Describe this character without saying what they look like, what they wore, or what their occupation in the story was...

Describe this character without saying what they look like, what they wore, or what their occupation in the story was. Describe this character to your friends like they ain't never read Fate

moralfag ghost chick blasts other ghosts with a sword

>Tohsaka looks down at the golden-haired girl below her and takes a deep breath.
>"Ah... hm... I'm surprised... I didn't think I swung this way."
>Then, she takes the finger resting on top of Saber's crotch and sinks it inside.

>"...! ――Ah, ha――"
>...Was it a soft touch?
>Saber just raises her shoulders once and does not appear agitated by Tohsaka's fingers.

>"Nn... ah, haa..."
>...A wet sound can be heard between her heated moans.
>Sticky and slimy sounds.
>Drops of the passionate juice that seems to symbolize the improper actions of two women.
>It is indeed dripping from between Saber's legs.

>you remember King Arthur right?
>well japan made him a chick and gave her a sick invisible lightsaber to fight copies of historical figures to establish dominance

Japanese female King Arthur with a penis

King of cuckolds

Slut. She pleases her master for mana.


Inferior to her male version in every way imaginable. Japanese girls were made for british dick.

>occupation in the story

what exactly do you mean?
>student/mc/maymay giver

She's... Stoic?

You misspelled Slutty

My waifu.

Watch your tongue, subject.


Would be odd if she had more than one face.

Watch yours, or it may end up making contact with a black bull's dick when Saber cucks you and makes you watch her pussy being defiled from up close.

bland otakubait that fools people into thinking she's "le strong female character" just because she has asspulls and powerlevel

>She's female
>She's strong
>She's a character
>but she's not a strong female character

>exists to get fucked by the self-insert MC
>strong female charcter

Yeah no. If the genders were reversed she would be alright though.

Kind girl with a strong sense of duty, but a bit of a slob around people she is close to

A strong female character does not necessarily relate to pure strength/combat prowess. For example, one could argue that Misae Ikari from Paranoia Agent is a strong female character

race mixing with Saber!

Sex scenes were retconned.
And whoever can self insert as Shirou must be completely fucked in the head.

Saber is strong in many levels other than physical.

Strong=well written/good characterization/etc

A lot of faggots mistake "girl having a power level" for "good character development" and other such things

Saber is mentally weak (she falls apart when her ideals are challenged), stubborn, tactically stupid (her battle "strategy" consists of relying on her Instinct skill while rushing in blindly), and somehow only develops and gets past her trauma because of some japanese kid

Iri was a stronger character than Saber and she was literally 100% devoted to her husbando, so that was pretty impressive

She's a girl who was forced to become king because some strange lady in a pond was distributing swords. As a result she's an inadequate ruler who ultimately failed her people and was traumatized by said failure.

Her existence is a direct insult to King Arthur.

>using Zero as your main frame of reference

Stop. Even Urobutchi admits he didn't know how to write her.

>self inserting into shirou

Righteous chivalry-bound womanlet who inspires other people to job less than her

looks like a golden shit

Best Arthur right here. Also top tier husbando material.

King arthur becomes a girl and gets fucked by a japanese manlet

I thought it was normal

>airhead autist with crippling issues that strengthen his flimsy idealism
Protip: proper characters have a tendency to be relatable, which makes them very easy for certain people to project themselves onto. Not every instance of self-insertion boils down to the character being a paper bag with a face drawn on

I'm not using Zero as my main frame of reference. I'm simply saying Saber is so bad a literal "wife entirely devoted to her husband" character was a stronger character. She just happens to be from Zero.

If this was a "lol zerobabys" post, sorry, my first exposure to fate was the VN, the secondary defense won't work here.

Ever since Fate aired in 06, I still can't take her seriously as King Arthur's female counterpart.

I just think of her as a little teenage blonde girl with an excalibur NOT King Arthur so I could watch fate without any problem.

The only pupose of that genderbend waifub8 is to be fucked by a shitty MC anyway.

>Strong=well written/good characterization/etc
No, just no.
Strong = strong, and well written = well written.
The main meaning of the word always takes precedence over loose interpretations.
And SN Saber is strong in a physical, mental and emotional level, and even if you somehow want to disregard all that, she happens to be a pretty well written character too. So, your argument is completely invalid for the actual VN.
And regarding Zero, well, Urobuchi's interpretation of the Saber is complete shit. He's the sick pedo edgelord who wrote Madoka and Saya, how the fuck can you take him seriously when it comes to writing female characters?

>"wife entirely devoted to her husband" character was a stronger character
Not a single Zero female character is remotely close to being well written. They are all glorified tools and plot devices.
Zero is women objectification: the novel.
Want actual strong female characters? Look no further than the Tohsaka sisters in SN.

>Saber is mentally weak (she falls apart when her ideals are challenged), stubborn, tactically stupid (her battle "strategy" consists of relying on her Instinct skill while rushing in blindly), and somehow only develops and gets past her trauma because of some japanese kid
Except for the part where she was a perfect king, won countless battles, basically so perfect that she was like a robot at her job.

I would exchange my shit life to Shirou's place in a heartbeat if I had the chance.

In the context of the phrase "strong character", "strong" means "well written". You see there's this concept in the English language where words can have multiple meanings depending on their context. When you look in a dictionary and see multiple entries under one word, this is why. People aren't trying to fool you, words can actually mean different things.

>that nitpick about the literal meaning of strong
I know this is a fate thread but please, contain the autism

>Saber is well written in the VN because I say so, therefore your argument is invalid

She does dumb things like charging Caster's lair by herself, she spends half of Fate as just a plot device (not her fault since Fate is the intro route, granted), and in the end all of her flaws, compelling or otherwise, are just tossed aside with the whole "oh she was a good kind after all, she's just too hard on herself."

What is it with you Saberfags and thinking that everyone who doesn't like your precious waifu must be a Zerofag or a Zerobaby? Do you not know how to properly argue otherwise?

Paper is stronger than wet paper, that doesn't make paper strong. Nowhere did I say Iri is strong on her own merits. Just stronger than Saber. Iri is paper, Saber is wet paper. I'm sorry you need to read Zero fagging into this to try and invalidate my point.

Comparing Saber to Rin and Sakura would create the false impression that she's even worth comparing to them.

If all you can do is pretend the only problems with Saber are in Zero then you're the exact kind of otaku Saber was made to cater to.

If you want to continue this debate try arguing without the invoking the Urobutcher boogeyman.

As a connoisseur of the English language, you should probably know that context is by nature ambiguous and subjective. "strong character" can mean a plethora of things depending on the meaning you pick, but word definitions in the dictionary have numbers because they have hierarchy. This means that, when in doubt, the first entry takes precedence over the rest.
I'm sorry to disappoint you, but "strong character" means actually strong character before it means "well written character". For "well written character" you should use "well written character" before anything else.
But you obviously knew all this, right? you're just pretending not to have received elementary education to amuse yourself, right?

>can't figure out the meaning of words from context
>accuses somebody else of lacking education

I thought summer was over.

>Having flaws is a symptom of a poorly written character
Holy shit, why not just throw all subtleties out the window and scream "THIS IS BAIT GUYS"?
Have a pity (you).

I literally said that dismissing her flaws, some of which I said were compelling (do you know what that word means?), with "no she was perfect after all" made her a worse character.

You are literally incapable of reading.

Saberfags, everyone.

...Or am I the one being baited?

>le summerfag meme

Disappointing reply. But glad to see my remark on your education level hit a nerve :^)

>she was perfect after all
What VN did you read?

You are literally incapable of reading.

>N-no, I'm the one getting baited!
Jesus Christ.

I'm tired of the same shitty baits year after year.

H-hot. Of course I'll be the one fucking her and humiliating that user.

Please define "A man of strong character" for me. Id like to see how you interpret phrases

Not that user but what? Stop being stupid. Strong character can literally mean a physically strong character in a fictitious work. Strong of character refers to something else entirely. Why is this hard to understand?

No one ever said "Saber is a woman of strong character" they said she's a "stong female character". Phrasing changes the possible meanings of the words used and you know it. Or maybe you don't, at this point I'm starting to have my doubts.

>Saber is mentally weak (she falls apart when her ideals are challenged)
>Iri was a stronger character
Fucking Zerofags hahahaha. Read the VN.

Perhaps I'm coming at this from the wrong way. I wanted to see how you would define a phrase with similar wording but I suppose it would be easier to ask directly; could you give some examples of strong female characters? I've never seen anyone quite define the "strong" in the phrase so literally and I suppose I'm just not sure why you do so.

>could you give some examples of strong female characters?

Well, yes, I gathered that much. There was a reason I made my question plural.

Saber and Tohsaka

Alright, good enough. So, why is it that you sya that they are strong?

>Thinking Nasu ever wrote a single good female character
>Thinking the F/SN VN is anything except overrated old garbage

kinda but not really
definitely not unless you're a zerofag or subjective typemoon hater

Aside from being actually strong, they have character arcs with compelling conflicts and interesting resolutions, they are flawed in meaningful ways, and there is some moral ambiguity thrown in the mix. They also have distinct personalities and can be fun characters too.

If anything, Nasu's biggest strength is in female characters. The anime adaptation of his very first work has one of the best female protagonists in the medium. Also nice bait

For a second I thought you were talking about the Tsukihime _____ and almost lost my shit.

From what I gather there are mixed opinions about Saber, generally positive opinions about Rin and not a single comment about Illya (fuck you).

But here's the most important question:

Is Sakura a strong female character?

Beat girl and her alter form is even better.

>generally positive opinions about Rin
Just in secondary places. Everyone knows Rin is the most boring among the heroines. She's sidekick tier.

A woman bound by a self-serving sense of duty.


Name a story that revolves around her or, alternatively, a clone of her. Not even her route was about Rin because Rin is fucking boring. She's the Ciel of FSN. Nice bro, awful heroine.


Knight who shows her feminine side once she meets Shirou. HF best route.

>Want actual strong female characters? Look no further than the Tohsaka sisters in SN.



someone on suicide watch

aryan master race.

>main canon ending is confirmed Fate route
>posting irrelevant crack pairing fanart


Rin likes girls, and Saber was raped. It's all old hat.