Is it wrong to lust after karen?

is it wrong to lust after karen?

Yes. She's a very young girl; stay away until she has the physical and mental maturity to handle a romantic relationship.

Also she's british so she must have poor dental hygiene.

>physical maturity

i don't want this

Why not? she's going to be a beautiful woman.

she is already beautiful.

She's cute, not beautiful.
Very different things.

not for me. i find cuteness and beauty to intersect. my heart and lions communicate in unison.

That's impossible. She's like a little animal; you find it cute and it produces feelings of cuteness inside you but nothing beyond that.

Yes, because's so shit. She ruined the whole British economy.

i see a cute animal but then i notice that the cuteness can delve into more of the physical, and the overlap takes over my wanting.

I thought the same but after seeing her lewds I just can't stop lusting after her.

Enjo kosai with Karen!

>cuteness can delve into more of the physical
A physical desire to protect the cute? yes, that's normal.

Fuck off. I bet you didn't vote yesterday.

a physical desire to teach her body the art of making little kinpatsus.

Are you the police? I voted but it's weird that you know about voting.

Karen was the face of Brexit

Ok, now you're making me uncomfortable. You're talking like a pedophile.
Or a Char Aznable

Why is Karen so shit? She ruined the entire continent.

>The british were scared of a muslim marrying Karen and forcing them into a burka, hiding from sight her blonde hair forever
A noble, but misguided, endeavour.

No that was that loony guy whose name I forgot.

Based Nigel


i'm well within my comfort zone. just look at this sinful body.

halal af

What did you mean by this?

pfft haha. where the fuck do you think you are? Cred Forums is like pedo haven. Stupid innocent anime lolis are the furthest thing that is still feminine from a developed female that could detect and reject a socially awkward outcast with bad hygiene. They flock to this fantasy by the droves.

woah you cracked the code. here's the well earned (You)

Yes. Love is one thing and lust is another. Lust is wrong in any circumstance, especially if acted upon.