So what does Cred Forums think of the show? Thought it was pretty good, some parts where great others was good. Overall a really good show but I still dont know the point of the masochist. He added nothing other then comic relief, and really no strong connections to anyone else. While everyone else had atleast one strong connection.

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it was pretty good, unique and different

definitely on my list somewhere

Yes she is indeed best girl.

Surprised I did not hear of it sooner considering its made by trigger.

most of Cred Forums hates it, i thought it was fun, lots of wasted potential, but still engaging. probably the best directed anime visually since kyousougiga

There were some great moments, mostly visually, but ultimatively it gave me kind of a "thats it?" feeling.

yea an extra episode or 2 would have been good I think. Felt it needed more character interactions maybe.

Likewise but why does most of Cred Forums hate it?

I wish that I saw that it'd end just being a low fantasy high school drama earlier.

Looks very good, though. Kobayashi should be a head director more often.

>Forced drama

>why does most of Cred Forums hate it?
Okada a shit.

This ^. It had a decent premise but in terms of execution it was utterly meh.

It was worth watching for loli nori

It fucking suuuucked man. Like it was painful to watch at times. So disappointing. People like to hype up the art direction and shit but fuck even there I wasn't impressed. Trigger is somehow worthless despite having so many talented dudes working there.

>""""forced drama""""
>le trigger is shit meme
>luluco airing around the same time


Garbage of the worst kind, the one where it has lots of squandered potential.

What the fuck is the point of the pain transfering and the weird government conspiricy stuff when the series itself is just about pairing up the cast in the end?

Show felt like it had no idea what it wanted to be.

art direction was cool, plot was fuck terrible as was the writing, meganeTits was best. Muh drama

>why does most of Cred Forums hate it

because most of the people who watched it here are figuratively too autistic and only bitched about the bizarre unrealistic premise, when they should have focused on the characters instead.

It was a good slice of life show with charming characters that actually develop throughout the show. This is true especially for Nico. Honoka and Yuta's relationship was also the best one that developed quite well compared to the rest and were just really good characters.

Faggots will rant about how bad it and just tell you it sucks because Okada wrote it, who's apparently infamous for her hit or miss melodrama. That aside it had the best ending credits of the season.

Stop that

let's talk about that OP though

The "potential" you saw was going to be wasted on a battle anime. I don't care if you were let down because the premise and character design reeled you in.

You only think it sucked because you didn't get what you were expecting or hoping.

I'm glad the anime focused a lot on character development over trying to deliver a world changing over the top climax like we were lead to believe in episode one, with the Kiznaiver 's purpose being made for world peace (which is the premise everyone was too fixated upon and said it was the reason for being bad)

The animation was good, the character design and expressions were great along with their development.

I told you to stop

>lots of wasted potential, but still engaging
I see what you mean, and I can agree for the most part. There were things that felt offputting, like how the purple haired masochist was horribly sidelined. but the show was still engaging.



Oh yeah, Hisomu got sidelined hard after building him up to be some huge game changer. Still it was nice of him being the only guy who didn't leave Kacchon when that stupid love triangle bullshit went down

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