Stella no Mahou

No subs = dead thread?

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Did no one pick this up?


Delayed for a week.

Blame the fucking piece of shit fuckjoshit.

I need my cute girls making video games anime. Why is it delayed?

Nice airing schedule you've got there Daisuki. You fuckers.


>First episode 1 week late
Daisuki need 1 week to find a translator.

Is this the only cute show this season?

it wouldn't be a dead thread if you make it after subs are out

For the guys who watched it. How it was?

The classic introductory episode where the MC joins the club. I mean it's cute but I'm honestly more excited when they finally go balls deep into game development mumbo jumbo.

I love the ED

modern "fansubbers" don't do anything besides adding karaoke and slightly modifying simulcast scripts. No simulcast=no fansubs

Once in a blue moon somebody picks shows up when they don't get locensed or get too delayed

Is it a full show or is it 7 minute garbage?

Will it be a week late subs the whole season or just this one episode?

Just one episode probably.


Regalia 6 is gonna be out on the 6th? Sweet.

How does it compare to New Game?

That's literally Hitoha on the bottom right.

I wouldn't know. It's just one episode out so far.
New Game was more of a work place SoL, this I guess definitely focuses more on game making in the same way Bakuon or GA Art Class focuses on their respective club activity.

I personally like this more because I'm a sucker for game dev shit but if you're looking for another New Game. This show probably ain't it.

Pretty much 1:1 with manga, and the beginning was pretty boring in the manga as well so it's too early to judge.
They kinda fucked up the artstyle but the girls are still cute so it's alright.

The contents are the same but it doesn't look as good and doesn't have pantsu

Thanks anons.

How much do they talk about making games? Do they have like short infodumps on how coding works?

Like 5 seconds, this episode was just introducing the characters.

god damn i was really looking forward to this

Code Monkey > Composer > Illustrator > Writer > SHIT > Fujoshi

Anyone who says otherwise is a fucking lying cunt.

>God Save The Girls
>kz (livetune)

Is mori dead too? I think he is the last fansubber.

He just recently did the NNB OVA.

He's more of a OVA and short kinda guy. He did that candy show but that wore him out.

No, we have Ping Pong Tanoshi as well.

How is this a job?

>codemonkey > anything
Insecure CScuck detected

It's not, she's not a part of the club.

You heard me motherfucker.

Let's have a god damn throwdown in the ca/g/e.

This particular girl is just great, she'd be the best even if she was an artist.


Then why is she in the OP?

Because she's a character in the show.

Come on user you know what I mean, since she has her own spotlight in the OP she seems important.

She's the best friend character of the main girl.

>voiced by Ari Ozawa
So she is the suffering character?


Yes she is

I hope it's better because god, New Game was one of the worst SoLs I've seen in a while.

>main characters are making doujin game
>get doujin group to do the OP

>ywn commute on a train from the countryside to the city
>ywn be a cute grill programmer in a doujin circle
why even live

They need to have an entire segment done completely in pixel art even if it's just in one episode.


Wait. They're in highschool, right?


Maybe we can get doki to do it, at least for the first episode.

>being an EOP
I want to laugh but at the same time I realize I have nobody to talk about the show with.



From handegg heads to ping pong heads.

Okay then.




Dropped it after 7 minutes, way too much moe. Can't even begin to compete with new game


I hope they'll nostalgia bomb with some old ass games while they sperg about development.

Holy crap, this is incredible. I didn't expect we'd get another ED on par with Asterisk and Luluco this year.
Who is this genius?

I just hope they'll slowly update the visuals to match how good the song is. Feels like a lot of placeholder shit in the ED.

Why doesn't Cred Forums have their own group where they just sub anime no one else does?

Depends on the series I guess, last season there was user group doing kuromukuro.

Laziness for the most part.

Also, depends on how dire the situation is. In this show's case, it's just a one week delay so it's not that bad compared to say when Hadena was still a thing when Horizon S1 aired.

is Ilustrator left handed?

The pixel art for the characters is charming as fuck.