a fucking mess in general

You don't have much to compare to

Keep it like classic Gappy is Happy posting, once or twice a thread, and I'd be beyond delighted.

johnny and stand proud

Jolyne somehow managing to defeat Pucci and everything going back to normal would have felt more cheap.

She's cute but let's not get carried away with the posting. And let's add some actual discussion.

If foof basically a better explained mikataka. It's stated that though she's got sentience from a stand disc she's some sorta new organism. And Like the ayy LMAO she can morph and split apart.

I guess these new glasses aren't the right prescription after all.

Diavolo was fine it's just that all the good stuff with him in it is still in shit translations. He's not top three but he's not bottom 3 either. He sits comfortably in the middle.

I can't seem to find the ones you're refering to.

Suicidal Cripple is Best Character

Oh, I know, I meant someone like Giorno showing up out of nowhere or hell, even Jotaro being a mary sue and killing the badguy again would have felt more satisfying.

That baseball slut was a nobody and him "avenging" the Joestar bloodline was almost insulting to their legacy.

>able to morph
>able to heal
>gun finger
>plankton being a dork human
>not in the final shot of Stone Ocean

dammit araki, she did shit too you know

I love every OP except for CNBT.
Rate my taste.

>If you don't have the heart to shoot a man then don't Johnny, that's all there is to it. You'll die if you don't th-
Johnny is an absolute madman.

She was JoJo's pet plankton and she's lucky she didn't get tied to a fence post and left to die of thirst.

>2012 anime storyboard for Jonathan's death
Someone buy this.I don't have the money and I would hate to see it go to waste.

Vega looks even more like Phantom Blood Dio in the new Halloween costume

How was it insulting? He was an alright character as well.

She was the rain.

I hope tropical island figure user buys it

That's a collector's item, we shouldn't trust some Cred Forums neckbeard to keep it safe.

> I know this will sound weird but Jesus told me to shoot the president with my nails

Would you do a half-snail Jolyne?

>Studio A.P.P.P.
Isn't that for the PB movie?

It would be hard to incorperate her because she's a microscopic organism inside of the body of a psycho dead chick.Etro barely knew Jolyne at all.

I'd a full snail Jolene

Diavolo's actually pretty fascinating if you do a bit of proper thinking and analysis.

He's like the man of miracles - he was born from a two year pregnancy in an all female prison, and he was a man of God, and he was given the power to alter his fate directly, but he's also literally the Devil. He's a direct foil to the part 5 protagonists in that while it's ironic that they grew to be people with a good sense of judgment and conscience despite being brought up horribly, he had everything given to him and he becomes horribly evil. While the protagonists accept fate, Diavolo not only refuses to but actually is able to alter it.

Now while those are the themes of the character, he himself may be kind of bland, but I dunno, I found him pretty intimidating and creepy, especially the design. Probably my third favorite villain.

There's more to say but I'm tired.

Snail girls are my fetish, she would get it hard.

Oh shit,it might be.That makes it even more collectable,doesn't it?Someone please buy this and keep it safe and warm.

He's my fourth favourite villain honestly. I'd rate them Pucci > Valentine > Kira > Diavolo > Dio > Kars > DIO

No, not really. His entire character was ruined because of the very plot twist that made him the villain in the first place. He's a stupid fucker that wasn't ever really threatening at all despite killing 3 of the protagonists, especially when he couldn't even kill Bruno right. Also because of Doppio, he nearly jobbed to one of his own men. If Doppio was established a lot earlier instead of turning into Diavolo his introductory arc the plot twist could have been handled much better

In the end just when he was about to win he gets cucked by Bruno because he wasn't thorough enough with dealing with Chariot Requiem. A lot of issues from Part 5 really stem from his inconsistent character, despite having an interesting theme of wanting to stay in power while anonymous, similar to a mix of Kira and DIO

Unlike DIO though who got shit done when he came out of the shadows, Diavolo fucked up a lot

Not so fast!

Yeah, that'd make the most sense considering FF's background
Can't help but feel a bit sentimental towards plankton of all things

Pucci was killed by Weather Report's rage which persisted in his stand after death. Weather Report was wronged far before the Joestars were by Pucci, and Jolyne employing Jotaro's favorite animal to use Joseph's famous running away tactic is what kept Emporio alive with the disc. I say everyone helped.


Who's dick did he SUCC?
And don't say DIO because it's explicitly stated they didn't fuck

It's an edit you dip

his sister's



He knew he would survive getting attacked by the Klan, so he set up the death knowing his slutty little sister would finally neck herself and they could live in peace.


Just got around to watching the most recent episode, new OP is bomb

much better than CHASE YOU

2. Spiral staircase
3. Rhinoceros beetle
5. Ruins street
7. Fig tart
11. Rhinoceros beetle
13. Via dolorosa
17. Rhinoceros beetle
19. Singularity point
23. Giotto
29. Angel
31. Hydrangea
37. Rhinoceros beetle
41. Singularity point
43. Secret emperor

>Chaseu means "Chase You"

The same ayy lmaos that sent the meteorite (to make an army of stand users) are in war with Mikitaka's planet, thats why the arrow went crazy with him

I love you Doc-kun

I was the first one to call you that.

Do you remember our anniversary? I do, hot dick.

Additionally, after Part 4 it can be inferred that Mikitaka reported Earth as safe, because in parts 5 and 6 you see more people with unexplained pointy ears. Of course after the universe is reset it's moot, but maybe we'll see them or an equivalent again since JJL is a mix of different parts but a good amount is Part 4.

He is literally Darth Vader.

Can someone please explain how rainbows turn you into a snail?

Anakin had a shitty life though.

Is there any particular reason as to why the Jojo series has just one attractive female character?

Kill yourself.

>Jolyne's laywer was a fucking ayy lmao

Don't be that way, baby.

It doesn't, the refractions in the light send subliminal messages into your mind/DNA(in the same way movie theaters did with pictures of soda to get people to buy soda), so it makes you feel like you're a snail when in reality nothing is going on, that's why Pucci is immune to the effects when he closes his eyes

Not sure, but maybe you should've posted her

"Chase you" is in the lyrics, yes?
What are you saying?

I thought they were saying "chase-oo"

I wasn't a huge fan of it at first, but then I listened to it a little more and I've begun to like it so much more now.

To be honest, I actually loved Chase, which is a rather unpopular opinion, but I thought it was fitting tonally and for the time period cause I could imagine hearing something like that at the turn of the century.

What would his stand be?

If they only think they're snails then how come small bugs ate and killed snail-people?

big text dump


Everyone becomes a fag

well if you were so convinced that you were a snail, and a predator bug ate you, your body would respond in the way that your mind thinks sending you into shock and killing you

I'm curious as to whether we'll get a new ED. I'm totally cool with sticking with I NEED TO, I WANT TO but another famous late 90s song would be fun and nostalgic.

>overwhelming people with sexual desire

It could work, but I don't Araki would ever be so crude and vulgar.

Literally meme magic

Purple Haze Feedback is pretty cool, just got around to reading it

I like the Araki art

>tfw two of your favorite japanese cartoons collide

it's a dandy feeling, baby


It's true, I almost died because I hallucinated that I had been stabbed several times and it caused me to tense up so violently that I actually began to bleed internally.

If we haven't gotten one this late into the season then we're not getting one at all.

「Notorious KKK」

The power to make people not recognize you and therefore be 'invisible', allowing the user to keep getting away with acts of villainy

Do you have telekinesis by any chance? Or a Stand?

Nope, I'm just very fragile.

I guess it was mostly because of the spasms now that I think about it, that wasn't really a good example.

it goes deeper than that, it's not hallucinating, it's more like, err, lemme give an example. so have you ever felt like you were suffocating in a dream when in reality nothing was happening? it's a lot like that, hence why you'd usually wake up in a dream before you actually die, but in Heavy Weather's case, you don't wake up but die instead

WHOA WHOA WHOA hold the phone

There's a Space Dandy manga? Goddamn I'm way too out of the loop.

You don't have a stand retard, which is a projection of your mental strength.

In real life, your mind feeling that you are being stabbed has no way of transferring that into you physical body.

If you had a stand, the stand would be stabbed multiple times times. And since damage to your stand is damage to yourself, you are stabbed multiple times.

That's how Death Thirteenth and the subliminal messages work.

I'm pretty sure your a stand user

I hope we do for variety's sake. I think the current ED is great, but something different would at least be refreshing

I assumed you guys were talking about real life reactions to imagined shock, my bad.

Any more? It still doesn't really change my opinion on Diavolo, but these are great reads

I'll always disagree whenever people say that DIO was a bad character or bad because he was generic and not as morally grey as the villains that came after. If there's a character in the series that embodies Araki's evolution in terms of art and story, it's DIO, and he has much more to him than it's given credit for.

There's a false opposition people set up between a character being an archetype/extreme and a character being complicated as if the two of them could not possibly go together. Being at some level existentially evil does not make a character less interesting or valid, and it also doesn’t mean that that character lacks motivations or reasons for doing things.

He is one of the more prominent and developed characters in the series and we learn a lot of different information about him. We are given many of Dio's flaws and shortcomings which allows people to find ways to relate to him as a character because he is imperfect and as much as he embodies evil on an existential level Araki gives him a story that is heavily dictated by his flaws and personal frustrations. He's a villain who we get to see grow up and learn how to truly become an evil overlord, he doesn't start the story that way. He's full of frustrations and negative traits but it's impossible to feel sorry for him and justify the stuff he does.

So much about DIO comes through his interactions and parallels with other characters that it makes him a kind of fluid character that can have several different emotions depending on the scene. He’s angry and discontent, and yet he does take genuine pleasure in his ‘life’ as he’s created it, he's having just as much fun as the reader. Despite the tragedies of his past, he always brings a lot of energy into any situation whether it’s the end scenes of SDC or the Stone Ocean scenes with Pucci. It's precisely because of how much screentime is dedicated to him that we get to see him change in ways the other characters don't.

>not the power of pull the trigger on every nigger

You weren't being sarcastic?

No, I'm just that retarded.

I want to fuck the hole in Ken's mouth after beating him in Rock Paper Scissors.

Sorry about that, I just thought you were being hostile to that guy for no reason.

That's gross bro

I never called DIO a bad character, just one with generic end goals. He's fall more developed than Kars, but any character who gets multiple Parts to himself will always have more definition to their characters in the long run

DIO is obviously the very backbone of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. From his rise in Phantom Blood, the results in Battle Tendency, his return in Stardust, the negative outcome in Diamond, the positive outcome in Gold Wind and the end result in Stone Ocean which finally eliminated the source of the problem for good

While on screen he seems simple, the entire series revolves around him and the bloodline he inspired. I just think him having all those sons in Stone Ocean was kind of stupid

It's fine m8, it's still his mouth.

You think DIO played with himself in that box for 100 years?

user that's gay, that's Jonathan's body.

If by "played with himself" you mean "experimented with a new wardrobe" then yes.

Nah, honestly I think Part 1 Dio is still a better character and better written than any other villain. The only other one I think is as complex and well-written might be Pucci, maybe.

I'm sure my opinion's in the minority though since Phantom Blood isn't that well-liked in general. It's one of my favorite Parts though

it was kind of retarded to include them and only give Giorno a cameo because of the fact that GER would've shit on C-Moon/MiH

I think the new intro might be the best one

He ran around naked in a castle and ran his hands all over it on-panel (and screen) while specifically "talking" to Jonathan anyway, how could it get any gayer than that

I know, it's just that I'm used at this point to people calling DIO bad under the justification of "generic" when that's hardly that big of a problem. And I do like to point out that, in the same way Jotaro was not the standard SJ hero and that he was the stoic badass archetype before it became overused and cliche, DIO was very refreshing for the time he came out, especially in Stardust Crusaders where it feels like Araki found a more unique feel to the character than in Part 1.

The sons in Stone Ocean were really plot devices but, really, you can't have a part that is focused on the battle between the legacies of the Joestars and DIO and have only Pucci as DIO's legacy, and since bringing Giorno back either as a villain or as a hero would muddle things regardles, those kids had to exist even though it wasn't really logical.

I like the sons of DIO though, Part 6 gets a lot better when they are involved, and I like that they show aspects of Jonathan/DIO in the same way Giorno did.

Araki realized he fucked up with having written such an OP Stand, fate themes or not. For any long-running series when you have a power that's literally an "I win" button there's not much in the way of going forward

It could've really added to the reason Araki decided to stop the OG series after Part 6

Your theory is supported by the reintroduction of a "magic power" in part 7 with the spin being used as the primary fighting style and stands mostly being tools to aid in battle instead of the protags just pointing them at the badguy and winning every time.

Thank god Giorno could be rewritten, he had a lot of potential that Araki missed

>Weather Report
>Valentine/Mountain Tim

There was literally no way Giorno could have been involved in the plot of Stone Ocean that wouldn't be worse than his absence.

>Giorno gets involved fighting agaisnt Jolyne
I don't think I need to explain this one
>Giorno helps fight Pucci
EIther he gets nerfed and BTFO'd like everyone else was, in which case, the fans would complain, or he would just solve everything with GER, making it the most anti-climatic ending of all time, and the fans would complain.

Really, that "maybe he's in Florida" moment feels more like a joke on Araki's part.

>implying he didn't take the gang to flordia to say "sorry for getting your friend kill also I'm taking his place as leader"

What could araki have told to re-introduce Giorno into part 6 without having GER, say he left the arrow in Italy while he was in Disneyworld?

Giorno versus Versus (and no more figths for him) seems fine

I thought everyone agreed that Giorno and Mista DID go to Florida in Part 6 but they got sidetracked and spent the whole time at Disneyworld.

Giorno was probably riding Space Mountain or something and didn't even notice the universal resets.

Would you a girl platinum?

When you have magic powers is it even fun to do "mundane" stuff anymore?

Yeah, two volumes. It's pretty good when it hits its stride but a lot of it just retells the anime which is disappointing.

Yeah, sure.


I don't know...

How is mundane fun and how is Disneyworld mundane?

I guess "fun" isn't the right word.

Exciting is more what I meant.

Take Giorno for instance.

>can create anything using his stand
>has fought insane bizarre stand users, all with different and amazing powers using said stand
>somehow a roller coaster would get his blood pumping after all of the stuff he's been through

How does this make you feel?

Promo used Roundabout. I'm not sure I'm allowed to criticize it.

>Josuke: I have Crazy Diamond. I can fix anything but myself, regardless of how broken it is. Can't bring the dead back to life, but I can still make them presentable...

>Giorno: lol, lost my throat again. Lemme patch it up with a rock. Hey Bruno, how's your heart? Still stopped? Yeah, like that'll stop you. Btw fuk u Diavolo

i say we shitpost

Could you fuck your own stand?

This is important

Why is Araki such a shitty writer? Every arc is full of plot holes, and honestly Jojolion is the worst offender.

>Tsuguri randomly aging up 8 years
>Kira apparently escaped being held prisoner in his own home by a pissed off surfer, bought a new hat and was killed by Damo all in the same day

The one dubbed voice that wasn't fucking trash was Patrick as Dio.

I dont read jojo for the plot, I read for the bizarre adventures.

GE hurt like a bitch to heal with though because it's kind of cheating to create body parts.

There's lots of porn of that I think, with Jotes and Star Platinum in particular so I'm just gonna say yes, sure, why not

he looks vaguely like a kaiji character

He's only 25, plus he runs the mob.

>Tsuguri randomly aging up 8 years
Enemy stand
>Kira apparently escaped being held prisoner in his own home by a pissed off surfer, bought a new hat and was killed by Damo all in the same day
Enemy stand

I know this is bad luck and I already said it,but look at all the long(relevant) posts and good discussion in this thread.This is the best JoJo thread in actual months.Please remember this in the future and report ALL avatarfag posts.If enough people do,the mods will take action.Have a nice night,y'all.


Would he say it was despair-inducing?

Was I dreaming or did a guy in JJL do something similar?

>she's riding you
>suddenly she ora ora's her ass like a jackhammer

>mfw they're saving all the budget for part 5

I'm going to sleep. Bye!

>yfw they were actually saving all the budget for the monster hunter anime
>yfw part 5 is just as quality as 4

>they're saving all of Part 4's budget for Part 5



Not exactly, but due to stand-related shenanigans Joshu almost unwittingly raped with Yasuho while she thought he was Josuke (which he didn't realize).

Is this from a porn?

Don't fuck your stand user, I tried to use mine for masturbation and it ripped my dick off

JoJo's is just Mega Man

>Phantom Blood is 1, a game with hiccups but set the groundwork for the series
>Battle Tendency is 2, an improvement yet popular with all the normies and casuals
>Stardust Crusaders is 3, a bit too long for its own good but revolutionary in its own right
>Diamond is Unbreakable is 4, a change of pace and yet still building on the foundation
>Vento Aureo is 5, refinement over being revolutionary
>Stone Ocean is 6, the original end and tried hard to be unique
>Steel Ball Run is 7, a fresh new start that looks higher quality
>JoJolion is 8, very fucking long but entertaining at least and improved on the presentation more

Prove me wrong
JoJo will stop at 10

Go to bed Okuyasu, don't you have school tomorrow

I fucking wish

You know there is a spoiler option so you don't have to bother with censorship.

>You will never have a foursome with Jolyne and her friends
>They will never allow their stands in on the fun
Just fucking kill me.

Blue board

So is there any reason why Araki hasn't done an official ecchi art book yet?


Yes, I did that intentionally. I'm not changing it, autist

That was 16 years ago, I'm a chef with Tonio now

That's what the spoiler is for. The other boards don't have that option.

Spoilers are for actual spoilers. Well they're supposed to be.

Porn isn't allowed, even if it's even if it's hidden behind a spoiler.


Hey, I liked Keith Silverstein

Post Aida Mitsuo quotes.

Oh hey guys, what's going on in this thread?

>When you are courting a nice girl an hour seems like a second. When you sit on a red-hot cinder a second seems like an hour. That's relativity.

So, is Epitaph the little face on King Crimson's forehead?

Relativity is when your parents are out of the house so your big brother says it's okay to play that grown up game he taught you a few weeks ago.

Post >yfw the Part 5 anime is called "Golden Wind" instead of "Vento Aureo"

Aida Mitsuo


I want to fingerbang Joshuu's dickhole.

Whats Julians stand called?

>yfw we only call it that because of ASB


wow even in the faggy new style that looks awesome

congrats on outing yourself as an animeonly

I love Bento Oreo


Am I supposed to feel bad? Am I supposed to be ashamed?

Did you consider that maybe its that I read part 1 and 2 and stopped there?

Well I only watched the anime and stopped after part 2. If my taste being different than yours bothers you feel free to let me know so I can cum harder. :^)

in honor of the best fight in part 4 happening soon, i spent an eternity in mspaint and made something for you all.

I'm blind, what does it say?

It's not purple so you failed


>canon colors
>in jojo

it could look like a kaleidoscope shat itself and still be valid.

>nugget porn
wait what

Animefag, here. This is an awesome show and you guys are awesome, too. I like Joseph a lot.

How's Oldseph treating you?

You're welcome here, just know that Bruno dies before he's killed and Giorno becomes the Godfather and also an ambulance runs over Kira and kills him

The band is called deep purple. I know the shit about cannon colors but some colors are more cannon than others. Killer queen is pink. King crimson is red. Giotto is blonde

It's a little sad to see him. Like an old relative you really like that you can tell is starting to kinda go, you know?

He's still great, though.

The next panel is my very favorite image of Giorno. Cracks me up every time

At least spoil a part that's actually worth caring about, like 6 or 7.

>Worth caring about

>Getting an anime

Giorno and Dio being blonde are plot points but you're wrong about the others.

Killer Queen is orange. So is Crazy Diamond. In fact everyone and everything is orange

So if Josuke and Giorno teamed up they'd be absolutely broken, right?

Shinobu has a huge ass

So everything is narancia

[Getting away with it]
Somebody stop this madman

I mean, does Giorno even need Josuke?

Crazy Diamond isn't broken he is unbreakable

Well the whole thing with Bruno was that Giorno was basically putting a band-aid on a gaping would, right?

If Josuke and Giorno teamed up they would basically the others weakness.

[healthy at any size]

No, the thing with Bruno is that he was already dead. Josuke is even worse at bringing back the dead than Giorno, at least Bruno got to finish his last task.

I really need to read part 5 again if I can't remember shit like that.

Has someone gone back and retranslated it yet or are bits of part 5 still fucked?

>Josuke is even worse at bringing back the dead than Giorno
Josuke got his "supposedly dead" bro-jo in fullshape after the final fight, while Giorno let half of the gang die.

the color scans are getting a new and better translation, at a very slow rate.

You do realize time travel was involved right? Okuyasu did die the time he got killed. This is like a pretty important part of the final fight so I would hope you understand this

Okuyasu wasn't dead though, just critically injured.

Bruno was as dead as Josuke's grandpa.

Alright, if you don't mind do you know where they're currently at?

Looks like "Vol.58 Ch.544: King Crimson Versus Metallica - Part 1"

Alright, thanks a bunch user.

Okuyasu was dead, but Josuke "restored" his body, and after wandering for some time in a limbo his soul got to return to his body.

Good translation is ~75% of the way through. Colored a little bit less.

Nice headcanon!


Mate that was more likely him being unconscious and his brain going haywire.

I was the one who started harassing Naranciafag with weird fetish shit first
Where's my medal


>Taking that literally
Nice bait, 8/10.

It was a compliment! I was calling your made-up headcanon cool!