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candy confesses to tomo?

Carol is retarded?

Cotton candy is training Tomo for her eventual daughter with Jun

Title: Of course
Panel 1:
Carol: I smell something sweet and delicious!
Tomo: Hold it! Don't just start running. It's dangerous.
Panel 2:
Tomo: Jeez, you have cream all over your face.
Carol: Thanks!
Tomo: You're like a child.
Panel 3:
Carol: Tomo-chan, I want to go to the bathroom.
Tomo: ...then go.
Carol: Come with me!
Tomo: ...wait, surely you can...?!
Panel 4:
Carol: Just kidding! Of course I can go by myself!
Tomo: You're gonna give me a heart attack...

>Tomo: Jeez, you have cream all over your face.

coming soon

Carol has "pretending to be retarded" down to a science.

>Tomo will never be your mommy

Quite literally




What a blunder.


If I was a chick I'd totally fall for Tomo.


God damn, she's so adorable.

So, she's going to piss everywhere?


>carol goes to the bathroom
>screams as she's about to be raped

tomo can't take her eyes off carol for even a second.

Who the fuck walks around with a DDT shirt on?

Should have done left mid right mid left instead.

Someone who really likes to rassle

I mean, Tomo has a fairly high chance of having actually DDTd somebody.

snoozeville arc

still nothing


not sure what you mean

now rather than spinning, she's dancing


I'm surprised I haven't seen this one yet.

Is that Jun?

No, it's a random nobody.

I have a song playing in my head buy I don't know what its name is

Jun wore a shirt that said "blockhead" .

If Tomo and Jun were American they would get tattoos of Kanji characters that when translated meant "Brocolli" or "waste basket"

That's what he said.

Lean left > show her back > Lean right > Show her back > Lean left instead of doing a stuttering spin.

Goddammit Carol stop slapping the table it's annoying so help me i will rape you with all two inches of my dick if you don't stop

>Thought it looked like she was just teetering when I made it

Can't unsee table slapping


no I got it


I don't get it.


Actually, it's a bit ironic. Normally girls go to bathrooms together in public places.

Tomo is socially retarded about female matters.


>You're gonna give me a heart attack...
Me too Tomo, me too.

Someone who works for a pesticide company

Minifluff is a miracle of the universe

I want to waifu this daughteru.



did they fuck?

I like it

>Purse switching shoulder

>not the ribbon

Feel free to fix it.

This shit is going to give me diabetes.

Jeez now the Dead or Alive song is playing in my head,

Second panel.
So cute.


This is going to lead to something like Tomo being a lesbo with those two slut girls or the delinquent boys I bet.


Uh-oh, Senpai has a rival, and one that is more manly than he his too...

Senpai is all about the Tomoboypussy. If anything, Carol is cucking him.

So is the punchline going to be later on the dude she likes is going to be talking to Jun about how he saw Carol out with a guy and what he should do about it?

And then Tomoko is on the other side of the restaurant trying to figure out how to sneak past them.

I can totally see this happening.

Looks like she's getting choked out.

The weak should fear the strong.

I want those hands on my knees


so is he Jun or not?

Tomo finds Carol fucking Jun in the last chapter

Cap this

carol a shit

those are some significant boobs

Tomo must have some serious manface if people keep mistaking her for a guy when she has that impressive rack.


i read tomo in with shirobako;s oi-chan voice.
Thread theme.

More budget.

tomo x cotton candy is cutest

But Jun X Cotton Candy would be better

That would break Tomo harder than Misuzu x Jun did.



The airheaded lady-killer strikes again!



Something like this but with Jun X Carol instead when?

Double D Tomos

>I need to go to the bathroom
>Then go?
>I want you to come with me
>Are you serious?!

Here is Carol trying to teach Tomo how to behave like a girl, yet Tomo treats her like a child. Sad.

but i want bigger than that

what is the girl version of cuck


Cuckquean or like I like to call it: male:netorare

She's going to get lost on the way to the bathroom, isn't she?

Jake the Snake fans?

Somebody who's a fan of DDT ?

After seeing a Cheburashka mascot on the streets of Tokyo, I wouldn't be surprised if a shirt with "DDT" would make it's way into a Japanese teenagers collection, even if she's not aware of it's meaning.

>Carol takes some time to return from the bathroom
>Tomo wonders what's up, gets worried and starts looking, Carol isn't in the bathroom
>She looks out the window of the cafe and sees Carol buying a dress across the street