Whatever happened to good harem? why is the harem genre so dead now...

whatever happened to good harem? why is the harem genre so dead now. filled with shitty fanservice and plot that goes nowhere

>good harem

>good harem

>picks worst girl
>good harem



Pick one not both


Name one.

>good harem

They went from ordinary school life to fantasy bullshit.

>Not filled with fanservice and deadend plots

OP confirmed 100% grade A retard.

>good harem

>good harem

Mayo chiki isn't good? i thought Cred Forums like it?

but Cross Ange is good

I wanted to come into the thread and say
But it seems I was beaten to it.

It's slightly better than MM! in terms of terrible harem anime.

Learn the difference

Liking something doesn't make it good.

I will be blunt and say that I found Ladies vs Butlers rather entertaining. I would even consider it 'good'.

But that's gay

It's completely unremarkable.



>good haram

>good harem

Keep up them meme's Cred Forums i too like them xDDD


Photo Kano best harem

>most underrated statement in the last 300 years

my fucking god i wish more people realized liking something and it being good are NOT mutually exclusive.

if i had a dollar for every fucker i know that thinks because you say something is bad must mean you hate it because you can't like something you are critical of i'd never need to work again.

to be fair it makes a look like a shit board when 10 people or a couple of samefags with too much time all post pretty much the same reply as if it was some thread worth screen cap.

>say something fucking stupid
>expect anything more than a smug anime girl response

>this pretentious shit again

If you like something that means it has something good in it that outweighs the bad no matter how shallow the good may be its doing something right if you like it.

rllly makes u think

You say stupid shit, you get shit on.

>good harem

it was flavor of the season trash


I like jerking off and eating junk food, but neither of those things could really be considered "good". Some things can give you pleasure without having any other redeeming quality. That's why the phrase "guilty pleasure" exists.

tell that to sao fans, or people who think the endless 8 was actually pretty good.

you can think something is good but upon critical analysis can actually be pretty shit.

one of my favorite shows is this ugly yet beautiful world i enjoy the show immensely but i completely understand its actually shit. i wouldn't even try to argue that its a decent show but i still like it regardless.

>good harem


it was never good, butthole

But op harem is the best genre tbqhwy. Literally the only reason I watch anime is the cute girls. There's not really any high tier writing better than whats in the west in anime, so the more girls the better

>There are people who believe there is no such thing as a good harem
ITT: Low powerlevels

You're comparing health to entertainment, most entertainments quality is subjective so your analogy doesn't work here.

Sure you know about the negatives, but if you enjoyed it then the positives outweighed them, even if the positives are for something shallow the show still fulfilled its purpose of entertaining you. You can still like a show and acknowledge its faults also, I'm not saying that but in the end anime is entertainment and quality of entertainment is subjective so if you were entertained by the show than it should be considered a "good" show to you, to say otherwise and act like all anime quality is objective and you somehow are "critically analyzing" every show you watch only makes you look like a pretentious pseudo-intellectual.


>They went from ordinary school life to fantasy bullshit.
But user, the best series in the genre is fantasy bullshit.

Stop watching only harems then.

where did you get "watching only harems" from that whole post???

>good harem

Let's leave that aside for now.

>why is the harem genre so dead now. filled with shitty fanservice and plot that goes nowhere

Aren't you asking "why is harem harem" at this point?


When you implied that the harem genre had something resembling quality or value.

>good harem

Tenchi Muyo isn't good?

HOTD isn't good?

Because it is a literal harem.

harem is not haram though, it's halal up to four

Japanese harems don't require marriage though.

Kono isn't good?

i'm yet to see a real argument on why the Harem genre is bad

Tri 7 isn't good?

That's not a harem.

>good harem
>harem genre so dead
Fuck off and stop infecting every halfway decent plot with this shit. I'm so sick of getting deep into an actually engaging story and then suddenly haremshit out of nowhere.

You also completely devoured the light novel medium. That's 100% haremshit, no exceptions.

Fujoshi happened

Harems piss me off because it's a bunch of great girls all getting taken by one stupid japanese manlet who is such a fucking faggot he isn't even grateful for them. How the hell nips insert as someone like that I don't know.

I feel like I'm getting NTR'd by a clueless gay guy when I watch harems, and I do not like that at all.

not the same person

maybe, just maybe, you should look harder? rather than just reading only isekai stuff broaden your search and stop being a faggot?

Umi no Misaki never got anime

>good harem

>good harem

>good harem

I really wish there was another season

posting the same thing twice in the same thread will do you no good anons

Trinity Seven is great. If you remove Lilith it would be 10/10.

Movie soon. S2 maybe after it.

Trinity Seven

The only thing bad about Mayo Chiki is that it needed a second season.

>good harem

>why is the harem genre so dead now. filled with shitty fanservice and plot that goes nowhere

I'm sorry but doesn't that define Harem itself?