How do you feel about this idol?

How do you feel about this idol?

Who started the whole anal thing anyways?

nice anus


Elegant, cute and pure.

I fantasize about the wonderful sounds she would make while in her ass.

I want to feel the inside of her ass!



Her fanbase


I want to fuck her ass


Takemura Sesshu

Fuck you guys, I had to go and fap to all the lori anal doujins


Has Yayoi ever played cave explorer with Iori?

Best doujins, okay aidoru.

Takane is the rich girl anal idol. The stuff about Iori is lies and slander.

In Puchimasu she has a show about it and Iori is a regular guest where she learns the pleasure of monsterhunting.

She is also my wife.

congrats on your lucky 7's user

Did the meme start because rich girls do anal instead in order protect their virginity?


Good taste

Rich girls are just naturally more slutty

Makes me really want to have anal sex with a rich, petite, tsundere, and bratty idol. You'd pull your shit-covered dick out of her ass, and she'd deny it was hers even after just being deep inside her anal caverns.

I'd rather watch her close her eyes and moan, burying her face in the pillow in embarrassment at her enjoyment of such a lewd act. Then teasing her and telling her she won't get a load in her ass like she wants till she says how much she loves it.

I want to fuck shibuya while she watches

Ah Ano~~~

Please stop sexualizing the characters voiced by my wife.

It looks like you want us to if anything.

Feels tight.





If Iori represents capitalism what does Yayoi represent?




I want to fuck Yayoi.

The animators knew.

It's really nothing to write home about, huh?