All Out (Rugby)

>All Out (Rugby)
>Haikyuu (Volleyball)
>Keijo (Echii Ninja Warriors)
>Longriders (Cycling)
>Shakunetsu (Ping Pong)
>Tiger Mask (Wrastling)
>Yuri on Ice (Skating)
I refuse to believe that this is a coincidence, anyone know why we're getting so many "sports" anime this season? Particularly odd that fewer than half of them are fujobait.

The austist neet isekai shit era is over.

you forgot Days (football)

> The austist neet isekai shit era
When the fuck was that era? We never even got two of those in a single season. Basically every single season there were as many or more mecha, sports, battle shounen, harems, SoL, etc. as isekai, people just liked to shitpost about isekai more.

but we still are in the cgdct era

I hope Long Riders is as good as Takkyu.

You forgot Teekyuu.

Olympics is coming, bro.

Better inspire a generation of NEETs into medal winners.

If there was an Olympics sport where women in swimsuits had to push each other off a platform with their butts I would have been ignoring it all the same because 3D and all that.

>Teekyuu (baseball)
Sweet trips

Of course it's not a coincidence idiot, it's a popular genre.

That blonde in the bottom left is cute.

This is one of Abe's scheme to encourage the nerds to starts exercising

Yes, good nipponese are fit and healthy members of society.

Olympics in japan.

Is it decent user? Is it more of a moe show or more of a sport one?

Could it possibly have something to do with the Olympics?????

Why would you want Long Riders to suck?

Isn't synchronized diving kind of like that?

>Sweaty mandrama
Pick one.

Maybe everyone was getting sick of shows that are just "girls who are friends" and they remembered that people get more engaged if there's some kind of story going on.

Why the fuck would an event four years away cause an influx of anime about cute girls in revealing sportswear?

Tokyo Olympics hype.

Watched the first episode of Takyuu and it fucking sucked. If you don't like generic moe then you're out of luck, I guess.

Perhaps I'll have more luck with Long Riders.

Trying to hype NEET anime audience about real sports is a losing battle.

It's not about getting anime fans more interested in sport, it's about selling anime and manga because everyone's suddenly talking about sport.

Hoping for good things from Long Riders, PV is cute.
Keijo is gonna be the next big thing.

>two of those in a single season.
Out of my head Grimgar and Konosuba this winter.

Olympics, summer games hype, appeal to fanbase with purchase power

Because ot's olympics soon

Also Wataru 2 + Lamune&40 in spring 90

I watched a match of women's beach volleyball and all I could feel was disappointment that they couldn't jump as high as anime girls.

We had a season like this a few years ago.

>Ace of Diamond
>Yowamushi Pedal
>Kuroko no Basket S2
>Ippo S3

Oh and Itai and the Boston Crabs.

You forgot ViVid Strike! (fucking shit up).

You mean soccer?

Takkyuu is a masterpiece unlike all those homo shows.

Tokyo 2020

You forgot Anitore XX

I welcome anything over the Isekai and harem eras, but especially sports/martial arts shows.