If you like help support Cred Forums you have to buy a pass it only $ 15.00

If you like help support Cred Forums you have to buy a pass it only $ 15.00

Cred Forums.org/pass

I hope people start buying Cred Forums pass .

No one this is sad

if the queen asks me, how can I refuse

Where is your pass?

Mods can you help me out I want people buy a Cred Forums pass can you guys bump this thread?

I think we'll be moving to SomethingAwful's revenue-generation model, and maybe that's not a bad thing.

I don't have the money right now I can do this to help out.

Nah, I'm good.

Cred Forums's future owner has enough money to keep it going until he dies.


To Stop Shkreli

>Implying he won't run it into the ground before his inevitable incarceration

no, I want to be free from this place.

EVERY boards need work together to save Cred Forums.

never, i'd do donations though

No, just delete porn boards

I personally don't buy one unless either /l/ is brought back or the loli rule is lifted for the hentai boards. That's always been my condition since the pass was introduced.

you mean delete porn boards or delete red boards? because there's huge difference between those two


But user...

Did you forget?

>pic related

You know what i mean, shit like /hr/ /gif/ /s/ and merge /e/ with /h/

If Cred Forums start selling t shirts right now this help out big time.

no porn boards, preferably just the 3d ones. People can get their porn elsewhere.

yeah that's not so bad

This is a meta thread ESL-kun, which will be deleted once burger mods wake up or may even get you temporaly banned. Don't do this.
And don't even talk about this shit, you don't know anything, just let this thread die and let's make a thread this wendsday for the next chapter, okay?

Great idea. Then I'd know who to beat up IRL.


I'm gonna pass.

I am quite opposed to the idea of bending so easily to Hiro, since he's suspicious. I think he should release financial records and evidence that we're in the red.

We have no ads at the moment. I somehow doubt Cred Forums passes alone are capable of sustaining the site

It isn't just the server and bandwidth bills that are eating Hiro, though. Most likely he's discovered that Cred Forums doesn't bring in enough revenue to satisfy the banks or investors that he borrowed money from to buy the site.