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Too lewd for this world

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>literally NO PORN of her
fucking why

Because she is worst girl

>mfw porn of Chisa is now starting to pop up
>it's all based on her mind-break

Patience user.

Why did Chiaki have to die?

Why couldn't it have been you?

Yep. And to take a summary from a translation, 12 year old Kirigiri was rather put off by the idea of taking off her socks in public.

>“Say, young lady, why are you so opposed to this?” Hoshii asked, leaning into Kirigiri’s line of vision. “If you tackle it just like before, it will be over in no time.”

>“…….It’s embarrassing.” With an expression caught between anger and frustration, Kirigiri averted her eyes. Perhaps this was how she looked when embarrassed.

>“Embarrassing?” Tsutsumi said, rubbing his aching hip and standing up. At that, all of the men tilted their heads in confusion.

>“I see…” Hoshii said, strangely satisfied with that answer. “What about this: you and I will go over to that room together and check there, just the two of us.”

>“I would be fine with that.”

because I'm not a character in Danganronpa

It has only begun

Asahina's breasts and thighs are superior to Ruruka's.

Can it end please? Chisa is getting some pretty disgusting porn.



(most DR1 already dead you selfish fuck)


(All still alive and they're a remnant of despair and you still think choosing this is right?)

No GTA5 bullshit where you can save all of them.

why is Hopebot so perfect

Honestly I'm chiakifag here, but I think Chiakis is better of dead you know what I'm saying?

I would sacrifice Aoi, Weedman, Byakuya, Toko, Komaru and Kyoko to bring back Chiaki.

REAL Kirigirifag here, I prefer chiaki alive because she's better than Kirigiri bitch.

DR1 casts got it easy compared to DR2 casts.

You want to know why I didn't give RL Chiaki closure? I didn't need to.
Why I didn't need to? You never saw her ghost in the death theater with Junko and Chisa, right?
It's not just because I ran out of money to pay HanaKana, but maybe because I kept her alive somehow.
Maybe that's why he never mention her "death" directly, but is guilt-ridden over his act of betrayal from him and his classmates instead.
Maybe that's why you didn't see her ghost alongside her Hinata-kun.
Maybe Izuru dropped off her comatose body at her parent house and went off being boring somewhere else in the world, keeping her hairpin as memorabilia.
Maybe she wasn't with the despairs because they didn't want to drag her down into fugitive status and let the world be her oyster, not just Jabberwock island.
Maybe that miracle did happen, but I couldn't show it to you because we were only given 24 minutes.
Maybe you should buy limited edition DRv3 with OAV to find out the rest.

no, why would I

Naegi-kun, it seems my panties are wet.


As a Chiakifag I'm obligated to say yes, but I'm also curious to what kind of uproar would occur here if we had it the other way around.

I want Naegi to try and fail purifying Junko

I found out how to deal with the rampant autism in /drg/.

Just shitpost as hard as you can without regard for anything.

My wife Chisa is so cute.



>Ogata said that ED song is a hint of the end of Mirai
I wonder how relevant that was in Hope arc

>tfw watching that episode in public

Now all that's left is your autism.

>watching anime in public
It's like you want to get fucking judged.

>implying porn hasn't been drawn of other worst girls before

>implying she's worst girl

Who is worse than her?

For those of you who want to know how much DR3 sold.


That's not bad, but I expected more honestly.

>The author cared enough about the game to actually build on a one line throwaway joke

would of been double if they saved Chiaki

Okay seriously, what the fucking shit was her goddamn fucking problem?

trust issues = amazing sex

Why did Ruruka want to start a coup?

I would sacrifice Kodaka's firstborn to bring back Chiaki

Ausfag here, i wanna buy Danganronpa 3 on dvd and if possible, and of the official manga they have out, basically merchandise and stuff, anyone know anywhere around Aus that this stuff can be purchased? Or is it easier to just try and find somewhere to deliver online?

Why live?

How many puppies will you kill to bring her back?

>Tengan created the killing game
>He created the NG codes
>He created for himself the most unconvenient NG code ever, if Munakata asked him about his plan he would have killed Mitarai asap
Tengan's plan is just the apotheosis of retardness

Why is Hopeman such a best?

Despair Mikan is cute

>i wanna buy Danganronpa 3 on dvd and if possible
Not released yet.
>and of the official manga they have out
Not all DR related official manga/novels have been officially translated yet, even if fantranslations/still not all translated too) have been around for a while.

In short, wait for the DVD, read manga/novels online, or you'll wait years waiting for official translation being done and released worldwide.

>"Huh huh huh huh huh huh huh? Another useless boring yandere bitch? Yes it's me

I'm willing to make dogs an extinct species if I have to, and I'm a dogsfag

Chiaki could probably beat me up in a fight

Is that even a question?
No one on this board could survive the execution as much as she did.

Say, if Chiaki is so important to class 77, why didn't Junko bring up her real life death to class 77 that turned them to despairs?

>or you'll wait years waiting for official translation being done and released worldwide
f-fug, i'll wait i guess, thanks

You know why.
No seriously you should know why.

Because Kodaka didn't think that far.

Look at him in the eyes... That swirl...

Which is why it's likely Chisa hijacked it.

To bully people, of course.

For example, Saionji. And every day, I want to bully Saionji so much. I want to scold her to tears and throw her into pool. I want to take her gummies and eat them in front of her. Then I'll force-feed her with lemon-flavored gummies, palm after palm. I want to call her a stinky and take her panties so she has to going commando for the rest of the trip. I want to mock her inability to put her kimono by herself, so I'll strip her every once in a while, yelling what one day, she'll be glad to be able to dress up herself. Also, I'll take her kitty hairpins, making her long blonde hair cover her private parts. And when I'll give kimono back to her, I'll make sure to put Mr. Ants in every single pleat and Mr. Crab in her panties.

And when finally she snaps and try to bully me by any means possible, I'll spank her in front of everyone until she'll like it. And when she'll come to me, begging for another spanking, I'll mock her again, then spank her as if my life depends on it, laughing on her moans full of pleasure. Mere seconds before her climax, I'll throw her into pool once again, leaving her in her aroused state.

Chiakifriends aren't into bullying

All they need is a little push. Nanami can be a wonderful bully too.

Their avatars are based just as they were to enter the academy, so they have no collection of their time with her in the game, obviously. And Nanami's death alone wouldn't of been enough to Despair them, which is why the brainwashing was added in.

I hate how they made Chiaki in DR2. She's fucking loud somehow and kinda dead inside compared to anime. Also, she's fucking bright in the game (colors)

Alright i'll bite what is this anime?
Do I have to play video games first to watch it?


That part made my dick diamond, Chiaki being angry is something rare

Since Hinata was that dense anyone would get mad, she gave him the culprit from the very start.

>every thread

Still would of helped Junko bring them into despair. Seeing as if they knew that they had lost their memories and learning that Chiaki, who just sacrificed herself for their survival, dying in RL made them into despairs should of sealed the deal for Junko. It would of utterly devastated them.

DR timeline is
DR3 Despair Arc -> DR1/DR1 Anime -> Another Episode: Despair Girls -> DR2 -> DR3 Future arc -> DR3 Hope arc

DR3 anime completely spoils the BEEG TWEEST of DR2

You should watch DR1 anime, then either play DR2 or watch a playthrough or something. Despair Girls doesn't affect a ton of canon so it's technically skippable. Watch Future and Depair at the same time, starting with Future Arc ep 1, then Despair Arc ep 1, then Future 2, etc. Alternate between the two of them

Tengan, correctly, assumed everyone in the FF were retards and so would never ask him anything specific enough that he'd need to lie.

also technically doesn't it also apply to if Tengen believes it's the truth but it might not actually BE a fact?

I doubt AI Chiaki would stay quiet about it.

You can't say that Saionji didn't deserve any bullying, even Kodaka agrees with me!

>would of
>should of
stop doing that holy shit

Because she realized Future Foundation was shit. She was right.

>That sprite resolution
Is that a PSP screenshot?
Why is it in english?

being used to getting everything you want can lead to some serious personality issues

>watching anime in public

>You should watch DR1 anime
Play DR1, the anime is rushed as fuck and it's fucked up.

the game takes fucking forever though
like i'm 8 hours or so into dr2 and i'm only just finished the first class trial

rushed as it may be, it gives people easier access to the story of the series without having to commit to a 20+ hour game

>8 hours in
>First class trial

Jesus christ, do you read at a snails pace. I beat the entire game in 20 hours.

Because I took it from the fan translation. The official translation is: "I'm just messing with you."

The anime is a terrible way to experience the story stop trying to recommend it. Suck it up and play the fucking games if you're that interested in the series.

most of the time i'm sitting there having left Auto on
i like hearing the fully voiced lines
plus i've done enough exploring that i'm almost already level 40 and have raised two pets so

the anime isn't that bad calm down

>DR Kirigiri -> DR3 Despair -> DR0 -> etc


>Insecurity stenming from how she believes her talent is the only worth she has as a person
>trust issues because of the misunderstanding with Seiko
>is already kind of a manipulative person in general, but usually not out of malicious intent
>she tortured herself so it's clear she was filled with serious self-hate
Ruruka is close to being a basketcase, girl's kind of a mess.

>plot is rushed as hell
>evidence quickly glossed over without real explanation as to how it relates to the crime
>no FTE/School mode

It's fine if you've already played the game beforehand but you're genuinely doing a disservice to yourself by experiencing an inferior version of the story.

>couldn't just use splenda to make some of her sweets
what a dumb bitch holy shit
if she wanted seiko to eat her food so much, she could've made it so she WOULDN'T FUCKING DIE

fucking bitch, it's like going "WHY WON'T YOU EAT MY BREAD" to someone with coeliac

>like i'm 8 hours or so into dr2 and i'm only just finished the first class trial
What the fuck?
I just checked my first run save on the vita and i completed it in 19 hours.
Playthrough on Youtube are like, barely 4 hours per chapter.
The game is not that long, you are just slow.

And the anime is NOT a good recomendation, it literally skips parts and lines that are referenced in later games(and DR3), and overall gives a way worse representation of the story and characters.

But the fantranslation patch for SDR2 was never completed or released...

>there will never be a school mode of DR3 future where i can go on wrestling dates with gozu
fuck this series

He always has the option to either not answer or to dodge the question like he did about the Kamukura project. He's only forbidden to lie.

y'all go on and on about how the anime skips shit but you didn't explore every single thing and then proceed to bitch me out for taking too long on the second game

pick one and stick with it

These two are so cute together

>But the fantranslation patch for SDR2 was never completed or released...
Beta patch

Voice actors getting revealed this week


Korekiyo better be Koyasu

>forgetting that Seiko wears braces so even if Ruruka found a way around Seiko's medication it would've been pointless

No, you're just autistic user-kun. Seriously there's only so many things you can even examine.

Post yfw

>VA: Megumi Ogata

>There's no middle ground between "Speedrun and skip all the text" and "8 HOURS IN CHAPTER 1"
Sounding pretty insecure there.

Pls let OnoD voice the fuckboy.

doesn't need to be toffee or something
she could even make her something soft, like ice cream
having had braces, they only get in the way of some things, like stuff that was really sticky

other things like hard candies were fine

i dunno, ruruka was like "oh you can't eat it? well fine" and then left it at that instead of trying to find another solution

she's such a terrible, terrible friend

Haruka Ishida
Kikuko Inoue
Akio Ootsuka
Tetsuya Kakihara
Kanda Sayaka
Ryouhei Kimura
Mikako Komatsu
Maaya Sakamoto
Hiro Shimono
Minori Suzuki
Kenichi Suzumura
Takeuchi Shunsuke
Tanaka Aimi
Tokui Sora
Megumi Hayashibara
Hikaru Midorikawa
Kouichi Yamadera

>Doesn't know moon runes

what? now you're just projecting

You didn't understand.
Going through the game at a normal pace(4-5 hours per chapter) will give you insight on the story and characters the way it's supposed to.
If you think a 4-5 hours chapter can be well condensed in 2 20 minutes long episodes, you're just plain wrong.
Also you can't literally miss the things you need to examinate to proceed(this is valid for both games), so there is no excuse for being that slow.
You're literally going at the pace that is required to complete it 100% with all the enviroment examinated, all objects collected, and all interactions done, which are not needed for the story to go on and be 100% understood.

Any link to it?

That's more than they did for DR3.


wtf i ____ now

I'll stop being a NEET!

>You will never be the manlet that holds the key to her dere side

the ahoge means boner?

Seiko knows how her medication works so she probably figured there wasn't anything Ruruka could've done. She seems like she would have the knowledge to think of a workaround around it just as well as Ruruka could.

I figured she just didn't want to take the chance of trying anything and risk triggering whatever she was on. Even sweet things can still interfere with certain kinds of medication, not just sugar.

The show didn't really go into detail about it, just like it didn't go into detail about a lot of things, so we can really only make assumptions about the particulars.

That smile....I die everytime she smiles, I love her.

are there any other anime with a killing game premise? like mirai nikki or deadman wonderland?

>No Ogata for Hopebot

Tetsuya will be voicing Rantarou.

So whatever happened to that gun found by Izayoi?

Oh yeah most definitely.

Also, someone said that Hopebot should be Akio Ootsuka a little while back. Fuck you for making this real.

Judging by his pose, Folklorist is going to be the Gundam of this game.

How is that hope?

If Ryouma isn't voiced by Wakamoto, I will riot.

Hope that I will become a better person and stop being a leech

How can one smile be this perfect?

Pretty sure the last 3 will be voicing the Monokumaz.

Would make the most sense. They did say his VA was pretty popular and Tetsuya has had a lot of roles in anime and movies.

Plus he'd got the fuccboi vibe.

Akio voicing Kiibo wouldn't surprise me tbqh.

>her dere side
>Kirigiri don't has a damaged side after the poisoning
This bother me more than her plot armor.

Who will Sakamoto voice?

Is not fucking fair

Dictator seems more like Gundham to me

it better be fucking witch loli

Honestly he seems like a mix of Togami and Gundam.

Ryoma or maybe Ouya for the laughs

I don't really get any Togami vibe from him besides having some apparent high position. He just seems to be the delusional type nobody takes seriously like Gundham.

Nah I'm pretty sure Shimono will voice Ryouma.

A better question is, who the fuck is Kikuko Inoue gonna be?

Kinda same, I would have been fine with a "burned" face Kyoko, or like a cool fanart depicted her, with a face/eye patch and without an arm
inb4 into damaged girls, I wouldn't be fine with it cuz I like it, but cuz it would fit and make sense.

But at the same time, for all we know the purple they got from the poison could have been on the same level of a very bad ematoma instead of a necrosis, so if that's the case it makes sense that she's full healed after "several months"


She had the SHSL Nurse tending to her and the SHSL Everything totally owes her one. I can buy it.

is this the real ?


Who will voice SDHS Rapist-kun? They said it'll be someone famous.

>is Kikuko Inoue gonna be?

shuuichi because he's a girl


Tetsuya or Ryouhei

More likely the former.

Because he's cute!

Komaeda is cute!

I don't think that's all the VAs so don't give up hope

That is all the VA. Ogata isn't part of the main cast as Naegi and Komaeda won't be in the game.

Who's going to voice tennis midget


Is it even explained how makoto baited class 77 to be on the island?
Or how he defeated them so they can be brainwashed?

>no Mamoru Miyano


>Is it even explained how makoto baited class 77 to be on the island?
>Or how he defeated them so they can be brainwashed?

Yes in the trial 2-6 emails. They turned themselves in to the Future Foundation as former HPA students in need of protection from the RoD and the investigators somehow cleared them and gave them to the 14th branch.

>Minori Suzuki
only voiced 1 character in her life

so she is the token character that dies first?


They pretty much gave themselves in.
They were found during normal searchings for survivors and what not.
Izuru had AI junko to insert into the NWP, and now we know(from the roof scene with Junko) he wanted to to something like this since even before the events of DR1.
So...they gave themselves in under Izuru suggestion so that he could put his plan of testing which is more unpredictable, hope or despair, into practice.

Well R.I.P Maki.

I wonder if they will be the Monobeasts of the game or will be major players.

I hope theyre not like Shirokuma and Kurokuma and are heavily advertised and then dont do a lot


>only voiced 1 character in her life
But to be fair, it was the main girl in Macross, so she started big.

Kurokuma > Monokuma > Shirokuma > new kumas > retarded bunny

If she's inexperienced, then she doesn't need high paycheck.

Thank you, brothers

>That year Junko got really into steampunk

That would probably mean the opposite for her then I'd think?

I just want doujinshis with these cyberhands.


Literally who

She doesn't even look that much like Junko

Are you high

Junk's already got you.

they're the only two strawberry blondes in the entire series

captcha for

>hair color makes them the same person

i know you're being purposely dense but i'm pointing out one of many similarities

>being this retarded

They mentioned something about the student working in teams during the class trial debates so I could see each group being represented by their own Kuma, and people switching between groups over the course of the game. 5 different ones is enough that in the final trial each survivor could have a separate one.

>they don't look anything alike
>yes they do
i wasn't even trying to say she's junk in disguise but if you think they don't look anything alike you're wrong

>mfw Kodaka is a liar and someone from DR3 appears in V3
>it's not Naegi or any DR1 character

>The mastermind behind V3 isn't Monokuma, it's actually Monokatana.
Munakata got butthurt about Naegi reopening Hope's Peak so he started his own school, with prison cells and love hotels.


>tfw we'll have a DR Jannu

>mfw the mastermind is Chisa
>this is her gift for Junko

>not counting Tarako and Yamadera Kouichi who are voicing the Monokumas, there's 7 male VAs and 9 female VAs
So I guess one of the guys is going to be voiced by a woman, who is it gonna be?

Terrible lineup.

user it's pretty good, you've got Hayashibara and Yamadera

Shuuichi or Ouya.

Detective. It is actually a she after all.

>one of the VAs is snake
When are the MGS memes gonna stop?

Shit you know what else user? We've now had nearly all the EVA VAs except for Asuka.

If it's not the dictator who's said pretty much a shota like Naegi and Chihiro who both have female VAs, then it's probably the detective.

Looks like we're getting a Naoto rehash after all. Hope "he's" first to die.

Uh Chihiro had a male VA

What is the best talent and why is it luck?

I'm glad at least one ship was canon

Oh shit I forgot. Then nvm.

I think Hopebot is a candidate, too.

And Hoshii (the tennis player) could easily have a childish voice, easily covered by a woman.

Mahiru was a complete waste of time and space. She was the DR2 and DR3 "filler character". Her whole character served as stepping stone to Fuyuhikos development and unimportant victim for the second trial. I am disgusted by the lack of any ideas and thoughts behind her character. Even her talent was useless and only relevant to make a shitty picture in the first trial.

Except no ships became canon

>She was the DR2 and DR3 "filler character".
DR3 had nothing but filler characters.

I doubt Hopebot is getting a female VA. That boat sailed when Ogata didn't get in the main cast.

And I can't imagine Ryouma with a childish voice idk why.

>Naegi/Nagito sing the song for Despair arc
>Kaede from V3 sing both intro and outro for Future arc

>tfw Chisa could've been an interesting mastermind but she also ended up being filler

>DR3 had nothing but filler characters.

Doesn't mean she wasn't one of them.

almost as bad as watching my little pony in public


the fuck is Love Love and Love?

Does becoming one with your love interest count as canon ship?

Same way Cloud talks to his dead waifu I guess.


>only pic is shit tier
Not really helping there

Yoo, you were off by 1.

AI Chiaki shown more human emotions than real Chiaki. Maybe the DR3 character wa a robot?

>DR2 cast
>the ruthless killers are revived and lead a happy life
>chiaki who wouldn't hurt a fly got executed twice, once with multiple rod going into her body and the other time with a tetris block crushing her

At least the killers stay dead in DR1.
Why is this allowed again? Why the double standard for DR2 million class murderers? I don't care about chiaki being dead but the rest of her class should stay at least brain dead except the surviving members. Absolutely disgusting.

You'll never be satisfied if you're just gonna be a picky little bitch about your porn.

Because Kodaka loves the DR2 cast and hates Usami.

If only ichigo would stop being a pussy ass bitch and claim orihimes pussy

Who is the Weedman?


Detective is a trap. He and Maid are voiced by the same person

Dachou club reference.

Because Kodaka is a hack that got written to a corner.

Detective and Maid both don't exist, they're characters made up by Cosplayer.

I'm I the only one here who loves women but when it's cat+women all shit breaks loose inside you?

Predicting the future and the fact that you won't die is probably the most usefull in this universe. Not even Izuru had Weedmans powers.

Yet there are 16 VA for the students

You guys are fucking idiots. Tengan was testing the FF leaders. That was his NG code to give the FF leaders a bonus. If they just asked "did you make this killing game?" he'd say yes. But they were all too caught up in their own misconceptions.

Trash waifubait. Glad she's dead


No, especially since Hajime going to fyck Mikan in that state. AI Chiaki will become a permanent cuck watching as Mikan is experiencing pleasure and form a family with her man. EVERY SINGLE SECOND

This. Chiaki forever BTFO. Mikan won.

Mind Hacked innocent kids is not the same as someone murdering others for a laptop waifu or castle with vampire butlers

I see less fake emotions in porn star movies

Mind hacc =\= brainwashing

Mikan truly second best girl.
>ywn be Izuru and salvage Junko AI and implant it into a body grown from Nagito's borrowed arm and revive Junko to keep for yourself along with Mikan while constantly making sure she doesn't plunge the world into despair again
why even live

Go away DR2 apologist.

Those guys are still million class murderers who did much worse than anybody else.

Its a hoax to make other less jealous of his power. He predicted there will eb a happy ending and he was 100% accurate. He never said that everyone will be alive. That was just an innacurate animation that we saw

As long as there's no Aoi Yuki or (especially) Ayane Sakura I'm okay. I'd accept Aoi Yuki for the witch girl however.

Aw yeahhh. Wish granted.

>Sayaka Kanda (JUNKO stage play - plays Kaede)
>TARAKO (Monokuma)

Koichi Yamadera is listed 5 times and is known for having a wide range (him and Megumi Hayashibara did all the voices for the Animator Expo shorts). I assume he plays all the 5 Monokids, including the girl one.

>Haruka Ishida (CHIHIRO stage play - trap confirmed)
>Mikako Komatsu (has played reverse traps before - trap confirmed)


>Tetsuya Kakihara (Natsu, Rundelhaus Log Horizon)
>Ryohei Kimura (Eden of East, L-Elf, Shouma Penguindrum, Kirito Kamui)
>Maaya Sakamoto (but OF COURSE. I should have known. She always gets cast/inserted in high-profile projects. And definitely never as a scrub side-character so Maki 95% confirmed.)
>Hiro Shimono (comic relief character?)
>Minori Suzuki (!?! Newly debuting rookie with a stunning voice and only one role which is Freyja from Macross Delta)
>Kenichi Suzumura (Rantarou?? He's the most popular male seiyuu out of the bunch. Side-note, he and Maaya are married. Are their characters too?!)
>Shunsuke Takeuchi (PRODUCER-SAN)
>Aimi Tanaka (GIB ME GEIMU)
>Sora Tokui (Nico niii~ Love Live)
>MEGUMI HAYASHIBARA (YOOOO. She better survive until the end. One of the most talented seiyuu. Hmm, could be Maki as well.)
>Hikaru Midorikawa (Heero, Akihiko, Sakamoto, Kaiba)
>Koichi Yamadera (Evangelion Kaji)
>Kikuko Inoue (everyone knows her)
>Akio Otsuka (everyone knows him)

>Chiaki going to experience their sex
>Chiaki going to suck on her classmate tits from Hajimes eyes perspective
>Chiaki going to see her classmate suck on her dick as Hajime
>Chiaki going to cum inside her classmate as Hajime
She will finally learn about those eroge games

this is a cute boy

They didn't do it on purpose. It was all Junko

Sure it was

They did do it on purpose, though, they were just completely out of their minds.

It's not like they accidentally murdered and tortured millions upon millions of people and plunged the world into darkness, they fully intended on doing that.

>>Haruka Ishida (CHIHIRO stage play - trap confirmed)
>>Mikako Komatsu (has played reverse traps before - trap confirmed)

I get the detective being a trap but I think you're kinda reaching here. Komatsu isn't famous for only playing as traps.

They were seeing the world like Junko was seeing it. Is someone injected you with a drug and you started to wreck shit then it isnt exactly your fault


>liking traps and fuckbois
>not actual MEN

>This pure cinnamon roll is dead
>Killed brutally by people she called her friends
>All she wanted to do was cosplay as pikachu

What were you doing when this was going down?

>>Maaya Sakamoto (but OF COURSE. I should have known. She always gets cast/inserted in high-profile projects. And definitely never as a scrub side-character so Maki 95% confirmed.)

>implying Maki won't be a scrub

nothing wrong with that

>mind hacc
>implying KUZUryuu was mindhacked into killing sato
>implying any of them were brainwashed into killing others in the new world program

I'm not saying it's totally their fault, just that everything they did wasn't accidental.

He is. Looks pretty damn shady though.

I'm pretty sure that Maaya Sakamoto character will end up as my favorite.

Detective is going to be kimura ryohei probably

>waifufags of no-name characters

It's okay, she miraculously survived and lived her life happily ever after in a cabin in the forest, far away from this awful civilization.

>>Minori Suzuki (!?! Newly debuting rookie with a stunning voice and only one role which is Freyja from Macross Delta)
Well now I know whose panties I'm going after first

>Sakamoto voices nursery teacher
>Suzuken voices astronaut
Truly the best pairing of v3

I guess Japan already knows

>Every character who did something bad must pay!

How new you are to this franchise?

My guesses:
>Maki (Maaya Sakamoto / Megumi Hayashibara)
>Rantarou (I'd say Kenichi Suzumura is the "popular male seiyuu" although Tetsuya has quite a slimey smooth voice suited for a master manipulator like Nagito was. Not only that but if Maaya ends up being Maki Kenichi could be Kaito since Maki/Kaito got paired up in the store benefits, they both seem important and their seiyuu are married IRL)
>Kirumi (Haruka Ishida)
>Shuuichi (Mikako Komatsu)
>Ryoma (Hiro Shimono)
>Kaito (Kenichi Suzumura)
>Kiibo (Akio Otsuka)
>Korekiyo (Ryohei Kimura)
>Komachi (Hikaru Midorikawa)
>Gonta (Shunsuke Takeuchi)
>Angie (Minori Suzuki)
>Tenko (Aimi Tanaka)
>Miu (Kikuko Inoue)
>Himiko (Sora Tokui)
>Tsumugi (Megumi Hayashibara)

Overall it's hard to decide sometimes. Kikuko Inoue could also be Tsumugi but can't be Himiko she rarely plays loli-like characters. She wouldn't be cheeky / quirky like Tenko / Angie either. So I have two characters in mind for most of them.

Another interesting thing to note is that quite a few seiyuu are musically-inclined. You got Sayaka Kanda (Kaede), Sora Tokui (from Love Live!) and Minori Suzuki (Macross Delta's Freyja), and even Aimi has sung at Umaru events before. Considering Kaede is SHSL Pianist music might play a large theme overall, who knows.

I dont recognise any of these names because i'm not a weeaboo like you. The only good Danganronpa game is the one with English dub,


>Maid and Detective are both traps
Yawn, guess he went really Umineko
It's just missing witch doing the murders


My guesses based on what we know so far
Detective - Kimura ryohei
??? - Kakihara tetsuya
Tennis - Ootsuka akio
Inventor - Komatsu mikako
Bug enthusiast - Takeuchi shunsuke
Magician - Tokui sora
Painter - Tanaka aimi
Cosplayer - Ishida haruka
Aikido - Freyja
Folklore - Midorikawa hikaru
Astronaut - Suzumura kenichi
Nursery teacher - Sakamoto maaya
Maid - Hayashibara megumi
5 Monokumas - Yamadera kouichi
Furher - Shimono hiro
Robot - Inoue kikoko

Not a "game" but Umineko. Gantz, sort of.

It's all a distraction so you won't expect the Entomologist and his brain parasites.

Miho Arakawa (Sonia) didn't have a lot of roles under her belt either and she ended up being a survivor. (Likely got cast because of Penguindrum's Himari which was highly popular at the time.)

I really don't see detective as a trap. Him being voiced by kimura seems much more likely. Extra female seiyuu is probably for kiibo to mirror naegi and hajime having female seiyuus

What do you guys honestly expect in v3?

Tons and tons of memes

So we're all in agreement that rantarou is kakihara right? Famous seiyuu and he has a knack for voicing crazies


Yes, you're right. But she has voiced reverse traps / boys / boyish-voiced girls (like Nisekoi's Tsumugi) a lot. She's the first one who comes to mind when it comes to casting a girl for a boy or reverse trap. I was actually thinking earlier today that if v3 had a reverse trap she'd likely be cast, and low and behold.

Anyways, here's some of her (more girly) characters.

This cast feels a lot weaker when compared to the level of seiyuus in 1 and 2. I guess you can't go higher than the ceiling.

Have you read Three Days a Week?

Who will Maaya play? She'll likely won't be a nobody, I mean look at her resume from the recent years.

>Shinobu from Monogatari
>Maki from Evangelion
>Leila from the new CG OVAs
>Major from the new GitS OVAs
>Merlin from Nanatsu no Taizai
>Shiki from Kara no Kyoukai
>Lightning from FFXIII

As you can see there's a pattern here. She's the lead / main overwhelmingly, which is why I think she's likely to be Maki.

She's weird and scary to me, I'd keep a couple steps away from her at all times

Shes going to be the nursery teacher thats pretty obvious
Theres alot more newbies in v3 than in the past two but I think that in itself is a nice change of pace from them. Plus there are still some veterans in here like yamadera,midorikawa and reis seiyuu who came back into anime voice acting recently


I dunno, I find all the new VA to be interesting, they can do amazing jobs depending of how invested they are to the role

>6 fingers
>Closed rooms
>Meta dimensions
>"Murders happen just because a detective is near"
Can't wait for what Kohacka can come up with after reading Umineko

I want to fuck this maid.

Imagine if this will end being a pairing.

The only newbies are Minori Suzuki, Aimi Tanaka & Shunsuke Takeuchi. The rest is star-studded so I don't know what you're talking about. Also DR1's cast wasn't anything special. SDR2 was indeed star-studded but even then you had Miho Arakawa, Suzuko Mimori who didn't have that many roles at the time.

Yes please.

You think so? I'm pretty impressed with the cast honestly.

How long does /dr3g/ have left?

Ryouma is going to be bizzaro-Bandai and be voiced by Akio Ootsuka.

SHSL autist deserved to die

Akio ootsuka

Noone else he really fits since takeP is a shoe in for bug catcher


Where's this happening?

To be fair at the time hosoyan was a pretty new seiyuu too

>amazing /u/ work introduces gender swap right in the last ten pages

>no Megumi Ogata
I just lost 50% of my reason to play V3.

The maid will be the one fucking you

>Weedman getting a love interest that isn't Kaede



Spike Chunsoft fired this guy, right?


He's probably the one responsible for all their lit twitter posts, so maybe he has enough staying power to get away with it.


I fucking love this guy.


>Being mad you are a bottom bitch

I feel similar, but I feel it's somewhat understandable. In terms of Danganronpa at least, she's very much associated with Komaeda, and to a lesser extent, Naegi. That's why I thought if she was in it, she would voice either Hopebot or the Ultimate ??? guy. If they want to do a completely separate game, it makes sense to not have her play anyone since she's so associated with those two.

I like some of the VAs, like Sakamoto, Hayashibara and Ootsuka, but I'm seriously sad about Ogata not voicing Hopebot/Rantarou/someone ;_;


Truly educational.

How does it feel knowing shes going to be doomed to hopebot and be the first victim

Yeah, I see your point. It's just hard on a personal level, I really like her voice.

Kill yourself, weaboo. You are fat and smelly.

As am I, user. As am I. I guess Kaede's seiyuu will be doing the ending song then. ;_;

Shit meme tbqh

True that. Although Chiaki should stay dead too.

It's already running on borrowed time

There's always /drg/.

Can I shitpost about komaeda there?

Imagine if Chiaki came back, but she had major brain damage from the blunt trauma and blood loss she had to endure during her execution. For instance, she loses her ability to play video games very well. Forget getting the high score in Gala Omega, she struggles to so much as overcome casual mobile games. She's still dimly aware of the talent she once possessed, which makes her repeated failures all the more frustrating for her, but she still has fun playing games. The best part is, she always ends up forgetting what happened except for the most basic of details, so even a single game can always give a fresh experience for her. Her speech pattern is stunted and instead of being able to articulate complex concepts like talent, she simply whines for Hinata-kun to play with her. She gets lonely when he leaves her for too long, probably ptsd from her execution.

Whenever he does, she giggles softly and nuzzles against him, and basically she cuddles more than actually playing the game. Her love for him is the one of the only things her enfeebled mind can cling to, so whenever he has to get up - even to do things like make lunch for her - she cries and holds onto him. She holds him in a bear hug and begs for him to not leave her. Even though his strength easily outclasses hers, he can't do anything or else she would get hurt. So he has to very gently push her away, letting her fingers grasp the empty air, and seeing her eyes water as she realizes she has to say goodbye to her Hinata-kun yet again.

Then he comes back with the food and she acts like she hasn't seen him in forever, and then they hug and kiss. Of course, this cycle continues on and on... truly, her childish innocence in this state creates an eternal game utopia.


Are you the guy who wrote the similar thing about Chisa? Do you have a fetish for retards?

Apparently retarded twitter autists took what a facebook american Spike Chunsoft employee said seriously and they even changed stuff on the wiki, though it's back to normal now

>SHSL Pornstar


Do you think you could trick pre-despair Mikan into bringing her and a friend into meeting you at a love hotel?

Which friend? I think now she finally have some friends, even Hiyoko has warmed up and forgiven her.

Why are we still here? Just to suffer?

Chiaki. Have her bring her busty cute class rep along who she could probably help restrain if she tried to resist.



Probably Maki yeah
I actually hope she voices Dictator-kun though

>we never got to see canonically buff Izuru
Imagine if they drew him with his correct proportions throughout Zetsubou-hen instead of saving it for Kibou.

>Maaya Sakamoto
>Megumi Hayashibara
>Hikaru Midorikawa
>Koichi Yamadera
>Kikuko Inoue
>Akio Ohtsuka
What the fuck with V3's cast? It's like stepping into a time machine to the 90's.


He screams Tetsuya Kakihara.

The DR3 comic anthology looks interesting




dem hips



Is Juzo into BDSM?

I think he's in to anything Munakata.

First victim.

The guys tha voices Ryouta only had a role too and his chracter is the only DR3 guy that got a happy ending.
Kaede's VA has never voiced a character before v3 too.

>Are you the guy who wrote the similar thing about Chisa?
That was just an edit of an edit.

>Do you have a fetish for retards?

Tengan best mastermind

Meh cast. There are very famous VAs and literal nobodies.
When will we know which character they voice?

Mitarai's VA is an actor. He does VA jobs on the side.
She started her career this year with Macross. Her acting is good.




>Matsuda somehow manages to kill Junko before he dies himself
What changes? Keep in mind that at this point Mikan is already corrupted into loving despair.

No killing game for the 78th class but Mikan might spread the despair video.

It doesn't even make sense, why would Kirigiri be embarrassed about feet but not groping and tasting dead people?

If the new Weedman dies in the first case V3 will become much better.

All of class 77 should be despair at that point.
They'd have no way of starting the class 78 killing game so they'd all probably get killed by the FF eventually with Class 78 all surviving and leaving the school once everything is over.

>Who will Maaya play? She'll likely won't be a nobody, I mean look at her resume from the recent years.
Just like Rie Kugimiya am I right?

>happy ending
Last episodes were literall trash tier. Hope one is the fucking cringe. No happy ending here only disappointment and despair.

>it was the main girl in the shittiest Macross
Fixed that.
At least this means that her VA probably won't fade into obscurity now.

You know why

And by that, I mean that her VA will still get roles after this.


>No Ogata

For the spike chunsoft pr guy munasaka trolling.

You could be a big name like hanakana and be the only character that died in the game.

Ogata is only good when she is doing the Hopeman/Kumagawa voice.

>t. edgefag

Does Hopeman go full robo in v3?

No, she is great as Shinji and Makoto too

Is it possible not to be for this cutie? I know I am.

Who the fuck cares, they're not going to cast her in every fucking game

Those two are annoying.

Definitely the best boy.

Neagi sound like an annoying pussy.


I ain't even a Chiakifag but that was gold. Wish we saw more of that side of her, I would have liked her way more

Because she's perfect.

>All of class 77 should be despair at that point.
No, Junko said in Episode 10 that they're "just like her after losing a loved one". To me that implies that Matsuda was killed at some point beforehand so I'm assuming that if he had managed to kill Junko then Mikan would be the sole Despair.

Her screams are top tier

No, episode 8,9 and 10 happened in the spam of one day

No way DR0 happened before that

There was a minor timeskip when they were looking for Mikan, remember?

What if

>Naegi wakes up back at Hope's Peak
>Seems to be the first day of class 78
>Remembers everything
>Seems like it was only a dream
>He doesnt know what he should do
>Wants to kill Junko in her sleep, but is too much of a pussy
>Every day he is less and less sure that what he saw is the future
>Seems more to be just a dream as every day goes by and he forgets it little by little

What would happen?

Scans fucking when?

The same thing that happened before because he didn't do anything about it, duh.

Which character would fuck Monokuma?


What if he decides to confront Junko ahead of time? Or what if he tries to undo her despair? He is like the only one she cant kill or predict because of his luck though.

>Nagito with robotic arm
I want a fan art with him dressed up as Tetsuo from Akira.

>Imagine if Chiaki came back, but she had major brain damage from the blunt trauma and blood loss she had to endure during her execution

What if noone would recognise her without the hair clip?
What if she was Aoi all along?

His luck is volatile but it's reliable and never really kills the people who love him and want him to live, like Komaeda's does. If he actually tried to do something about Junko, things would probably go his way, though it wouldn't look so hot at first.

>Kirigiri: We're being suspected, aren't we? That we conspired to shield the remnants.
>Asahina: I think that's Kyoko-chan's fault.

>Nobody ever punched Junko
Was it really too much to ask for?

>TARAKO already is Monokuma
>Hayashibara on all female Kumas
>Yama-chan on all male Kumas
There you go.

Maaya as Kaede as well.

Kaede's seiyuu is already confirmed, dork.

Baka baka baka.

Rie Kugimiya (& other veterans) have no problems with voicing side-characters. Maaya, however, is only interested in a project if it's a big franchise or a mainstream show (doesn't air late-night).

Yamadera Koichi is listed 5 times, he's going to voice all of the Monokuma kids
And we already know that Kaede is voiced by Kanda Sayaka


Junko deserved to be fixed and hugged and held lovingly, you cunt

i will never forgive they make nagito so shit in anime


>DR1+2 will have been re-released three times (vita, pc, and ps4) by the time V3 comes out

Wasn't there a new Mikan doujin in the works? If so my dick is ready

Doujins when?

Define. If you mean "Junko has Chisa and Chiaki meet a horde of faceless Reserve Course boys and class 77 have to watch their beloved teacher and class rep get turned into mindbroken sluts who cum swap with each other" then possibly soon.

>AI Chiaki's chameleon appearance didn't change even slightly, even after Mikan got despair brainwashing re-applied to her
Where were you when they confirmed Chiaki was Mikan's beloved all along?

I'm already hard user.

what the fuck is going on

AI Chiaki isn't a constantly shifting formless abomination you know. her form was initially set as Chiaki when class 77 was put into the NWP, it couldn't be changed after the fact.

Chisa masturbating over her bloodied corpse?

>If you move, you'll lose your tongue.
>I can't even rest in your lap?! [I'm not sure of the context of this part of the joke]
>Oh, wow. That's so nice, Kyosuke is having Sakakura say "ahhh." I'm kinda jealous.
>Ah, youth...

Juzo being fed a macaron.

> it couldn't be changed after the fact.
Don't mind me too much, I'm just spitballing a possibility for a niche pairing, but where was that part confirmed?

chisa plugging up all of chiaki's stab wounds with dildos
like a chiaki-dildo-kooshball

She has the grinnest grin that ever grinned, and I like it

>I can't even rest in your lap?! [I'm not sure of the context of this part of the joke]
i assume it's parodying kururu and izayoi

She is dead tho

She says her form was chosen when everyone entered the NWP, it's something like character creation.

Bits and pieces from everyone's favorite person were supposed to be amalgamated into one form and then that form would be set for the remainder of their rehabilitation.

It just so happened that they all had the same person on their mind, being real Chiaki, so no amalgamation was necessary.

>stupid monkey d luffy grin

Munakata would be a ridiculously bad boyfriend. I love it.

Maybe. I'm not so sure about that but let's stop here.

No he's very likely a trap.

Is this the way things should be?

chiakifag here, i would rather have the 2nd choice, i mean if they remain as despair its pretty fun rather than asspull like hope arc. maybe half became good and the rest remains despair


Keep crying bitch.
Why didn't you save her?

Because this garbage anime locked her in a death chamber with no way out from episode 1.

I want Junko to sneak into my bed in winter because she is too cold, lie up against my back and threaten to cut my dick off if I as much as turn around or lay a hand on her. Only to wake up to her curled up in my arms and breathing softly into my chest. and my dick would still be there

it doesnt matter, real chiaki is shit, like, literally shit, even worse than hiyoko, and the are no worse things than hiyoko
AI chiaki > real chiaki
fuck you

Edgy and wrong, well done.

>Chiakifags are still mad


Why's everyone saying the maid's a trap. She has quite noticeable breasts. Not big ones, but you can clearly see them.

Fuck you.
Both Chiakis were fine.
Stop trying so hard to fit into the "GAME > ANIME" club.

The shoulders and jaw.

Don't bother feeding him, he's just going to keep at it.

Feet are lewd, only for intimate lovers
Dead people are not because they're dead

Not every female looks super feminine.

keep living in denial

This is my wife.

You have to be baiting m8. The V3 seiyuu easily eclipses the DR2 seiyuu and especially the DR1 seiyuu.

Will she become an Angieburger?

Well then fuck me and my broad shoulders I guess

Fuck off you goddamn manjawed bitch.

She'll likely be Maki which is why Maki won't survive.

Excuse you, my jaw is fine. It's my shoulders that make shopping for clothes a problem, seeing as I'm otherwise a skinny bitch.

I genuinely don't care. What I care about is your blogging.

>implying your dick would still be there.
all of junko's subordinates are eunuchs.

Then you shouldn't have said anything to begin with.

>implying she doesnt ever want a dick

He's gonna be the Diejobu of V3, isn't he?

So in the privacy of the bedroom, Kyoko would let Naegi lick her feet and jerk off onto them?

Probably detective more like


post your feminine dick.

She would give him a foot job and step on his balls.


>Conan VA played as Hajime who was a central character
>Haibara VA will play as someone in V3.

Either that person is surviving or surviving.

Kirigiri's birthday is on the 6th, right?
How would you celebrate it?

Hayashibara is probably kiibo

so shes ultra dead

By running away from the detective.

By looking at art of Juzo.

I've been waiting for this!

Translate, please

To be fair, I think the whole "character with a arbitrary relation to a previous character being voiced by the same person" is a little played out at this point.

Smaller tits than the other murder mystery trap maid.

Embrace it user. Hinata's confident enough, Tsumiki is really in need of Nanami's HOPE

Detective isn't a trap stop with this shitty meme

With bacon.

I feel sad knowing soon I won't ever see you again Bully-kun.

I have had fun times around you from the old DR1 threads.
I'll miss you dearly

I'm not going to lie, if that is a girl, my dick is gonna be diamonds.

You're right
She's a reverse trap.

monukuma grin

I wasn't talking about the detective I was talking about the other maid from a murder mystery series with significant breasts who is revealed to have actually been a man the entire time at the end.

Tweeted text: After being discovered holding hands while on a date, Sakakura-kun responds inappropriately
Juzo: We're, uh....just friends?
Munakata: (SAKAKURA, YOU GODDAMN MORON. "Friends" wouldn't be caught dead doing this!)

Cringe: the tweet

Why do most people have Munakata being the one taking the initiative? From beginning to end he seemed pretty into Chisa

That's absolutely charming. Thank you, user.

You know Ogata is going to voice Hopebot.
The FUTURE is already written

74th class flashback when

Because if Munakata says "jump", Juzo asks "how high?"

It's hard to picture him taking the initiative with anything. surprised me for that reason.

The blu rays, maybe.



The way they pushed him into the background somehow makes me angrier than the whole Chiaki deal

I think DR made me gay.

Why user?

My dick is happy, at least

it made me want to cuddle with cute boys.

Nah probably not. We already have one trap aka detective with a girl seiyuu.

Now that fans are seeing Juzo as Munakata's true waifu, and people seem to be pinning Real Chiaki as Chisa's true waifu, expect /u/ soon.

She's a confirmed trap though.

If that cute boy is nagito you aren't gay you're just hopesexual.


Though i'm glad munakata shed a tear for juzo, i want at least a hug between them.

Which cute boys? This is important.


I would kill off the entire remaining DR1 cast to have Chiaki back.

Which murder was the best on DR1/2? My vote goes to Hope, I mean, his plan was fucking insane.

>not cute
dude you gay

I think Munakata might genuinely be too fucked up for that. As much as I want it too.

Write a fanfic then you buttblasted Chiakicuck.

>A closet homo and a closet dyke end up together out of convenience
I see how it is.

They're obviously doing the Naoto thing here. Sorry user. But that detective has a pussy.

>DR1's cast wasn't anything special
>megumi ogata
>miyuki sawashiro
>akira ishida
>kappei yamaguchi
And I don't know if I'd call Nakai a veteran but he's definitely not a nobody.

I don't. What are you trying to say?

Nagito is fucking ugly

It's the nose and the shoulders.
Notice how her nose is drawn. Girls' nose are drawn smaller.

there needs to be more art of gozu

anime was a mistake

>just the guy who runs the Spike Chunsoft Facebook
>taking his banter seriously

I mean, who else would I want to cuddle with?

you shut the fuck up.

Wait for the doujin. Nips will deliver.

Nice taste user.

I'm not. I was surprised there were people out there who'd think Juzo would top at ALL.


Sore wa chigau yo ~

Scans anywhere?

I can't imagine juzo be the bottom. I won't accept that.

For real? You're the first. Why do you think that?

The height difference. The taller guy must be on top.

Munakata's so pushy, demanding and prideful though. He's the boss, and hates not being the one in charge.

With Munakata? He'd be a service top at best

Munakata likes boys but doesn't realize it, and Chisa likes girls but doesn't realise it. They choose each other as dating partners because they've been friends for a while and sort of have feelings for each other, but deep inside they're close friends and nothing more.

That's a pretty retarded way of thinking.

Ohhh. I like that headcanon, actually.

That's my preference.

Still retarded

Munakata's such a controlling, take-charge prick that I can't see it.

You can still have this rare art of Juzo topping, though.

Thanks for the (You)

I can see him being a power bottom.

Looks like rape desu.

I'm going to need read fic about it before I can picture it.


Sounds good to me. They do make a pretty cute couple.


Somebody fill this.

This would be so cool! Nagito as Tetsuo! Then Hajime/Izuru is Kaneda?

the bossy ones love bottoming the most. the ones who have constant control love giving it up

i dunno senpai, it's a pretty comfy game.