Final volume bonus contents

Final volume bonus contents.

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>Onodoormat managed to get some guy to impregnate her





The ultimate cucking


Kinda sad the spoilers about Kosaki marrying a guy 15 years older than her were fake. Would have been a great final fuck you from Komi.

The series finished over a month ago. It's time to let go of your unhealthy obsession with Kosaki.


Is this supposed to be the Spawn of Y-san? Or did Marika de-age herself so that she can fuck Raku's son instead?


It's Marika.

Those are in-between chapter skits.

>Is this supposed to be the Spawn of Y-san? Or did Marika de-age herself so that she can fuck Raku's son instead?
It's Marika before her haircut.

last sketch

It was me. I got her pregnant.

Message from Komi


Sketch of Haku and Sasa


He reminds me a shit ton of Paula

Miyanagi is the real Raku. Ichijou is just an imposter, and that's why he didn't remember his promise to Onodera.

>hairpin is a cross+ribbon shape

So will the spawn of Ruri and Shuu be a deadbeat no fun allowed cunt like their mom? Or a bundle of fun like their dad?


Onodera actually fucked a random guy. What a slut

Reminder that Komi made Nisekoi to spite the world for allowing DA to end abruptly.

Twins, the boy is like her and the girl is like him

They also have hot sweaty twin sex

>it's not enough to cuck Onodera out of Rakubowl as the girl he liked first
>we have to go further, let's set up her daughter with the son of the girl who KINPATSU'D her

>Twins, the boy is like her and the girl is like him
Those spoilers were fake. The main cast isn't mentioned in the omake.

Komi showed Kosaki moving on though. The first time was when she decided not to say hi to Raku, and then a few years later when she offers to make the wedding cake. It's safe to say that she's completely over him by the timeskip.

I'm glad she fell in love, got married, and had a pretty daughter with her respective spouse. Wish Komi cared enough about Marika and Tsugumi to show us what happened in their love lives.

Maybe Kosaki moved on. But isn't it rude to set up their kids like that? Komi has no heart, if she did it would be a 偽心.

>Komi's next work is literally the same plot as Nisekoi
>We get to eat another watermelon


>I'm staying at my aunt's place
What aunt? Yui?

So what was with the keys?

I'm fine with the future kids set-up. I'm just really glad for Kosaki since majority of harems don't tell us what happened to girls that lost. We're never told if they married, or even moved on.

I'm pretty sure it's just

"hey mom, I want to go to the same highschool you went to"

"Well, ok, you can live with your aunt as long as you don't cause her trouble"

because animu parents are crazy.

>What aunt? Yui?

You read that on here, didn't you?

Because that was just some user messing with you. Probably the same one who posted the "details" for the volume bonus yesterday. Good job, by the way. For a moment, I thought it was true. Shows how lowly people think of Komi.

All we can say for certain about the new series is that it's yet another love comedy. Komi loves torturing us.

But the one talking is Haku, not Sasa.

It was Sasa.

Remember when people used to say Nisekoi was just the author trying to make money so he could make an original manga like Double Arts?

Now he's doing ANOTHER RomCom.

Who will be the third wheel?

For anyone wondering, the main girl from his new work/one-shot has jet-black hair and red eyes.

>Remember when people used to say Nisekoi was just the author trying to make money...

Until this point they were right.

Does Miyanagi have a good relationship with her aunties Haru and Fu?

Is her best friend a certain glasses-wearing boy?

Is she romantic rivals with Marika's child, Z-chan?

And who the fuck is her father?

It's the trend for shonen authors now to set up the kids of the losing pairing as some sort of consolation prize to their fans, even if that only mades them angrier

We'll never know any of this, unfortunately. If Komi ever does explore the new generation in the future, I feel like it would a harem for Sasa.

>reverse harem Nisekoi
I don't think the world is ready for this.

Call me a masochist with Stockholm Syndrome, but I'd be down for another 200 chapters of next-gen Nisekoi nonsense starring a reverse harem.

Here me out here how about a Rom-com where the main couple gets together in the middle of the work and it continues on and is still just as entertaining as before with no BS?

Ok, out of this shitstorm seeing old Ryu and the gang made me smile

The biggest bullshit right here. All that shenanigans and the most we got was a kiss in the last panel? Do they not understand the concept of pay-off?

Will Auntie Haru do some /ss/ with Raku Jr.?

>Nobody would believe that is my natural hair color
Only sane and non retarded people though.

"You should have tried making DA better and spare us this shit" comes to mind.

>Here me out here how about a Rom-com where the main couple gets together in the middle of the work and it continues on and is still just as entertaining as before with no BS?

Jitsu wa?

-kosaki was revealed to be married in the omake.
-marika was hinted to end up with the y-san insert in the last chapter.
-their old teacher had kids with her spouse.
-yui was revealed to be married and pregnant with her first child.
-ruri and shuu were planning to get married.
-haru has fuu.

Tsugumi wasn't even allowed to let Raku hear her confession.

Which was their first fucking kiss after years of dating, and on the day of their marriage!

Just realized that Komi wrote "the story may have ended here for now" in his message.

Believing that raku doesn't fuck tsugumi whenever the fuck he wants

God no. Let me finally finish the watermelon.

>whenever the fuck he wants
So, never then?

"Perhaps you might see them again someday at some place"

Get ready for Nisekoi 2.0 in a few years.

If they do I hope he pulls a fuuka and kills one of the characters

>in a few years
>implying his new work won't turn into Nisekoi 2.0 anyway

>So, never then?
Did you see long-haired model Tsugumi in the last chapter?

Man, I really have to wonder who Onodera managed to get fucked by. I sincerely hope, out of pity, that this Miyanagi guy is a beast of a dude.

Yeah. Did you follow the series and note Raku's lack of interest in Tsugumi?

>Raku's lack of interest in Tsugumi?
keeping telling yourselves that Chitoge fanboys.

>yfw he's Raku's doppelganger

I bet they're going through a messy divorce, and that's why they sent Sasa to live with Aunt Haru.

That's either because Onodera's still too fixated on Raku, or because she's a doormat, and letting the guy sleep around. Likely both.

I like to imagine her someone who's quite taller than her and who's a bit more muscular than the average nisekoi male. The strong, silent type.

It's a cute combo.

Not even onodera's offspring is gonna win the harem on that one. Forever ignored.

>I bet they're going through a messy divorce, and that's why they sent Sasa to live with Aunt Haru.
>That's either because Onodera's still too fixated on Raku, or because she's a doormat, and letting the guy sleep around. Likely both.
Some of you on here have this really unhealthy obsession with Kosaki. Did you get rejected/dumped by a girl like her or something?

>implying Onodera's offspring won't be the one who ends up with the harem

they're pretty much confirmed m8

But, user, this time, its next-gen Onodera who has the harem. And she's shed the family name; she's free from the old Onodoormat curse!

The question is which of the theoretical new guys is the male!Onodera? Or which new girl has superior chemistry with next-gen Raku but loses anyway?

I miss EXTREME Marika

What can I say, I enjoy the schadenfreude. She's a nice girl, but its funny how much she gets screwed over.

>same name

>but its funny how much she gets screwed over.
That's Tsugumi. Komi didn't even let her have a proper confession. We don't even know if she ever moved on.

At least she's the likeliest of the girls to get a threesome with Chitoge and Raku.

The closest thing to a threeway for Onodera are figures on a cake.

someone with apparently 0 genes influence on his daughter

>At least she's the likeliest of the girls to get a threesome with Chitoge and Raku.
Tsugumi fans gotta let these delusions go.

>someone with apparently 0 genes influence on his daughter
same with haku. hes all chitoge in appearance.

Now that I think about it, Haku is such stereotypical otomebait it's not even funny.

He's a naturally blonde guy who gets mistaken for a Yankee but is actually a nice kid who's the heir to a reformed Yakuza gang and is therefore both rich and infamous.

Wait, does that mean, Raku and the gang just completely stopped having any contact with each other? To the point where Sasa have no idea that the "somewhat famous" Ichijous even exist?
Well, fuck that friendship, right?

Komi loves his cliches. Nisekoi was full of them.

>yfw Haku has a bodyguard who looks like a beautiful girl but is actually a dude

>there is no father

>Onodera somehow inseminated herself

>there's a whole gaggle of slightly different Sasa's waiting in line should Sasa fail her mission to get fucked by Raku 2.0

Should of just showed Miyanagi in the actual Nisekoi, at least false flag potential NTR, would of made shitty harems that follow one girl trends more bearable.

The only good end was Marika in this series, landed the perfect guy that would do more for her than she did for Raku, and that's already a lot.

As long as Shuu/Raku, and Kosaki/Ruri are still best-friends then I'm good.

She tries to deny it but Onodera was obviously a lot more salty about that ending than she let on.

What does Onodera do, anyway? Did she actually become a pastry chef, or was the cake in the epilogue just a one-time thing? If she did become a baker, wouldn't she be the one to take over the patisserie? I don't remember what she actually wanted to be.

>The only good end was Marika

Shuu and Ruri had it pretty good.

>Should of just showed Miyanagi in the actual Nisekoi
Komi hinted in his final message that we might see the nisekoi cast again one day in the future. If there's a spin-off, we'll see Miyanagi then.

It's a burned bridge if the kids didn't even know who the others were growing up, unless it's the same fucking amnesia shit.

I'm a Marikafag but I can sympathize with kosaki fans. It's like why the japanese go batshit crazy when idols have sex. Kosaki represented an ideal, pure-shy girl. She was sort of the embodiment of the innocent first crush. People will self -insert into mc's all the time and think "i'd pick her if I was him".

A rejected heroine staying single is basically a "hey, she could get together with a guy like you(pretty much what happened with Y-san's cameo. ) ". But seeing her defiled by some guy offscreen kinda ruins it all.

>Or which new girl has superior chemistry with next-gen Raku but loses anyway?
The new gaijin girl that the beehive gang sends over to be Raku 2.0's fiancé.

Except right off the bat she declares that this isn't a "fake love", but the genuine thing.

yfw when Sasa's childhood friend is a deadpan clown midget with glasses

She's a pastry chef. The Onodera shop sells only traditional Japanese treats.

She probably opened up her own pastry shop in another town since Sasa has to stay with Haru to attend her old high-school.

That's called fixing your mistakes user, that's not apart of any constructive story telling.
Shuu kept up his retarded face on for too long in that wind up, their chemistry was great but their confession chapter was in my opinion lack luster.

>yfw when Sasa's childhood friend is a deadpan clown midget with glasses
Perfect. I wanna Ruri/Shuus child so bad.

You're dense as hell if you don't realize that this is probably the exact same "forgotten childhood friends" setup Nisekoi had.

>Author makes Nisekoi sequel
>Ichijou Haku has a mysterious power
>turns out to be a battle manga
>it was a Double Arts sequel all along
I can see the absolute madman doing it.

I don't self-insert so I can't relate. Kosaki and Marika were my favorites, so I'm glad at least one was revealed to be married.

That was some weird shit; FFVIII did the same thing, and it was just as weird there.

Since when have parrots been allowed on Cred Forums?

its a set-up for a possible sequel. only this time, it'll be sasa's harem.

if this is at least 16 years into the future will it be cyberpunk

>Sasa's harem
>everyone in Raku's harem had male kids aside from Onodera
Oh boy.

What would Marika's son be like?

I think It's way worse because Raku and Onodera had the best chemistry in the series and Chitoge's only really good arc was Romeo and Juliet.
Especially towards the end, where everyone expected something really game changing for Chitoge and It never came.
I can't remember one good Raku/Chitoge scene once the "every girl gets an arc" thing started. Meanwhile I saved this page, just so I could rage at It later

the madman would do it though

Marika's son would be Z-san. Just like his parents, he goes to ridiculous lengths to prove his love, and inexplicably win in the end.

>Raku and Onodera had the best chemistry
I liked their scenes. Once they got over their initial shyness, they would always have a good time together. Just being in each others presence was enough for them. It was very sweet.

Super healthy, works out all the time because a girl he liked as a kid told him she likes buff guys, pretends to be a nice guy but is actually a delinquent who trash-talks others in Osaka-ben while he beats them up.

Falls for Sasa, who, it turns out, was the girl from his childhood, and tries to better himself for her.

It writes itself.

>recessive as shit nord genes being dominant
I could excuse it once, but twice?
Elevens don't have any variation in eye or hair color.

Damn japs and their kinpatsu wish fulfillment.

>Marika's son is a country bumpkin who learned how to be a charming gentlemen to prove his love to Sasa
>Tsugumi's son is a trap
>Yui's son is an evil Chinaman

Considering how long it took them to have their first kiss, how long did it take for Chitoge and Raku to conceive this fuccboi?

>best chemistry in the series
What? They were like like oil & water. I don't even like Chitoge, but she had way better chemistry with Raku than anyone else in the series.

If you like Onodera, try reading her spin-off. She's way better than in the main series.

Straight up this guy

Except he regularly makes a phone calls to his mother to ask her for love advice

>Ka-san, how do I ask a girl

Apparently the way Japanese relationships work it takes a really long time to get to kissing, but it progresses much faster after that point.

I just found Shuu and Ruri's spawn

This makes way more sense than it should.

Why is she scared of him having blonde hair? Is that a thing in Japan, or did Mommy transfer her Chitoge-related trauma over to her?

Because delinquents tend to bleach their hair in Japan.

Reminder that South Korean highschool students died before they could witness this shit ending as they yelled out Nisekoi Nisekoi before their ferry sank.

Gross! What kind of degenerate would fuck onedera?

I rather see more about Tsugumi since she was a cute cross dresser.

Look at that Fuu, going for the grope on Haru.

>she had way better chemistry with Raku than anyone else in the series.
I liked the interactions he had with Kosaki and Marika better. The whole fighting thing Raku and Chitoge had going on got old for me real quick. Plus I never liked tsunderes, so that didn't help.

>did Mommy transfer her Chitoge-related trauma over to her?
You guys seriously have a weird obsession with Kosaki.

>your head

Man, why did we never get a chapter where all the moms got into hijinks, like their old school days? When will we see them joke about how 75% of them are terrible mothers?

I'll never get over Raku's mom's faceless+poncho look.

>TokiDoki's MC is blonde
Komi sure love his blondes, huh?

He looks ugly. Wish he looked like the guy that had a thing for Marikas body-guard.

I wonder why

No, you are ugly.

>The well-known head of the local Yakuza is also a high-ranking government employee
>nobody sees any problems with this whatsoever

>Tsugumi has a kuudere son who's Haku's bodyguard
>Marika's son is a Casanova playboy, and a wannabe cop on the side
Who else do we need to double down on?

That fucking fox girl.

No, she's pure. Raku is the slut for choosing a random gorilla over his childhood crush.

>love triangle with a yakuza heir and a cop
I swear I've seen this somewhere before.

looking forward to kubo doing this for one more shit happening

Yes, but are Fuu and Haru fucking?


Almost certainly, since Haru doesn't seem to be married.

>Kami girls and harem 'plot'
>Kubo fashion and twists

>since Haru doesn't seem to be married.
Yeah, she isn't "married", she just so happens to run the shop with Sasa's favorite "Aunt Fuu".

>New love triangle between Haru, Haku and Sasa

Do it Komi

Believe me, Fuu is eating the fuck out of that Christmas cake.

>Shonen jump series ends with kids of protagonists again
It keeps happening

It's all part of the Japanese government's propaganda campaign to raise birth rates.

>(2)sekoi: True Love

>more or less

Don't act like you didn't bring Raku II over to the shop in order to seduce him, Haru.
She must be really good at repressing her emotions.

>Onodera's daughter
>Raku's son
>Never met until high school
So I take it Raku and Chitoge didn't stay in touch with their best friend Onoderea?

>2 sekoi
Oh fuck me, that's good

Onodera was fed up with it all, and just left the town behind. No one's heard from her in years; who knows what she's doing in her seclusion?

>Implying they didn't meet as children and forgot
>Implying this isn't nisekoi all over again.


No one did; Miyanagi is just a Raku pillow. Sasa was a virgin birth.

>didn't thank Y-san

How ungrateful of him?!

What happened to Ruri anyway? I don't give a shit about Shoe.

Became a translator and got married to Shuu.

Maybe she's still besties with Onodera? Or like the various moms, just stopped interacting.

I hate Komi.

If this actually became a series, wouldn't the most popular pairing end up being Son of Raku with the closest hot guy character?

Would Sasa become an unfortunate victim of the fujoshi?


IchiRukicucks still mad

He is? Will the otter be reading it for the next decade?

We'd all read it and you know it

I think it's actually impressive that a harem manga actually let the girls move on and even find new loves. Usually, harem members just keep loving the MC forever.

It's like the one unique thing I can attest to this shit

FFVIII had the excuse of GF magic gradually erasing memories. None of the characters even remember that they were orphans.

Wasn't that side-effect of the GFs never actually mentioned until they found out they were all from the same orphanage? It wasn't foreshadowed at all, right?

No, well sorta. Squall had large chunks of his memory missing. For example he knows he's childhood friends with Selphie, but he can't remember how they met.

>squall's autism was actually justified in story

Man, I'm going to have to actually replay VIII. I always just took that twist as being pointless and nonsensical.

Yeah, and also his rivalry with Zeifer. Neither him or Zeifer knows how it started, which is why it turned into an outright bloody conflict.

squall is ded

Why he didnt have a mistress

I'd only read it if it had more combat scenes. Enough pointless fluffy filler, I want some pointless fighting filler.


I don't even give a shit about Onodera but seeing this feels like her fanbase is getting in my head to tell me that all this shit is so wrong.

why do i feel so cucked

because you're a doormatfag

Bravo Komi.

Horimiya becomes complete shit after they fuck.

Because the romance ends and all that remains is stupid gags

>They haven't even met
What the fuck? I thought with Chitoge and Onodera being best bud they would introduce their kid to each other years ago.

Onodera is mad as fuck and cut all ties with then

Who would want to be friends with Chitoge after it's no longer necessary?

Onodera deserves nothing but misery.

>mfw Kosaki probably stayed single until her mom got an arranged marriage for her which is why she is married to some rando

>tfw no more Nisekoi

I just want some more Haru and Fuu yuri. If you torture me with another 200 chapters of filler, Komi, can you at least give me some Fuu unwrapping the Christmas cake?

Shitogefags have a huge inferiority complex because they know their gorilla is objectively shit in comparison to everyone else, particularly Onodera who pulls off all the shy dereness that tsunderes are supposedly good for without having the cunt behavior of Shitoge.

One of my favorite littler things about Nisekoi is just how blatant Fuu's thing for Haru is.

Here's Fuu taking some photos of Haru stumbling, and likely some pantyshots.

>There are people in this thread that can't accept Onodera ended up with a happy life
Why the fuck not? If it's possible for Ruri, Tsugumi, Marika, and Chitoge. Why not Onodera? It's a work of fiction, whatever Komi writes is canon and whatever goes on in that delusional head of yours is pure unadulterated shit.

Yeah no. That would imply that she was able to articulate her feelings.

Onodera probably couldn't stand to see them together at first. Chitoge was probably unbearably smug about it and would keep on sending her unsolicited selfies with her and Raku.

Dere literally means shyness.

They probably did meet with kids then forgot. The implication is that Sasa hasn't lived in the town for most of her life, while it's obvious that Raku's kid did. That's how Haru is familiar with him, probably playing the long game.

No it doesn't.

> yet another naruto ending
It sure is contagiousデレる

>to be shy; to be bashful; to feel awkward; to feel embarrassed

Will we really get a season 3, to finally finish off Nisekoi?

at least until the sequel comes out

wait if they are the same age that means that either raku waited a long time to fug wife or that onodera jumped to the first dick she found

That's how women usually respond to heartbreak.

If it took Chitoge and Raku till their wedding day to have their first kiss, then must have taken them years to have sex. I bet they're still having sex from the first time, when they concieved him.

Chitoge was busy in USA, Raku was busy with his gang, Onodera had just enough time to find someone and become pregnant at the same time as Chitoge.

I dont know why it sound that we are trying to fool ourselves with that.

I bet Mama Onodera and Marika's mom have some lesbian thing going on. She was clinging to her in the flashback too. Haru should learn from her mother and reciprocate Fuu.

Can you even read yourself, you idiot?

We really should have had a chapter of these guys interacting. Would have been nice to see how they operated together.

>being this butthurt you got told and can't into Japanese
That shit's common knowledge, newfag.

Who was their "Raku"

Raku's dad

Now I want to see the half brother of Haku, obviously the child of Raku and Tsugumi.
Please make it happen Nao.
The Fox girl from the game is canon right?

If they had one, he must have married someone else, since they all seem pretty distant from their husbands.

I bet it was Tsugumi's dad.

Now I want to see the half brother of Haku, obviously the child of Raku and Tsugumi.
Please make it happen Nao.
The Fox girl from the game is canon right?

>Guess it's time to cut my hair now

I like short-hair Marika, honestly.

Now short hair Haru was a travesty. At least that's changed as she became a Christmas cake.

>new spoiler image

I wasn't even aware there was a foxgirl. I wasn't even aware there were Nisekoi games. Has anyone here played them; I can only imagine what they're like.

What is Miyanagi like? Would he even appear in a theoretical spinoff, or would he just be a faceless ghost? I want to know, but I guess I'll never know.

>Now he's doing ANOTHER RomCom.
Thank god
Double Arts was a meme, Nisekoi was good

I know that the routes of Tsugumi and Onadera has been translated and shared on jewtube, but I don't know about the other routes.

Itazura na Kiss

This, he should stick to what hes good at

>Tsugumishitters are this delusional
Top kek
Go back to reading your autistic Nisenisekoi doujins you pieces of shit

>That's Tsugumi.
More like that's Marika

No he has Raku's face and his hairpin

Man you Double Arts faggots are really obnoxious
Nobody cares about your irrelevant shitty manga

>Raku and Onodera had the best chemistry in the series
Delusional Kosakifags everyone
Unless you mean Haru in which case I'd agree

Ever since Shaman King Flowers...this has been the new meme

Fuck you Takei

>virgin birth.

With as unlucky as she is, Onodera's a regular Job! She has to have had God on her side; Miyanagi is actually the Holy Ghost.

Immaculate conception; she was born the perfect waifu!

>With as unlucky as she is
She's lucky as fuck
She basically knew Raku loved her thanks to Ruri and she had Ruri, Haru(who also gave up on Raku for her), her mom and even fucking Chitoge helping her to get Raku yet she still failed

Onodera wasn't unlucky...she was just too chickenshit and always bailed out at the last moment in every opportunity she had to confess

Did Onodera and Raku ever even have a meaningful interaction that wasn't just them stuttering into some awkward moment? I don't even remember why they like each other.

That's because she didn't actually love Raku. Thus why she was able to get over him so quickly.

>Komi made Onodera bake their wedding cake

Fucking savage.

>making a wedding cake for your best friend's wedding
>a bad thing

Really user?

Considering she left town, disappeared, and didn't keep close enough contact with them for Sasa to know who they would seem Onodera grew bitter over the years.

>tfw no more Nisekoi

I wonder if her husband is even the father of her child? Maybe that's why she sent her to live with Haru.

A one-night stand?
A ghost?
A Raku body pillow?
Artificial insemination?
We may only speculate as to the true identity of the mystery man who Onodera somehow fucked.

Will this be the last Nisekoi thread in a long while? We came and fell so far, and for so little...

>you about him, aunt haru?
>more or less

Repression of emotions runs in the family

Probably a one night stand after Raku's wedding to help drown out her sorrows.

I don't even like Onodera but I want to believe that she got the best boy out of everyone, that her husband is like the second coming of Christ, except way cooler than Jesus.

Her womb was blessed by God, and that was how Sasa was born.