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jojo is gay

Fuck jojo


gappy makes me happy


gappy is crappy



This is my Jojosona. I call him "Giorno". He's kind of like a Jojo but he's italian so he's named "Gio Gio" and he's actually Dio's son which is super cool. He has the power to give life to things and control them but if you touch the things he brings to life you get hurt and also if he touches you time slows down and you get hurt even more and also he can heal anybody who gets hurt (even himself) and also everybody likes him and he's really smart so he's always the first one to figure out mysteries and stuff. Also he is so unique that the stand arrow itself chose him to power up his stand and when his stand powers up it's like super invincible and you can't hurt it and it's the strongest stand in the whole show. He can negate any action you try to do and if he touches you you like die over and over forever he's so strong.

What do you think?

When you read this post and open the spoiler, you are gay

Gappy makes me happy

post your face when kars comes back for part 8

>not a please don't steal note
gotta take it for myself now mate

Haven't been in these threads for like 4 months, have you niggers done anything of value?

Not if I steal it first

we did a mosaic and redrew let's eat out an italian (let's eat at my dad's house)

>walk into your jail cell
>see this

what do?

>of value
I guess ur mum doesn't count then

Did Magenta Magenta deserve his fate?

And Dubbed a couple of episodes of the OVAs

watch her masturbate

Fuck until impregnation is guaranteed.

>That right leg
Yeah Arakis artstyle isn't the one you should hold your sight for to much time

So where is this week's episode going to leave off on?

Make way for the threadly dose of FF




I want to ____ Jolyne in her _____.

I was trying to modify the wrong archive for the mario kart mode
god I feel so stupid right now
Thread is already shit.

uh oh whats this
could it be a
yup it totally is
have a nice night everybody

>role as protagonist


chill out you sperglord,every thread starts out with some brief shitposting,and I'm only going to be posting best girl at the beginnings and maybe ends of threads

I don't see her anywhere though.


>those gorilla hands
maybe you should look harder

joshu makes me happy

>thread is full of shitposting and nothing to discuss
good thing, I can go to sleep with no regrets

Joshu is unironically my favorite part of JoJolion right now.


a bloo bloo shitposting! I hope you die in your sleep.

Just wanted to post this for you Jojofags.


I want F.F. to drink my cum in order to stay hydrated.


Araki art looks cool at first but once you stare too long you start seeing how fucked up everything is. Jonathan's arm position looks wrong here.


yeah he is by far my favorite character in part 8. Fucking give him an important fight already araki.

Forgot about this gag.

>mfw this post
let's talk about something good

Like Shinobu's fat ass?

Let's talk about Joshu.What is the point of his character?It's going to be hard to make him likeable if that's what Araki's going for.

are jojo fans mostly Cred Forums crossboarders?

It wont be hard, because I love him.

That'd be lame

What do you like about him?

diego of JJL
initially could be a villain, slowly becomes aligned with the protags
comes back with the world

what do you dislike about him?



The problem is he's supposed to be an unlikeable ass.If Araki ever wants to do anything with him(aside from make him a villain),it will feel off.

what if Joshu is the corpse

joshu is the one going around biting people and giving them stands
including himself

Do you believe in aliens?

how would making him anything other than a villain seem off? Being a dick doesn't doom you to be a bad guy. He is most likely going to mature after a major event and become an ally.

>God tier stand
>Smug af
>Secretly a genius (solve the mistery of shakedown road and learn how to use the stand in a short time and a lot of things)
>A weirdo, but a nice weirdo

>Weird af
>"I was pretending to be retarded"
>Joke character
>Sometimes he is an asshole

that's why he came back with a bruised up face that one chapter
it all makes sense

well, that, or limp bikzit happened on the corpse and invisible zombie jesus is biting people for stands
this is what reddit believes right now

>Isn't Gappy


Are we really sure about that though

>With a good plot advance he can be a good BroJo
>2 Brojos, Yasuho (Brojo and love interest) and Joshu, the smug rival of the mc

>Joke character
that what bothers me the most he feels really wasted so far in this part as far as nkc goes.

that's fucking stupid

Anasui it's like 4 in the morning go to bed.

take a look for yourself


I'm gonna scream like a little girl in this part animated

>this is what reddit believes
>that's stupid
>see for yourself
>surprised a reddit link follows
what a sperg

Why would he want to show me his breast?

I was reacting to the theory dipshit

I'm going to be so god damn hype when Josuke heals Yuuya.

then why include the text?

>Pros: Smug af
>Cons: Weird af

You should read moeshit instead of JoJo

Why Fugo sounds like the uke in a yaoi?

fact: there no hotter jojo fantasy than having Jolyne step on your cock

prove me wrong

Fucking Jolyne and Stone Free at the same time.

Is Mista the only hetero in part 5?
>Inb4 Diavolo/Trish
>"My cute doppio"

personally i don't get that vibe from him. i always thought of fugo as kind of having a raspy voice so i think it's a perfect fit.

speaking of asb voices
>c-moon sounds like a really young monotone guy
>mfw i really like it

>implying anyone past part 4 is hetero besides gappy and his harem

Where's C-Moon voice?

my bad, i was only thinking of how he sounds when he's yelling. now i see what you're talking about. i still think it's pretty good though

Jolyne is hetero, so is Johnny.
4:28 but you can hear him every once in a while through the first match. i haven't seen the rest

Mostly Cred Forums

Why FF sounds like a tomboy?
still cute
>Cioccolata sounds like a masochist with schizophrenia problems
>That's what he is

Who's the true schizoid in part 5?

My vote is for ghiaccio

>Why FF sounds like a tomboy?
Is that supposed to be bad?

If Giorno appears as a teaser at the end of part 4, I'm gonna do the same.

so am I

No, Tomboys are the superior choice

>Trish will never twerk on your dick
why even live?

My nigga.

they'll show koichi getting on a plane, or jotaro asking him to go, or koichi asking rohan to teach him italian


Secco sounds weird.

Cred Forumsmu/vp/

GER looks a lot like Hitmonchan

I'm only here
in Cred Forums
I go to /ck/ when I want to cook.

Who did it better?

Do my best to be a supportive and helpful ally to her, probably end up dying horribly like the rest of her friends
Worth it

I hope they at least show a picture of Haruno.

>Part 4: The end
>Koich in the airport
>A blonde guy with donut hair walking a few meters behind him
Are you ready for the Golden Experience?

This. Highway Star is THE fight to look forward to in Part 4, besides the final one against Kira.

where's the part 5 translation at right now?

also can anyone tell me why there's such a huge fucking bias against translating the part that unarguably needs it most?

Best (Animated) fights in each part?
>Caesar vs Whammu
>Vanilla Ice
>Sheer Hearth Attack
Highway Star/AOBTD

even worse

they're all redditors

Foo forever!

>where's the part 5 translation at right now?

thank you

I've decided its finally time to watch JoJo, should I watch it in release order or is there a different order that's recommended?

jojo 2012
jojo stardust crusaders
jojo stardust crusaders season 2
jojo diamond is unbreakable
jotaro dies in part 6

Now go before you get spoiled.


Is there any colored version of GER that doesn't look ugly? Every color scheme I've seen so far has been horrid.

Yes, this is... the true man's order
Read part 6
Then read part 5 and 3
Play peace walker and portable ops
Read part 4
Play Eyes Of Heaven
Win Halo2 in the hardest level
Read part 1 and 2
see Bee Movie
Read SBR
Read the bible
Read JJL

My BF told me that he has a dream where he was gay for GioGio.

Should I be worried?

It's called "perspective" you pile of plankton

Gippy mek me hippy

Gappy wants only your finest potions.

potion seller


Doppio means double so he is saying 'my double' you stupid piece of shit

no, everybody's gay for Gio and Bruno, I know I am

Are there any other anime where a character has an injury associated with them? Jotaro is always getting his face split open.

could also throw in his BtD death, same way

And when Josuke rips Yoshihiro Kira's photograph, the split goes through Jotaro's head.

And I swear in the manga his face gets split by sheer heart attack.

How do you think they met ? Also, a pity that not even her name was revealed.

Probably university given he was 22 when Jolyne was born. I just can't imagine Jotaro having sex. It gives the creeps.

Your BF has bad taste in men, VA has hordes of great boys and he chose the shittiest one

Jotaro was probably drugged and unconscious

Just read/watch it in release order. Bear in mind that the anime is only up to Part 4 which is like 7 or 8 years into the series 30 year run so you'll be waiting a while if you go that route. Also the manga is better for Parts 3 and 4, though it did a good job on 1 and 2 (which are together in the first season). Now leave before you're spoiled.

why didn't jotaro marry the brown loli from part 3

I don't know why that greentext is there, I didn't type it.

Because he dislikes her and she would have been like 15 when Jolyne was born.

>Make her docile, like a winter catfish
What did he mean by this


The Winter Catfish is notorious for it's docility. At least according to the catfish doctor guy.

Polnareff was the only one that actually liked her, right? He bickered with her a lot but he said he missed her after she left.

Pretty sure yeah.

name the current artists which you would like to make op/ed or OST for next parts to be animated.
part 5 - Hans Zimmer for orchestral/church bell music
part 6 - Sigur ros

Maybe she reminds his sister or something

Fuck, it'd be sweet if the Polnareffs had bickered and shit-talked each other a lot but loved each other dearly in spite of it, a bit like the Higashikatas in JoJolion.

Shokotan - every part 6 OP

>Shokotan sings the op
>Shokotan voices Jolyne's mom

Let's download YGOPro and make custom Jojo cards to play on our own server with some competitive Jojo TCG.

Bruno is teasing you. What do?

Donut him

erase time


I mostly browse Cred Forums and reddit
I only come to Cred Forums for jojo threads and those threads with animals saying japanese terms

I go full aesthetic on his chest cavity.

Diggy-MO': Everything.

>Soul'd Out will never reunite to do a Part 5 OP

That's... a good idea...
A very good idea

Do not bully Bruno you monsters

I'm not bullying I'm murdering. There's a difference.

>that image

Why would you hurt best boy?

Murder is a form of bullying. You're a bully, user.


I'd never even dream of hurting JJL Kira.

my nigga


I don't remember that panel.
What chapter ?

The very first flashback chapter, 49 I think. It was called Two Years Ago at Sea in the UJ release and it was the last 'Hato Brought Her Boyfriend Home' chapter in the volume release.

What's his fucking name?

best boi

Buccellati. It's an actual Italian word like all the other names in Part 5. The wiki and other places are just weebs who use Bucciarati for whatever reason.


It's 'Blonor Bojyhalalalarutchi'


Kill all rock-humans

How did you fuck up so bad?

Official JJBA Character Name Pronunciation Guide

Jyoouunaasaan Jyoouusuutaa
Jyoouuseefuu Jyoouusuutaa
Jyoouutaaroouu Kuujyoouu
Jyoouusuukee Hiigaashiikaataa
Jyoouuruunoo Jyoouubaanaa
Jyoouuriin Kuujyoouu
Jyoouunii Jyoouusuutaa
XYZZYX Beelzebub

I'm fucking stupid and this is my first time trying to mod something, I'm totally blind here

where the merch at yo

i wanna hotglue star platinum

Has that rohanfucker left yet?

forget about it, not worth the trouble

Will you left the thread?

yummy yummy in narancias tummy

Will Gappy live Happy after JJL?

Yeah let's just post some more narancia.
This is the first post I've made fucker.
That won't do anything to me.

But Joshuu won't.




>Joshu and Gappy will never go in a bizarre adventure
>They will never work together to save the life of each other
>We will never see OldGappy and OldJoshu like Oldseph in SDC
>We will never see a mature Joshu mastering Nut King Call to unbold time and space



You can make that ORA ORA go left or right with your mind. Try it.


>The ally-deaths of Vento Aureo are:
>Bruno Buccellati, the leader of the sub-gang and the one who'd have taken over the gang had he survived
>Leone Abbacchio, who was incredibly distrustful of Giorno but blindly loyal to Buccellati
>Narancia Ghirga, who was blindly loyal to Buccellati above all else
How convenient for Giorno.

Rohanfujo is dead!

Bruno didn't deserve to die.


Is he being fingered just off screen?

Only Narancia and Fugo should have died



His end was like pottery.

Rohan.. I love you. I love you. I love you. Rooooohan. Help me.



I read Part 4 about a year ago but I didn't "get" their relationship until these shots.

She just wants to hug him forever.

what is this?

You just know that the moment they have sex, she's going to lock her legs around him and never let go.

>If you don't give me your wallet right now, I'm going to rape this faggot

One of the greatest thing I've ever read. Gotta give credit to those late night infomercial guys, normal product with a few changes and a touch of finesse

RPS Kid.

RPS. Look at the hand shapes. Also it's a 9, just like mine.

he definitely time stops when he nuts so as not to appear vulnerable/human

>getting fondled by hands
You think he's enjoying it?

Noseless-kun has massive hands.

Is that Secco rapping Doppio?
Tell me that he changes into Diavolo and rapes Secco

If it was lady-hands I'm sure he'd pop a terror-boner while crying. Since it was man-hands, I assume he was torn to pieces and dragged into the abyss screaming 'no homo'.

Yeah, Secco sticks it in Doppio who is loose af but then he turns into Diavolo whose ass is so tight that his sphincter constricts around Secco's dick and cuts it off. Then Diavolo rapes him.

Secco accidentally falls into a truck and dies.

Sounds enough like Diavolo to be real.

delet this

Does Diavolo rape Secco by shoving his dick into the bleeding chasm where his dick used to be? Does he cum in Secco's new vagina?

Would Yukako still have been into him if he took Josuke's advice and farted in front of her? I know she talked that shit but I can't see her being down after that.


You do realise that now you've suggested it that I won't do it just to spite you, right? I may be trying to kill my daughter but I have some standards. Fuck of chocolate snuff man or whatever your name was.

She mentioned that washing his piss-stained pants have her unbelievable pleasure. Koichi could shit himself and Yukako would still want his dick.

>Gold Experience's crotch
WTF I realize that GE is just twink Dio: the stand

How could you let Doppio die alone?

There's pretty much no way Cioccolata didn't get off on having his brain half-eaten and 7 panels of muda to kill him

He knew what he was signing up for when he joined the gang. I mean, I made him join the gang, but that's beside the point.

>All the power in koichi's body goes to his dick
>That's why he is a manlet

So I was looking at Purple Haze feedback and were those two gangsters going after the money the only people that Giorno and friends spared?

Weird, seeing as no other Jojo was as murder-friendly.


Yeah the only reason they killed everyone else was because the Assassination Team were fucking crazy and trying to kill them first and the rest were Diavolo's own assassins who weren't going to negotiate either. Neither the AT or Diavolo's guys would ever stop hunting them down so there wasn't much of a choice.

They tortured Zucherro for fun, they were never good people. The only arguably good one in the bunch was poor Bruno.

>Diavolo's Team isn't called "The court of the crimson king"
Wasted potential.

You fucking monster.


Doppio wants to go on a date, where do you take him?

The Colosseum. Then I switch bodies with him and leave him to die alone and in pain, and the whole time he has complete faith that I'll come back for him right until the end.

damn...Yukako is one freaky ass shawty...

Would you go with Josuke to Morioh given the chance?

Please stop


I know your past.


im still weirded out by that Kaato scene. The fuck, Joshu?

My dog

When he pissed, Doppio technically held Diavolo's dick.

Man, that's.................... gay.

Never, Doppio belongs to me. It was fate anyway.


This guy gets what I'm about.

Is there a worse Jojo trope than: "If you attack my gimmick the damage is reflected to you."

The worst thing is that this fucking shit has trips.

I always wondered

What would part 2 and 3 be like if Caesar never bit the bullet

>implying doppio doesn't sit down to pee like a good boy

I think you mean.................... hot

>Diavolo is posting
Well, he's going to hideously fucking murder everyone in the thread. Goodbye, you cancerous fucks.

That rarely happens though, and most of the time it's implemented in a non shitty way.

In part 2 very little would change except possibly him providing help in the final battle against Kars instead of Stroheim.
In part 3 I doubt he'd make an appearance or be mentioned.

Farts are forever.


Probably would have jobbed to Kars like Lisa Lisa did, or maybe to Whammu, that whole battle would be different if Caesar wasn't dead and actually in the fight.

>I keep reporting the fartposter but he keeps posting
Come on mods, I'm banking on you guys.

Doppio looks like she likes sweets. I'd take her to a candy shop.

Doppio has a penis and shares a body with another man with a penis. He's technically twice the man you are. Kind of like Gappy.

Should know by now it isn't that easy.

>Doppio's dick is bigger than Diavolo's

I just thought of something though, if Giorno took the time to actually cut off his limbs and replace them with parts he made with golden experience, and then maybe even a few internal organs that wouldn't instantly kill him if removed as well, would he be able to use GE's power to reflect any attacks to those limbs/organs?

no I will combat your oc with my own

How do you know he doesn't have a pussy like Kira, but grows a penis when he turns into Diavolo?

>Kira, the man with three pussies

No clue, they might at first but he specifically said early on that the things he creates have their own life they need to protect which is why the damage is reflected so by crating part of something that then contributes to a greater whole, that part doesn't technically have it's own life. It might reflect damage for a bit before it's completely synchronised with the rest of the body though.

Wasn't the damage-reflecting thing dropped entirely? I can't remember ever seeing it used after his fight with Buccellati.


In the flashbacks it said young Diavolo wanted to be a sailor before he went apeshit and ran away to Egypt after burning his hometown to ashes. A Man of the Sea. He's technically two guys together since there's two souls inside him. Do you know what this means?

Does this thread really need to exist 24/7?

I don't think it was dropped more it just wasn't useful outside a few scenarios after that point as most of the attacks on Giorno after then were ones he doesn't see coming or the enemy is too smart to not notice a frog hanging on Giorno's clothes and think 'that seems suspicious I'd better not hit it'.

It means you're gay

No but someone will always make a new one no matter what we tell them and someone else will always post in it. They could do with a lot less frequency unless there's actually something to discuss like a new chapter or shitposting about quality in the anime.


I'm fine with editing Narancia so he farts and ruins the boner of Naranica posters but just jojo farts in general?

Come on dude. Enough is enough.

I think Trish used a GE grown hand of Giorno's to reflect Notorious BIG though, which was partly what started this line of thought.

That all those times Doppio masturbated he was being watched by a bara twink.

I dunno, I really think it has to have been dropped or forgotten. In the White Album fight, Giorno made a bunch of grass which Mista then tore up to freeze and use as a snowboard. Shouldn't that have reflected damage at Mista and/or Ghiaccio?

Don't communicate with him, let him rot.

Have any of the artists that got referenced as stands ever mentioned jojo? I know king crimson(band) said that king crimson(stand) seemed cool in a Facebook thing. But has anyone else?

Narancia didnt deserve to die, he wanted to go to school after the Final Fight was over.

Reading Part 6 is kinda funny in the wrong ways, like Jolyne could get fodderized if u just shoot her, when the likes of Jonathan could take more punishment

Does that mean Narancia could fodderize her?

I thought it was based on willingness to hurt? Like how Koichi only got a bit of damage reflected on him because he held back and didn't want to hurt Giorno, just stun him. And Luca died because he was hitting to kill when he swung his shovel.

Vanilla Ice expressed that he was fine with his name being used for a pantsless vampire, it was his agents that insisted on him being named 'Cool Ice'.

I dunno, tearing grass up kills it, and Ghiaccio was actively trying to kill them both.

Prince and his army of lawyers were the reason the Part 5 game on Ps2 was never released outside Japan and Vanilla Ice personally said it was ok for them to use his name in the anime because he thought the character sounded cool and he genuinely seems pretty chill (hehehe) but his lawyers and agents basically told him to shut it and said no on his behalf.

While his name got changed for the Capcom fighter ('Iced') I remember Vanilla Ice having his name unchanged in the original Viz translations for Part 3.

My point was that Luca actually wanted to kill the frog and Koichi wanted to hit the tree, whereas Mista wasn't actively focused on killing the grass but on making some sick skates. There was no intent to cause harm in his actions. I see what you mean though.

I get that Prince should be able to say no (even if he was a total cunt about it) but I still can't understand why most artists or their team of lawyers take issue with the references in JoJo. Seems more like free advertising than anything.

It's kind of a slippery slope deal, if you let one guy do it then why not everyone else? It's easier and safer and creates less work if you're just a hardass about it. Shit but true, it's how it goes in that business unfortunately.

They just need to be careful protecting their image is all, even if it's just something minor like a bad guy in a manga, they don't want to have to keep an eye on it in case the character they're named after does/says something bad and then that would be associated with them, if the thing itself was popular.

Though that's just completely a guess, could just be that they don't want other people making money through the use of their name/band name/song name.

Jotaro's mating season is only once every 4 years, but when it's on nothing can stop his dick.

Implying Jotaro even consented

>free advertising
This bothers me.

Anyways the idea is that you can't just let anyone you're not in business with control any part of your brand. There's nothing keeping Araki from, say, writing a story where a character named Queen, officially endorsed ahead of time by the classic glam rock group, gets AIDS and dies and the story is about how homosexuality is evil.

And King Crimson probably doesn't want to officially endorse sharing an identity with a schizoid mafioso who sells life-ruining drugs to children and murders his own daughter. Come to think about it Queen probably wouldn't like that Freddy Mercury's posthumous release 'Made in Heaven', a song about the acceptance of all the good and bad in life in a beautifully divine package, is the name of the device by which a self-hating homosexual destroys the universe in order to deny his own faults.

Of course I think people are mature enough to understand the difference between a band and a comic book character, but that's the reasoning.

So how come Araki hasn't been sued to hell and back yet?

I know I'm late, but I just finished reading Part 4 and boy was that good. That final battle was perfect.

I know I'm late, but ur fukin gay hahahaha

Because he's a Japanese man not beholden to American law, same reason why I haven't been arrested by the Japanese government for marijuana possession.

Japanese citizen living in Japan*

He doesn't destroy the universe and lyrically it fits since his stated reason was for everyone to accept the good and the bad by knowing it ahead of time. I get what you mean though, it just wasn't the best example.

Your heart won't take part 6 suffering.

And by stated reason I of course mean what Pucci says, not what he actually wants deep down since what he says isn't what he actually wants or is working towards.

Nice. Part 5 is where the series takes a bit of a turn and starts to be more character focused, so keep that in mind. 6 and 7 focus more on drama as well, so make sure you don't rush them or you'll miss out on what makes them good and hate them. Have fun first and foremost though.

You're right; I was stretching the point. Either way law is notoriously terrible at interpreting creativity.

Unfortunately true.

Yeah Pucci does hate himself deep inside, it's interpretive. The potential for anyone to interpret the character as all sorts of shit is certainly reason enough to avoid including him under Queen's brand just because a Japanese guy liked the name.

>weather experienced all the racism and suffering instead of boipucci

Why'd everyone stop posting?

Hey guys how can my wife's son fix Part 4? Part 6 is such an asspull. There is literally no possible way Kira knew about Cinderella's salon. Why is Part 7 such a meme part? How do I pronounce Giorno? Shh, Gyro is sleeping. Why is Narancia so perfect? Araki is such a hack. Gay priest is here! How does King Crimson work? Araki forgot. Part 2 is the worst part. There is LITERALLY NOTHING in Jojo except fighting, any characterization and themes don't count. Now that I think about it DiU really is like Twin Peaks isn't it? Post female Jotaro. Part 3 is boring filler. DiU is full of QUALITY! Giorno should be a girl. How can Kira have FIVE STANDS? Jesus making stands is such lazy writing, space rocks was better. I'm evil? Gappy makes me happy!

I want to hug Weather Report.

Overall, David Production made a good anime.Objectively, a lot of the animation, direction, and music isn't terribly great, but I want to replace it in the context of a minor studio doing this job. It sorta evens out. It could have been better, but it would have been asking too much for DP. I can't say I love the anime though, it's a goodie, it's here to expose more the manga, which everyone should read.

To be frank, if the anime's cancelled, I wouldn't care much. Seeing the derailing that is DiU, I don't really want DP to continue adapting JJBA. JoJolion is scheduled for French publication soon anyway.

What is your team?

Overall I think ur fukin gay hahahahaha

>Dark Magician
>Star Platinum


>still not realizing Araki is a master artist and intentionally ruins anatomy

Catapult Turtle
Mr. President
I dunno, something turtle related

Bad Company

I think David did nearly a perfect job except there just isn't enough money to make it all great.

>The poses are influenced from Italian sculptures. I really like the way the bodies are twisted and it makes me want to turn them into a drawing
>Don’t you think models have this kind of spectre quality to them? The way they tilt their head or their mouths look oddly big. That kind of stuff captivates me.

>Araki: The feeling that there's an overriding concept at work is what makes it special. I think it's cool. With the JoJo series I wanted to use the classical method as a base and then introduce modern elements in the singular. For instance, drawing in a realistic style but colouring in completely impossible colours. Or completely impossible poses.
>Nekoi: Impossible poses… but the fans imitate the poses? The "JoJo stances".
>Araki: True, true. That's the thing, I aim for impossible but then am like, "Huh? Well, I guess it's possible after all..." *laughs*

I honestly think Part 1 is the best, Battle Tendencies is great but it doesn't give me that solid and humorous basis on hamon.

The switch to stands pissed me off, but Stardust Crusaders is pretty good but Diamond is Unbreakable is just a let down



Hey guys, it's me, Giorno Giovanna!

Say something nice about me!

gay gay GAY GAY GAY

nice pubic hair

We need to move this general to

you're... uh.. dio's son i guess

Fuck I really want old Gappy and old Joshu
>constant banter between them on the surface, trying to hide the fact that the battle against rock niggers to purge the Higashikata curse brought them close
>Joshu still bitter he lost Yasuho bowl
>Joshu sacrifices himself to save Gappy from the final villain
>Gappy buries him next to Yasuho

I was under the impression that he used katakana for the names. I'd assume its hard to sue as Araki could have just say "hey it just so happened that these runes read this way".


I bet he's real tight.

Which JoJo character would you marry?


You give good handjobs

>Jolyne could get fodderized if u just shoot her

this is the only option. evil plans aside he seems like a decent guy

Polnareff no doubt.

Bruno, Jolyne, and Weather Report are good marriage material too

I love Nazi Science man but Part 2 would have been so much better if the other side characters hadn't jobbed constantly. Joseph and Ceasar vs Ultimate Kars would have been infinitely better then him dying to Whammu so early.


>Reading Part 6 is kinda funny in the wrong ways, like Jolyne could get fodderized if u just shoot her, when the likes of Jonathan could take more punishment
the fuck are you on, Jolyne takes more battle damage than the others combined and is even immune to Araki's signature through the chest punch

He would've murdered Dio easily with his reflecting bubbles trick.
Speaking of which why the FUCK didn't Joseph try that same trick, or get the Speedwagon foundation to make giant UV lights?

>Are you ready for the Golden Experience?
yeSssssssssssss b0ssss pleaseeeee

This. Jolyne took the brunt of almost all the damage in every fight until the punishment ward ended.

So do you guys dig the new OP? I didn't really expect them to swap out Chase, to be honest.

I liked it desu.

I love it, definitely better than Chase

I want Polnareff to embrace me! So handsome!

That page is kinda bullshit considering she did this earlier. I guess she wasn't ready? You can kill almost any stand user by shooting them when their unprepared though. I always wondered why Joseph didn't just infuse hamon into bullets and just annihilate vamps.

Visuals are alright. Song is not good.

insta fave DiU opening

why did the anime make him look less beautiful

Weird Al posted the part where Jotaro asks Joseph who sang Eat it on his Instagram

I agree, it kinda boggles my mind that for something so threatening like DIO, the gang wouldn't get really any help outside of info and iggy.

I think they should have at least done a bit more than that honestly.

Only Araki can make him handsome

Polnareff has the longest forehead tbqh


You know what they say about guys with long foreheads.

I remember that, kek.

He does but he still looks proportional and cute as fuck, it's weird.
Araki's style somehow carries his fucked up anatomy.

Who is this semen demon?

>artists always make the same expression as the character they're drawing to capture it better
>araki was trying to make that face

Fuck! That's what I was going to say.


Poor Araki.

Polnareff's cousin, Readthemangareff

they're balding

where can I find this colored version?
I already finished VA but I wouldn't mind reading the second half again if it were colored

>DP are Rohan wankers
>Rohan blowing up will get budget
God bless.

>Rohan blowing up will repeat 3 times at different angles with nothing but him screaming "KOICHI KUUUUUUN"
>Afterwards its complete silence and credits are instead just Kira laughing at his victory



What the fuck is this

watching interviews of Araki is adorable he just acts so pure and genuine when people question him.

The spoiler shit changed?

I really,really like this image.

... did the spoiler pic change?

batoto, you should wait for a non shit translation tho


wait, I thought batoto only had the old scans with shit resolution and translation, that's what I read
oh well

How new?


Dont fuck with me, that isnt the regular spoiler. That shit was used on a different board and i cant remember which.

no user, i'm not that dumb. i'm saying yotsuba is gone
other threads on Cred Forums still have it. what's going on?

Just looking at Rohan turns me on.

This is bait right? The only reason to watch part 1 is to set up Dio properly as a villain in part 3. Phantom Blood was dull as fuck, only 10 or 11 episodes and it still felt dragged out.

it's nine episodes and yeah it felt much longer, it could have been done in 5-6

I've been hearing some rumours going around that Kakyoin is actually a shitposter, is it true? Or is it just people who hate Kak and his fans trying to slander him?


Touch any oragami lately?

what kind of ruse is this.

Who got the worse death (i mean in terms of brutality - Johnny or Jotaro?)

Jotaro's was over in an instant. Johnny probably had a little life left then got rocked.


Eichiro Oda once said that making the characters' facial expressions always gave him face cramps

Did Johnny die at the end of part 7?

I haven't touched part 8 yet

His death is explained in Part 8.

you need a Cred Forums gold account to view yotsuba

Delet this



So - how many episodes will the final fight (Bite the Dust and onward) be?

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

at least 2

It's a thing you don't even notice you're doing, I have weak jaw tendons and I partially dislocated it once while drawing a longer comic with a ton of expressions.


>Part 5
>Character focused over Part 4

It's action and all the character focus are in flashback backstories where everyone came predeveloped before Giorno got there

>first he removed yotsuba from the 404 pages
>now he's removing her from the spoiler images
Fuck you Hiro

>Caesar takes abdul's role
>connection between hamon and standos finally given a proper explanation

Could've been cool


I want to FUCK Melone

Literally the worst La Squadra member. Even llluso is better than him.

yeah but he's so cute

Jonathan is the only choice that is acceptable

Is this face an obscure jap meme or something?

looks dreamworks/disney to me for some reason

BD vol 3 and 4 rips when?

Make JoJo threads great again

The only time she took lots of damage was because of SURVIVOR when she fought Westwood.

While She was the perfect counter to C Moon she could get stomped by any Part 5 crew member, even Part 4 crew members besides Josuke.

What is with a large majority, if not all part 4 merch being P-Bandai or Tower records exclusives? Everything before was free game on most websites to import.

Does this have something to do with Viz picking up the master merch distribution license?



I thought it was associated with Eureka 7 but someone claims it originates from a "Marimite Konbini" video, and someone else claimed the video was just using the meme


>Watch the OVAs it's pretty awesome

Why was 2008 so pleb

>The only time she took lots of damage was because of SURVIVOR when she fought Westwood.
>was on fire
>sewed her limbs back on
hello speedreader

Freaking Formagglio was fine after being on fire, and he was one of the weakest members of Pasionne.


>More power = better character

She was very pointedly on fire for most of a fight while people told her she was going to die from it.

Josuke? Among the JoJos he was the most hax(outside of GER Giorno).

But the OVAs are awesome

Nah, while Stone Free at first glance doesn't seem like it's as powerful as the other protag stands, she uses it so cleverly and versatile she could beat any of them.

That they are, but you'd never get away with recommending someone watch the OVAs in place of reading the manga nowadays.

Before the David anime existed and animeonlies became the whipping post community, was there such a thing as OVAonlies? it sounds like there was.

Josuke's probably one of the least hax JoJos. Especially since he came after Joseph and Jotaro as the protagonists of their respective Parts. Being able to fix anything is helpful for things like the chase with Shigechi or Highway Star, but fucking Giorno got promoted to a much superior medic than Josuke

Maybe the Battle in Egypt ones. The Journey to Egypt prequel sucked

Please stop, Shokotan.

The 2000 OVA has some of the best animation in anything ever.

I feel sorry for Araki having to deal with these shiters.

Would have been better if Giorno's healing ability took longer to do or something, though I guess that was the case with Notorious BIG, but as it is, just causing extreme pain isn't really enough of a price for that kind of power.

We all know who Araki wants to marry.

Fuck you, don't talk shit about Shokotan.

Shokotan looks like a frog

>and Soft&Wet
Did Araki get sick of valuables?

Why hasnt Araki included Shokotan in the manga?

I wonder what cat face tastes like

he got sick of pokemon game names

Pussy game ain't free

Josuke is cutest JoJo and I'll fight everyone who denies it irl




>That everyone's right hand would betray them
>Buccellati betrays Polpo and Diavolo
>Fugo was supposed to betray Buccellati and the gang

Josuke truly is best boy
Joseph is still my favorite though

That's an odd way of spelling Kakyoin

Where can I buy the new OP song? I want to hear the full song.

Best part of the song, but listening to this part on loop without a pay off is like blueballs to my ears.

I might be the only one who feels this way, but it seems like the introduction of DIO's other sons in Part 6 devalued Giorno as a character.

Vento Aureo has often been described as an exploration of what could have happened if DIO was good, i.e. what if someone who inherited all of DIO's best qualities used his ambition to achieve a more mundane goal (becoming a gang-star) and do some good along the way. And while it's easy to overthink this sort of thing, imagining that Araki had some special thesis statement in mind while creating this character is frankly the best way to justify Giorno's mary sue like qualities.

Then we meet his half-brothers in Part 6 and find out they're all a bunch of losers and drug addicts. It doesn't jibe with Araki's previous vision of the Brando bloodline. What did he mean by this?

I just caught up to the latest chapter of Part 8

>Kira and Holly are son and mother now
>Made the cold hearted freak Kira into a guy with cool but soft heart
>Gappy's identity is more of 70% Josefune 30% Kira
>Josefune's Stand is basically Gappy's stand, Kira's stand has lil to no place it.
>Rakakaka is the fruit that caused the combination between Kira and Josefune
>Joshu went from being a somewhat decent guy to later a prick again (why)
>Joshu's family is in itself fucking scary


How fucking shit are you at reading? It's Josefumi.

Take a look at Dario. Dio is the Brando exception and Giorno is his true heir while the sons in part 6 are just failures who are destined to help Pucci, Dio's true friend,while Giorno has his own goal.

What really? Must be the font, my bad.

I was talking about jojos only
for brojos it's zeppeli, zeppeli, kak, okuyasu, mista and now that I've revealed I haven't read the newer parts yet I'm leaving the thread before I get spoiled

>They cut some of ayylmao's antics and objections to cheating
David, you hacks.

They get real deep with it


Please post the rest if you have 'em user

it certainly made giorno less special, but i don't know if it devalued him. if dio really fucked hundreds of women, surely at least a couple became pregnant. though that's just conjecture.

i remember an user on here once said something about dio's sons ending up directionless because of a lack of a father figure in their lives. i think it's a really good point. they didn't all become better immediately after meeting pucci, but each brother definitely took a step up in their lives, even if only for a little while and for not necessarily good purposes.

now that i think about it they kind of mirror jolyne in a way,

Thanks user!

>last post is in July
Where is this cunt?

Please tell me Okuyasu is gonna get his own filler episode

Holy shit i mean this guy has a stand that deletes everything. Meanwhile i get filler about plastic surgery and koichi going super saiyan fuck




This is your senator for the night.

the thing about oku is that he has an overpowered stand and he only uses it to get people closer in punching range, that's his character

>Kars comes back
>He's a good guy

Him slowly being broken by DIO in the OVA was so painful to watch


>Kars comes back
>Hes instant foddertier like santana
>Gets killed by Joshuu

It's kinda funny how a faggot like him has a stand that has huge V on it's head.

Thats how Araki gets you. Make a character a gigantic scumbag in the beginning, reach the middle and hes a fucking pussy slayer in the making.

> Okuyasu get his own filler episode

That was "Let's go eat Italian!", you're not getting another one.

You make me question my sexuality

A pussy slayer in the making

Maybe if he stops pining after Yasuho like a creep when she's clearly not interested at all.

Joshuu will probably go after Karera or some soon to be announced Semen Demon.

So anons, did you mention Kira's name today?

Kira a shit



I Always thought it was because stand users are way more threatening than gay vampires, and there would be many casualties within the SPW Foundation.


Nope, but he gets filler fighting with Kira in finale.

more like he loses his filling in the finale

>Diavolo's pink hair is natural
>But the spots are painted on

What the fuck Araki

2 Questions.

David Productions drops the ball on Highway Star (QUALITY, lack of budget, etc). Do you lose faith in David Production, why or why not?

Also, David Production decides to put budget into Enigma instead of HWS. Would you be okay with this?

>drops the ball
I expect it already.

>budget saved for enigma
I actually like the enigma arc and would like it, but I wouldn't understand why they wouldn't put it towards the finale.

Highway Star is a decent fight but very overrated imo

>Diavolo's pink hair is natural
no canon colors
I already know that the only good looking part of Highway Star is gonna be pic related.
>Also, David Production decides to put budget into Enigma instead of HWS. Would you be okay with this?
Hell yeah, Enigma arc has some great panels and art.

it's basically just Fugo and Mista

thanks for the mental image, user

Even in this poor explanation of Giorno he still sounds more appealing than Jotaro.

get postan

>Pic related will also look like shit since the budget of this friday's episode is going for the first half of it to conclude ayylmao

PHF has some cool Araki art


I think nips would rage even harder than killer queen fags

Not him, but I'd imagine for those of us that don't want Reddit in our browsing history.

I'm expecting HWS to be either a still shot fest or a cgi shit storm so i'm not surprised.
Enigma had some trippy visuals so I want them to get the guy who did episode 6

Ask the Morioh's smallest Stand user anything!

spiral staircase

How often do you fuck Yukako?

Will you get Rohan to draw for you? Cause that looks pretty bad

>that ECG mouth

new thread

Give me some manga panels with Crazy D's face close-ups. I can't seem to find any.

>CR subs this scene

>"I don't want to."
>"If there's one thing I like, it's refusing to people who feel superior."

They fucked up the watch scene
So Ill not be surprised

>SBR 24 finally out in France tomorrow
does anyone have the "I got a boner" pic, I thought I had it saved somewhere

I think Crunchy translated the line better than the proofread duwang scans, fite me.

thoughts on PHF?

If the Rohan spinoffs get animated, should this get animated as well?

Confirm it, SomeStuff was worse,

It was not done by Araki, so no.

>couple of Joshuu being cool chapters
>imideatly followed by him asking to succ on his mom's tits

Cred Forums /fa/ Cred Forums /fit/ Cred Forums Cred Forums Cred Forums


S-such a lewd question right off the bat! Erm... A few times a week, I think.
This is just my hobby.

>Jotaro on the boat at the end of part 4
>takes out his wallet
>Jotaro opens his wallet to reveal a picture of Baby Jolyne in it
>That picture of Jolyne fades into a picture of DIO in a different wallet
>Giorno closes his wallet

TO BE CONTINUED... /\|/|/| \ | >

draw Mista

drop Cred Forums and you have patrician taste

>Part 4's OP starts getting reversed
>Part 5's OP has pieces of it cut out
>Part 6's OP is getting sped up numerous times
>Part 7's OP is a remake of End of The World with Part 7's cast and Another Diego

/tg/, Cred Forums and Cred Forums poster here