Ping pong

Finally, the long awaited sequel to ping pong

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which ping would you pong?

I wonder how they smell like


Waiting warmly for episode 2.

Never seen Ping Pong -the art was atrocius, so I decided to stay away from it-, but going just by artstyle, this is way better than that.

>you will never have a boobs senpai

What did she mean by this?

That pixiv should get to draw yuri art already.

I want to drink her sweat.

JPEN best grill. Shakehandfags get out.

When's this girl going to appear?

Ping pong is... tanoshii!

I'm sure we'll see her warming a bench somewhere.

make way for the true ping pong heroes

Why is MC so autistic?

You don't design an ass like that to sit it down on a bench where we can't see it, user.

Playing ping pong makes you autistic.

I never played Ping Pong.

I too, never plated Ping Pong

I can confirm this, I used to be non-autistic.

not even getting baited by this

Just stay away from my waifu.

Has there ever been a bad ping pong anime?

Define 'bad'.

That's a masterpiece

I'm not sure if this was your intent but I laughed

>this is an anime about ping pong
I can't even see the ball man

>ping pong anime

Fuck off, I just wanted to post it.

Picked up.

This is your autistic MC for the season


From the thumbnail I quite genuinely thought it was Akari.

I want to bone her

Fat, sweaty, autistic, ping pong tits.

>Yumiri Hanamori is the seiyuu for her and Anne
>all those NO SEXUALIZING ANNE comments from Anne Happy
>this entire show


Is this show adopted by Saki fans?

Cpen a best. Or jpen with rpb


I doubt there will be any Wang Hao wannabes in this show so JPEN is the next best thing.

I want her to breathe on my dick.

Shit's great seeing her get more roles.

Is that spurdo on her shirt?

Fug :DDD

She's saying that she wants to do some non-serious practice for fun and to warm up, but what she's really aiming to do is show off how amazing she is to the newbie while playing it off like she wasn't even trying in order to get another fangirl.

Sweaty JCs? I'm in.

These girls are 100% sweaty anal sex goddesses.

wow the art improved

>kouhai staring at the bodily fluids about to soak her senpai's face

>Mundane Sport blown apart with exaggerated over the top effects
>Hardcore Competition and DESPAIR
>Batshit insane girls sporting evil grins and bloodthirsty eyes
>Autistic heroine who is become TANOSHII destroyer of worlds

It's Saki as fuck. And I'm not even considering how gay it can get.

Who will be the Teru of the series?

>Girl emotionally breaks down in frustration and despair
>Pretty much every other girl in the court that isn't part of the crying girl's team is sporting excited and shit eating grins.

I can get behind this.

Welcome to the joys of Tanoshii.

People just like seeing the favorites get totally humiliated.

They're thankful they don't have to face the team that's been pushing their shit in for years now.

is face is like somera-chan?

Green Hair.

I mean, she's on the top of the Tower of Doom in the opening and she already has WHU-WHU-WEE special effects going for her.

>Long Standing School gets their shit rekt by some upstart school featuring a girl who loves them batshit smiles
>People of aforementioned school that got rekt call their team head Kyaputen.

You know, I'm not even two minutes in and this show is really trying hard to not be not like Saki.

almost every sport anime with female protag is like saki even garupan

Garupan is especially Saki with the sister drama.

You have cute, sweaty girls and fun. What more do you need?

Ping pong Kyaputen looks like shit though.

Finally something watchable this season.

How about some actual tanoshii?

Asian girls don't smell when sweating like western women. At least, not much.

anyone got a webm of ping pong homu going ham


Delicious tummy.

Who bully here?

Her hair looks like the result of bullying.

Armpit pussy of the season?

nah just wait till Anitore! XX airs.

You know who is best girl when you see this.


>armpits pussy
>flat is justice

Obviously the best girl!

that she wears a >_< while bullying others is a deep statement of the self-destructiveness of bullying your fellow man

It's also indicative that she makes fun of the puffs on Akari, when she herself has the same stuff, if not sillier, on her head.

>The year when I moved Tokyo is 2014.
>forgot to put in "to"
>Implying anyone would say it like that instead of "I moved to Tokyo in 2014"

Forgot my pic

It's black < white < asian for amount of smell producing sweat glands. I can't remember exactly what it's called.

The last World Cup was great for this reason alone.

The smile is indicating an unawareness of the irony of her existence, the fang her inherent thirst for blood/pain. Deepest character design

Superior Japanese English mangled over 1000 times.

With bated breath.

>when = on which
is when incorrect? sorry english not first language xd
the rest is obviously wrong

I like it.

>Ma Long withdrew from 2016 World Cup

Who even cares about who won the gold if the #1 player wasn't there?

No both are correct. But most people would just say "I remember when I first went to America"

>all those pointless alternative words and structures
It's good to be anglo.

It's not wrong but no one talks like that. Most people would use "when" though.

Want them to sit on my face

Learn how to type properly before you worry about alternate constructions.


Also most people wouldn't claim to have moved one of the biggest cities in the world.



I want to taste her stinky breath.

I want to cuddle hana, can't wait for her butt shots.

Also, trying to image what type of hmanga to expect from this

Or alternatively you can drop either option altogether and just say, "I remember the day I first visited America."

As an aside, you can use prepositions before the relative pronoun to be more specific when using "which" in ways that "when" does not allow for.

Sweaty futanari sex.

>Also, trying to image what type of hmanga to expect from this
The answer is nothing.

Spats are miracles

Amen brother.

I can't wait.

You know she's 2x best girl as well when you see this.

I love Green.

How is the show Cred Forums? Is it fun sport show or fun moeshit show?
Or both?

Fun sport show user.

>using moeshit
Fuck off and kill yourself.


>I can't even see the ball man
When you watch the show, can you hear pings and pongs as they are playing?
If yes, then it's about ping pong.

I'm a Chink and I'm only watching this because I'm a Chink.

Also, they're going to get BTFO by Team China.

Why did nobody makes a joke about letting them play ping pong with your balls?


pin pon?

Because that is a silly thing to say. The testicle is too soft to perform such a function. You would get no ping and only a single pong.

>S2 literally impossible
Why did you remind me?


Is this girl high or something?

Why is it impossible?


Are there any ZJK or Ma Long style players in the anime?



My wife Aoba.

Ping pong Aoba is a filthy attention whore that gets wet when people notice her.

Come on, she's obviously Kagami.


Renge plays Ping Pong?

No source material.

Where is that sliding in from?

Nice sportsmanship

That's not the wall.

How dare she win
Does she know who she's against?

But you don't see the rest of the nameplate on the outside of the frame.

If this goes the same way as C3-bu, we might have our official AOTY.

Well it's already one of the best this season but saying AOTY is hyperbole nonsense

The plate slides behind the frame. The edge where it comes in is outside the screenshot.

Who is the Ping Pong Nene?

But if it does.

Oh, I get it now.

There are no shit girls in this.

Where are the titty webms?

What sort of parents would call their daughter ChestChest?

Parents with big tit genes

A single father.

Japanese Major Major. Her parents did it all jist to set up the moment Koyori called her Oppaipai Senpai. You know how dedicated the nips are to their gags.

>tfw so nonexistent in your own series you achieve reverse nirvana and transcend reality to become the mc of a sports series

They were 9 years straight national champions, they literally didnt know how to lose.

brown hair is still a shit though

I dunno, ping pong Kagami is pretty crappy.

Crazy Psycho Les

Yumiri is my favorite currently active seiyuu.

I don't count shorts as I don't watch them.

>I don't watch them

The captain's teammates were pretty bad, but not as twisted and evil as the black haired (already worst) girl, fuck that bitch.
She knows how to kill with acting nice and using the right words, and the captain didn't deserve that.

Aoba got rekt?

So can we all can agree Agari is worst girl right?
>attention whore
>jealous bitch
Blonde, blue, pink, red are all great so far.

Every one of these girls is fetishbait and I love it.
>that shoulder slip


What's wrong with Ponytail? Didn't her mother teach her to wear clothes properly?

For once I'd like to see a show like this where the hard-working genki girl isn't the main character.

Hokuto's design is C U T E.

Tell me about blue: why does she hide her face?

Ping Pong Aoba.

Huffed white phosphorous and developed phossy jaw.

>hard-working genki
Genki is blonde and Red still hasnt shown to be "hard-working", maybe she just has a knack for it. And half the time she is shy.

Sweaty girls putting up a fight is nice.

>Genki is blonde
That's the tomboy, the two seem to be mixed up quite often.

Don't pretend you don't know what archetype I'm talking about.

So which will be the better sports anime this season? This or Keijo?

Spatsbutt >>> Mizugibutt

>ping pong compared to ass the other girl's ass down
This is a proper sport, not just a braindead ecchi garbage, so the answer is obvious.
And the girls are cute, not tit monster boring JKs.

weed lmao 420 blaze it

>Ping Pong Tanoshii
Need a blood splatter edit


She has shown zero tomboy characteristics yet , do you not understand what Genki means user?

not tanoshii.this is kimochii.

I get what you mean, though the terms you used are wrong. There is Sabagebu, even if it's more of a comedy show than an alt sports one.

she will end up being like nodoka, she just needs to get over it and accept that she is not the very best

I wholeheartedly believe this show will be the AOTS.

Only if Flip Flappers and WIXOSS fall flat.

I felt she was more like Kyouko through the first episode. But it's good, the kind of character that only has mediocre talent but is still stubborn enough to try are the best kind.

I dunno, she just screams tomboy to me. She's genki too but her tomboy meter is higher I think, we'll see I guess.

I want to spank that fat ass with a ping pong paddle

I already pity Flip Flappers, they are trying new things with animation, but you can already see it's gonna flip-flop so hard since nips don't want new things, and the designs are not exactly the voluptous, eye candy designs.

Whoa, she got off blowing the fuck out of people and make them cry?

Wait. You don't?

Is that the MC? what is she thinking there?

"Seeing A-chan (or whatever he name is) crying face makes my chest goes Doki Doki"

My rough translation is thus:
"Why when I see A-chan in tears... this doki doki feeling in my chest'

>wtf i have a sweat fetish?

>Is that the MC?

No, she is from this team.

This looks it's actually going to try to be a competent sport series where as Keijo looks like just fanservice. I'll probably enjoy both but this looks a lot better.

If this really does end up having a secretly sadistic autistic savant this could be a really fun show.

I wish they sweated like this in the anime

Wow, blonde captain players are fucking assholes, hoping our MC rips them a new hole.


But they do, they sweat like mad

I was thinking the exact same thing by the end of the episode

Akari gets to be the main character in two series good for her.

That's the essence of tanoshii.


Maybe I do, but I've never gotten to crying part.

The manga is ded, and there's not enough material for another season.

fight me

>that t-shirt
I want to slowly peel it off.

oh no... i thought it was still going. what have i been waiting for?

I'm just waiting for the mindbreak that purple twintails will eventually suffer when she's beaten by the new girl.

Your waifu dresses like a cheap slut.

Good sweat.

nice hivemind

>people will defend this potato face

It's cute.

Hey, can I play too?

I thought it was cute.
It reminds me of something, but I can't remember what.

might explain a lot

if by playing you mean "sitting on my face and moving around until you orgasm and maybe even urinate/poop into my nose and face" then yes, you can.

Underrated post

That's not how bows work.


Looks pretty nice to me.

That tummy is egregious. And she gets all sweaty around there.


It keeps happening.


I bet you plebs didn't even watch the table tennis games during the olympics. You're here just for the moe shit.

I watched some of it but it was barely on here in Australia.

This show is a masterpiece. I unironically believe this.

Sure I'm slightly biased towards CGDCT shows, but this is CGDCS!

How much does the show emphasize how sweaty these girls get?

Difference is that Hanako was Our Goddess, this MC is pretty fucking cute though. Makes my heart hurt like crazy when she's being adorable, which is all the time.

One of the few things I actually caught. Its fucking ridiculous how hard and fast they play this shit on those tiny tables.


I actually play at my Uni in between classes for fun. But i did come for the moe and the sufering

I already knew I had one.
I'm going to be masturbating to this every week.




I will have to watch this now. Not enough shows for sweat and smellfags like me.

Hanabi is teh cutest by far.


She reminds me so much of my waifu...

Red > Black (because she looks lewd) > Blue > tits > ADHD > Agari



WHY is the cg even worse than Berserk 2016?

- Terrible art style/quality
- Retard-level dialogue/story/characters
- Mass-produced super generic cookie-cutter

Yet this is still the only show aired so far that Cred Forums can even "talk" about.

Anime is dead. Do humans even create these shows anymore? It's AI that writes new anime shows based off a set of various frameworks like "anime/manga/game creators", "idol", "virtual reality game world", or "ping pong", right?

Does this count as NTR?

With the dog bone she reminds me so much more of Akari.

The worse the CG, the better the anime. And we all know Berserk 2016 is a damn good anime.


Man, I have to dig out and watch Tesagure now.


Holy shit! AOTY confirmed.

That's a very nice opinion you got there. Upvoted.

Those fucking timings during the last parts of the song. Perfect.

The real question is, why not?

Alright, they've got to be screwing with us.

That synced up pretty well.

Wasn't that show a bunch of VAs doing improv on the spot and then just MMDing the visuals?

Or was that another show?

You're thinking of gdgd fairies.

Yes, although there are some scripted parts.

>Or was that another show?
There are a few, by the same director.

My are my nigga.
This is gold.
I actually miss Wenge.

gdgd fairies is still the pinnacle of human achievement.

S2 is a genuine masterpiece.

Movie subs when?

Not saki confirmed. Dropping this piece of shit show. Adios.

That's green hair and her waifu.


Why does she look like a psycho?




>Anne's VA
>Cute designs
Finally, I have something to watch this season.

Because she is.

I cant be the only one

Too bad the animation will not be able to live up to the manga.


This is legitimately creepy now.
Also what's the deal? Why she so obsessed with this Zakuro girl?

This anime/manga seems tanoshii.

That third season was amazing.



How do the subs even know what the VA's are saying when they're just ululating random sounds at some points of the video?

They're redubbing previous scenes in the series.

The episode's main idea was actresses redubbing an existing episode but this time, they just acted like a bunch of retards saying incomprehensible things.

That is how many fucks the show gave and it was amazing.


And the episode they redubbed was actually an already existing episode that was redubbed into a musical number.

Best ping pong anime.

Is this a case study of a person with narcissistic personality disorder?

It feels like a completely normal human emotion to want to be praised and acknowledged for some talent you have over others (especially in teenage years). Hopefully that sort of attitude will be a nice contrast to the more idealized "I just play for fun" attitude of Akari-clone.

But that's wrong.

>"I just play for fun" attitude of Akari-clone

>mfw this entire episode


I've seen some shit.

Mangafags, will homuhomu come back?
I dont care about that jelly purple hair to be honest.

So this is Saki but with table tennis?

I hope this becomes a trend. I like this trend."Saki but with [mundane sport]". Eventually we can even move on to "Saki but with [crazy made-up sport]".

She's the big bad though, probably won't see her till nationals.

Season 3 when they reach the finals.

At last, a realistic depiction of ping pong.

>Saki but with [crazy made-up sport]
I thought wixoss was that

It isn't, see

wew lads

>crazy made-up sport
Like panzerfahren?

It only works when the "sports" that they picked up is interesting. See GuP.

Look at how the diving anime last season flopped.

Amanchu wasn't about despair and tanoshii though.

GuP didn't really have the tanoshii feel to it, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Amanchu was hardly anything like Saki. It was trying to be Aria but failed.

What happend to upvote-chan on the next episode? Is she got downvoted hard?

Wixoss is actually Yugioh meets Jurassic Park

Ritz actually says that she likes panties. She just opts to not draw them. How can she like something that doesn't allegedly exist? Therefore, there are panties in Saki.

Source, artist's official blog:

Look up the 14.05.21 entry.

I'm upvoting repeatedly inside of her and giving her my reddit gold

Just imagine when they win the nationals and upvote-chan gets GOLD.

>GuP didn't really have the tanoshii feel to it
It was about a young girl, who is a natural at her sport, lusting after her older sister who has disowned her, all the while engaging in indecent yuri relations with an autistic classmate who is obsessed with their sport above-and-beyond any semblance of normalcy.
Seems pretty tanoshii to me.

Somebody need to further edit this.

Rurumo is such a delightful fuckup.

> 原作とアニメの公式で下着が見えるような絵はNGということでお願いしていますが
Yeah she "likes" them the same way I like bears, they're great in cages from a distance but I wouldn't want to be in the same room as them.

Miho never really got as bad as Saki in the bloodlust category.

At least Ruuko and Not!Akari here are bonafide talented serial killers in their respective sports.

This isnt real.

>Miho never really got as bad as Saki in the bloodlust category.
That's because she took out her violent tendencies on her teddy bears. And Yukari's vagina.

There are actually 2ongoing divegrass manga if you want count to maiball even if it goes again everything that the saki principle stand for.

>no ping pong webm from Mayoi Neko Overrun yet

They're superficially very similar, but they have a different feel to it. Both this anime and Saki are really just takes extremely orthodox sports manga formulas and remake them with cute girls. While GuP is more a light hearted, cartoony spectacle with deliberately toned down competitive / conflict elements. Not saying that either is bad, but they end up as different types of products.

It's enough to give me an erection.

Fuck I want to pick up that Tesagure now but there doesn't seem to be a decent release
video was posted

>Mayoi Neko Overrun

It came out during the age of .gifs, and most people probably aren't trying to watch it now and can't be bothered to make webms.

Yeah the S1 subs were a travesty when I started, but there should be CR rips now.


Oh I've noticed them there now, but they've got no seeders. Weird that the spinoff series has more downloads than the original two.



I miss this meme.
It'll be back this season, right?

I want to lick the underside of her boobs right after a match

I want nothing more than to be the sponge she uses to completely clean herself of the sweat

Name is literally "munemune"
Imagine naming your daughter titstits

That sucks. You could always try to get an animebytes account. All three series are there, with freeleech.
It's useful to get one for exactly this kind of situation anyway.

This show isn't going to continue to be this lewd... right?

You can't sexualize the MC.


Is she the sweatiest?

Is it her actual name?

Yes. The new girl called her oppaioppai because it her name

Her real name is Oomune Mune, not sure if that's better or worse than her nickname honestly.

Big tits

>applications are currently closed


Just check every few days, it's worth it.

>arrogant, cocky, egotistical, narcissistic team leader gets shown up by the newfag
I love this so fucking much

The more I see her, the more she looks like Aoba to me

I know, I can't unsee it

The spinoff series is the best one

This is the closest we get to lolicon anime this season, right?
Not counting short anime.

She's Kagami newfag.

>Only 36 results in pixiv
Not very popular. Yet.

>no spats

one job

>saki with counter strike when
I need to see bitches getting slapped with mechanical keyboards in a jealous rage



Retarded Hairpins, the anime

I am eagerly awaiting doujins.

>Hanamori Yumiri
AOTS confirmed, Yumiri only work on the best shows of the year and is a sign of high quality products.

She's one of my favorite seiyuus.

Do not sexualise the ping pongs

Ignore this user, sexualise the ping pongs immediately

How do each ping pong smell like after a match?

Nah, it was fun when we didn't know shit about wixoss and had fun the first couple of threads making pointless comparisons. This season we'll just shit on how much we miss Infected director and Okada.

Ping pong balls

At least webxoss traffic will be up again.
I really want the tcg to get an english release I doubt it'll ever happen though

Like the inside of a ping pong ball when you crush it.

Kill yourself before posting again.

All comics aren't real.


Want can Japanese girls do with ping pong balls?

I'm moving into this house.

You've now just ruined these threads, congratulations faggot.

Who /tanoshii/ here

Man is that Kasumi Iwato? Shes great, her breasts are out of this world
I also love the big tits in this

Why are mcdonald's wrappers so enticing? I hate the food but when I see those wrappers I start craving it...

We put your anime idol group in an anime.

Several hentai taught me that they can easily fit three ping pong balls and a regular japanese dick

Watching Ping Pong-hen because Ritz has lost her mind.


Me in charge of cropping.

Looks like the brainwashing is working.

Most of the R&D money is spent on designing the wrappers.

Is this post-anime?

Probably got outskilled by akari going from 8-0 to losing 9-11 in their match

This would be better with male MC?


Who let the faggot here?


That directly translates into Titty Bigtits.

I wonder what the author meant by this.

Is this overdubbed or something? The actual show sounds normal from what i've seen.

It was a special episode where the actors were given handicaps (speak with mouth open, speak like an old man), and then redubbed old scenes.

This season just got 10x better with this show. I'm happy now.

Just to get this out of the way, is it

>Which musume would you takkyuu?
>Which ping would you pong?

Which table would you tennis

Every single last one of them.
they have to be sweaty as well

As long as they are sweaty and smell, I'm fine with anyone

You can actually see the exact moment her heart gets shattered into a gajillion pieces.

I love it.

What I enjoy most about this uncalled for collaboration is WuG eagle voicing roughly 40% of mob characters.

>animation is actually decent
>each character is full of life and isn't bland
>there's already character conflict in the first episode
>none of them are cliche except the Mary sue
>isn't directed by a hack director
This is the real ping pong anime we've been waiting for.

I recently saw that the seiyuu idol group from Sore ga Seiyuu did the opening to a Vita game.

I want her to chop my balls.
I'd receive her strokes any day.
I'm going to smash her deep.
I'd love to serve her my balls.
She can really twiddle my rubber.
She likes to forehand my bat.

This is harder than I expected it to be.

>blue pops up her collars like a fucking chad.



this seems fun. why does it reminds me of saki so much?

>You can actually see the exact moment her eggs got fertilised by her demon rival



>tfw she probably worked the hardest to get where she is
>tfw she probably just lacked a natural talent for this bust she compensates it with dedication and perseverance
>tfw she acts like she does probably because deep down she knows that she lacks talent but didn't want to show her weaknesses
Wew lad sounds familiar doesn't it.

So is Homura related to Akari? Knowing how these kind of shows go, it seems like a very likely possibility.


Probably because of

>level 1
>level 16
>level 32

Poor Aoba. She's nothing like those other two cunts.

is it tanoshii?

Okay, let's make that her official name.

WUG caught me by surprise, too.

I seem to recognize, your face.

My god it's been so long


It better fucking not. I literally dropped Saki because it became more about lesbians and less about mahjong.
But now she has competition and she'll work hard to stay at #1 on the court and in our hearts

Seek help. Male homosexuality can be cured.

What's the verdict then? worth picking up?

>the year I moved Tokyo
>ping pong sensei can move all of Tokyo
ping pong sensei can beat goku discuss

I don't understand how hair accessories work in this anime

She's the first time I have fallen for a seiyuu, i'm glad she's getting more and more roles.

>So is Homura related to Akari?

They already have a shared motif.

>became more about lesbians and less about mahjong.

Achiga-hen is shit that's why.

Main series is as intense and crazy as ever. We had Jewish Georgian Koromo 2.0 Wipe the floor with Saki recently.

Unfortunately Ritz is a lazy hack, delays that rivals FKMT etc etc.

>I think it was after her third kan...

>you will never be the fat old producer who got to pound her jailbait ass while she screams dessdess in rhythm

Why live.

Yeah. Aoba is the devil.

>We had Jewish Georgian Koromo 2.0 Wipe the floor with Saki recently.

A shame that we'll probably never see it animated.

it was OK

It's better than the other ping pong so far.

I have waited so long for Yuru Yuri season 3!
>mfw they're suddenly into ping pong

>They already have a shared motif.

They also have a habit of thanking the person they just raped.

Any manga readers here willing to spoil or shed some light on things?

I had read about them singing the ED, but some of them having roles also is nice.

Minyami is voicing Agari, but I can hardly tell, much less recognise her voice without prior knowledge.

Deepest lore.

what is she holding

The OP is pretty fucking catchy, been looping it for like half an hour

Don't forget Renge

A cute pencil case

Same composer as PAATO PAATO.

>Teekyuu and Takkyuu in one season

There is a loving deity after all.

Can't wait to see this part animated

I love how it starts off as a comfy CGDCT song but then suddenly builds up into hype as it approaches the chorus and the animation changes accordingly to the more intense ping pong scenes.

Is sanhai hated here?

I liked it. People were building to much hype in between S2 and S3, it was like a fucking death cult.

Looks like the Saki comparisons don't end with the Tanoshii insanity.

I've been reading the first couple of chapters of the manga. The anime already added alot of stuff that wasn't in the manga. Just like Saki, the anime adaptation expands alot of scenes and adds details that weren't covered in the manga.

Nah, it's my favorite season. I'm glad the old director fucked off.

Saki season 1 anime was a pretty ambitious project with good animation and all. This looks like it's tight on budget from the very first episode, but hey, maybe it has enough ping pong moments to make up for it.

So when will they go full hero wo kenzan?

I want to drink her.

>it was like a fucking death cult.
I shudder to imagine what would happen if Yuyushiki S2 ever happened. Now THERE's a cult.

So who will be matched up against who?

Green is obviously MC's main opponent and we've seen Agari up against Purple Hair in the opening.

Clueless about the rest though.

Why would anyone miss this

>Dekomori, Minami and the gang take up ping pong

This is so perfect I have to pick up this show now.

Also (」・ω・)」 うー (/・ω・)/ にゃー

>crying on TV

Shameful display desu

She looks dehydrated. I volunteer myself to donate my body fluids to her.

>At least Ruuko and Not!Akari here are bonafide talented serial killers
It's a shame Ruuko didn't go the full country mile and accidentally rape the world with TANOSHII~ BATORU. I still wish Spread didn't make half the more exciting shit just be red herrings.

Hopefully Savant Ping Pong Akari goes balls deep in the other girls in a satisfying manner.

This is the sequel to ping pong as skyrim is to Oblivion


Yeah OP of the season so far.

Well, it took out the humor and rewrote the characters. It was also low budget in a bad way. I didn't feel much love from it, just really generic. It's not like there was a big outrage when it was airing, people have just forgotten the series, and that's kind of sad. The ones that stick around pretend Yuru Yuri was never good to begin with. doesn't always show seeds in the search page, but when you go to the torrent page it reveals the truth
I just started dowloading KaraSubs' release, although someone mentions in the comments that ep 2 subs are wrong and I can't find that one separately.

If this was real, Ping Pong Girls would be AOTS right now. At least OPOTY.

All the TANOSHII in GuP is in RW, for some reason.

Blue must smoke non-stop. That's definitely not healthy lungs.

This is to Ping Pong what Saki is to Akagi.

She gets rekt

You mean this is way better than Ping Pong? True.

Uh-huh, I see, so that's how it is, I totally understand.

it just means that there are more lesbians and less sports.

>cute girls doing stuff(moeshit)

This show is probably 50 times more popular than Ping Pong on Cred Forums

Because it's legitimately better.

Name one single lesbian in this show.

I don't know, Ping pong had a lot of fanboys claiming it was a masterpiece. No not just on reddit but on Cred Forums too.

Just tell me one female in this show and I'll name you a lesbian.

>cute girls doing stuff(moeshit)
Cute girls embracing TANOSHII~ is literally the best thing ever.

Absence of boys is not boys of absence.

Have the manga raws been uploaded anywhere cuz I sure can't find any.

I want to say Ping Pong Aoba is gonna go full gay for Ping Pong Akarin before the end of episode 4.

Why is TANOSHII so fucking good?

It's just friendship.

The kind of Nodoka-Saki friendship.

>Ping Pong Aoba
I get the feeling Aoba wasn't called Game Kagami enough in New Game threads. Get your shit together, Cred Forums.

Zakuro is the purple girl?

Who doesn't love it when a competition turns bloody?

It's more like the Nanoha-Fate friendship.

>Girl Gets Pregnant After Getting Hit in the Ovaries by Ping Pong Balls
>"It just felt right, getting my special place slammed hard by her balls."

Teru is probably Homuhomu, green hair is the koromo.

So is guess 11-0 is like a Yakuman without pulling out?

So, what happened to Oudou academy?

They got Kazekoshi'd.

Nobody likes Kyaputen anyway.

I wanna say yes, but I don't know much of anything about table tennis.

They got fucking WRECKED.

>Watch episode
>Hey this is just like-
>Open thread
>Control + F: Tanoshii
>All these hits

I fucking knew that you niggers would swarm to this show

Razed to the ground.

Getting a 2-0;11-0 is like getting fourteen unconnected tiles.
It's literally getting 33 points without losing even once

Tanoshii is a drug.

We will always inherently gravitate towards anything that features cute girls and competition that encourages the complete destruction of their opponents.

Welcome, fool.

>It's literally getting 33 points without losing even once
Jesus Christ. She won 11 sets of two games with 10 different people in roughly an hour or so?

perfect. wish it had audio matching

She won 3 sets of 11 points each against the same person, user.
And from CAPTAIN's face, I doubt she managed to score even once (at least on the third set, she didn't score any points).

Plz the ping pong matches are just an excuse to show sweaty anime tits

Ping Pong ?

The beginning is fucking awesome, I was prepared to be disappointed but it was the second best first episode of the season.

Honestly I'm more in it to see Red BTFO people through the power of autistic-tiers of TANOSHII~. The sweaty anime tiddies are a definite plus.

So, what's the twist?
Is Koyori's CAPTAIN's sister, out for revenge?
Was she banned from her former school due to having a forbidden game style?
She is Homu's lost sister who was banned for bringing dishonor to her family?

Nah, this show is actually good.

keijo!!! is not a braindead ecchi anime
keijo!!! is serious hotblooded action with fucking superpowers

>Look at how the diving anime last season flopped.

maybe because they never fucking went diving

>So, what's the twist?
Considering she was a semi-finalist, whatever took her chance to going to the finals was probably the cause of her changing schools. Black-haired chick wrecking CAPTAIN was probably her BFF (totally not gay) before she dabbed too far into TANOSHII.