Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale


Where were you when SAO became the first anime movie to get a worldwide SIMULTANEOUS screening? 1000 theaters across the globe. Movie opens Feb 14, 2017.


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I was wacking it.

Fuck yeah, movie looks fantastic.


Kirito goes into a coma because of the evil NSA.

The surviving Law guys try to train up a peasant army in preparation for the Chaos invasion (Chaos are led by the literal God of Darkness who is also an evil NSA agent who eats souls like rape).

They get rekt, but Kirito's harem save them with GM accounts and deebeezeee powerlevels.

NSA connect UW to the internet and get 50,000 American players to connect (it was advertized to them as a beta test for a new AO-rated VRMMO where you're allowed to slaughter anything and everything you like, with blood and guts), they mass murder UW residents and think it's hilarious.

To defeat them the main characters get 2,000 Japanese VRMMO players to connect. Despite the difference in numbers the Japanese are superior and win because Asian gamer damashii.

Then PoH (who is also an evil NSA agent) unleashes a zerg rush of Korean and Chinese gamers who were recruited by being told this is the a Korean VRMMO that's in beta test but evil Japanese hackers broke into the server, turned off pain dampening and are torturing their countrymen.

Even when some Japs who speak Korean try to explain the situation to them they don't listen because hurr japanese

The other NSA guys are surprised this works, they thought it wouldn't be worth it because they didn't think Japan is more different from Korea/China than European countries are from each other (hur)

Koreans and Chinese overwhelm Japs because this is every Jap's worst nightmare.

Kirito wakes up (thanks to the literal POWER OF LOVE from his entire harem) and wipes them all out in one attack though.

(Also PoH's motivation is that he's Korean and he hates Japanese so when he got stuck in SAO he decided to set up Laughing Coffin and have them and the clearers kill each other for shits and giggles because Nips killing each other is hilarious.)

Later Kirito and Asuna become gods because of x10000000000 acceleration.

The UWers then travel to virtual planets with rocket dragons.

Damn they're really banking on this to make a lot of money. Wonder if we're going to get a similar situation to Kimi no na wa where it just bulldozes through everything and breaks records.

I would unironically enjoy this.

I want to go to see how bad it is but then i realise d i would be going to an event where 1000s of unironic SAO fans are going. I dont want to see these people

It won't come close to KNN's numbers, but I bet it will be very successful.

The problem with this is that it 'could' of pulled off a decent type of battle if they weren't described as fucking standing armies.

Give the benefit of doubt for Japan to experience fluctlight for a time lapse week at least, then the enemy is just a horde of ass hole testers that got no idea how the world works.

How is SAO still relevant? The hype hump has died off and the haters/trolls have long moved onto other series.

>How is SAO still relevant? The hype hump has died off
The LNs are still selling like hot cakes in Japan and Southeast Asia.

The LNs are pretty much over though. If the author fails to come up with a new story arc, it may go on indefinite hiatus.

>The LNs are pretty much over though.

Far from it. He's got an Aincrad remake currently ongoing and the main series is moving on past Alicization.

>Haters/trolls moving onto other series means the franchise stops being successful and liked by the fans which were always majority to begin with

Heh, no.

I'll go watch it anyway. What about Kimi no 10 billion though, no worldwide screening for that?

>the main series is moving on past Alicization
And the author has to come up with a new story arc past it, that's the problem. There is none.

My personal theory. It get free advertisement from VR marketing wave, and also coined symbiotic relationship with them.

There's little hype and success from SAO vita game ( granted, the vita itself isn't really big ), meanwhile lot of VR conference mentioned SAO a lot

I'm sure he could bullshit something.

Kirito and Asuna college years in California when?

I think he likes the series too much to just write himself into a corner, and I'm sure his editor won't let it happen anyways.

Poor author, he hasn't been allowed elsewhere for over a month now.

>I'm sure he could bullshit something.

How about fighting A.I overlord.

I dunno. I get the feeling that Kawahara unironically really enjoys writing his chuuni self-insert fantasies if not harem.

Good on him. I hope he's found an Asuna of his own by now.

Im interested now. Is this movie completely original or based on the LNs?

Kirito and Asuna looks great. I'm hyped.

Original story.

Original story, the premise is Augmented Reality, link related.

what about ilich?
they looooks greate of something else about bread birdls. sharky reddit back, why not?
real story, i'm not gardeeeeeeemarin, 4chyeah

Aniplex has been making a lot of mistakes lately. It doesn't surprise me since they're Sony. This shit is going to flop hard.

>The movie will be set after Mother's Rosario, but before the Alicization Arc and will have an original story written by the author, Kawahara Reki.

>In 2022, the world of virtual reality was upended by the arrival of a new invention from a genius programmer, Akihiko Kayaba. Called NerveGear, it was the first full-dive system and with it, came endless possibilities to VRMMORPGs.

>In 2026, a new machine called the Augma is developed to compete against the NerveGear and its successor, the Amusphere. A next-gen wearable device, the Augma doesn't have a full-dive function like its predecessors. Instead, it uses Augmented Reality (AR) to get players into the game. It is safe, user-friendly and lets users play while they are conscious, making it an instant hit on the market. The most popular game on the system is “Ordinal Scale” (aka: OS), an ARMMORPG developed exclusively for the Augma.

>Asuna and the gang have already been playing OS for a while, by the time Kirito decides to join them. They’re about to find out that Ordinal Scale isn’t all fun and games…

I'm seriously hyped here.

>by the time Kirito decides to join them. They’re about to find out that Ordinal Scale isn’t all fun and games…

So basically the same plot they've been doing since S1?

>implying AW isn't the far future of SAO

Only Asuna and Kirito's arcs may have come to an end.

So thoughts on this finally being the connecting link between SAO and Accel World?

Arguably he wrote himself into a corner after SAO ended.

A bit different. AR isn't full-dive. The danger affects reality, so it's a reverse situation.



Yui is really White Cosmos.

And KYH is the biological child of Kirito and Asuna who they disowned being the shitty parents they are who lavished all their love on their AI daughter.

It's the only reason why KYH's real name hasn't been revealed yet.



I'm actually more interested in this since it's AR instead of VR. That means Kirito has to use his real body and he won't be as OP.



Kirito is Kawahara's insert.

He is always going to make him the top player even if he has to cheat to make it happen like in SAO Progressive.

who cares? it's shit.

>That means Kirito has to use his real body and he won't be as OP.
You just know he's going to have some crazy workout routine for the movie plus a broken AR ability or two.

My waifu Silica looks great too,


>Asuna and the gang
>the gang

Ow wow, for once Kiritos harem is not absolutely fucking useless.


Aren't Japanese all about muh superior Tokyo U?


Silica is always cute and her designs are always cool, probably because she's a loli who uses dual daggers and all that.

I feel people will be pleasantly surprised with the movie. It should be better than the TV series since Kawahara knows how to write decently now.

>I hope he's found an Asuna of his own by now.

Not many rich heiresses of Japanese family owned companies going to marry a guy in his late 30s who writes LNs and unironically spends his time playing MMOs.

>It should be better than the TV series since Kawahara knows how to write decently now.

Progressive says otherwise.

Theme Song by Aoi Eir or LiSA?

Hopefully neither.

t. Fear and loathing

I was hyped a bit before watching trailers, but now i dont hold any expectations.

The plot is going to be shit, the antagonists motives would be just as COMPLEX as Kayabas (if not the second coming of him).
Half of the movie would be haremshit, other half - Jessus-kun saves the retards.

Animation is kind of shit, but new char design look nice.

>all these faggots thinking this shit is anything but mediocre

Come the fuck on.


Yea, its not going to be fanfic tier gary stu haremshit power fantasy anymore!

Oh wait...

>moefag thinks his unpopular opinion is relevant

Sure, if you're a fucking casual who has no taste, but by all means, please, continue enjoying Sword Art Online, truly the pinnacle of modern anime.

How can KyoAni even compete

>using the word "casual" in this day and age
>pokemon image

Pretty sure Kirito is still busted because muh muscle memory, like it was shown during the kendo scene.

>implying newfags can only be called just that
>inb4 /vp/ crossboaders

Kinda interested for the higher production values, but the story is basically inconsequential filler with no stakes, so why bother?

>SAO airs
>Cred Forums loves it
>SAO ends
>Cred Forums hates it and it's overrated trash
>SAO 2 airs
>Cred Forums loves it
>SAO 2 ends
>Cred Forums hates it and it's overrated trash
>SAO movie airs

I wonder what will happen.

>Also PoH's motivation is that he's Korean
Reminder to update this copy-pasta. PoH is now half-Japanese. He's American, but pretty sure he's half-Mexican, too.

There's like 3 novel spin-offs, a few manga spin-offs, and we're already gonna be getting more Kirito next year.

Kawahara has been writing new content for SAO for quite a while; he's not going to stop now, just because he caught up to the Web Novel.

Kirito had talked about going to college in America, if I remember correctly. Kawahara isn't really super patriotic with that whole NIPON STRONK shit.

>Arc 5 is Kirito stopping a school shooting with VR skills because reasons

Hopefully this new movie isn't that popular so we're allowed to like it and discuss it after it ends.

>Things that never happened.

Only problem with this is that anime takes itself seriously. If this was tongue in cheek then it would be 10/10. Now its just 0/10 wish fulfillment crap

They clearly did. Almost every popular anime Cred Forums has loved until it stopped airing at which point it was considered overrated trash. Take NGNL for example. Cred Forums love that like crazy but as soon as it ended. Overrated normie trash.

Attack on Titan the anime. Cred Forums loved it but as soon as it ended what happened? Trash.

Only if you forget how 2 years worth of semen was spammed incessantly when it aired. People hated the show and thought it was chuuni shit.

>Cred Forums is one person

Oriemo Cred Forums showed so much love but now that it's over it's used strictly for memes and is considered trash by most including from the very same people who enjoyed it.

>Cred Forums loves it

>Vile Cred Forums scum
>Countless Newfags
>Threads back to back 24/7 filled with nothing more then waifufaggotry, "hurr durr durr its not shit" "discussion", and nothing memorable.
>3-5 threads at a time.

Gee, I wounder why Cred Forums "suddenly" started hating it just as shitposting dimmed down a bit.

The only way for a series to be truly successful here is if it's very old or if it wasn't that popular.

This is why flying witch does good here. It didn't get that popular. It hit a sweet spot.

I feel like Railgun and Fate hit the best part of the sweet spot. Index/Railgun and fate is probably the most popular a series can get while still being accepted here by most of the users. Anime like Naruto bleach and One piece stand no chance unless something amazing happens or they're about to end.

>implying Cred Forums's love is proportional to the amount of shitposting the show gets.

Let's just admit most of us are hipster faggets and get it over with. It's no secret.

You guys no it pisses you all off when somebody in real life says they like a well known popular anime even if it might be good. We're pathetic hipster faggets. Accept it.

We as a community need to create a chart that lets us know at which point an anime has gotten too popular to avoid confusion.

>Addmitting your shit taste
>On an anonymous imageboard

>Bringing real life to the table
>"popular=good" argument

Someone screencap this newfaggotry.

All I know is at the vary least and I mean this is bare minimum of people who complain about series like SAO and NGNL etc are the very same people who watched the series the full way through and enjoyed it while watching it but realized it was cool to like it because it got too popular and now say they hate it and after all this time probably believe it as well. Look into your pathetic hearts and ask yourselves how you actually felt about the show while watching it for the first time. Congratulations, you enjoyed SAO and you're a hipster fagget.

That flatness, I feel sorry for Silica

>marry a guy in his late 30s who writes LNs and unironically spends his time playing MMOs.

He's 42 years old and has no free time to play games nowadays because Kadokawa pushes him to keep churning out SAO/AW/Isolator/everything.

We'll see you in the theaters come February 2017

It would be like a weaboo infested place.

Mostly normal people and teens nowadays user.



This movie won't last two weeks after it airs before it's too popular to discuss on here without major shitposting and distractions ruining the threads.

Notice how Naruto is getting popular on Cred Forums again because Naruto and Sasuke are about to have the final battle. After that though it's back to being overrated trash that nobody likes.

Fuck you that show was moe garbage.

They tried so hard to push their unfunny jokes. We get it, Magic is surprising to normal people. You can close your fucking mouths now and fill this god awful silence with dialogue at any point.

The final battle already happened. It's worht checking out IMO

Really? People are discussing the technical aspects of the episode itself more than the actual anime.

When is kirito going to grow up?
Has has his pre puberty body for a while now

Look into your pathetic hearts and ask yourselves how you actually felt about the show while watching it for the first time.

Episode 1 - has A-1 finally picked up something that is not just shallow otaku pandering crap?
Episode 2 - Nevermind, its shit.

Something along these lines.

He should go to Europe instead, the US won't provide the kind of internet speeds and lack of data caps that he needs to play VRMMOs all day.

Perfect timing since it can make itself look deep through Pokémon Go parallels.

>and you're a hipster fagget.

I've unironicly enjoyed NinjaSlayer, and it doesnt make it good all of a sudden.

>google fiber

Kawahara is a massive westaboo, specifically for America (west coast). I wouldn't be surprised if he tried to buy a vacation home in the US after he finally retires or something.

>wanting Google to spy on everything you do online

just fucking go to Romanai


>finishes watching the first episode
nah man this is too interesting, I'm gonna go read the original material
>finishes LN1
I'm disapointed it skipped staright to the 75th floor
>continues watching the anime
Well this has to be the first time I've found the anime to be better than the LN

That's it. It ws entertaining to me. I also fapped to 16.5 once

I dunno. Recently read what's translated of Volume 17, and it looks like American internet has improved enough for thousands of players to seamlessly connect to a server in the middle of the ocean.
So I guess the Kawahara-verse isn't all bad.

If it's a choice between Comcast or Google, I pick Google 10 times out of 10.

America has roughly 10 years to make UW events a reality, I have faith (?)

fuck you

Also a few months later I found out it was the antichrist of anime and thought "well it is true that it's a simple power fantasy, but it's by no means terrible"

I was curious enough to attempt reading the LN's after the show ended. I stopped at phantom bullet but it was curious to see how he evolves little by little as a writer.

>data caps
As an Indiana resident, I haven't had a data cap since 2003. Where do you guys get this shit from? I'm assuming Goycast

>blindly jumping on the SAO is bad bandwagon

This paves the way to Alicization, fuck you man.

There are very few anime that are actually soo good they manage to be popular around Cred Forums despite their popularity. These anime are rare and only come around every 5-10 years. Anime like Madoka. The true successor to Evangelion. Go ahead and call it overrated trash. You can't stop this anime. It's popular on Cred Forums already and it's here to stay.

From the unique animation to the soundtrack and even the storyline this anime was a huge success and it's going to be remembered and talked about for years and years.


Madoka in fact I can confidently say was the most discussed hyped anime to ever air during the life of Cred Forums.

Depends on where you live. Some regions, ISPs might give data-caps, becuase you don't have any other choices.
In regions where Google Fiber is coming, Comcast has started offering cheaper Gigabit internet, like magic.

Hi, newfag.

Hey newfag. Care to name any anime that surpassed Madoka in discussion during the lifespan of Cred Forums? I'll wait,

I know it's SAO it's pretty much love it or hate, but the movie looks pretty damn good.

>Cred Forums always shits on SAO
Suddenly bandwagoners, why can't Cred Forums every think for themselves?

>Well if I get on board now I can pretend I always liked it from the beginning if this new movie turns out to be amazingly historically good. Worst case if it gets too popular or isn't that good I can say it's overrated trash and I've hated it from the beginning.

>So I guess the Kawahara-verse isn't all bad.
In the Kawaharaverse Japan is either a police state or transitioning to one, what with the CCTVs on every street corner actively scanning everybody's faces to search for criminals in a biometrics database, or the government having a backdoor in everybody's home electronic locks.

Imagine what the United States is like.

Have you wished your waifu happy-birthday?

Asuna is better looking as has a better personality. Other than being a loli there is no reason you'd ever want this girl over Asuna.

Cousin is best girl, also SIlica

Excerpt from Volume 16:
>As of now — July 2026, as part of a counterterrorism initiative, American VRMMOs had suffered legal limitations. Even for independent games developed through use of The Seed software package, if it had not been reviewed by industry rating boards and had a Code of Ethics applied to it, running its servers would be prohibitively difficult.

>Therefore, activities of cruelty were strictly limited; if one insisted on adding «dismemberment» content, the characters must be set to insectoid figures, like «Insect Site». These restrictions, worse than that of Japan, the birthplace of VRMMOs, frustrated players all over the US. Yet now, a mysterious closed beta announcement has suddenly appeared.

I forgot her name but the Cousin girl is amazing but after a while I realized that's only because it's forbidden love and exciting. Take that away and she's pretty average. Asuna is one of the cutest girls in anime.

Of course by average I mean for a superior anime girl. In real time shed 20/10 easily.

What the fuck does the ESRB have to do with counterterrorism

Also didn't SCOTUS already rule that videogames are a protected form of First Amendment speech?

>censoring gore
When did we become Germany?

>As of now — July 2026, as part of a counterterrorism initiative, American VRMMOs had suffered legal limitations. Even for independent games developed through use of The Seed software package, if it had not been reviewed by industry rating boards and had a Code of Ethics applied to it, running its servers would be prohibitively difficult.

Wow. They actually did their job, unlike the Japanese videogame industry did with SAO.

I guess the SAO incident had SCOTUS giving the ESRB considerably more weight.
If you look at some social issues today, there are already groups trying to undermine the First Amendment, "for the greater good".

>Therefore, activities of cruelty were strictly limited; if one insisted on adding «dismemberment» content, the characters must be set to insectoid figures, like «Insect Site». These restrictions, worse than that of Japan, the birthplace of VRMMOs, frustrated players all over the US.
I know redpillers like to complain about the gubbimint taking our freedoms, but this is patently ludicrous. I'd understand if it was clamping down on sexual content, but the United States will never, not in this lifetime, ban violence and gore. Even being refused classification by the ESRB doesn't preclude people from selling their game independently. I think Kawahara has the US confused with Australia or maybe China.

Get fucked. Asuna is the number #1 ranked anime girl in the world.

>American videogames being less tolerant of violence than Japanese
Yeah, no, this would never happen.

so, shit

sao on its own was bad enough

If you want to know the msot popular anime girl see the saimoe or plebbit results.

No one wants to see you either, user.

is it just me or does anyone else get a ufotable feel from this trailer? must be the gradients

Looks interesting. But it makes me wonder how AR works in this context? You can't actually feel the physical impact of the attacks so how do you get immersed?

The AR still interfaces with the brain, it just doesn't half all sensation coming from the real body. So I imagine that you can in fact Feel physical impacts.

Same director of photgraphy as God Eater.

Talk about milking the series worldwide.

>Have a cash cow
>not milking

It's almost like Dengeki loves money.

Wish Yuuki got to appear in some fashion but that seems unlikely.


SAO is garbage beyond the first Arc which also went to shit after they married.

Yet here I am and will still watch this piece of shit.

What am I even doing with my life?

I don't even like SAO, but I hope it has a great box-office, so that distribution companies get their heads out of their asses and start distributing anime movies internationally properly, and not just to festivals and a couple of theaters.

>dual daggers
Uh, I'm pretty sure she only uses a single dagger.

Comparatively. His current writing level is many steps above that of SAO volume 1, though I guess that's a low hurdle.

>Love Live movie was shown at 22 theaters in the US
>SAO movie will (in all) be shown at ~700 international theaters
>the US will probably get at least 100 of those theaters (lowballing)
Maybe it'll actually be able to be shown at real mainstream theaters instead of simply at small boutique theaters like it was with the LL movie around here.

>Asuna is his legit, actual girlfriend
>series still tries to do harem shit and everything the other characters do is to make Kirito look good

This series will forever be objectively terrible as long as Kirito remains the central character. The masses will eat it up as always though.

Why am i unironically hype for fucking SAO of all things?

>brown eyes

I hate SAO, however this is good for anime as a whole. If it shows to be succesful, which it probably will then it shows a future where anime can have a larger crowd

I don't think I could handle more SAO. Still, I'll almost certainly watch it because I hate myself.

Is it even possible to judge his writing level in English fairly, given that they are all viewed through the lens of Stephen Paul's creative localization?

I love to hate SAO, this is great news.

Think the Cred Forums version will last more than a season?


>, Dana Goldberg and Marcy Ross of Skydance. Kalogridis, who also penned drafts for the live-action Alita: Battle Angel and Ghost in the Shell films, mentioned that she has "for years... been inspired by the inventive and masterful storytelling of the SAO franchise."

This reads like a fucking Cred Forums parody

This is... very underwhelming, the animation doesn't seem as good as it should be, especially for a cinema screen.

Kirito will be played by nigger. Mark my words.

I don't think you can fault the translator when his novels just don't work at either a plot or a conceptual level. The MC being a Gary Stu and prick about everything or a meandering story plot that goes nowhere and ultimately fizzles says a lot more about the writer than it does about the translator.

Well he's supposed to be the black swordman after all.

>don't work at either a plot or a conceptual level
>The MC being a Gary Stu and prick about everything
>a meandering story plot that goes nowhere and ultimately fizzles

Elaborate, because it sounds like you're talking about some other story, almost as if you didn't read or watch SAO.

>mfw Martin Lawrence plays Kirito

>won't be in 3rd world shithole where I live

>Movie opens Feb 14 2017

Wonder why they picked this date? It's almost like they're aiming for an audience that don't have dates on valentines and so wallow in their loneliness by going to watch some anime movie which has slight romantic themes which is easy to self-insert into.

But I know that can't be right, right guys? I mean I'm sure everyone here is a harem protagonist with several bitches.

Now this is kino

its times like these you realize how lonely you are compared to a lot of other people

OP is just retarded. The article says it's on the 18th.

>The staff then screened a trailer on multiple screens with Japanese, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Korean, and Thai subtitles simultaneously.
Should I get hyped and expect to be able to watch it in a local theater? have they released the locations yet?

This was at the end of the last Trailer for the JP version.
Seems tickets (at least in Japan) go on sale on the 15th. We MIGHT get more information about over-seas screenings after that.

15th october?!

There better be 10/10 fanservice if they expect me to leave my house for this shit

Are our theaters HD-ready? will the quality be good enough? I don't wanna regret this...

Shut the fuck up bitch. I just want 10/10 titty fanservice

The american version is gonna have hidden boobs

the good old holy ray of light.

Which reminds me that Quinella will probably prompt some countries to outright ban SAO3.

well, Geoff Thew is getting another paycheck i guess