JC staff

JC staff released a special video commemorating their 30 year anniversary.


They might not be very popular, but JC staff is one of my favorite studios, so lets have an appreciation thread for them. What are your favorite JC staff shows?

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No love whatsoever huh? I didn't expect them to be THIS unpopular.

Utena, Kare Kano, KMB, Joshiraku.
Recently I liked Flying Witch.

Good studio, glad to see them on the up.

jc staff made one of my all time favourites. they'll always be special to me regardless of all the garbage they've made recently

>all those people begging for Index III
Fuck you. You already had enough seasons. I just want more Milky Holmes and Hayate.

They do pretty great backgrounds.
I liked the beginning of Utena when they were going though all the different locations in the setting.

I liked Danmachi a lot.

The thing about JC Staff is that while their animation quality isn't the best they put a lot of effort when making adaptations. Toradora, Index, Railgun, Souma, Flying Witch and Heavy Object were all very good adaptations that respected the source material. It might not be the best quality but if it's a manga i love i'd trust them with making a anime of it over SHAFT or Kyoani any day of the week.

Looking back, I've actually enjoyed most of their shows. I like that they have stylistic variety too, unlike a few of the other high-profile studios. Congratulations on 30 years.

>Toradora, Index, Railgun, Souma, Flying Witch and Heavy Object were all very good adaptations that respected the source material

It's so rare seeing a thread about JC Staff being this positive nowadays.

Yeah I don't get all the backlash towards them, I like most of their shows too.
They're a pretty good studio.


I'm not even meming here, this comes from someone who has read the Index novels. Sure, they might not be David Production "make a slideshow with sound based on manga panels"-tier but they're very faithful for the most part.

I think it's mostly because they are good at changing styles so they don't have a style of their own. It's very easy to watch some shows and not even realize they are JC staff.

They cut a fair bit out from Index and cheaped out in a couple spots, but for the scenes the nailed, they really fucking nailed it. HO was also for the most part done fairly well, particularly in the second half once they got used to how Object battles should feel.

>Not even 100 subscribers
>Meanwhile at KyoAni


What are you all talking about, I haven't seen a large volume of complaints over JC Staff picking up a show since Little Busters! Though that might be because they haven't been hired for any major properties since then.

I'd take JC Staff over the Kyoani vs Shaft shitfest anyday.

Oddly enough their tech resources seem a tad advanced for whatever reason. Not that there's an apparent visual representation of this though.


I would say that there is a style that you can pick out sometimes. The hand drawn backgrounds and bubbly animation like you can see in Milky Holmes for example. And they have made some recent comfy shows like Amanchu and Flying Witch.

Which JC Staff show had the best theme songs, and why is it Shana?

>references KMB

It's WIXOSS though. It's not even close.

Thank God they left out a theoretical Tsukihime anime. Kind of bummed out that they left out Slayers though.

I honestly like JC Staff overall. Most of their bad shows come from when the source material is crap as in the case of Shakugan no Shana, Zero no Tsukaima, and Index/Railgun.

Don't worry Shigofumi. I still remember you, even if no one else does.

Railgun S wasn't bad.

Would have been a lot better without the fanfiction, an Index s3 with that level of quality would be phenomenal though.

Mahou Shoujo Mailman

Oh yeah? Post your top 10 in-house directors from the studio.

It was 100% Toradora. Pre-Parade, Vanilla Salt, Orange and Silky Heart were all fucking amazing.

fura fura
hmm hm hm hmmm

reminder that mehgloomy will win da souma

Why do you guys need to be such attention whores?

THE tsundere studio.

>no love for Sakurasou

>JC Staff will never make anything as good as Sakurasou ever again
This studio is a prime example of one-hit wonder

Video made me appreciate how much effort they put into making each series visually match the source material as possible.

I don't think any other studio does that. They always have their own "style".

>started the vidoe off with Utena
At least they don't have any delusions of what the magnum Opus is.

Milky Holmes was only shown for around 2 seconds though.

For all the shit they have fucked up, at least they consistently do excellent VA choices and their soundtracks have great songs.

Sakurasou was medicore, though. About the best thing about it was the music.

Railgun series were the best. Railgun S3 when?

>wut, where's azu? oh

I'm sure Index/Railgun had more screen time.

Hopefully never. Saten got two cute girls killed.


>that video
They may be the epitome of a middle-of-the-road sudion, but damn they are versatile.

Nice quads, checked

>Irrelevant index movie character getting a couple seconds in place of a series staple
I keep telling you fags that the movie was their swan song. They're not going to give it a season 3.

Flying Witch, Tora Dora, Sakurasou, Shokugeki. Fuck yeah JC Staff.

1:12 buddy.

I don't think you understood what I was trying to say.

God, early 2000s sucked ass. What the fuck caused such a quality drop in comparison to the 90s?

I think the first I ever saw from jc was excel saga.

Thank you for your quality post. We really appreciate the effort you put into it. Subscribed.

I try

Why the fuck did they include Taboo Tattoo even for a second? That would be like me putting arsonist on a resume.

Pretty nostalgic video, though.


JC Staff is the greatest studio. Their haters from 2010~ are long gone.

Probably because their shitpost-worthy series have been dead for years now

They've had many great shows over the years, Sakurasou isn't even in the top 10.

Best EDs and some great OPs. Particularly Azumanga, Utena, Toradora and Wixoss's themes. Not to mention most of their repertoire are decent shows.

So what is the next JC Staff show?

Early digital animation was bad.

>very good adaptations that respected the source material

Are you high, user?

The economy and early digital animation made with SDTV and DVDs in mind.

They'd be in a better shape if producers had known about HDTV and BDs. Or just nerdy enough to obsessively save every work file and high-resolution scans of every drawing.

>shit object
>prison shit
>flying shit
>tatoo shit

Current Jshit staff is garbage too.

>do I fit in yet

>The thing about JC Staff is that while their animation quality isn't the best they put a lot of effort when making adaptations.
That wasn't always the case. But I guess I need to give them credit for changing their ways. Zero no Tsukaima was massively changed. They went so far as to break continuity in the first 30 seconds, when they had the MC drop his laptop instead of bringing it with him. Why? Who knows. And the entire franchise basically was unfaithful because back then no one was being faithful.

And then they went through a transition when they realised faithfulness sells now. And that was why they had to retcon Shakugan no Shana to undo all the changes they made in the original show. Basically they made the first season withoiut caring about the source matereal, then went and had to twist the plot back on track years later.

Yes, they understand to be relatively faithful NOW. But for most of my time watching their works they were butchers of source material.

Also, did we ever get the movie subbed?

Season 2 wasn't that great though

Trying too hard

Speaking of music most of the Sakurasou lovers I see are from ENM anyway.

Flying Witch S2 WHEN?

Forgot about danmashit, garbage SAO knock off with discount meme girl

I could remember watching the very first season of Shana and was constantly stunned at how their 3D CGI was able to integrate itself perfectly with the 2D animation.

The Reiji Maigo continues to be my constant reminder of that talent by J.C. Staff.


Remember when J.C Staff had good animators?

I've always liked them too; they've made many good shows both past and recent. They aren't the type you expect a groundbreaking megahit from, but they consistently make fairly solid shows of all kinds.

I'd put them only a notch or two below Dogakobo or Silver Link, a solid upper-mid studio.

Teeth girl?

Let's put aside the anime-original arcs.
The Railgun version of the Sisters Arc far exceeded the Index version. One big detail was that how the plasma storm created by Accelerator was actually threatening on a city-wide scale in Railgun compared to the one in Index.

>Let's put aside the anime-original arcs.
Let's not. They were the best part of the series.



>ends with azumanga
my favorite stuff they've done is probably raildex though

raildex was mauled pretty hard
still good shows but have a lot of cut content and added fluff

One thing I like about them is I know what I'm getting when I'm watching one of their shows. If I don't drop one of their shows in the first few episodes I know I can make it through to the end. Unlike some other studios. A-1 I'm looking at you.

Toradora was great, but WIXOSS has Killy Killy Joker, World's End, Girl's Rondo (in my top 5 OPs), Realize, and Undo. All of them are top quality songs, and better than Toradora's.

Who is the best JC staff girl?

One half of the Angel Fall arc was scrapped on all media adaptations, including the manga, but it did help focus more the story on Touma's family background and Misha Kreutzev.


They were pretty shit for a long time but ever since they've adapted Soma they've been putting out some really good shit lately.

No one cares what you think tripfag

LOL Tsukihime anime doesnt exist.

It was a mistake

I feel you're being ironic with this comment because you mentioned Hayate.

Kind of like it removes any kind of seriousness when you mentioned that.

What are you trying to say to him, huh? You saying Hayate is shit? I'll kill you


I was close to flying to Japan to murder all of them for not including it, until they finally showed Azumanga Daioh as the final piece. Still didn't feature Slayers.

Literally nothing but shit in the portfolio for the next decade and then Joshiraku as an outlier.

Manglobe is dead.
JC Staff can deliver a good Athena arc.

Happy Birthday JC Staff

Hishoku no Sora, JOINT and Light My Fire.
Sorry but Shana > Toradora.
Also Slayers was from JC. No mention of them in the whole video.

I just want an Excel Saga adaptation following the manga.


Utena and Milky Holmes are definitely their best works.


This user knows.

They adapted most of the manga at this point, so not in the near future

JC staff is great when they really try but most of the time it's just badly directed unengaging snoozefests.

WIXOSS's OPs sparked me to become a huge fan of Kanon Wakeshima, but I never really was a fan of the EDs. Both sounded pretty generic to me.

I'll never forget what they did with Yumekui Merry.


>They might not be very popular

They were popular, but not in a good way.

Before kyoani exploded into meme tier popularity JC staff was the studio to shit on not only because they churned out 3-4 shows every season but also because of the QUALITY and the crappy writing it had. Every adaptation they had experience the classic JC Staff trainwreck.

But nowadays after kugyuu shows and Index they cut back on the number of shows they make and lay low enough to pull their shit together and put out decent looking production quality, and that's why newfriends love them now. They still need to work on their writing though.

Let me remind you of Taboo Tattoo.
Also, let me remind you of Gainax and DEEN being trashed worse than J.C. Staff.

We want Index s3 for the same reason you (and me) want the End of the World and Athens arcs animated. They would cover the best parts of the series.

Yasuna or ExceI.

DEEN was aIways the main choice for trashing. And they did animate shows without QUALITY.

There's only one in my eyes.

DEEN has always been trashed mainly for f/sn.
The noise back then around ~2005-2012 was around JC staff and the shows they put out season after season.

Gainax had always been trashed almost always for the same reasons, eva/flcl/ttgl, despite their talent. Nowadays everyone just says their dead since Anno bailed.

Oh come on, Gonzo had to have been the absolute worst in terms of getting shitted on.

One of my favourite studios as well.
Gonzo was actually another favorite of mine.

And their Iow quaIity visuaI wise. Other than that, I dare anyone say DEEN doesn't have amazing series.
Is it though? We Iove Saki. And I thought most peopIe Ioved Iast exiIe too.

Gonzo was just constantly teased about dying back then whenever someone brought them up, until they actually are dying now.

Them working on Saki is amazing though. The only flak they get is from NHK actually.

Heavy Object was great.

JC Staff can't adapt a light novel and the art style they usually do for the girls looks so low quality I can't understand how people can support them. I'll never forgive them for trying to do the style of the ToraDora manga over the light novel. I know, that makes no sense but the comedic tone and art is better in the manga. Honestly, fuck anything they did that is from a light novel. And fuck them for Winter Garden.

Nodame Cantibile, Potemayo, and Utena are great though.

Damn, didn't realize how much garbage JC staff produced over the years. Truly the worst out of all long running studio's.

Toradora was trash though

J.C. staff is a decent studio. Not that good compared to White Fox but certainly not THAT bad compared to SHAFT.

Excel Saga BDs and Excel Saga: Brotherhood when?

I keep hearing this, but what exactly was cut?

What is that logo supposed to be anyways?

Congratulations to them. They made shows i enjoyed.

I think JC Staff is probably one of my favourite studios.

There was a case of a serial killer by the name of Hino Jinsaku who continued his trail of murders while everyone's appearance and consciousness becomes switched around. His side of the story didn't carry that much weight in the Magic-Science conflict, but instead showed a repercussion of Angel Fall to the normal people.

Imagine this as the OT version of the whole thing involving Akikawa Mie in NT.


are they wizards now?


What did you guys think of Flying Witch? I enjoyed the first 4 episode but for some reason I really disliked the 5th and haven't watched any since then, does it get better again? (it is the episode where the loli follows a MC's cat for the entire episode.

That's probably the weakest episode

>jc staff made one of my all time favourites.
And SHAFT is about to ruin another

I came here to post this, also pic related

And their best show too.

Don't ask stupid questions user, the answer's obvious.


Is JC Staff my favorite studio? No. But they're not my least favorite either. And they've made a lot of great shows over the years.

Better than Utena because she is pure!

it will never be hina's year

I like it.

>not Yumekui Merry

I'll never forgive them for this shit.
>failed so hard they only showed part of the opening in the intro

That's why she had to go to >manglobe, right?

thanks man, i was struggling to remember the title. Only saw its thread in Cred Forums a few years ago.

Please don't remind me of that abomination she is still very cute even changing studios

List of the anime that i recognize :
Excel Saga
Kaicho Wa Maid Sama
Di Gi Charat
Bouso Shinki
A Certain Magical Index
A Certain Scientific Railgun
Taboo Tatoo
Kamisama No Memochou
Shougeki No Soma
Ano Matsu De Matteru
Little Buster
Nodame Cantabile
Kill Me Baby
Psi Kusuo Saiki
Milky Holmes
Shakugan No Shana
Witch Craft Works
Dungeon No Deai Wo Motomeru
Zero No Tsukaima
Prison School
Onegai Teacher
Golden Time
Otome Youkai
Read Or Die
Heavy Object
Flying Witch
Azumanga Daioh

Anyone want to add the other anime that show up to the list?

No one ever remembers ookami San

>All these retards who watch stuff for muh stunning HD artwork rather than the plot or characters

Well, Cuties fixed some of the designs, but I still remember the abomination that was the movie and CTMEOY.

And yeah, she's still cute.

I remember holding it for a good three years and building up a bit of hype since it looked good. Then I watched it and it was okay.

I watch for cute girls.

He said in comparison to the 90s, diüshit.

And he might have meant that they haven't made any good shows between 2002 and the end of the decade

90s had 8 good shows

2002-2003 alone had over 8


Honey and Clover had the best JC staff EDs and insert songs because of Suneohair, Spitz and Suga Shikao



Azumanga doesn't count as that was meant to be non-inclusive of 2002, but list the others you think were great.

>inb4 Ai Yori Aoshi
>inb4 Ikki Tousen
>inb4 Tsukihime


Best ED

It took them 30 years, but they finally made their magnum opus;

I couldn't bear watching more than the first five shorts, but is it still full of that internal monologue that ruined every single joke by explaining it?

>Ai Yori Aoshi

Prolly the first JCS anime that I liked, and probably the reason why I would somewhat associate JCS as "anime for girls" even tho they made plenty of action anime

RahXephon, Kino no Tabi, Haibane, Princess Tutu, Wolf's Rain, Texhnolyze, Galaxy Angel 3, Abenobashi, FMA, YamiBou.

Oh, nm, you think I was talking JCStaff only stuff even though the original post was talking generally

It's surprisingly good.

Welcome to jap comedy. Now fuck off.

Yes, cause it's a J.C. Staff thread.

Then you saying the 1990s had only eight good shows is even more retarded. Literally kill yourself.

>Then you saying the 1990s had only eight good shows is even more retarded.
No it really isn't. There are 8, that's it. Late night anime didn't even really begin until Those Who Hunt Elves, so most of the early 90s is a wasteland of all ages garbage and Gundam. I ain't talkin' OVAs here, only TV.

This video is 90% recaps, 10% After Effects.
Possibly freelanced from India.

Im so mad why Kasai didnt direct it

>inb4 autistic mod will delet this post again