Liking Yui Kotegawa

>Liking Yui Kotegawa

But she's a key piece of the harem plan.

Liking to this Overrated Rotten Peach bathed in semen

Momo, Yui, and Mikan are the only girls Rito needs.



Yui a shit.

>Ringo is the only girl Rito needs
9 months inside her, came out her vagina, drank her milk & even now she & daddy are the breadwinners.

Yui will carry Rito's first born and heir, so her importance is incomparably higher more than a common cum-dumpster like Momo.

She's a mere backup human love interest after Haruna fails

Yui is worst TLR.

why does everyone like Mikan so much?
She's the most boring character in the series.

>Yui will die giving birth to an NTR doijin character's rape baby

Shit girls ESL-kun likes:

She is by far the bestest choice, at least with her you won't get poisoned by alien food, stabbed to death, blasted by s massive fireball, transformed into a girl, a robot, a dog, etc, or get AIDS against your will,etc. Yui is the patrician choice, since she is cute, hot , loyal, tsundere, and more importantly pregnancy fetish


The bitch from Okusama.

She's so perfect

She is the only girl who deserves happiness

>Decent chested hypocrites


The one and only best girl of all time

Momo confession when?

The only confession that matters

I am very grateful to Nemesis by putting in her place to the damn bitch of momo

What happened if I cut their tails?

Momo is the best

I love this maymay!

You 2 are a Miserable Unhappy Hater Faggot like lautaro rodríguez
I Hope you Die also
She will never accept that Fucking plan Bastard Sonuvabitch
Tasteful Guilty Pleasure Girls:
Houki and Sera
Top Tier Waifus:
Yui, Lisha, Rin
Yui is my only one waifu in my top
Learn the difference Stupid

>Decent chested hypocrites
you not know what the word Means hypocrite
Or at least the second opinion
>The bitch from Okusama.
And you a Shit with semen lover of that HOOKER, SLUT of wakana ui
Rin explained her way of being at the hotel

(Only Yui)
I am tired of the Haters Fags like the members of the vmc

>liking undisciplined sluts

Momo is the best. Don't be jelly

Yui and Lisha are great. Sera is alright. Didn't watch IS or Okusama.

the Elite Four


>She's so perfect
Yes. Yes she is.

>The only confession that matters
Never like harem ending
>The one and only best girl of all time
As a whole
Damn Overrated Bitch, Hypocrite, Manipulative, Sociopath, Immoral, Incestuous, Nympho, Sick, Yandere, Whore, Hooker, Slut.
Yeah she can be best girl for that
>She's so perfect
>She is the only girl who deserves happiness
Confirmation of a total Stupid Idiot Ignorant shitty like Ivan Lopez
momo is a
Damn Overrated Bitch, Hypocrite, Manipulative, Sociopath, Immoral, Incestuous, Nympho, Sick, Yandere, Whore, Hooker, Slut.

Top 4;
Mikan, Yami, Nana and Nemesis.

Only tacos like tainted meat like Yui

>Not wanting the girl that wants to bear your children.
Oh c'mon OP you can do better than that.

>why does everyone like Mikan so much?
She's the most boring character in the series.
haruna is the MOST BORING girl and that's not the only reason that the WORST GIRL AWAY

Now mikan is a incestuous pig, she betrayed my confidence
>Momo is the best. Don't be jelly
just because momo warms your cock and she is the worse pink haired slutbitch, You think she is the best
And that me makes me "jealous"
all vmc are wrong and sick
If you can handle IS from the season 1 and world purgen hen
You'll know that Houki is a good guilty pleasure
and she is not as bad as their haters write
Charlotte Best Girl in season 1
Tatenashi Best Girl in season 2
Infinite Strattos season 3 Houki Best Girl
also look okusama
Rin will have a few similar things with Yui
except being fan of kittens and their reasons will be different in her moral
Sawatari is Funny and cosplay girl is cute
ui a shit bathed in semen

Mikan = trash

Pretty good, but needs more Kyouko.

negative seven minus one?

Katsura Hinagiku is literary perfect
She is the salvation of the archetype Pink Haired Flat Tsundere
louise, nana, eco and mine are SHIT and CANCER
Hinagiku is a treasure and a cure
nana A SHIT

Momo somehow reminds me of kohaku from tsukihime

Not, He it can not
He himself confirmed

Yui, Nemesis, Mio, Celine, Tearju, Risa, Mikado:Top Tier
The other girls:waste

Kyoko and Rin are a copy cheap in the love
also are a Sassys Hypocrites
Both are Shit
Yui deserve more chapters than they

Ok, cool. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on IS and Okusama.

Hinagiku IS THE BEST

it's time

>shit bathed in semen
Can I expect some great outcome from such monstrous being in a later time?

Yui in the correct place
but the rest is Bullshit

No doubt - Hina is love, Hina is life.

Did you have a stroke or are you from Albania or something?

Oops, actually meant to reply to:

Yui doesn't like tacos though

I love both Yui and Momo!

what i she holding?

>mfw TLR threads turned into Raildex threads

Maldito Hijo de Puta
Morite maldito Traidor Bastardo

Let me off the ride, it has been 10 years already

More like the only true impediment.
Literally every single other girl would be fine with it unless her.

I know this is bait but
>perfect imouto
>tender, caring and loving
>perfect butt
>bath fetish


Swap Nana with Momo and you're onto something

This. The girls calls out other girls and MC for their ecchi antics but is allowed to be perverted herself when she initiates it is a definition of hypocrisy.

Replace Momo with Mikado-sensei and deal.

Acceptable taste.

Actually, make room for a 5th spot Nemesis. She's good.

Mikado in the top is a must have after she defeated Rito's dick with science.
One mature woman is always a plus for every harem to balance things out.

The 4 queens of TLR D/a/rkness?

That's why Yui is canon the chosen one to get first pregnant from Rito.

The holy trinity of overratedness

It would be extremely painful.

>not liking yui

Somebody report this chilango.

I like all the girls, but Momo, Mikan, Nemesis are my favorites.

Mea Is really lewd so she's also great

The "impossible to resist" Trio

Rito resists them pretty fine without much effort.

Yui on the other hand...

He doesn't even care about Yui

at least he's protective towards Nemesis and Yami

The "Three Worst Girls" Trio

That's because the trio are low tier sluts (minus nemesis)

Yui is a real woman and she appeals to Rito's most primal desires.
His only hope is to run away, not without crossing a new milestone with Yui every now and then.

Momo is too beautiful


Incest much.

she is

Top 5
1. Run
2. Yui
3. Yami
4. Mikado sensei
5. Ghost girl, I forgot her name.


She's only 12 you know.

She's only anime you know.

Momo is the best of the bestest girls.

>kyouko d
shit taste

It's been ages since Yui has been relevant at all. All she does all the time is bitching and complaining.

Are there any girls left in this series who haven't fallen for Rito?

They're the best girls

If Yui was focused too much it would be game over almost immediately.
She's taking all of his firsts for the time being, one by one.

All = none?
She's not his first love, Lala and Haruna came first. Momo has been actively licking, fondling and petting him so she's already far off with first base. Mikan bathes with him naked with intimate regularity. Nemesis seized a hundreds of firsts herself, from playing to love counseiling to bro girl buddy.

Romance-wise her level is on par with Guldo or something.


First true love, meeting since children, valentine gift, blowjob, breast feeding, valentine again, pregnancy.

One bath with Yui and is game over, that's why Yabuki keeps delaying it.

Momo can be the biggest whore of the galaxy, she knowd subconsciously her place is always down. doesn't count buddy.

This is by far the best color page Yabuki has done

read the manga again since TLR vol 4

who is esl kun?

Whores like momo will never be best, that's just how things are.

Problem is, I did. She wasn't his first true love, they just randomly crossed each other as children (didn't even ask her name and Rito was much more taken by Mikan than anything else), valentine gift he got by everyone, no blowjob, no breast feeding, no pregnancy (delusions don't count).

She's nothing bruh. Come back when you have things that actually happened.

That says enough, you have just not put ebough attention.

A retarded Yuifag. He's very easy to spot: he roams around Darkness threads and always writes with the most abnormally bad grammar you can imagine.

Here you can spot his "style" a mile away.

Pppft, out of arrows already?

Nothing will ever count with Momo, she can throw herself at Rito as much as she wants. Her role is just to be a tool for others.

Ghost girl
Blonde ojou-sama and that glasses girl

Why are Yuifags so defensive?

Mikado and Tearju.

Momo is one of the most inferior and overrated, it's only natural to shit on her.

Where did I mention Momo? Stop being so insecure.

Tends to happen when you know you've lost.

Esl-kun. Can't even read right.

Oh, momofags are easy to spot that's all.

Ghost girl is still safe? Thank god, I always thought she was really qt. RIP ojou-sama's bodyguard though

Just putting the momo in her place, which is the very bottom, right besides Oshizu.


How do we know ESL is not just trolling can speak perfect English all this time?

Though then again, the faggot tends to type in Spanish when he's severely butthurt and doesn't want us to call up on his bullshit.

Considering that his stupidity makes Yui look bad also I don't think he's very smart at it, if he really is trolling.

Yui is one of the top queens of TLR:D tho, and Momo will always live cucked and insecure.