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Yuri is a best. You can't deny that.

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more like worst

>Page 4

Fucking disgusting.

Translate these.


Does it matter? If you look at his following recommendations they're American ARC-V bots. Clearly a fag in these threads just wanted to stir shit up with him, despite most likely not even going to get a response.

It’s the final stretch
We’ll be singing Kirifuda (Tv size).
Submit yourself singing the song. You can upload it to vocaroo,sendspace,mediafire,picosong, anywhere that you like, just make sure I can download it.
Regarding on how to record:
> Make sure you have no background noise.
>Try to sing on time, and on pitch. If you can’t do both try at least on time.
>You can record using a free program like Audacity.
>If you want to sing both voices of the song, make two separate files, not one.
Post the link of your recording in the threads (I’ll be watching them) or send me via e-mail:
[email protected]
Let’s all sing this to celebrate the end of the show. I’ll wait a month from now, 03/10, until I finish accepting submissions. I’ll deliver the final product a few days later after we reach our goal, on youtube.

Song: youtube.com/watch?v=pQU8WYRsF4s
Lyrics: lirik.biz/2016/03/kirifuda-lyrics-yu-gi-oh-arc-v-opening.html

Do your best.

PS: If you want to help a little more, you can post the most memorable pictures from the past 3 years here.

This is a semen demon

Who's excited for that fusion WW?

It's pointless to tweet anything at the guy by this late point in the show's run, if we even assume he's going to see it.

New SPYRAL card artworks

This is a semen daemon

If that is getting printed, then Parasite Fusioner and all its degeneracy will also be printed.


She is a pure maiden.

Who wore it better?


I choose both

Why did she choose light over darkness?

Apple of course

Saved, thanks!

the one who isnt a whore

How bad would that really be, though? Also, is anybody else getting captchas where you have to draw a box?

Rin is the best girl.You can't deny that.

It's obviously too late to have them change anything big in the show. But getting complaints across lets him know people aren't satisfied with his work. More importantly it lets Konami know and I'm sure everyone knows about the ratings.

I can, because she is not Serena.

Are you ready to repent?


It is literally one guy. This only matters if he got retweeted a lot, or if there were more people voicing similar complaints.

And he isn't voicing any complaint people would care about either, he is whining about how the series is written for everyone and Ono shouldn't use to it for personal masturbation, and throwing random insults at him. doesn't sound too far off honestly, as it sounds a lot more like what you hear in these threads than from Japanese YGO fans on twitter.

RATE-JP062 超戦士の萌芽
Super Soldier Origin
Ritual Spell Card
This card can be used to Ritual Summon any “Black Luster Soldier” Ritual Monster.
You can only activate “Super Soldier Origin” once per turn.
(1) Send to the Graveyard 2 monsters whose total Levels equal exactly 8 (1 from the hand and 1 from the Deck, either of them LIGHT and the other DARK), and Ritual Summon 1 “Black Luster Soldier” Ritual Monster from your hand or Graveyard after that.

I'm not.

yah ok

>best girl
>literal jobber shit who acts like hot shit when she's a literal jobber shit and can't keep promises

No it only doesn't matter if it gets a lot of retweets. Ono's own tweets rarely get retweeted. His Twitter isn't exactly a hotbed of activity. You obviously don't know shit about the Japanese fanbase if you think they don't complain about Arc-V being masturbation material. They complain that Arc-V is used by Ono to prop up his Arc-V characters and 5Ds characters. They complain that the GX characters are treated like shit and that it seems like Ono hates GX from the way it's treated in this show. They call it Anti GX fanfiction, GX hate material and all kinds of other shit. Ono playing favorites is a complaint by everyone

Source? Google, iqdb and sadpanda image search give me nothing thanks to it being cropped.

Does anyone know for sure if we're getting cucked or not by tennis?

isn't it just delayed by a day?


Still unconfirmed. They aren't fully sure at the moment. Yugioh twitter will probably tweet about it if it's cancelled on Friday. Otherwise, they'll tweet a screenshot of the episode, if it isn't.

I meant more how it was worded. I see more people talk about it like that here than looking through japanese tweets about Arc-V.
Maybe in 2ch, I don't go there often.

And honestly I didn't see many Japanese fans complain about the 5D's characters being played up. Just about how bad the GX characters were treated. That's what really soured up the japanese fanbase feelings towards Arc-V, though there's still plenty to complain about the series besides this.

If Zarc is the Demon Duelist, will Ray be the Semen Demon Duelist?

Summaries soon. And hopefully they will tell us if Hugo will die by the hands of Joeri or die for other reason

How do you know? People were talking about it just getting delayed.

As far as I know the tennis match isn't on Arc-V's timeslot, but it can step into it if the match lasts too long (which tennis matches usually do).

I want to bury my nose in his hair and sniff

They complain about Crow and Jack getting to win all the time and about 5Ds getting an extremely long arc.

It was just a few idiots getting mixed over the dates. They thought it was going to air the 10th of October. Which doesn't add up since it isn't the 9th month.

>it seems like Ono hates GX
I don't blame him, GX was shit.

But that doesn't confirm we'll get no episode next week either. Usually there's an announcement during the current week's episode. There was nothing.

Meant to

If Ono loved 5Ds so much why didn't he do more to not make the Synchro stuff shit irl.

Why did we get something as bad as cardians printed when Bee force was a much better alternative,

Why does crow have a tuner that kills himself.

Why does Yuya still have no tuners other than tuning magician which is shit.

We'll get it on Friday via Twitter. Frankly, I hope it doesn't get delayed for another week, since I've been enjoying the past 3 episodes.

Episode 96 or 97 got delayed because of Ping Pong and there was no announcement for that in that weeks episode.

He isn't responsible for deciding what gets printed.
Crow got plenty of good cards that are staples in BW decks now.
Jack got Scarlight and Resonators that are staples in Resonator decks.
Yuya's cards are more than likely controlled by Konami. Konami loves Fusion and Xyz monsters which is why Yuya has more of those than Synchro.

It was 96. It wasn't known until it was right in ARC-V's timeslot that it got delayed for a week. Preempting shows due to sports overtime is a bitch.

at least this time Konami is giving some love to Synchros, printing shit like Omega, Crystal Wing and Scarlight

I love the Arc-V x Ping Pong pics so much.

>ping pong
what's next


So let's just hope the tennis match is a fucking one-sided massacre so it doesn't get into Arc-V time.

I have forgotten about it.

It'll be like the last ping-pong match, a one-sided slaughter that lasts just long enough to get into Arc-V's time slot.

>tfw Bee Force will never be printed and insects will never have a chance to be good again

I want more Ciphers, god damn it!

This takes me back to my days watching Digimon on Fox Kids and due to time differences having missing episodes constantly with NASCAR replacing it. Except those never reaired when it happened.

Fuck off, Shinji.

tfw they have the only WIND synchro tuner in existence too.

Go home to your cardboard family Kaito.

What the Fuck was his Problem?

Lack of Vitamin Ultimate D.

The same as before: D-addy issues.

Because for a some reason Konami decided to create Crystrons instead of print the Bees.

I like Crystrons even if they are shit. Will be fun to see the horrible synchros the get in RATE

When can we expect more cards from fusion enforcers?

His deck became something completely different, and they didn't even let him retrain some older cards.

We at least got dark lady and celestial


I have the sinking feeling Celestial is going to get banned and never see the light of day again, just likes Disk Commander.

Yet didn't hesitate to put in his favorite archetype that comes right out of nowhere in the story and destroyed the shows' credibility.

He is too slow for that.

>Yusho gets carded while Yuya watches helplessly.

Drags Yugo and Yuri and hitotsu niis everything into omni-dimension just to get tou-san back.


Reminder Leo is a nigga.

>Reiji is half black
>his skin is all white
>yfw he has a bbc


>Zarc and Raya look older than the counterparts do now
>Raya still taller
So are the Yuyas just eternal manlets?

Did we see Z-Arc and Ray-A?

>yuya: head
>yuto: heart
>yugo: stomach
>Yuri: penis

Look at what the Yus and Ruris are inside.

Does Serena jobbing amplify Yuri's power?

But when are the Yus going to be inside the Ruris

do you want to destroy the jiigens user?

All I want is for Yuri to have a monopoly over the Ruris.

All I want is for Yuri to hug Serena

She'd probably go all HANASE on him. She's such a bitch.


Would Yuri continue pressing her until she gives in to his advances?

Depends on how he presses her.

1v1 fagget

How do the Yu boys pee?
How do the Bracelet girls pee?

Anytime, boi.

It's like 6 in the morning and a faggot is asking how people pee.

Will you make it as good as Hanate?

Probably better since I've got a bit more of experience with music production.


Sounds cool. I sang for Hanate and Future Fighters, so might as well try to make it into SAA IMA DA, too.

I just started watching this series yesterday and while I have no idea what's going on with this pendulum stuff, it's really entertaining.

What happened to his egao?

Stop now.



It's too late to stop, especially with all these new husbandos.

Who do you think approached each other first when they were net for the first time? Yuya or Yuzu?



The way the show presents it, they've probably known each other since they were babies, so neither.

What happened to him?

These are you students. What do you teach them?

Oops, looks like one was late to class.

So wait. Was he adopted before or after Leo fucked off?

pretty sure he was adopted after

How to dress like proper women.

I bet Yoko took Yuzu and put her in Yuya's crib while he was sleeping

>Yoko just cucking after Yusho left
>Tfw they get married and it becomes incest and we'll never get a proper romance

Why is it always making them siblings when people try to come up with a way to stop Yuya/Yuzu from happening? You say that like even that would stop them.

>nip birthrate getting lower every year
>japan going to encourage everyone to have incest

Sounds like solid advice to me.

I bet if Yuya was like Jonathan Joestar the little kids would have a manly example to follow and impregnate the females, but no, let's have fuccboys.

>Beaten, tazed, and left collapsed on the floor
What's going to happen to Sweet Baby?

>a manly example to follow and impregnate the females
Ok user, how many kids and grand kids would result from this?

I'd take a fuccboi over a jobber anytime.

>disciplined, grounded strong man
>passive female with strong goals
I'd say about 4 kids and a whole bunch of gran-kids.

You don't need to be good at card games to raise a good a family.

Ruri is close enough to his radius, he should be able to regenerate quickly.

Yorozugurai no Guratton (All-Consuming Glutton)

Level 1 DARK Fiend-Type Special Summon Effect Monster
This card cannot be Normal Summoned/Set. This card must first be Special Summoned (from your hand) by banishing 5 or more cards face-down from your hand, your side of the field and/or from your Extra Deck.
(1) This card gains 100 ATK and DEF for each banished face-down card.
(2) This card cannot be Tributed or used as a Material Monster for a Fusion, Synchro or Xyz Summon.
(3) Once per turn, if this card battles an opponent’s monster, during the start of the Damage Step: You can banish that opponent’s monster face-down.

>yfw a jobelisk sees the opportunity to card a lancer and move up the ranks

>This card must first be Special Summoned (from your hand) by banishing 5 or more cards face-down from your hand, your side of the field and/or from your Extra Deck.
>Not graveyard
It's dead.

>Once per turn


>You don't need to be good at card games
How else do you make your kids proud in the YGOverse?

>(2) This card cannot be Tributed

By not being a worthless deadbeat like every other father.

So now that we have them all and the dust has settled, WHICH YUGO SHOKAN IS BEST SHOKAN?

seriously, look at the sausage fingers on the rest.

None of them. Yugo sucks.

Does Yuzu have the longest nails of the Ruris?

Go back to being unconscious Shun.

Yuzu's dad isn't a deadbeat.

More like I will ask them for an own Archetype.
....I guess we can teach them Ritual Summon so they can have their own "Magician of Black Chaos". Dunno about Synchro and Pendulum, since Xyz and Fusion are already covered.



Hugo, the biker from Yugoslavia.

Yuzu's dad is probably the best parent in the entire franchise which is admittedly an EXTREMELY low bar.

So if we assume that whatever are you doing to Raya, you are doing to all Ruries at once, then what you will do to her?

If you could self-insert as a monster, with stats and effect, what monster would you be?

When the fuck is someone gonna try to summon a carded person from their duel disk.

reee nyaa is kill

card her

Protect her

One of Yuya's hippos, preferably the one he spends the most time riding

I already figured that out a long time ago
>ywn be a sexy muscular lion amazoness with an innocent wildcat face

>there will never be a proper tag duel of Yuto + Shun with both of them encouraging each other

Cat is best dancer

I could just try to make myself as a monster just to be a direct support for my cardfu. But if I have to choose one, Dark Magician.
>Serena will never use LunaLight again
Well, it was fun while it lasted. LunaLight Dancers a bests

Can we just agree that Leo is brown?

He is like Archer

He just likes tanning.

>Leo is a nig
>Reiji has nig genes
>Reiji's D/D/D is a BBC

Skull Servant

He's not even best Yu.

I'm a private tutor

> I have seen things, nee-san. Horrible things

Be honest, to the anons that would go to the Invasion Sneak Peek, if you get Starve Venom,will you use it?

I will not mind, but I have to pull it out first.

Off by 1

What's the song that plays at the start of the Asuka/Yuri duel? ep 123 5:56, I think it also plays during Dennis's last duel. Is it not on the soundtracks yet?


agreed, desu

I want to see your team

That's an understatement. GX was a load of horseshit that should never have existed.

Every thread until he returns.

Not really. Just feeling a bit nostalgic since it's been a year since he first disappeared.

memorable posts or images?

I don't know shit about Fate and Digimon.


Before I try to edit this. Can I put Darkrai in there? Or no Legendary allowed?

Shun's reaction to Ray ought to be hilarious.

>Lives of all Yus and Ruries turns out to be just embodients of certain parts of Zarc's and Ray's lives.
So in fused dimension Shun will be Shuzo's son?

Either way, Shun's dream of having 4 imoutos will finally come true.

No, if they all stays as Raya.

This won't happen. Fans like them as separate characters.

Since when does Ono care about what the fans want?

He isn't Kubo

Would you let her fart on your face?

Just wait once Zarc and Raya will be fully introduced.

>implying the ED wasn't a farewell to the counterparts as seperate characters

Does this show have any hope?

Yes. The fanbase's despair will serve as a stepping stone for the show's hope.

No. But it's better this way.
Let it burn.

Do they even have monsters
Its haven't seen 1 good looking stand

I dont know how to tell you this but
at this point there's more unreleased music than released music

blame the DM movie, or Arc-V sucking and getting low ratings

girls don't fart user

then what purpose does their butthole serve?

For putting my penis in


Why did it all go so wrong?

Pacing and EGAO.

Synchro arc shat on the pacing with the longest pure knockout tournament in Yugioh history, then Xyz rushed all the action and led us into Fusion without much fanfare.

And because of EGAO, or more accurately, because there isn't a way for villains to be removed from the show (because the heroes don't card people), they end up being unconvincingly converted, and Yuya's philosophy seems to work every single time (unless Yuzu is involved).

This scene was so adorable.
Why did 4kids removed it?

Fuck off back to tumblr.

HQ Ruri from the ED

It could have been so good. Synchro arc caused the hype to die for me, then they put out that hype opening for Xyz but it was all a bullshot.
Still won't top how mad Dark Signer arc end made me.

Isn't Ruri the girliest out of the all bracelet girls,with Serena being the most 'tomboy-ish'?

Why did Leo wanted to be famous?

>Cred Forums shit

Leo should have made his own youtube account and have Yuri in it.


That's so cute.

Nigga, you need card protectors.

It's not mine, found it on nip twitter.

aww ;-;

What would he make videos about? Tutorials on how to take over a dimension in 3 years or less?

Ruri is just a moeblob

Yeah, girly.

holy shit that "Who are you calling your ally?" line gave me shivers, props to yuya va

The "bugs are still bugs" line was great too. I can't decide if Kensho Ono is better as Yuya or as Yuri.

>defeating the infected in duels doesn't cure them
What? That's bullshit, literal magic wasn't that strong.

Why would it? The physical bug's still in the brain. Losing a card game wouldn't change that.
It's easier with magic since it's magic with its loosely defined rules and shit.

Really? I thought that line was cringeworthy, especially because of how it sounds in Japanese. Yuya's VA isn't that good with doing an evil/demonic voice imo

I'm sorry, are you saying there's problems card games can't solve?

I mean, it kinda has to knock a real parasite out of someone's brain.
Though the Doctor will probably be forced to release the Ruris after losing a duel or something, so I guess they'll indirectly solve this situation?

That would mean the brainwashed Ruri's duels are pointless since it doesn't progess anything let alone the plot.

I miss the days when a Mind Crush solved everything.

>post yfw the series ends on a cliffhanger because the studio sucked their budget dry

>"the" studio

>arc-v wastes time on useless duels no one likes and that don't progress the plot at all
What a shocker!

>tfw the studio gets sucked before any of the Yuyas

They're still pointless and aren't advancing shit. They just keep losing aside from Rin and even she was pointless because Yugo already wanted to fight Yuri.

Who is the most adorable Arc V character? And why is it Shun?

Yeah I'd rather we just go full dive on with zarc and ray.

I can't believe I'm saying this because I praised this aspect of Arc-V before, but it's downfall was that Arc-V is one continuous story in multiple arcs, instead of being separate arcs like every other season


>Something in Arc-V is pointless and won't go away
Stop the presses!


Maybe he could survive all those rocks and stairs if he was adurable instead.



Because you are retarded.

Imagine the salt that would come from a sudden cliffhanger ending. The show would cement itself in infamy. But if for no other reason, Arc-V will definitely continue to the end for the sake of filling in the timeslot until the next series takes over.

this means roger will be back

Zexal ended in a cliffhanger and nobody gave a shit.

Nah, it'll get the Jet treatment.
>Did Roger just die?
>I dunno; it was really unclear.

ZeXal solved most of its plot problems with "Numeron Code did it", and the "cliffhanger" was starting a brand-new and completely-unrelated plot.

Also, ZeXal's plot was never anything more than it was on the surface.


>implying there's any competition

That's an 'the adventure continues' ending you idiot, and Zexal is far from the first to do that kind of thing. The main conflict and antagonists that took up the whole series were resolved.

Cliffhanger ending is when a show ends right before getting through its real climax.

I just remembered that we are in October already.

Would Shun let Yuto impregnate his sister?


Does Shun feel in charge?

21st like every month

Ray and Zarc are the last interesting thing about this anime.

Hopefully they don't cock it up

Yuya will confess his love to Yuzu in order to destroy the Barinwashing right?

we can hope

That'd be really adorable.

Alright, I'm in the mood to rewatch some Yu-Gi-Oh!

Anybody got the old series charts?

>rewatching shit shows


Is XYZ arc any good? I dropped it after the endless tournament arc



A promising first 3-4 duels and events till EGAO and underwhelming reveal of new fusion ace

no but the Fusion arc is about to revolutionize this entire franchise
you should catch up

That's a funny way of spelling "ruin".

Needs to be re-written with dub names.

>no but the Fusion arc is about to revolutionize this entire franchise

I guess that's one way to call the descent of the show as the worst rated anime show in history.

found the pleb

You want some juice?

Hey... Those who have already fallen into despair need not apply.

Where's GX?

found the weeb

Don't watch.

I've already watched it though.
Do you just not have the picture?


just don't watch that shit man

>weeb as an insult
>on Cred Forums