Overlord second season?

New recap 'movie' coming, OVA, and dubbed episodes is there hope for second season of Overlord? (im a couple days late i know) also volume 11 LN hype.

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is nigel ded

why no update in 4 days

supposedly this is the biggest volume to date so ill give him a couple days, im probably just in denial.

You poor baka.
He's been posting non stop.
Yet you have no eyes to gaze upon his work

What other works does he post? I've only kept up to date on Overlord by Nigel

Boku no Ainz is his most updated.

I found it he has it all up i didnt see it for some reason

I want to make Shalltear mai chair.

Cocytus is giving some competition thought.

Stop insulting a Supreme Being you click beetle.

Solution has the coolest attack

>She doesn't even move her legs

Why were anons so triggered by male Valkyries?

Stop that.


>AGI 99
>DEX 99
>Critical Hit 80% 3x dmg


The DnD fags are really autistic when it comes to lore. They have trouble accepting the fact that not everyone is as autistic as them.

Is that a challenge

Is there already a fighting game with Overlord sprites?

>Pshhh.... Nothin' personnel, kid

This is not D&D. Male Valkyries make no mythological sense.

I don't get it either. Why can't male Valkyries be a thing? Does it really matter if it conflicts with the original lore? It's just a game.

>make no mythological sense

Since when do games have to make "mythological sense"? Don't get triggered over trivial shit.

Ignore the bait, post waifus

>When will CZ get more screentime?

I'm just amazed at the sheer number of anons that got triggered by Valkyrie cock.

Damnit at least a week more till ScanAnon or RiskyAnon gets their OL stuff.


Games can be whatever they want. But if you're just speculating about some possible title for a type of soldier or class, why not assume the one that makes the most sense?


Only people like you who take games and lore way too seriously find the idea of a male Valkyrie absolutely unacceptable.

Actually it depends on what the actual term in their tongue means.

Example: Witch stands for "Wise old woman". Therefore that term sticks to female only.
Angel for example is messenager of the Gods/God. The term itself is genderless.

>male Valkyries

that sound extremely


I've got my copy of v11, so I can do a final release of the Prologue and c1 by this weekend (and c2 if the chinks pick up the pace, which is not likely)

Some people have no imagination. They can't accept anything that deviates from the original lore.

anyone got link to the artwork scan?
I want to know how Decrement actaully look like

Thanks Nigel

A male Valkyrie would literally just be a guy with wings and a spear. If you find that gay; perhaps that's your fetish.

She looks _____Cute_______

These types of people always ruin everything. They really need to leave their basements once in a while.


If we can get really pedantic:

Valkyrie (n.) 1768, one of 12 war-maidens who escorted the brave dead to Valhalla, from Old Norse valkyrja, literally "chooser of the slain," from valr "those slain in battle" (see Valhalla) + kyrja "chooser," from ablaut root of kjosa "to choose," from Proto-Germanic *keusan, from PIE *geus- "to taste, choose" (see gusto). Old English form was Wælcyrie, but they seem not to have figured as largely in Anglo-Saxon tales as in Scandinavian. German Walküre (Wagner) is from Norse. Related: Valkyrian.

The term refers specifically to the maiden attendants of Odin.

Did the other Norse heaven not have Valkyries? The one where you don't have to be a manly dude who died in battle to go fight for eternity until Ragnarok; the one with the nice fields and peace?

The heck's a kuagoa?

Whoops, this is more accurate:

White Dragon Lord

Job: Frost Dragon Lord of the Azellisian Mountain Range
Residence: Royal Palace of the former Dwarven city (Feo Belkana)
Alignment: Neutral (Karma -25)
Racial Levels:
Dragonling 10 Lv.
Young 10 Lv.
Adult 10 Lv.
Elder 5 Lv.
Ancient 1 Lv.

gondo firebeard
Rune Inventor

Job: Part-timer (at the beginning of v11)
Residence: Dwarven city (Feo Jura)
Alignment: Neutral (Karma 45)
Job Levels:
Weaponsmith 4 Lv.
Armorsmith 3 Lv.
Itemsmith 3 Lv.
Runesmith 1 Lv.

pe riyuro
Greatest Lord of the Species in History

Job: Lord of the United Kuagoa Tribes of the Azellisian Mountain Range
Residence: The former Dwarven city’s (Feo Belkana) Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Alignment: Neutral (Karma 40)
Racial Levels:
Kuagoa 10 Lv.
Kuagoa Lord 10 Lv.
Job Levels:
Emperor (normal) 3 Lv.
Monk 6 Lv.
Ki Master 4 Lv.

Yeah, I don't know why all those anons were so against the idea of male Valkyries. I don't see the problem.

Probably the mole people bothering the dorfs. They're also known as Burrowing Beastmen.

Will we see dvarves today?

Valkyrie cock just brings out the autism in a lot of the DnD fags.

Probably, but so far it's Ainz and friends setting out. The chinks are dialing back their pace a little so don't expect too much.

Hey maybe we'll all get lucky and see some valkyrie cock in volume 12

It's the same retards who got triggered over lovecraft shit in one of the previous threads. They're cancer; they get triggered over everything.

Nah the rest just go to Hel. It's the default afterlife, Valkyries appear only to those worthy of Valhalla.


Intermission is about the elven king, talking about how the ST is massed outside their capital (this was mentioned in v10). He mentions something about going to take his daughter back from them by himself near the end...

ZZ is elven rape babby confirmed.

I guess that's why she covers her ears.

Well, the word used is "child" but it's 99% obvious who she really is.

>yfw the Valkyrie Knight in the Holy Kingdom is a man

I can't wait to see lore autists get BTFO.

Oh man, if that happens every thread is just going to be them complaining about muh mythology.

>muh thology

>It's a trap

Anons got so triggered over the mere idea of Valkyrie cock; if it actually becomes a real thing then the ensuing mass meltdown is going to be hilarious.

Is this from some omake or ova?

What if demon gods are NPCs transfered to NW without their masters-players? That would explain their fury.

"Male Valkyries" or "Valkyrie cock" needs to be added to the Overlord bingo. I'm still laughing from the autism in that game design thread.

>This thread

>mfw this is what Overlord threads are going to be like now.

Lore autists are morons.

I hid those posts the second they popped up, but I guess they're still going on.

As the poster who made the initial Valkyrie (male) joke I'm profoundly sorry.

I hate you, so goddamn much

>has cock


Wait, I thought I was the one who started the male Valkyrie shit?

Stop shitposting

My disdain can be shared.

I don't understand why this triggers you, user. Male Valkyries aren't a big deal; you don't need to chimp out at the mere idea of them.

I think you probably mentioned correctly that Valkyries are girls by definition but I was the one who blew the lid off by suggesting trap Valkyries.


I really dont want to be the person who made all overlord threads autistic shit posts of valkyrie cocks

What is happening in this thread? What's with all the Valkyrie talk? What does any of this have to do with Overlord?

This is what you deserve for being such a lore autist.

There is a Valkyrie knight in overlord.
Someone suggested that valkyrie shouldn't be a gender specific class
We are still dealing with the aftermath.

>pic related

So who will the next chapter be about?

Because Demi using the Rod of the Incubus on the trap valkyrie knight of the Holy Kingdom and making him swear to bear babies for Ainz-sama is the essence of all Overlord threads.

I like that concept art. Once again, I don't see why everyone has a problem with male Valkyries. They're getting triggered over nothing.

It's just one autist (this guy) trying really hard to force a shitposting topic.

Just report his posts.

>Someone suggested that Valkyrie should be a gender specific class. We are still dealing with the aftermath.


500 pages hype?

486 pages, actually. According to the wiki.

What if Renner decides to become a Valkyrie? and then we find out she's actually Prince Renner? How would that work?

sweet jesus

about half way through Chap 1 good so far God bless Supreme being Nigel

What is it about Valkyrie cock that triggers you so much, user?

Chapter 1 was done last night, chapter 2 begins tonight.

I wonder what Nigel-sama thinks of male Valkyries?

lurk more

I could probably finish chap 1 tonight with ease but i gotta read for some class

They don't exist

This Vol is pretty fun so far. I think it has just solidified Aura and Shalltear as my favorites.

There's really nothing preventing a male from becoming a Valkyrie, despite what certain lore autists may think.

More importantly, male Valkyries look pretty badass. See

This is a real Valkyrie

Female Valkyries don't exist either. What's your point?

Is that Peroronchino-sama!?

Shalltear no

Shalltear yes!

I want the Holy Kingdom's Valkyrie Knight to be a man just to see the lore autists get triggered. Does that make me a bad person?

Look Ainz-sama!

what's the lvl for the godkins?

But they do. I see em now flying in Valhalla under Odin's watch.

You mean the ones in the Slane theocracy and stuff?

Fuck off. This is a male Valkyrie thread now.

No! we're going to stay on topic!

2nd best girl wins again!

I'm looking forward to it too.

aye, for the looks of it they are quite up there
but i imagine anything below 60 is ezpz for momonga

So Anons, what will be replaced by Male Valkyrie and Co-Cute-Tus in OL bingo?

I'm certain they're no greater than 60. did they ever give gazef a level? i thought i remember hearing 40's somewhere if thats true i doubt the godkin are much higher

You're entitled to your opinion... but it's wrong

>changing the bingo to conform to an autist's force meme

work indeed did nothing
author deserves every spaking from tom clancy user for killing them

Replace "Is it Saturday". It's lame.

Did you see the game design thread? There was no force required, everyone got triggered by the power of Valkyrie cock.

Why are class restrictions so hard to grasp? I mean You have hidden classes with very specific requirements that can only be obtained as lvl 96-100 but "must be female" is too hard to accept.


Well anyone can get to level 100 but only some start out as male/female/blarg or whatever you autists identify as

>everyone got triggered by the power of Valkyrie cock.
Reading through that thread, the only one that got triggered is the guy who was told that Valkyries can't be male.

He got so triggered, in fact, that he's still on about it three or four threads later, trying to force the meme.

Valkyries were always male.
Only permavirgin DnD neckbeards thought they were female.

You do realize he's just baiting, right?

And you can't access slime classes if you don't start as a slime, what of it? Can you train to be a slime?


Yes, but it's kind of amazing that he's still at it, so I feel he deserves a reward.

You think impossible to fulfill class requirements are good game design?


Well it's not impossible so you don't have an argument?

Retard, you can get a race change in Ygg. It's not impossible to attain that class.

If you can't get a sex change; which in Ygg it's implied you can't, then gender-exclusive classes have impossible to fulfill class requirements for 50% of players.

That is bad game design.

>Take one level in Crossdresser somewhere along the line
>Gender requirements are now meaningless
Problem solved, everyone can shut up and discuss Chaircytus now or something.

Then let it be bad. Why are you assuming Yggdrasil was a perfect game?

This was already solved in the thread it was explained. If there's a female-only class, there can be another, equivalent, male-only class with a different name.

Yggdrasil did seem like a pretty perfect game desu i dont believe the game was meant to be balanced i mean they had a club that one shots people. but i think it was more about the learning of secritive knowledge and exploring as ainz says

I didn't say Ygg was a perfect game, don't put words in my mouth. I simply stated that gender-exclusive classes are bad game design.

the dark souls of Dive MMORPGs


There's honestly no problem with having male Valkyries, yet some people are so triggered by the idea of Valkyrie cock that they have autistic splergs. Lore autists are pathetic.

Valkyries were always female.
Only cock gobbing cumguzzling cucks thought they were male.

I find it funny how on Cred Forums, the people who make the most autistic posts insist on calling other people autists.

Why do you all assume that this have something to do with lore? I thought that this whole valkyre debate is about someone being triggered by the existence of gender-locked classes.

>yfw Valkyries have cocks

>valkyrie 48 matches
>valkyrie cock 11 matches
>lore 11 matches
>lore autist 6 matches
for what purpose, why is this guy so obsessed with valkyries and their genitalia

No it's about some guy who gets triggered over the fact that there are male valkyries in Ygg

>How to have a good thread

I tried my best to keep the thread on track, these trap loving faggots are my bane right now

For the (you)s and sucking Valkyrie dick

Nothing wrong with valkyre(male), but what's wrong with having gender locked classes?

There are two issues that are central to this Valkyrie debate:

1) Are gender-exclusive classes good game design? i.e Valkyrie class for girls only

2) Can male Valkyries exist in-game despite what lore says?

No such thing. Where's the proof?

This is what is wrong.

Just read through the game design thread. There are multiple anons getting triggered over the idea of male Valkyries.

1)Definitely not a bad one
Solved!I hope

>total equality
>good game design
I bet you're the kind of person who was glad that shamans and paladins became non-faction specific in WoW

So what? Do people want everything spoonfed to them? You make an avatar you like and you stick with the consequences of your decisions. Being able to "redo" is lame as fuck.


It's not a debate, it's just one vocal autist and a few other idiots taking the bait.

I have been trying to do the same and I hate this with a passion

>2) Can male Valkyries exist in-game despite what lore says?
Well, it's not like anyone can stop the game designers, seeing how there's no law against it, however it would be extremely stupid.

Why call them Valkyries? It's like having a male succubus class instead of just calling it Incubus.

if anyone seriously takes the valkyrie bait at this point you're either too esl to pickup on bait or too braindead to function on Cred Forums

>I want to punish players for no reason
>I think everything is spoonfeeding
>I think good game design is lame

No, proof as in male valks in overlord.

>I want bad game design

Thanks for the input, user.


What are you? A faggot?

Anyone else think overlords going to end with a Lelouch swing to it? have momom "defeat" Ainz and lead the people as a savior of the oppressive regimen of Ainz

here's a (you) back
why do you want bad game design user?

Idiot, he updates every day at 11 PM GMT+8

He's already done the following:


If you're not baiting, they're on the usual website. He doesn't make separate posts for each part, just updates the same post. Scroll down from the prologue.

No, (you) are

There's no proof that gender-exclusive classes exist in Ygg. So it's possible that male Valkyries exist. This idea triggers a lot of people.

No. He will be defeated by Climb and die the villain he has become.

>too braindead to function on Cred Forums
No such thing.

>All Valkyries are female because I say so!

Nice argument, retard.

Pixiv has failed, anyone got the sauce?

>I want all the class information and powerups so I don't suck
>I think everything should be given to me
>I think being handed everything on a silver platter is good game design

>1) Are gender-exclusive classes good game design? i.e Valkyrie class for girls only

>2) Can male Valkyries exist in-game despite what lore says?
Can they? Sure. Should they? No.

Official thread theme

Aren´t Japanese MMORPGs a joke at this point? There must be a lot of joke classes like idol and such, I dont see why game developers would stick to lore.

>I think everything is spoonfeeding
>I think everything is spoonfeeding
>I think everything is spoonfeeding

Yes it is, aspie.

underrated kek

>I decide everything!
You're cute.

He's one of those retards who thinks good game design starts from and prioritizes balance over all else, it's pretty amusing since his kind is what keeps breaking all the top earning games until it becomes a shell of it's former self to sustain their egos for 'skill' recognition.

Nice argument, retard.

Who knew that male Valkyries had so much trolling potential?
RIP Overlord threads

I don't think there is a snowballs chance in hell of that happening. if it did happen i would be extremely disappointed for breaking realism like that Climb is like less than level 15

1) See this 2) Why do male Valkyries bother you so much?

>2) Why do male Valkyries bother you so much?
They don't. I don't care if people are wrong. I just like pointing out when someone is wrong.

Do you also want a male Nun class?

Why are you whining?

>autists fighting with homosexuals
this is a great thread

The wild card is wild magic and martial arts which took down the other ygg people. Since we don't know how both works, it still a possibility.

>male Nun class

Holy shit, now you're just reaching.

>They don't. I don't care if people are wrong. I just like pointing out when someone is wrong.

They certainly do. Just because male Valkyries don't fit in with your autistic tastes doesn't mean they're wrong. Games can create their own mythology; you understand that, right?

>Games can create their own mythology; you understand that, right?
Sure, but it'll be stupid.

>male nun class
You're a joke. Stop getting triggered over Valkyrie cock.

Martial arts maybe but seeing how the war troll in Volume 10 forget his name couldnt inflict enough damage even close to all of Ainz's health with his damage remover off i dont see how Climb even with razors edge or some other magic tool could defeat him without some bs plot armor

whats wrong with male nuns?

>It's stupid because I say it is!
>It's stupid because it doesn't conform to my autistic tastes!

You're a child. There's no problem with having a male Valkyrie class.

Why are you so triggered over male nuns, user?

You're projecting real hard, Valkyrie is a concept made specifically for females. Males would just be called angels or have a different name. Valkyrie comes from a specific culture, where they specifically designated women for that role.

If you wanna argue against that, then you first need to convince everyone Jesus Christ and Buddha were possibly women cause that is what you are doing. It's not the concept of men with feathery wings, it's a specific word that came from a specific period of time from a specific culture from a specific people. The word Valkyrie was not coined in 2014 when you first visited Cred Forums.

You may as well argue that the word males can infer to girls. Or maybe you're really so stupid you wanna argue against real historical folklore.

No one cares if you wanna make up a new term for men with feathery wings if angel doesn't cut it, but you're the one trying to redefine words and then hypocritically calling others out for doing so despite having no real basis. And to top it off, not only are you not entertaining, not funny, nor witty, but you're still shitting up the thread.

It almost makes me suspect whether you are one of those isekai haters and just pick randumb shit to bait people with, but that would imply you've spent over 50k hours on this board as your designated shitting spot.

I don't have a problem with male nuns, user. You on the other hand, seem to get triggered by both male Valkyries and male nuns. What's wrong, user?

Why are you a hypocrite?

What do you mean by that? Do you know how many games out there use their own mythology? Almost all fantasy games have different mythologies

How am I a hypocrite? Holy shit. Whiny bitch.

But razor edge is plot armor and it's made from wild magic. It's a reality slash that ignores defence. It's a pretty fine weapon. Now if they could get with the last wild users, dragons, and power it up it can be called a harmful weapon. Now martial arts is just a tool to hit and evade. It would be use to survive the battle against Ainz. Or at the very least catch him off guard.

Name one game that borrows a concept from an exciting mythology but gets the most important and well known aspect of that concept wrong.

If you want an original class then why not make one? It's like people asking for nun(male)

Mate, don't bother explaining it to that fucking autistic. We did that 2 threads ago. Over and over and over again. He is probably not even baiting but just really that fucking dense.

I tried to argue that gender-specific classes can be interesting from game design perspective even without exact male counterpart.
It derailed into shitposting pretty quickly.
I'm sorry.
I will not mention it ever again.

>I think everyone is as obsessed with lore as I am!
>I think games should be as autistic as I am!

You're ridiculous. Are you really this triggered by Valkyrie cock, you autistic fuck?

Man, this is really important to you, isn't it? That's fine, I guess. Stop shitting up overlord threads with your bullshit, please.

You lore autists are the only ones that get triggered by the idea of male Valkyries. Get over yourselves.

>I don't know how to read

Just eat your Valkyrie cock nigga.

>Valkyrie is a concept made specifically for females.

In the real world, yes.

But in the LN, Yggdrasil may be based on concepts from the "Real world", as in the world outside the game in the LN. Different stories and myths may have been created there.

So valkyries in Yggdrasil, the game, may have been based on "real valkyries" from their world, which are not the same as "real valkyries" from our world. Their myths and legends may contain male valkyries

Why are you so triggered?

Same here, i was the one who revealed the existence of gender locked classes and then argued that this is not a bad thing at all.
I am sorry.

Your only arguments are muh valkyrie cock and muh autism.
Game design wouldn't even be an issue if there are equivalent counterparts. Or even if there aren't it wouldn't be terrible. Males would have other exclusive classes.

I'm really not sure if you are STILL baiting or if you realized how fucking stupid you are but keep going so that if someone calls you out on it you can still claim that you were only pretending to be a fucking retard.


You two need to learn what good game design is.

This is not good game design.

Because getting (you)s has never been so easy.

Why are you still baiting? You're Cred Forums level shitposting. And not the Australian kind that is actually funny. You are a fucking leaf.

You know, I can actually see future SJWs bullying the developers into including male Valkyries in Yggdrasil.

Besides, who knows what kind of progressive society the real world of Overlord is.

Why would you do this to Lenneth?

What is the argument against male Valkyries? Lore?

If that's all, then you really are an autistic fuck. Games create their own lore; they aren't as obsessed with mythology as you are.

He's still baiting because people are still biting. Hide and move on.

Ainz being bothered by homosexual implications seems to be a running staple

I guess he's a extra insecure now being a dick-less skeleton but it's getting old

yeah, just like the homosexual advocating valkyrie cock is getting old

I agree it could be used to catch ainz off guard and even damage him a bit but his health is so massive compared to any person in this world its like a level 2 in runescape being proud of hitting a 1 on a level 99 health player

There is nothing wrong with being a raging homosexual

>Autist: cool

>Male Valkyrie
>Autist: TRIGGERED.jpg

Lore autists are surprisingly similar to SJWs.

Get these traps off this good christian Overlord thread

Not just health. He has 93 mag. resistance as well.

I know a thing or two about game design.
Too little information in this post to determine that.
It's certainly harder to create a good game with non-symmetrical balance(vs lazy symmetrical balance, like chess, checkers or Warcraft 2), but not impossible. Far from it.

And now I will stop. For real, this time. I will stop replying.

Have a nice day, sir.

What about these traps?

You're the one who's advocating for gender-exclusive classes despite them being poor game design.

its okay to be gay user, its just kind of annoying when you push it so hard on everyone else

I love Ferris. But valkyrie (male) is just stupid. It's like calling a succubus a male.

Only if it's the other way around.

what does game design have to do with homosexuality?

>not being autistic means I'm gay

I'm actually fine with that.

Why is everyone so triggered by this? I thought traps were cool now?

You tell me? I don't think male Valkyries are gay, apparently all the lore autists do.

isn't that an incubus?

See? acceptance is the first step to being happy with yourself
It's okay to wait a little longer too, just don't stay in the closet too long or you'll live an unfulfilled life

>male Valkyrie


>male Valkyries
It makes perfect sense though.

The Japanese already rape the original lore of every single occidental myth for both videogames and anime & manga.

Why wouldn't fictitious Japanese video-game developers from the future include something as retarded as male valkyries into Yggdrassil.

>It's like calling a succubus a male.
I'm sorry, but I don't quite get what you are implying user

My fucking god. Games can call a Goblin a dragon if they want to. That is not a dragon though. Dragon is a coined term. Giant, scaled, wings, usually breaths fire.
Valkyrie is also a coined term. Barmaid of Odin, cocksleeve of Einherjar.
That is not about lore, that is about what the words mean you massive fucking retard.

well. Tactics Ogre taught me that a male Valkyrie is called a Rune Fencer

but what's in a title


That the jap no nothing about superior European folklore folded 1000x.

It's a trap incubus.

>if games don't conform to my standards then they're wrong!
>I'm the only one who can decide what something is!

Nice argument. There is no reason for there not to be male Valkyries other than your trivial muh mythology.

Why are you so triggered by the idea of Valkyrie cock?

Do you think players will actaully appear or will ainz's only real opponents be those who have those world items and possiblities of brainwashing rubedo or any other guardian

Full circle. I like this. Keep going, you aspie.

Are you fucking kidding me?! Just stop this shit already. What do you want?

That is not what I said, how can you interpret what I wrote like that?
It is a coined term, I don't say so, that is the way it is, mate.
There is no reason for a Unicorn to not actually being a Succubus with a horn except for the common definition of what it is. Why are you so fucking autistic?

Isn't that a succubus (male) thou?

Pretty sure Rizgit is another player.

Why are you so against the idea of coming out of the closet? There are plenty of people today who would support your decision

I hope the author doesn't cop out by making Ainz and Nazarick face combat challenges.

He needs to face problems he can't solve with might or magic.

Can we stop talking about valkirya?

Games do not care about mythology, they do whatever they want. Try to understand that, little boy. Deviating slightly from the mythology doesn't suddenly make a male Valkyrie not a Valkyrie. As long as the main characteristics are still present; it's not a problem.

>Wizard(male) - Witch(female)
>Incubus(male) - Succubus(female)
>Einherjar(male) - Valkyrie(female)
Can't we just drop this shit already? It's been nothing but Valkyrie cocks for last three threads.


Will tri ace ever make the third game?

True i think he should stick with his internal battles such as being a good leader/ "Father?"

We're trying, but that one dude keeps bringing it up.

>problems he can't solve with might or magic.
So basically problems he just have to deal with by being his retarded usual self and having everyone misinterpret his actions, making everything fall into place just according to keikaku.

I hate Ainz sometimes.

Most of the time, really.

What is the problem with male Valkyries? Seriously? Why is everyone so triggered?

Or he could finally face Pandora head on since that seems like his biggest hurdle. Even going so far as to lock him into a vault.

A main characteristic for Valkyries is being female.

You know what, forget it. If you want to be proven wrong, just scroll up. We've been there often enough now. Arguing with a massive fucking aspie like you just really isn't going anywhere.

rubedo can't be affected by wci because she's made from a wci.

her attacks also go through immunity and maybe resistance (ainz mentioned that world-class threats ignore immunity)

what makes you say that? she and pdl have a conversation about how it's a shame the other players died before they could share their knowledge.

lets talk about skies of arcadia instead

So does anybody know what she's killing here?

Where was this mentioned i dont recall this anywhere?
biggest hurdle how? most issues ive seen ainz have with pandora was him being embarrassed of himself in the past

>one characteristic is changed
>therefore it's all wrong

Enough autism. Male Valkyries aren't a big deal; no need to splerg out about it.


Interesting question, actually.
If she is NW native, then NW can slowly grow more powerful if age will not affect them.
Fluder seems to be pretty powerful. Maybe NW natives just need to have sufficiently powerful teachers to grow.

Please actually read the posts you reply to. I'm done spoonfeeding you.

And as long as Pandora lives, he will be remembered of that past.

It's just him and Pandora. He can't get the other guardians involved and he can't use his might. It's just him and his cringe. He can't fake confidence either since Pandora knows him.

>male valkyries can't exist because I say so!

Nice argument. Male Valkyries are perfectly fine.

Thanks user.

Thats Hamsuke Ainz is riding.

Nah can't be. Why would he risk Momonga like that?

Why are people so triggered by male Valkyries?


They have no imagination.

The obvious solution is to have female Valkiries with optional cocks.

> The undead were completely immune to sleep, poison, disease and other effects which affected a living creature’s metabolism. However, some enemies’ attacks could bypass those resistances.Those attacks usually belonged to World class enemies. For instance, the Five Rainbow Buddhas’ ‘Five Celestial Death Throes’, the ‘Corpse Venom Breath’ exhaled by one of the Eight Dragons, or the ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ of the Lords of the Seven Sins.

although this may refer to individual moves, a series of moves, or all moves under certain conditions for world class enemies.

The people getting triggered are no-life lore otakus that have nothing better to do.

True i suppose but i hardly think he's a risk at all 1) the guardians are incredibly loyal to all the SB's
2) hes ainz's personal one so even more loyalty i dont think hes at risk of yapping unless he gets mind controlled which is pretty low because hes in the treasury but it'd be interesting if he did get brainwashed and told the enemy that he is just really a normal guy then whatever happens after that is fair game

Or just regular male Valkyries.

You forget. He's in Albedo's death squad. He's in the world more.

Stop talking about valkyrias.

When will people stop getting triggered over the idea of male Valkyries?

I don't think Ainz will face any challenge regarding combat prowess. Not in this story. If I've heard correctly then this is like a prologue to OL2 or something. I think Ainz will conquer the world and build his Utopia successfully. After 200 years another set of players (possibly one of the top ranked guild) with a few players would get transported to NW and that's where the real challenge starts.

Do you have a legitimate obsession?
I've never seen someone this dedicated before

Ygg shut down user. There's no more people coming.

just because it's shut down doesn't mean players brought over to this new world couldn't of came in at different times, I mean I've only watched the anime but isn't it hinted that players had appeared in the past?

Here's a serious question fro you autistic fucks. Do you really have a problem if game devs create male Valkyries? Is this something worth getting triggered over?

Simply pathetic user-kun

Do you have a legitimate obsession?
I don't think I've ever seen someone this dedicated before

Are you sure that's the case? In the twitter side story Ainz alone got transported to NW but time was 200 years ago. Some players may have been transported 200 years in the future. Players appear in different timelines based on their location in YGG.