Lets settle this

It was all lies or she truly defeated the cock?

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stop this shit


babbies first Schrödinger's cat

This is so shit

You can literally see her hymen break when she has sex with Tamao.

See the bigass ズウ?
That means full penetration all the way down to the knot.
He took her virginity. Case Closed.

The better question is if Konome was already pregnant by the time MC got her?

what's the obsession of Cred Forums with this generic slut?

eleven's bullshit 101

Again, you can actually see her hymen getting torn right here.

Still used goods.

is this from the bob sapp guy?

What are you two even talking about?

You literally need to have a dick fully inserted in order to break it, that's when the dick is most vulnerable.

Please tell me this is NTR

See The love interest had sex with someone other than the MC in front of him.
No close-ups or x-rays, only dialog.
So whatever happened inside her pussy or with the guy's dick is a total mystery, forever.

Shiwasu Okina is a master craftsman


>a woman lying, imposibiru
>what's pidgeon blood?

My gf wasnt virgin but I have made her bleed several times. But I think Okina really didnt planned the ending so much.

She got railed

This. I think it has to do with size and going too hard on da pusi

she also has retarded skin conditions and lacks of self control. but yeah pretty much

>Tfw have the perfect sex drive and a great sized cock.
>Still too socially fucking awkward to get past friends with almost any girl.
>One and only gf I fugged had barely any sex drive even if she was into BDSM-shit.
If I was fat and a full-time NEET I'd be the MC straight out of a fucking doujin.

>defeated the cock?
She didn't get fully penetrated because somehow the guy couldn't get hard despite being fine with every other girl.

The cock is like John Cena it can't be beaten clean, only through lies and deceit.

This reminds me when I played Violated Heroine. I remember doing a scene with some rapist in the bathhouse. While trying to fight back he sort of put his dick in but not much of it in. After kicking him off and looking at my status I was still a virgin.

>After kicking him off
How did you managed such a feat of strength?

Girl is supposed to be a martial artist took me a bit to figure out to kick him off since have to use the arrow keys.

She also grew a fake hymen, I guess.

I don't mind it at all either way.
I mean, even for a self insert, the guy had been nailing every chick from his school, this is completely meaningless in comparison.

Why is the guy open mouth on right side to begin with? She has his dick on her hand i guess.

He got physical castration along with the rest of the rapist group.

The sports team did it.

she beated a cock, not The Cock

I thought the other guy's penis was so small he could only get the tip in or something?

It's a retcon.

He put the whole shaft in and begun thrusting; somehow she managed to make him soft while inside (by getting too tight iirc).

Makes no sense anyway, a tight pussy doesn't kill an erection but enhances it to the max.

A source on any of this nonsense?
>he doesn't know about defensive clamps
Although it's uncommon a woman has the potential to clamp so hard she's un-fuckable. Usually it's only possible via a mental condition. Inami from working would probably have it.

She did.
Kendo training made her hymen elastic and controllable at will.


This is stupid.

Why are you guys so adamant about this.

This is from the same mangaka that made a manga about a dude getting his dick ripped out and eventually turning into bob sapp.

I thought she used the killing intent from kendo to make him limp

Remember that one doujin about a dude being captured by sadistic female ninjas who cut off his limbs and used him as a meat dildo? And then one of them, sickest of them all really and likely the leader, takes one of his eyes and pours acid on his face while getting off to his dick.

But here's where it gets interesting. He cries and howls at the moon for hours in his prison and all of a sudden his dick transforms. It becomes a literal raging gigantic beast. Its now taller and thicker than he is and he uses it to fight and rape all the ninjas to death. It ends with the dude literally fucking through the leader's(the woman who took his eye and poured acid on his face) entire body until his cum blew her head off and her body exploded into messy chunks. Then he let out one last wail attesting to his victory and he died atop their bloody corpses.

Nothing beats the dick.

So just Okina sucking japanese cock very hard?

Okina's master plan was to make internet nerds argue about her purity.

It worked.

I-I don't think I've read that.

He doesn't need to plan it. It's just natural.

That description deserves sauce.

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Only cancerous crossboarders from /h/ like yourself would make the same thread and posts on Cred Forums.

You are gonna make me post Cred Forums fan favorite artist

I don't even know what you're talking about.

Back to /h/, autist.

do we really talk about pisu hame on Cred Forums? is this necessary? it's wank material.

anyways it's bad, except for the one chapter that focuses on caldina, who is a goddess.

>do I fit in yet?

>no hymen broke
I dont know op. Stop pulling your cuck fantasies. She is Mc´s waifu.

Not OP but personally I thought the history had come NTR route the first time when seeing the last chapters without translation.

Like you see her fighting off the MC at the dojo with real sword killing intent, I thought it was because of the other guy was her first man, she had become loyal to him or something.

I might have been kind of high that night.

>MC's waifu
Reminder to anyone in this thread: Konome is another man's fiancee. MC fucked other people's girlfriends.

>says the crossboarder

Just because the rapists stole her virginity doesn't mean she owes them anything.

The author of this hentai is quite talented, he could do a mainstream manga.

Yeah, he could be the new Yoshikazu Hamada or Tamaki Nozomu.

Babbie's first "le epic stronk womyn"
Memes aside, pic related is one of the few if not the only one that realistically defeated the dick.

I will regret this but what did she do?

Nope. Kendo

pull-out birth control and kicked the rapists in the balls while they screamed like retards, then called the cops to rape them

Thats right, were not muslims.

Pretty sure this is /h/.
Ok yeah, now just fuck off forever faggots.

I'm not sure how I felt about the cute yakuza daughter getting raped
She didn't seem fussed afterwards, at least

There are dozens every hentai threads every day, nigger. Have you somehow missed the sadpanda generals and daily Ran-Sem shitposting?

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That's a different thing on it's own.
It's Cred Forums shit at least.

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OP is ban evading. He made the same thread yesterday and the mods banned his ass.

Unfortunately, he was posting on his phone.

That's a little harsh.

Having sex in Japan is hard enough as it is, cumming inside a woman deserves pregnancy as reward, not castration.

Fuck off already.

>Oh so you admit to being the ban evading autist?
Why the fuck would I call it shitposting if I were him?

Are you a manlet?

He's very angry for some unknown reason.

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If you are not a manlet you sure act like one.
Sounds like the random guy from OP stole your imaginary waifu's virginity and that triggered you.

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I'm not the guy mad about OP and how in the fuck does being short make you angry?
You're just using insults you heard like some child learning how to curse for the first time.

Dude go check your blood pressure.

Literally retarded. Kys.

You think so too? But he should identify with MC because he's also a manlet and got the girl at the end.

Probably he's just a shitposter, don't give him (You)s

>Talking to yourself in order to feel like you're not mentally challenged.

My nigga
Caldina was the patrician choice

Mods are dead.
Cred Forums is dead.
I'm glad this shithole is going down under.


It's early morning for murricans. Give it an hour or two.

Might have been the canon route before the author chicken out

Nice hobby you have right there.

Hotpockets won't delete it. It took hours for the RWBY thread yesterday to get deleted. This shit will make it to archive cause once again mods are dead or retarded.
Same can be said for you.
Serious question, do you just waste your time shitposting on Cred Forums for attention?

If Okina didn't lose his balls, it might have been.

You should really stop replying to that samefag shitposting like crazy.
He's a regular of Cred Forums and will keep the thread tabbed in all of his devices.

Not as endgame but the harem being stolen would made a great premise for a third volume.

would mc had a chance to beat fiance?

an user said in original thread there was a prequel oneshot



Hard to say, and also boring. A better match would be fiance vs fully powered Konome.

Destroying her hymen as she screams and her killing aura leaves her body unable to beat a real dick. Instant boner.

Too many wasted opportunities to explore in Pisu Hame.

hows the anime? heard animation was cheap

Homemade garage quality

Pretty charming and fappable

figured. shame.

And yet she was cummed inside. What if the jock got her pregnant at that moment?

MCs semen overpowered his, so there is no problem

Fuck off, Herkz.

Itadaki Seiki did I f better.

>doesn't know about hymen reconstruction surgery

Not how it works, FIFO rules.

i mean he is a shota whats the big deal?

MC becomes a cuck?

Gonna need sauce on that user


sorta some people think ita a retcon

That honestly would have been a better story. The guy obviously penetrated her, just look at her expression when he sticks it in. Not to mention he very visible cums inside her too and she has the expression to match.

It is what it is though, I just wish Okina stuck to his guns. She already willingly sucked dozens of guys off when she had no reason to, so I don't see the point of keeping her "pure".

Depends if kendo guy took Konome's womb in a dangerous day.

Okina almost never specifies dangerous days.

Okina NEVER does pregnancy.
Every day is a safe day.

Oh whait....im retarded

pretty bummed fiance didnt get to do anything

He got his dick sucked by 2 girls
Also he was the last years photo fuck guy

Has Okina ever done sequels to old books, other than Shining Musume?

>because of the other guy was her first man, she had become loyal to him
But isn't that a little simplistic? Women are not animals user.

>This shit will make it to archive cause once again mods are dead or retarded.
Calm your tits.
You know pruned threads also go to the archive, right?
Might wanna check the definition of archive since you are at it.

>he very visible cums inside her too and she has the expression to match.
Kek, this is what rapists actually believe.

truly retconned