Re; Zero

Was anyone else really disappointing by the ending ? I really was expecting a twist in the end
but got a generic ending.
also crusch best girl

If you think Crusch is best girl then be glad they didn't show the true ending.

There was a twist but you just didn't notice it.

but Priscilla is best girl and the true king


I think everyone was disappointed. That shit was just fucking bad. Like, holy shit, I was bored throughout the entire 20 minutes. After all the good shit they pulled off in this show, I don't understand how they can cock up the ending so hard.


Someone would have burned something down if they showed the true ending

Haven't you read the spoilers?

Crusch lost an arm and Rem became a vegetable, they just didn't animate it to avoid a cliffhanger ending because there won't be a season 2 anyway.

The last arc was an embarassment bare for a couple of episodes.

Just for the audience to suffer along with subaru

You didn't notice it, did you OP?

You probably just forgot something.

Could have been okay if they went with Subaru stabbing Betelgeuse repeatedly.

Can he do it any better than that retard Julius? Shit was fucking embarrassing.

The entire show kind of went downhill after the lap pillow scene and never reached those heights again.


You could ask it in this thread

Generals are garbage and the less you enable them the better.

Really? You really didn't expect "generic" after 18 episodes in a row showing how generic it was?

Honestly whoever didn't give up hope on the series by episode 13, watch more anime.

As other anons have stated the show lost steam fairly quickly

maybe the source material is due in part to that to some degree, however, I believe the show should have been 18~ episodes. There's too much parley thats just unnecessary boring fluff. And the abandoning of the death mechanic or reset could have easily allowed the show to breathe or at least stay interesting but whenever the show needed to progress it was a series of "I just escaped several deathly situations in a row" unlike before where he would just die and thats just aggravating. Dont have the death mechanic if you just abandon it to push the plot forward ,gah.

Make the right decision this November then.