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You shouldn't have made a new thread. The previous one was already super slow and it barely passed bump limit. As much as I would like to post the same shit all over again, it gets tiring with endless generals.

Echidna a best


I imagine it's some sort of novel with information about the world? In the story?

Ram would be the kind of girl that falls in love with a serial murder thinking she can "heal" him with the power of love.

I imagine she went deep into devotion because Rem is not there anymore to balance things out, so her entire life in her mind has been mostly just her and Roswaal.





First for Dark Lord
>Reminder that this will happen

>But who would even target her? Doesn't she not have any influence on the world at large? Did they try to kill her because she is what is causing the deviations from the gospel?
This might be a bit late too reply, but I just realized that Meili failed. I also realized that any decent assassins guild wouldn't leave a job unfinished. However, I also had a thought about how the Authority of Gluttony clumsily fills in the blanks when someone is forgotten. For instance, Ram was convinced that Barusu had exterminated half of the dogs himself, despite how little sense that makes.

Now, that's what I just realized about these two other posts from much earlier.
>There's definitely another party involved. In arc 4, Roswaal hires Elsa to kill Beatrice but no one else. Somebody else instructed Elsa to also kill Frederica and Petra, and hired Mei Li.
>Her kill lust is there but she's also explicitly ordered to kill Frederica and Petra (no mention of Rem. Whoever hired her may have forgot her.)
See, I just couldn't understand what Petra and Frederica had in common at first. Why would they be targets? They haven't even been working at Roswaal's manor for very long, and were only brought in to be Rem's replacements. Which is what I realized.

Petra and Frederica are Rem's replacements as a maid. Now, let's assume that the Assassin's remember that Meili was sent to the manor on a job and know that job was left unfinished. However, what would happen if they forgot their original target, and their memories filled in the blanks with whoever was convenient?

Remember, who fills in the blank doesn't have to make sense. Subaru wouldn't have been able to kill half the dogs alone, but Rem's actions still ended up attributed to him. So, if there were orders to kill a specific maid and that maid was forgotten, doesn't it make sense that her replacements would become the new targets?


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epic general guise

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These drawings are always great.

Now I wonder if Al is also immune to Authority of Gluttony's powers.

That makes sense. Sounds plausible.
But then this all loops back to why the hell would anyone be targeting Rem? Just how fucked up is her un-comaing going to get?

Watch as Subaru accidentally pukes the witch of envy into Rem's empty husk.

>Now I wonder if Al is also immune to Authority of Gluttony's powers.
I heard that Subaru actually planned to test that with Julius in Arc 5, but I'm not sure what happened with that.
>But then this all loops back to why the hell would anyone be targeting Rem?
Presumably it's because someone else has their own Gospel or similar manner of receiving instruction on the future, and it's telling them they need to kill Rem.
>Just how fucked up is her un-comaing going to get?
Well, un-comaing Rem is the goal of Arc 6, and Subaru usually accomplished his main goal at the end of every Arc. Oddly enough, Al is supposed to be featured more in Arc 7. I'm not sure what that means, but it could end up being connected.
Considering that she wouldn't even be a compatible vessel, that would probably have a fucked up result.

I'd guess it was the same reason as to why their Oni village was targeted.

My guess is that whoever is responsible, knows something about Rem that would be bad for everyone if she was alive.

Actually if you consider that Satella was an incompatible host for envy, maybe Rem would actually be more compatible.

>Rem and Ram's village is assaulted by the cult for some reason trying to kill everyone
>Roswaal saves then because he saw it happen in his book and the book told him to get involved and save then
>Al does not like the idea of Ram having a sister, and becomes infuriated when he finds out
>Someone hired Meili to attack the mansion, which was not Roswaal's work, the target for the attack is not clear
>Rem was a victim in one of the loops when Subaru didn't get involved
>In arc 4 Meili and Elsa are contracted once again, Elsa being hired to kill Beatrice only, but for some reason making sure to target the other maids too, Ram was in sanctuary so she did not die
>Rem had been forgotten due to being eaten by Gluttony

There is some WEIRD shit going on here. It kinda feels like Rem is somehow important, but why?

Also, if you take all of this into question, her going into a coma, may have been good for her safety.

Ah. I thought you were talking about Satella, but I suppose the Envy witch factor could end up being a better fit for Rem. I mean, that's pretty much what Rem's main Sin was from her own point of view.

I..I did not expect Frederica's personality to be like that. I guess this where Ram gets her trolling antics and banter form. Though Frederica is more refined.

Rem put on some cat ears and can't take them off.

I don't think we can establish any connection Rem and Meili on most conjecture. Meili was most likely hired to target the whole household not just her who like Subaru just happened to be the most convenient place at the time. It's mostly that even Roswaal, Emilia and Ram the same fate if any of them had gone into the village.

Rem pillows are go.

For ReZero MADs it's gotta be on and on.

>trying to reason with shitposters
This is going to be a new daily general. You better come once a month or so. Also, I share your opinion.

Doesn't Ram usually go with Rem to the village? I guess there was also a timeline in which she didn't, so it's kind of unclear. Still, I've never been one to hold back on speculation.

Loop in arc 2 where Subaru just stays in the library, Rem goes to the village and gets hit with Mei Li's curse. Ram doesn't.




I know Ram didn't die in that timeline. I'm just a little less sure if she visited the village or not. The only thing that makes me feel like someone might have been trying to target Rem is more that the assassins are apparently explicitly targeting maids in Arc 4.

Here's the thing, maybe she's the source for all of the deviations in the gospel, so her existing is probably fucking up someone's plans.

That's suspicious right there.

Someone posted a manga page on the last thread where Rem admitted she was too shy to interact with the kids like Ram and Subaru could, so how could she have gotten close enough to be bitten in that case?

Feels strange that Rem would be a point of gospel divergence while simultaneously being targeted by someone presumably having a gospel. I like the reading of Subaru being what makes gospels diverge, and Meili was targeting Rem better as a theory. Like maybe Meili's orders were 'curse the servant from the mansion' and Subaru wasn't meant to be there/wasn't accounted for, so it skewed.

Memilia pose never

Ram doesn't usually go into the village, Rem goes alone for shopping. Meili might not have have been given a specific target, which is why she gets Subaru most of the time, because the intended target is obfuscated. For all we know Petra was also an intended target, because Meili attacks the kids for some reason despite probably not really needing too, unless she was using it as some kind of cover to fake her death and leave.

Are these official? They look pretty show accurate. All that feet service.

>For all we know Petra was also an intended target, because Meili attacks the kids for some reason despite probably not really needing too, unless she was using it as some kind of cover to fake her death and leave.
Well, why did Meili need to pretend she was a victim too? I just assume it was part of her trap to lure her target into an ambush, since the first attempt failed.

They're on the official twitter. They're official.

I don't know about you guys but something about her plainness stirrs me

They look so much better with both eyes uncovered.

Someone needs to give them a haircut.

Its official. They're wallpapers/Tapestries you get if you preorder the BDs/DVDs of Re:Zero from certain shops.

>I just assume it was part of her trap to lure her target into an ambush, since the first attempt failed.
But she didn't know that. She had no way of knowing the curse had been broken and Subaru and Rem would come to the village to investigate. Maybe if the dog can detect when its magic is busted and told her somehow? But even then, the kids had to have been set up quite some time beforehand.

>All that feet service.
Funny that, since in the show there's almost none for these two.

There's very little fan service in the show in general

I know liking fictional characters so much isn't healthy but I can't resist with Rem.


more like Rem:Zero am I right people

You just want someone to post that comic

I don't have it

>That forced smile

This is actually canon.

That's why it hurts.

I don't understand this picture
Is that supposed to be finished?

Makes you wonder why they comment on Rem being one who defies her own fate, like with Subaru though.

I mean its not that far-fetched that she might also be one who has taken part in the deviations of the gospel. Considering Rem was supposed to be dead long beforehand. According to Al.

Both sides are Subaru telling Rem about his day.
And I dunno, I'm not the artist.

>[Subaru: I’m back, but I’m sorry for coming to see you so late. I had some business to take care of…and on top of that I showed a bit of hesitation, making this visit very last-minute.]

>[Subaru: I wonder if it’s okay if I talk… Actually, there’s so many things I can talk to you about, you know? Sadly I wasn’t able to visit you before because I was at the watergate city Pristella, but there still really was a lot of things that happened there. It was such a big uproar that, even if I talked to you about it all night, there still would be more for me to tell you. ….But even then, I have plenty of time in the world to talk to you about all that.]


>Considering Rem was supposed to be dead long beforehand. According to Al.
Well, we don't know exactly when Al thinks Rem was supposed to be dead. However, he definitely seems to think there should be only one surviving Oni sister, and that survivor is "Ram".

In other news, there's now a Felix doujin out. That's not exactly my cup of tea, but everyone's got their own thing.

>F*ck the Pack



A cat is fine too

here i come periodically checking to see if anyone knows if there's a felix daki being produced


Makes you wonder if he visits that room everyday, just to tell her stories.

Do we even have any real details about what's in a gospel besides the vague 'it tells some events of the future'? I know Toyota wasn't in Pete's, but he seems to be in Roswaal's?

Roswaal's gospel if one for worshiping the Witch of Greed. Which is different from the gospel Pete had. Not to mention Beatrice has a copy of one as well.

The bishop's gospel seems to be different. It's an incomplete version.

It also seems to indicate orders? I assume some other force must manipulate it, like Pandora, or Satella, but i have no info to back that up.

Yeah, I was more of asking for what it says specifically. Like, I assume Subaru can't read one by himself and I can't imagine anyone else is willing to try. Plus Roswaal's was burned right? So we'll never know how it reads?

So why are there 3 different manga?
2 of them even start the same.
What is the correct order of reading?

Apparently Subaru can read some of it in arc 4, just not all of it i think.

Also, Roswaal's book was restored by Otto in arc 5. He brought it along to see if it could still be salvaged.

IIRC he visits her everyday to change her clothes and to wash her body.

Honda is basically Erased Mom.

The sin's gospel as far as I can remember gives some detail of account regarding what the sin's desired outcome is. As Sirius said, they don't follow the gospel for Satella (except Petelgeuse), they follow it for their desires.

They shouldn't. The three manga are for the three different arcs.

So since Betelgeuse was apparently in the cult already, but got attached to Emilia and Fortuna and tried to turn on the cult, why do you figure he joined then?

He said "sorry Flugel" before using the box that had the witch genes for sloth inside of it. If he had it all along, or if he stole it in order to use it against then i'm not sure. But i'm guessing his reason for being in the cult is somehow related to Flugel.

Ram and Subaru takes care of her everyday, like Ram by older sister obligation and Subaru as a dutiful husband.

Is that a pissing Rem doujin I see?

Is Ram slightly dissapointed that her sister loves Baruso?

Yes, though Ram has almost no real grounds to complain about anyone's taste in men.

Not as dissapointed as she should be in herself.

in what episode does frederica appear in the anime? i dont remember it at all. (though it must have been a flashback)

In Rem's episode.

iirc episode 11, during the rest of Rem's flashbacks.

ah just found it, thanks a lot. didnt even remember she even says something.

>[Ram: With no background, he was already suspicious. But to use illegal narcotics, Ram misjudged you, Barusu. Rem, move aside, your sister can’t kill him.]
>[Subaru: So you’re immediately doubting me, huh. Then again, I guess that’s the Ram-like thing to do here.]


[Ram: Look closely, Rem. In the end, this is all Barusu amounts to. A fickle, intolerant man who can’t grant Rem even a single wish…. This king selection game has made that painfully clear.]


>After Subaru let go of Rem’s hand, Ram, who had stepped into the room, took her hand instead. The older sister gently caressed the slender, white fingers of her younger sister and then looked at Subaru with a side glance.

>[Ram: Was your determination really that pure? Carefully reflect on yourself a bit more and make your speech again. …..If you unleash your sexual desires towards me, who looks extremely similar to Rem, Ram will also get the shivers up her back and run away.]

Just a little bit.

Fem!Subaru is good
Fem!Subaru is nice
I love fem!Subaru

Post fem!Subaru

>And if our child turns out retarded, we can just name it Emilia

Did Remu tell her or she find out herself?

Probably found out about it. I mean, she wasn't really hiding it or anything.

Tell her what? I'm pretty sure Ram can simply smell Rem's panties getting wet every time Subaru is in the room.

remember, subaru is not in their gospel, so its definitely either Rem/Ram is the target in their gospel.

Correct me if i am wrong though, are the with cultists destroying/pillaging villages randomly or everything they do is based on their gospel?

if all their actions are strictly based on gospel, then i think some anons might hit a jackpot with their ram/rem theory (where apparently one or both the twins are a hindrance in their plan and needs to be eliminated based on their gospel).

or it could just be a matter of race cleansing (onis) that whoever control the gospel deemed necessary.

Rem's the kind that would wait until marriage.

>are the with cultists destroying/pillaging villages randomly or everything they do is based on their gospel?
Normally they would apparently only do shit to target Half-elves, or at least that's the only motive people know about at large. The Oni and other weird things, like Regulus knocking over a town are done for unknown reasons. Though Regulus' reasoning was probably personal.

Generally speaking the gospels are in-line with whatever goals the archbishops themselves have, though other than Pete, they are mostly personal in nature.

I'm really not sure about that. I don't know if they ever even had a ceremony, but apparently trying to at least pretend to be a couple was enough to get her and Subaru to bone all the time.

They probably did, considering they have a wedding anniversary every year. Probably not a proper wedding, but a wedding nonetheless.

They probably did eventually at some point, but when they first got there they weren't married or anything.

Actually, was a wedding even one of Rem's steps? I know she said they would settle down together, but given the time period, people might not really care all that much.

>2 of them even start the same.
No, it's a small recap of the previous arc.

do we even know which cultists group attacked the oni village?

assuming all of them dressed the same (hooded purple KKK)

Well "setting down" by definition also includes marriage and having kids user.

Nope. The assumption is Pete's group, because he is basically responsible for everything the Witch Cult does, but it could just as easily be someone else for tasty reveals. Hot speculah is that Al might be the current/ex Archbishop of Pride and led the attack, or simply a former witch cult member who was involved.


Definitely not, but consider Rigel is made it to nine years old in the latest AU chapter and Rem and Subaru celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary, it took at least a year of sex after marriage.

Well, sex after they decided they were a couple and ran off. I wonder what day they actually chose as the anniversary, the exact day they made a decision to leave seems really awkward.

Probably not after they left, but most likely when they bought their first house to live in Kararagi with.

Peter is the best and only good archbishop.

You're forgetting nine months of pregnancy

Ah yes, my bad.

>[After moving to Kararagi and finding a home and workplace, we were supposed to take our time getting things together and building our livelihood.]

>[Hey but, you know, we were young so we lacked patience and]

>[Even though Subaru-kun should have been exhausted after coming home from work, you always got really lively right before bed.]

Its was most likely after Rem and Subaru found themselves a job and a house to live in.

Well if it was after Subaru had a job then Rem was already pregnant.

I'm sorry I don't follow.

Rem told him she was pregnant on the first day he went in for the job they found him.

That's when the employment was officiallized, not when he found a job user. Subaru was probably a contract worker of some sort before becoming a permanent employee.

How else would they find money to afford a house?

Well Rem had some kind of job, I suppose I should clarify 'employment' I assume he did odd jobs up until then.

>How else would they find money to afford a house?
They had the money Roswaal gave them.

That IF scenario of Subaru ending with Rem, was after the confession scene right? So Emilia and Ram should be dead right?

fucking thieves

It was if she said yes during episode 18, or at least something like that. And yes, Rem is very sad about her sister being very dead.

I'm pretty sure Roswaal is just thanking his stars Ram died so he doesn't have to be her bitch, even though his memeboy plans failed.

Pretty sure that was Rem's savings but ok.

I don't think that would be enough to buy a house for a family of 4+ user.

Now that you mention it pondering what Roswaal would've done in the Rem AU is pretty funny. I bet he just killed himself.

No, Roswaal gave them that big bag of money

It was enough to buy an army of merchants to go a few days out of their way and transport a lot of people. It was a bigass bag o' gold. Plus houses being retardedly expensive is more of a modern thing.

The house can't really be that big if they keep kicking Rigel out of it to screw.

Pretty sure they don't really care. Only Rigel seems to care about that, not to mention Spica was at home most of the time they did their thing.

It would be funny if after living an entire life with Rem when Subaru dies of old age he came back to the same check point in front of the apple merchant

Now that's gotten me curious, how much do you think they spent to get from inner Lucigna all the way to deep Kararagi?

I mean, its not easy moving from one country to another, given that it takes 2-3 days just to get to the mansion from the capital and a couple of months to get to Watergate City, both of which are in Lucigna.

They either care or they do it to bully Rigel, because they keep doing it.

Actually, this is a weird aside that never seems to get brought up or explained, but does Rem just have hammerspace? Her morningstar comes from seemingly nowhere, and she was able to produce a large bag of gold basically whenever they needed it, even when it was shown she wasn't carrying it before.

What thing

This mindbreaks the Subaru. Especially since he wakes up next to Rem. Double that if she gets her selfish wish to die before him and he hadn't actually seen her in a few years.

Shirou please

You lost me

I bet you its to bully Rigel, because he keeps complaining about it.

Plus the more he complains the lewder they seem to get.

I'm not used to these threads because I avoided them but do they fuck near him just to piss him off?

They certainly seem to flirt near him to piss him off. Or they might just not care that he's around, since they'll start getting into it in public anyway.

>Living with one of the most powerful magic users in the realm
>Keeps requesting to work at the mansion and fight the shaman himself
>Not requesting to learn the art of magic.
Is this nigga retarded?

Obviously, yes

>[So you’re flatly kicking me out for the night!? Plus, what kind of parents come to a park in broad daylight to kiss anyway!?]
>[Ha, you’re just jealous. Sorry, Rigel. This Rem belongs only to me.]


>“That’s right, Rigel. Subaru-kun and Rem were working on a very important collaborative effort. Does Rigel have some sort of complaint about his mother and father getting along?”
>“Hell yeah I do! You’re always ‘getting along’ waay more than necessary! And I’m always trying to tell you too! Get across, my feelings!”
>“Sorry, Deflected!”
>“Don’t deflect them!”


>“Ahn, mngh…. wa-, wait, Subaru-kun…. the children, they’re still, they’re watching…. uu~”
>“You’d be a little more convincing if you weren’t snuggling up to me right now….”
>As Rem lovingly brings her body towards Subaru’s, she feels more reminiscent of a small, affectionate animal than a sexy housewife. Subaru brings Rem to his lap as he continues petting her horn. Turning to Rigel,
>“Hey Rigel, what do you think?”
>“Aside from ‘You normies should just go explode!’? Well, I dunno but… Dad, I don’t really get why you wanna do this so badly.”
>Rigel glares harshly at Subaru as he comforts Spica in his arms. To his son’s criticism, Subaru gives an audible “Heh” and makes big, exaggerated nods.

Seems like it, or they just don't care in general.

Collaborative effort. Well, they still need 9 more for the football team

Tappei said this wouldn't happen, but sadly didn't say why.

They're such a cute couple.

He's not really proactive about this sort of stuff, although in that case he kind of busted up his gate, so learning magic is probably not a good idea. He does ask Wilhelm to teach him sword stuff while staying with Crusch though, so I guess he's learning.

>Q: If Rem didn’t get so popular, would the stream have been considerably different?

>A: The stream would continue its course, but the height of its waves would be different.

Tappei planned everything from the start

Maybe Satella gives up after watching them bang for the 2000th time.

Well yeah, you can see the stuff he's been setting up early, not to mention all the character parallels. That stuff takes planning.

>Q: Where does Emilia keep her luggage in her clothes? Does she have a pocket or something?

>A: If you say that, then where the hell does Rem keep her iron flail? In her skirt? I know they’re heroines, but don’t interrogate them!

Rigel inherits the covenant duh I'm never giving this up

He already did in LN and manga. Roswaal tells he's basically got very little talent. The end.

You really want to have the Rigel is Al theory or whatnot to come true don't you?

That cheeky asshole, also did he just call Rem a heroine here?

Just wait. One day Rigel's going to start lusting for silver-haired beauties and fall into darkness. Then he becomes an archbishop because his idiot dad gave him a star name.

>Tappei says Rem isn't a heroine
>Talk about her and even flat out saying she is one

God dammit Tappei stop screwing with us

How does this even make sense? Rigel's hair is the wrong color and Al is 100% from Japan.

The theory isn't that rigel is al though I'm sure that theory exists the theory is that Subaru's family line is inheriting some covenant that has to do with Satella and somehow ties in to Flugel also it's why they're all clones and Rigel is a blueberry clone.

Well it would take alot of money considering this:

>With no one and nothing to cling to but each other, Rem always struggled with the fear that she would someday lose Subaru as well.

So they probably arrived to Kararagi with nothing but their clothes on their backs.

I can counter that, his hair is black because it was dyed in order to look like his father more, same with the ponytail
All that talk about being from Japan is a lie and its just a bunch of knowledge he learned from his dad

That's the key to good writing. Otherwise the plot turns into spaghetti.

Well how'd he go back in time smartypants? Why did he get so mad about his mom Rem being around? Does he not want them to fuck? Does he not want to be born? Actually if we consider Rigel's life that makes sense.

>Does he not want to be born? Actually if we consider Rigel's life that makes sense.
It all falls into place

Doesn't really explain most of the things he knows. Like, he knows the name of the aunt who was only ever vaguely referred to, but not his own mother's? He knows things about the structure of the world and says he's from outside of it and from Japan, but I don't think Subaru ever talks about Japan, just 'his homeland.' I'd be curious how much even Rem knows about where Subaru really came from.

But Rigel loves his life, even saying so. He considers everything he has a gift.

He wouldn't do that right? What would Spica think of this?

She'd think goo goo gaa gaa

>having a happy life with Rem, a woman who deeply loves you
>in the real timeline he prefered Emilia because she saved him from those 3 thugs just like Reinhard did 3 iterations later
So if it had been Reinhard the one who saved Subaru the first he would be trying to suck his cock? Still better than Emilia though

Man it's like you didn't understand that scene at all.

>Well how'd he go back in time
I would assume some bullshit genetics concerning about Authorities
>Why did he get so mad about his mom Rem being around?
>Does he not want them to fuck?
>Does he not want to be born?
Well that was already answered, aside from that i'm actually just butting into this conversation with that post and don't actually believe in the bullshit i'm spouting out
Subaru spews out a lot of japanese bullshit once in a while, I would assume that he eventually did tell him where he came from

I'm telling you man the guy's crazy bewitched

I want to have a threesome with Echidna and Ram.

>I would assume that he eventually did tell him where he came from
Not exactly a great assumption since he never seems to bring it up, and a number of things about their past are a sore subject.

Subaru does tell Rem things about our world iirc.

Subaru talks about internet and usernames around Rem, even telling her that his stars are different from where he came from. So I'd assume he let quite a bit slip when talking to his wife. Though Rem probably doesn't understand most of it, especially 2ch jokes and whatnot.

Rigel even uses words like "riajuu".

He says the nip equivalent of normalfag kys in casual conversation with her, he's irredeemable.

Well yes, but that's different from >I am literally from another world entirely
The vocabulary he uses means essentially nothing to them, and the stars could mean he's from extreme ass-end of the world.

Its also different from the knowledge needed to convincingly explain to that you are from there and not just faking.

Here's all the knowledge he needs to convincingly explain this:
>The person he's explaining it to is Rem.

To be fair, she knows when he is lying and when he is not

We're not talking about Subaru, we're talking about Rigel knowing enough about Japan to both know to say he's from Japan specifically and convincingly fool an actual Japanese person into also believing he's from there.

If he learns his nihongo from Subaru he's inevitably going to use it in ways Subaru would agree with.

Or rather, let me clarify. We are discussing if Subaru as a vehicle passed down enough knowledge of Japan, including its specific name, as a whole for Rigel to do the above.

Not to mention Rem knows kana

You people with your crackpot theories, I kinda like it.

What a weeaboo. Useless knowledge

She would probably punch his brother.

>Tappei says Rem isn't a heroine

I bet Subaru is into femdom.

>I bet Subaru is into femdom.
So I am if it's gentle

Wait, does she?

I remember some user saying that she learned it from Subaru inbetween Arc 2 and 3 in a side story

Something spfag said about one of his interviews or something.


Don't you dare utter that name on these boards ever again.


That brings me back all kinds of unpleasant memories.

That is some seriously useless knowledge.!4ZUW1aTS!Bp-8FFDQs4eZAhaAmTBj21wCpNCFwveAnDSEqpoEFFc
I LIED. I am so fucked for these exams. Also this chapter is tiny.

Atleast she can read some of what Subaru writes

I'm also fucked with exams but i'm still here, what the fuck am I doing
Also, thanks

She just wants to know more about Subaru and get closer to him user. At least she is putting effort into it.

>I am so fucked for these exams

I'm in midterm week as well, I have a calc exam on oct.6 and I still haven't studied. Plus thanks for the chapter user.

Thanks user.

Not him but are you by chance taking Math 2560?

Because if you are, we might be in the same university

It could maybe have some use for passing secret notes I guess, I'm surprised she would put in the time to learn it in the MU though. Actually, I guess I'm not, chick has fallen hard for the memeboy and she doesn't really half-ass anything.

Sadly no


If this is true, Tappei needs to stop. You can only makes them so good for each other only to keep them constantly separated.

Tappei said the best good endings are the ones where the characters earn them, so the more they suffer, the more chances we get a happy ending.

so whatever the fuck are you talking about here? What the fuck's a Rigel? Anime only fag here but feel free to hit me up with a brief summary here. Also season 2 when? Asking because I have no clue how far the source material is right now

Rigel is a tortured soul

Rigel is Subaru's son seen here:
He shows up in a Rem AU series where she accepts his proposal to run away in episode 18. Their daughter is Spica.

Mostly we're just talking shit with a super crack theory.

Season 2 would have to wait until the LNs get more material, so at least 1 to 2 years at the earliest, currently the Anime has covered almost everything in the LNs except for the epilogue of arc 3 where shit went real bad, real fast so they stopped on the happy-ish ending.

>Season 2 would have to wait until the LNs get more material, so at least 1 to 2 years at the earliest, currently the Anime has covered almost everything in the LNs except for the epilogue of arc 3 where shit went real bad, real fast so they stopped on the happy-ish ending.
But people keep talking about so much stuff I don't know shit about. For example Roswaal knowing/assuming Subarus powers, the witch of greed and other authoritys that appear to have popped up already.

Because the WN is 3 arcs ahead of every other source.

The anime adapted the LN, which they sell, but the series started out as a Web Novel, which is in the middle of arc 6. But for them to want to make a S2 they would most likely want LN content instead of trying to adapt the WN in the first place.

These threads have been drowning in spoilers for like six months and drowning in accurate ones for four.

Rigel is Rem and Subaru's 9 year old son. They also have a daughter named Spica and are trying to make a third child in the AU.

>and are trying to make a third child in the AU

I see thanks for the quick summary. If the Web Novel is so far ahead though why does it take them so long to adapt it into a LN?

Because Arc 4 is fucking long and a mess.
A more serious answer is that Tappei had to supervise both the anime adaptation and the LN, and keep making the WN.

Asking this again.

If Subaru finally dies from old age or whatever in AU, does he go back to the timeline of Betelgeuse? So good job making a loving family and raising kids, but welcome back to hell faggot.

Nice, good for them. This aint't really canon though is it? I mean it's more like a paralel world or something along those lines, it will never happen in the main timeline I guess

Wasn't particularly popular, its on a site with a ton of other WNs. The LNs are actually going along decently fast since its mostly edits. Vol 9 released Sep. 26th I believe and vol 10 comes out late October or something.

Tappei said no.

I have no fucking clue about the contents of the AU but even I know that this was already answered in this thread. Some guy said it was confirmed this wouldn't happen, search it up yourself.

Butterfly effect says no.

Maybe they are like the Nasuverse where are the timelines are canon

Any reason like Satella moving on to a new target? Or is it just a lazy "We want Rem fans to be happy" no?

>it will never happen in the main timeline I guess

That's where both you and us might be wrong. Subaru does love Rem as much or possibly more than Emilia right now so you never know.

Well he wasn't making the WN while working on the anime, he apologized about not having a backlog of updates ready.

No. Rem explained her reasoning pretty well for why she wouldn't accept leaving like that, and its unknown what Subaru did to get her to say yes for that particular story.

Apparently not. I don't have the quote handy but I think Tappei said something along those lines, but didn't specify why it wouldn't happen.

I think it's more likely that they show us this alternate timeline because it will never happen in the main one. You know, to please the Rem fans and all.

He didn't say. There might be some larger reason, or maybe its just to keep the AU sort of happy, since it already has the dark cloud of dead Emilia/Ram hanging over it anyway.

Or this

>You know, to please the Rem fans and all

>Q: Neko-sensei why are you so brutal like that? Is it that fun to gouge the hearts of readers?
>I am not gouging their hearts because it’s fun to do so. I’m gouging their hearts as one way to have fun. There are various other ways to have fun.
>Is there anyone who would actively do something that’s not enjoyable? You, weren’t you taught that the thing people hate is ‘taking the initiative’?

You need to consider he enjoys making his fan-base suffer user.

Its a bit strange though, since Rigel at least has bled into the MU sort of, with Subaru getting a question right because he liked the sound of Rigel. It wouldn't have the same significance if he hadn't already written the AU. With it also being included in the LN, I'm not sure if he doesn't have some plan for it somehow.

>Q: Does the Subaru in the Natsuki Rem time axis experience a Return by Death that brings him after the part where the route diverges?

>A: No.

Pretty straight-forward, huh.

Or maybe her Satella or her vessel dies, so she can't affect the timeline anymore.

Satella is disappointed in Subaru and decides to abandon him.
He wouldn't be able to be near killing her either like that.

>Mfw he wrote the Rem AU to rub salt onto our wounds

The real Tappeibutcher

That would make sense if Emilia was gonna turn into Satella at one point considering Puck's contract and whatnot. Maybe someone telling your past self hints of your future self creates a future where she can't exist as well?

Doesn't this just mean he could experience one that puts him before the route diverges? Although that might be a translation issue on the question part.

I'm guessing Rem's popularity peaked during the anime right? Makes sense since during Arc 2-3 Rem took most of the spotlight and recieved more development and characterization compared to Emilia, who kind of felt more as a plot device than as a character. I'm convinced most Emiliafags are Novelfags where I assume she gets more development?

Now I'm not saying Rem is more developed than Emilia especially I haven't read arc 4 yet, but you have to admit no matter how standard it was, Rem's 'characterization' was beautiful, not just because of her love for Subaru, but because of how she expresses and proves her love for him (episode 15 for one)

No, she's pretty much always been the most popular regardless of format.

Emiliafags are really just a vocal minority, not that I have anything against them though.

Rem has always been the most endearing through 2013-2016.

>I assume she gets more development?

She does, but gets quickly outshone my others. Even her development in arc 4-6+ is rather bland and leaves many people wanting sadly. Which is odd considering Tappei is assumed one of the biggest Emiliafags yet his writing, Q&As don't really reflect that.

I see thanks
Holy shit it's not even close. I expected to be somewhat close considering Japan has shit taste

The thing is that Emilia seems like a secondary character, I almost care more about Felis than about Emilia

I just realize forehead touching is more cute than actual kissing. I need more of this in my chinese cartoons

With the way they try to cover up things, it is a modus operandi. Not random mass killings and ritualistic murders.

No control bullshit. In arc 4, it has been disproved. Just Subaru having a purpose like a protagonist and heroine the moment Emilia saved him and acknowledged him..

What are the 3 great mysteries of Re:Zero, and which does Al probably tie into?

Why does Satella love Subaru
Why was Subaru brought to the isekai
What is Emilia's connection to Satella

It'd put these three down as the big three

Why does Subaru love Emilia?

there's a Subaru X Rem"what if", right?

that confirms that in the main story Emilia's the winner.

No it doesn't.

And if there is only one winner the shitstorm will be massive

>No it doesn't.
I mean, I doubt that rem gets Subaru's dick in two novels.

also, why there's no "What if" with Emilia? because its in the Main Story.

Because she's cute and sometimes pays attention to him. He barely knows her and spends more time with Rem, anyway.

this show could have been good if kazuma was the MC




each time he does this shit with the neck i feel my neck being hurt


I'm getting frustrated.

Don't remember any other instances where one of the twin is vastly overshadowed by the other. I thought twins comes in pairs

Holy fuck those results.

Nose snuggles

One of them shows deeply love for the man she loves.
The other loves a car

>Rem would wait until marriage
HAHAHAHA, No. She'd ravage Subaru given the slightest chance.

Getting married for Rem is just a formality. Her pure love is not the one of awaiting for a legal contract, it's the one of only loving 1 person the entire life

I want Kurusu and Ferikkusu porn


All that means is that Subaru has not died yet. Meaning whether the checkpoint has moved or not is unknown.

>Even her development in arc 4-6+ is rather bland and leaves many people wanting sadly.
That's obvious when the "people" who keep perpetuating this are Remfags and her development is not even done yet.

Don't remind me that, I really want to see it animated and voiced.

Tappei does side stories from time to time.

There was another one that was basically a bad end, where Emilia becomes his broken doll, and even cuts her hair short to imitate Rem, while Subaru is still trying to fix Rem.

>Rem kills of Gluttony
>Gets their power
>Brings back Rem
>She gets all the memories of what happened with Subaru during her coma and how much he cared about her

How large would the fountain between her legs be?

Tappei is obviously delaying her development and especially backstory on purpose so he can release it all in quick succession and intertwine it with current events to keep people hooked. If fan theories are anything to go by we are going to see some serious shit regarding Emilia. Also, by taking his time and exploring other characters, Tappei has more time to polish the most crucial parts of the series to perfection.

I kinda hope she somehow remembers all of Subaru's loops too.

Wait, what? You mean in the AU, of course?

I want Rem to be aware of all the things Subaru said to her while she was sleeping too but I'm keeping my expectations low. I don't see it happening without a legitimate explaination

Well, she could write stuff only Subaru would understand (and Al). That ought to have decent tactical value

Rigel is someone who never will be ;~;


>No. Rem explained her reasoning pretty well for why she wouldn't accept leaving like that, and its unknown what Subaru did to get her to say yes for that particular story.
>I love Emilia
Probably, he was not that stupid as to tell her she is a consolation prize.

Crusch will get Rem's memories and Rem will get Crusch's memories.

Hey, as long as Rem recovers. Rem's loveable self would be retrieved and she'd still be hot as fuck.

Subaru might have the possibility to read Rem's book in the Pleiades Tower.

Does anyone know if the elevens have a name for when a girl wears her lover's clothes? I need more of this.

>Probably, he was not that stupid as to tell her she is a consolation prize.

user, the point was that she already knew it. Subaru's real reasons were written all over his behaviour.

>Rem kills of Gluttony
You mean Subaru?

Comatose Rem kills Gluttony. I like it.

How would she accomplish that?

Well, sometimes when you propose to a girl you can show her a smile instead of your regular shit-face.

Power of love.

>Power of love.
Didn't save Petelgeuse...

Pete doesn't have the power to defy fate

He was cucked hard by Satella, it's a different scenario. Now that Subaru's admitted he loves Rem just as much as Emilia, the power of love can work its magic.

She just will.
Maybe she'll make her cosmos explode and awaken to the 7th sense...

The point is that he wasn't really proposing, he was trying to escape from that hellish situation while giving up what he really wanted. Of fucking course Rem completely got that. Hell, the whole episode was a huge DON'T GIVE UP of 25 minutes, and some people even have doubts about that.


Or the other way around, Rem wakes up with no memory of people and goes and read Subaru's book.

Speaking of the whole idea that there might be something weird with Rem, I guess we'd know the answer to that if Shaula suddenly decides she's not allowed to leave the tower after she's revived.

>Those eyes
>The butterfly hairpin
>Snow-white hair and eye lashes
>Elegant dress, modestly covering up her skin while still tastefully hinting at her curves
>The refined way she is holding the tea-cup
>Great taste in chairs
Why is she so perfect.


The red letter is a nice touch.

I wanna read that side story. How can I look for it?

>Black triangle boxes instead of white ones
I'm confused as to what this means

Probably LN material

Glasses. Yes or no?



>Nanika, Remu?

Rem is shit and her fans are pathetic

ohgod, yes...

Didn't you fags here, Remu is shit.


I love Rem


Who's best knight and why is it Julius?

Best girl on cover

>Who's best knight


>why is it Julius?

It'd not. Too gay for my taste.

Kek I never knew. EP25 PV was written by Konosuba's Author.

The one who translated Konosuba LNs translated it and it's about Emilia saying Subaru fighting the demon king with the power of mayonnaise

Rabbits when?

So we have a witch of pride already called typhon.

Why can't subaru or echidna or whoever else just ask her who the archbishop for her sin is?

Witches don't care about bishops

Does anyone have the Megumilia edit? Megumin's smirk edited to look like Emilia.


How would she know? The Bishops weren't granted their power by the Witches of their Sin. As far as I'm aware, they got them out of boxes which were probably given to them by Pandora.

Freaking nice.

Awesome. Thanks user.

How close of friends are both authors?

The witches are not related to the cult.

More than acquiantances for sure. KS author did EP18 preview too with Emilia copying Megumin's chuuni impression.

Whoa who is the maid



No I get that
What is she doing in the mansion

Coincidentally KS's Volume 10 cover got released as well recently

Maid in the mansion

Working. Because Ram sucks at maiding. They even had to hire Petra as a trainee.

does ram only just satisfy the clown cock and not work

She's there for getting clown'd and to abuse Barusu now that Rem got editted out of their lifes.

she really is useless

>are the ones where the characters earn them
So I wonder if Tappei will finally fuck on Emilia at the end as she has earned almost nothing through the story so far.

She is useful

Taking a 12 inch clown cock like a boss.

I wanna hug this greedy witch

I guess thats the only thing she is good for

That must take skill, alright. Sasuga, nee-sama.

Rem herself is satisfied with the 2 inch sorry something Barusu has.

She needs to start aiming higher.

dont even thing about shit like that rem need tender love not a wifebeater

How about 12 inches of tender love?

doesnt count when the guy who has that dick is going to kill you and posses your first born once he is finished

We need to get Barusu a 12-inch dick to please Rem, then.

how about Subaru fist rem with unseen hand and he fucks her in the ass

You know what I want to see? More translations for vol. 4.

you mean arc 4 translator chicken gotta take his time

my fellow witch lover

He has 2 other translators with him

You mean that after we and Leddit bitched those translators that were working alone finally put their effort togheter?

I don't know, but they are some guys. He has the translator's names at the beginning when they do it.

"Tynkerd" and "Safin"

In any case, it's great that they're doing this. For free, no less. They aren't as fast as summary-user, but far more accurate.

Speaking of summary-user, he updated the Mega. Summary of chapter 27 now available.!VNdzDYYK!nK9fNU3LeprlZSbRAnlsRg

Sand Canyon Ferris and this one
are best


Regulus sounds like a cool guy

Kocchi myukanyai

Reminder that this is how Subaru will kill Ley


>he was not that stupid as to tell her she is a consolation prize.
This is what she assumes in the AU anyway though, its why she grows her hair long, and Subaru goes on at length about why she's not. Its one of the few things he'll get kind of mad at her about.

>Emilia: It was because Ram’s aptitude for housework is catastrophic, and the mansion ended up in an unimaginable state of disarray.
Oh, Ram~

Some Nagito level luck scenario where her flail falls out of wherever she keeps it, rolls around the tower for awhile, then falls on him.

Ram is cute. Very cute.

>[Frederica: By the way, the driver of the dragon carriage outside the mansion has been left out there for over an hour now……is that alright?]

>[Subaru: Hmm? Oh, you mean Otto. I see, it’s already been an hour…… Well, I don’t think it’s that big of an issue. I want to hurry and let Patrasche rest in the stable, but you don’t need to pay attention to that Otto guy too much…]

I don't want this to be canon because it would feel like an extremely cheap death for one of the most focused-on antagonist of the later arcs.
But I do want Tappei to write a what-if where it happens. It would be hilarious.

>[Subaru: No, Otto, you’re mistaken]

>[Otto: How am I mistaken? It’s too late to take back your words from a moment ago……]

>[Subaru: It’s not that you’re lower in priority than a ground dragon. It’s that you are much, much lower in priority than a ground dragon]

>[Otto: That’s twice over! That’s even worse!]

>[Subaru: No, Otto, you’re mistaken]

>[Otto: How am I mistaken? It’s too late to take back your words from a moment ago……]

>[Subaru: It’s not that you’re lower in priority than a ground dragon. It’s that you are much, much lower in priority than a ground dragon]

Subaru is such a bully, poor Otto doesn't deserve this.

No, it would be incredibly stupid and make no sense whatsoever.

>[Otto: What should be done about the girl sleeping in the carriage? I think it’s rather pitiful to leave her shut up in there. If you are busy I could carry her to a room……]

>[Subaru: —Don’t you lay a finger on Rem]

>There was not a hint of malice in Otto’s proposal. But his own voice was ice cold… Subaru himself was surprised by the razor sharpness of it, when he saw Otto flinch.

Holy shit Honda, calm your tits.