That moment when Hollywood won't stop killing your favourites

That moment when Hollywood won't stop killing your favourites..

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who cares? they only pick shitty shows.

Nah, they just bringing out the sci fi because that's the theme and running good stuff nowadays.

But we knew James Cameron wanted to do BAA forever ago. It's just he was delayed by Avatar.

I hope James Cameron gets fucking dick cancer for this.

You're not afraid they might fuck up and pick something you like?

Hey man, sometimes, your just supposed to jump on the bandwagon at the start.

>That moment when Hollywood won't stop killing your favourites..
First of all cut the facebook shit, faggot.
Second, the original stuff you supposedly like so much isn't going anywhere.
Third and last, just because hollywood makes something doesn't mean you have to see you cocksucker.

He can pull off vector. What's the problem?


If one adaptation destroyed your favorite series, then it wasn't your favorite at all.

>Robert Rodriguez, the filmmaker behind the Sin City and Spy Kids movies, is in the director’s chair.
Oh, nahhh, it'll be great.

>Shooting is due to begin this month in Austin, Texas.
Damn, I thought this thing would be stuck in development hell forever.

Let's be honest, Cameron won't be the first author to fuck up Gunnm.

After seeing him as Cottonmouth, he could do a good Vector. The cast in general looks pretty solid.

The problem is that Cameron is the one driving the project. He's known exclusively for the "big dumb action blockbuster."

Edge of Tomorrow is not even bad

>Damn, I thought this thing would be stuck in development hell forever.
I was hoping for that too :(

>That moment when Hollywood won't stop killing your favourites..
That retardation when OP thinks that some fucked up 'adaptation' somehow harms the value of the original.
Just don't watch it you stupid fuck and don't advertise it here for fuck's sake.

Am I the only one who's been waiting for this? I mean Rodriguez and Cameron both make their films at least look good, and I kind of want to see what they do with Salem as a setting.

>A nigger plays a nigger.
Not really seeing the problem here.
Make this thread again when they announce Idris Elba as Daisuke.

They've already picked Cristoph Waltz for the role of Daisuke, or "Dyson" Ido

I'm genuinely surprised that they have the balls to make a black guy the bad guy and a pale guy the good guy in current year.

You're not alone. I have been eagerly waiting for him to get to this for decades that when the rumor that Rodriguez was going to step up to direct this and have it be finally be made I didn't really mind. If it was announced just a year after the news of it being made then I would have been pissed.

And the movie will not take place on Zalem but right below it in the scrap yard. They don't go to Zalem till near the end of the first manga and Last Order takes place on Zalem and the city above it in orbit(I forgot the name of that city).

I I guess you guys are right. Just because Hollywood is gonna make our, doesn't hurt is original value in my eyes.

But I guess I'm still gonna see if like GITS. I'm gullible like that.

Is there any chance we'll get 3DCG fit cyborg body? They better get the hairstyle right as well.

> Ali will play one of the movie’s villains, a man named Vector who runs and fixes matches in a gladiator-style combat game called Motorball.

> Vector
> villain
> even more so in the motorball arc

That stinks original story.


>First manga I read, and what got me into Eastern media.

This is going to be physically painful to watch isn't it.

I bet they will. Maybe the face will be the only thing that will be live action and the rest will be CGI. Avatar looked amazing and that was giant blue cats. And yeah, I hope they do get the hairstyle right.

Avatar also cost a gorillion dollars to make.
I just don't have high hopes.

How the hell did they not announce Nova's actor yet? Why even bother with a random dude like Zapan and Vector who isn't even really a villain when this fucker is around?

If they manage to properly adapt his characters I'll already be half satisfied.

...killing what? If I rememeber correctly, wasn't the guy running the ecenomy of Salem (that's the one on Earth right) a black mobster?

Rodriguez after Desperados?
Fuck no, he only makes memes and the digital age fucked him bad.

Have you literally not seen Terminator 2 or Titanic yet?

Did he or did he not sirect Sin City?

Should be a 2 part movie or a loooong movie like Zhivago or Lawrence, but that would cost too much for a shitty anime adaptation.

Even in the manga he wasn't introduced until Volume 5. That's four stories without him.

>adaptation of a comic already written as a screenplay
Judge him by his recent original movies, shit like Machete and Desperado 2.

>already written as a screenplay
You're retarded.

Yeah all he does that can be considered bad is fooling Yugo into thinking that money will be enough to go to Jeru, he's nothing like a "big bad" to beat. He should be a tertiary character at best.

So? Might as well find a way to combine the good parts of the series, and Nova is the second most important character behind Gally. Of course I'm saying that by taking in account that it would be only one movie.

wtf are you talking about
i just watched luke cage
he was the only good thing in the series until they killed him off
its either you havent even seen him act or you're just trying to fit in cause le niggers lul xD

>Of course I'm saying that by taking in account that it would be only one movie.

Wasn't Cameron saying he wanted to do one movie focused on the motorball arc back then? Did he announce changing his plans?

Who says it's going to be a low budget movie? This is JC's baby you know. It's most likely using his money and equipment that Avatar used but better. You can't expect RR to be able to make this movie like JC wants to make it if he doesn't have the resources he needs to the quality JC demands.

Well Desty Nova will probably only have a cameo since he was the one that created Makaku unless they are going to expand his role in this movie.

He does have a cameo in the first volume when they are showing Makaku's past right before his dies.

I know you haven't read it or even watched the OVA because this is the character he's being cast for.

It has been painfully obvious that Hollywood is running out of ideas for a while now with all the copypasted capeshit they are pumping out nowadays. It was only a matter of time when they were going to make anime adaptations the next big thing they are going to milk dry. I fully expect a bunch of well known / entry level shows and movies to get offers if they haven't already.

Luckily we will always have the option to simply ignore them. Anime with hollywood cliches instead of anime cliches just doesn't work.

Gunnm doesn't need Hollywood to make it shitty, nip writing and not knowing when to stop already killed it long ago.

Not him, but why would he? Them making a crappy movie might be good for a laugh or it might be just straight awful, but it existing doesn't suddenly erase the original. Just disregard the movie and keep it moving.

Even if they did, nobody is gonna make me watch it. It'll never be canon, either. Adaptations are pretty meaningless if you enjoy the source.
It's like saying that Tsukihime anime ruined Tsukihime. Makes no sense, the source material is still good.

I know, its good.
>Johnson will play Hugo, a young man who teaches Alita how to play a gladiator-style game called Motorball but who also has a secret side job stealing robot parts.
They're having motorball be part of the story right from the start by the looks of it.

>your favorites
>there's a black character in the manga
>HE doesnt know
i lke how you can spot a pretentious faggot by through what he says

>That moment when Hollywood won't stop killing your favourites..
The guy can play that spine salesman. I always assume they were never going to adopt the manga, and would instead just replicate the OVA.