Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume

Shit team got overconfident and deserved to get destroyed.

so did MC-chan come from the school that was getting blown the fuck out in the intro?

Is this Ping pong the animation with cute girls?

nope just another cgdcs

>they aren't sweaty in real life

Her weakness is being too thick.

No such thing as too thick.

Finally a table tennis anime that doesn't look like shit.


I can make them sweaty in bed

>ping pong meets saki

I'm going to love this show.

Worst girl right here


this show sucks

She reminds me of that fucking wench from C3 Bu.

Sweaty girls are fucking disgusting.

Fucking disgusting.


Sweat is unhealthy

I wouldn't lick her armpits in this state

Is it safe to say that this is like Saki with ping pong?

Sweat is delicious.

Smug-senpai is already best girl and she hasn't even appeared yet.

>girl only cast: CHECK
>lesbians: CHECK
>tanoshii/kimochii: CHECK
>tournaments: CHECK
>bullshit OP main character: CHECK
>no underwear allowed: CHECK
Yeah, I'd say it's pretty safe to say that.

You shouldn't consume sweat.

Nice rack Agari

But it cost you the game

It won't cost her the cock though