Objectively the 2 best duelist in the series

Yugi was literally ass at dueling and Yami and the villians were cheating fucks that relied on Millennium items/forbidden cards to win

Kaiba also cheated.

Jounouchi better duelist than Yusei confirmed

When did Kaiba cheat?

He summoned a bunch of monsters in one turn.

When he threatened to kill himself if yami yugi beat him

Yusei was such a fucking ass puller, especially in that last season

He only did that because Yami Yugi was already cheating against him, cheating on a cheater isn't really cheating

When he created machines that changed the rules of the game 3 times. 4 with the movie.

In their first duel in the manga, he stole Yugi's Blue Eyes and tried to use it.

Kaiba basically has a monopoly on the game and has first dibs on all the good cards.

Yugi surpassed Atem.
The Millennium Puzzle has no cheating powers.
Dueling is overrated; RPGs are where it's at.

Manjoume is pretty much the best no-shenanigans duelist in all of Yu-Gi-Oh.

>Has on multiple occassions beaten Pay2Win decks with scrub decks
>Defeated Ed Phoenix after Ed gained a powerful new trump card
>Came up with a strategy to d efeat S4 Judai and would have own if he wasn't forced to throw the duel

Oh, and the best shenanigan duelist is Jack under the right conditions. Remember that time he was dueling someone and he won by literally killing his opponent's boss and assimilating his power to power up his own card?

Thats not really cheating, its just emotional manipulation.

>if Gearfried's attack had gone through, Jounouchi would have had Ra
Kaiba's reaction to that and then him ranking lower than Jounouchi in his own tournament would have been golden


He would have blown up the island right then and there out of asshurt.

Everything has to make sense or else I get autistic about it derp.
What are you waiting for?
End yourself.


I blame the writers, even in the fillers he got the majority of screen time. His win against team unicorn was probably the greatest ass pull of the entire series. Their next opponents and the diablo attack basically made that win meaningless, they could of afforded to lose that one. It's like the writers couldn't think of anything between the start of the second season and the end so they just fell back on the worst shonen tropes when they wrote themselves into a corner.

(Normal) Yugi is the best duelist in the series, that was made pretty clear in the manga. He's the one Yami siphoned the game knowledge/decision making/instinct out of, and in the ceremonial duel, he had Yami beaten in the deck building stage despite coming in with a huge disadvantage (3 god cards). He locked out Monster Reborn early on, then crashed Silent Swordman against Obelisk, which gave him the win when Monster Reborn didn't work.

The anime instead went for "muh symbolism" and extended it out, making it look like Yugi was struggling til the very end where he won by sheer luck

Doma villains didn't cheat though. I'd at least put Dartz above both of them and Rafael above Jounouchi.

Hikokubo duel writing in a nutshell

>Yugi was literally ass at dueling

Actually, I'd rather choose Reiji. His feck is the one involving the most skill and mechanics, and the most varied comboes

The magnet force combo in the anime is literally cheating, and forgetting about both of Obelisk's OTK effect made it seems like Yami was holding back from the start. The anime's duel writing was pretty inconsistent about rules, and the ceremonial duel was one of the worst.

>good duelist
He has a shit deck that relies entirely on coin tosses and dice rolls and always happens to be lucky as fuck.

That was in the first couple of seasons, by the time he dueled Valon his deck was stacked af

Only in manga if i remember correctly


Marik was such a shitty duelist.

He uses his luck to compensate for the fact that he's a poorfag from a shitty family and won't have money to buy rare cards. By the time he reached Marik he has shown himself to be a fairly competent duelist who has the skill as well as luck, even though Rishid threw the match with the fake Ra and Marik isn't the most competent of duelist.

That motherfucker was a beast with Ra tho.. Why didn't they give Jonouchi Ra, didn't Kaiba keep Obelisk and Yugi keep Slifer? Seems like naturally Ra would go to Jonouchi especially since he basically beat Marik but for plot they had to have Atem defeat him..