Monster Musume

Why didn't Suu know what this lobster was?

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Can someone post the Junglebook thing changed with Monster girls. I need a good laugh.

I'm going to marry Draco!

I have a different thing...

Tio is the the goddess of love and rebirth
Mero is the goddess of tragedy and the sea
Papi is the goddess of the sky and happiness
Miia is the goddess of envy, snakes, and unrequited love
Cerea is the goddess of war and victory
Lala is the goddess of death and Chuuni
Cathyl is the goddess of the earth and fertility
Merino is the goddess of shyness and warmth
Cot and Ton are the goddesses of mischief.
Kii is the goddess of nature and plants
Manako is the goddess of the hunt
Polt is the goddess of health, athleticism, and dogs
Suu is the shapeless goddess of creation
Doppel is an elder goddess
Rachnera is the goddess of seduction, lust, weavers and spiders
Zombina is the goddess of undeath and tomboys
Draco is the goddess of awkwardness, rejection, and defeat.
Liz is the goddess of lizards, devotion and honor.
Kinu is the goddess of fire and the hearth
Smith is the goddess of legs and coffee and rest
Luz is the goddess of festivals and magic
Yukio is the goddess of ice, decorum and romance
Kimihito is the god of invulnerability, cooking and hosting.
Oct is the goddess of the depths, secrets and games.
Lilith is the goddess of the underworld, manipulation and punishment.

Each of the mothers are retired Goddesses to which retired to Elysium to frolic with the dead spirits of their worshipers as lovers.

BC and his harem are a group of heretical gods and goddesses.
Tara is the Goddess of strength, brutality and punishment
Iris is the goddess of lolicons, and snark
Guu is the goddess of destruction and toxicity
Mako is the goddess of pilfering, pirates and thieves
Vera is the goddess of greed and air
Piper is the goddess of swindlers and con artists
Bike cop is the god of justice.


>strength, brutality and punishment
Wew lad


What's in Tio's bandolier?


Extra pairs of panties.

Condoms and anal lube.


Manako is crying, how do you help?

Go for it user, she's waiting.


Wanna NTR TankTopFag and fuck his bitch all night long.

I have absolutely zero fucking idea.

Hug her?


>things like this don't exist and you'll never have it

Surgically remove her lachrymal glands.

I was wondering if Polt could recover from that brutal shakedown last time.

That would stop the crying, but that would worsen her dry eye.
Hugs and reassurance might work better.

>It's a crab
Every time I see Crab-man I think of this

I guess the eye will have to go, too.

No bully

>Cyclops without the eye
That would be a mighty big eye hole.

>pic related

That's how the myth got started.

How does she morphball?

user knows whats up

Oh, we could turn her into a cyborg, and implant pic into her empty socket.

Just a bigger morph ball. I mean even Samus tucking up into a ball is pretty weird given just how small the ball gets.

What was her name again?

Who, Koko (pale-as-fuck MC) or Mildo (hugger)?

I just imagined the morph ball being similar to a hamster ball, and Samus just shrinking in size to use it.

Need more Centorea Aran

Why can't you faggots just go make your private club on discord or some IRC shit, you act like you're on it already.

>Why can't you faggots just go make your private club on discord or some IRC shit, you act like you're on it already.
It's called /jp/.

Why is Centorea such a jobber? Whereas Suu and Rachnee almost always manage to defeat threats to Darlings safety, Darling himself has more than enough alpha moments and even Miia tends to be useful once in a while, Centorea constantly fails. A threat appears, she whines about "muh knightly centaur virtue" and then jobs. Is she the Vegeta of this series?

Worf effect?

I think the term job being used in a harem ecchi anime is stupid and you're stupid for doing so.

A really cool thing about Mia is that her ectothermic biology allows you to cuddle with her on warm nights without needing a fan.

To be fair, Rach-nee and Sue are pretty OP, she would need something to freeze Suu or water to dilute her, but that would end up killing her, and Rach-nee has been kicked by Cerea. But its just comedy, I don't take it too lightly. If she put her mind to it, she could really fuck a lot of shit up.

But what if the harem ecchi is also a battle harem except with monster girls? I'd watch it


But what if the ecchi battle harem with monster girls is also a breeding harem?

I saw her as a cuckfish joke character, but the anime made me like her. What I love about this show is that there are no worst girls except Cathyl, some girls are just more best than others.

She did well in her opening chapter. She's shown to be a fair teacher, though less capable than Mero or Rachnera.

She does not do fairly well in combat situations though, yeah. Suu and Rachnera are both just too strong.

>no worst girls
>Forgetting Cerea and the Second Who

It was the opposite for me.

I disliked her in the Anime and then the Manga made me see her differently.

She's a complete qt.

She only has battle experience from sparring with her mother and training by herself.
In a way, she's as naive and romantic as Miia is. She tries to be serious and stoic, but sometimes you can see how inexperienced in life she is sometimes.

Rachnera clearly has much more real experience than her on actual fights, on top of being a predator species, unlike centaurs.

Suu is simply a damage sponge with exceptional defense against physical and elemental attacks and excellent grappling skills. She would be practically invincible if she didn't had her weakness to water.

How can you not love her? She's cute and sincere.

>Second who
Who? I'm honest here. The first who is Lala so who's the second who?

I think he's referring to Luz/Ils for the second who. That's a super cute Cerea pic by the way, love it.

Suu a best. But so is your favorite girl, user. All girls a best, even the ones you may not necessarily like as much as the others. Even the fanfic girls a best if someone out there loves them. All monstergirls deserve to be loved by someone because monstergirls are precious beings.

What about monster boys? Are they also a best?

I dont think Rach has any real fighting experience. At least not in a hand to hand blow for blow sense. She seems more like, not glass cannon, glass tech(?) fighter. Advance tricky moves, limited physical damage (claws, pointy feet, maybe venom, very high risk), but can't take more than average damage.
I will agree with predator species bonus though.

Anyway, if she cant get the upper-hand 1st with her web, I'd bet she would disengage and try again later or just not at all.

>How can you not love her?
Horse pussy obviously.
This user gets me.


user, it's okay if you hate few of the monster girls. Even if it's Cerea, Cathyl, or Miia.

Then I feel sorry for straight women and gay men, for they can not the joy

Just finished binging on the manga

How did Doppel become the best? She was always the worst, then Okayado does a chapter focused on her and suddenly she is best girl.

Crabman has a real talent for this I believe, every girl is best girl in the chapters focusing on them, it's impossible to not love them all and want them all to be happy

>straight women and gay men


>nothing but Pixies or Pixie-blood
My favourite breeding programme.

Smith a cute!

Draco is my wife!

Yeah, but your favorite is honestly the worst. Mine is superior in all regards. Even ones I have to make up in my head.

I wonder if she has a boyfriend.
Maybe she wants one?

Damn nigga. Can she stay transformed permanently?

I've always wondered which is actually the default form. Presumably the older form of course, but I guess she could just stay a little kid all of the time for whatever reason.

The only reason Suu is seen as superior is because she's more resourceful than the rest of the girls. She pretty much can do mostly anything.
>every girl is best girl in the chapters focusing on them
Didn't work with Yukio and that Kitsune.

I hope so.

There probably is no default and she just uses whatever is most useful. adult for free drinks at the bar.

Free dicks at the bar too.
First Polt now her.

Furry monstergirls have no business being this hot.

>The only reason Suu is seen as superior is because she's more resourceful than the rest of the girls. She pretty much can do mostly anything.
She honestly needs a chapter where she fails at something to even her out a little bit.

she can't go out in the rain.

it's fine. some day, when the government declassifies all the information they're hiding about monster girls, you can be a pioneer by holding hands with a cute kobold

You didn't like Yukio?

I thought her relationship with the bathhouse owner was adorable

>she can't go out in the rain.
Negated by an umbrella, and boots, both of which she now has.

Never going to happened so long as Suu stays a Slime.
Don't love that furry succubus, Anons.

>declassifies all the information they're hiding about monster girls
It's going to be aliens, user, not monster girls. Though I guess aliens COULD be monstrous enough.

I just find her bland honesty. Plus, the chapter was more focus on the gang than her.

Either way I'm available.

Why not?

A loli that can trick you to having sex with her so she can call the police, and steal the souls of man.

That's what video cameras are for, user. Film it from the get go, including her consent. If she changes midway, you have your evidence.

Well clearly the law would cover me here.

I want the furry succubus to milk all the semen from my balls.

I want to shoot thick sticky semen ropes inside her mouth and her pussy until they both overflow.

Both Luz and Polt sorry TTF

Doppel is the Superior Girl

>Though I guess aliens COULD be monstrous enough.
Unless there is some kind of statistically anomalous parallel evolution going on then it's more likely that aliens will be almost inconceivably different from us.

That might work as a way to remove Kitsunes from our land.
By that you mean Japan's law?
You better off cucking Polt from TTF than giving that loli Kitsune a chance to take your soul and call a Dullahan to take your body.

Only when wearing clothes

I wanna do that too, and i'm not sorry only because Polt my waifu too, Luz is alright i guess

If they're advanced enough to use space ships they're probably bipedal, and likely have some kind of fleshy opening for reproductive means. Good enough for me.

Clearly we won't know exactly how monstrous they are until we see them. For all we know the MonMusu girls are more monster-like than them considering they're basically 50% human, 50% animal. Maybe the aliens are like 70% humanoid, and 30% exotic.

What if they reproduce asexually?

>they're probably bipedal, and likely have some kind of fleshy opening for reproductive means.
How do you know that they aren't amorphous blobs that reproduce asexually and are able to hive mind and control things through electromagnetism instead of kinetic force and opposable digits?

What biological structure allows for electromagnetic field manipulation?

An undiscovered one.

I mean laws that would be introduced in the advent of monster girls being revealed to us, especially girls who can transform

>Implying the police and public wouldn't side with the girl based on a kneejerk reaction anyways
Better film it user.

don't do this to me I need this

If the world have a law on monster girls that transform like Doppel, Suu, and who, they would have them carry ID cards to show.

Yeah, but the point that was thrown out would be what would happen if they transform midway through sex, and then tried to get you in trouble for it. Such as Luz going for her loli form. It'd be some real murky territory.

I mean she's obviously an adult

I was thinking something like this.

Suu would most definitely be listed as a sex offender in nearly any country, yes.

Well I have to agree with the other user that you have to film it. Once you stick your dick inside her, it's too late. That's why I have always try to convince you guys why Kitsunes are bad.
A monster that is in the age of an adult, but have a body of a loli. All Kitsunes must be purge.

Agreed. However, I would employ her as my personal sex offender.

I want to bury my face in her neck fuzz

Yeah, but if she had an ID card that listed her age then even if you were caught having sex with her loli form technically it'd be legal.

Nah. She'd rape the judge and jury into never convicting her.

What if the ID card is fake? And even if she's legal despite her body, she could play mind games to have you arrested.

I wish I'd never encouraged this fucking stupid discussion, post literally anything

Monstergirls in the real world when.

can't we achieve it with SCIENCE?

i want Suu to rape me
i want to cuddle with Miia


I want to put Lala's head on a cushion watching Chuuni TV while I cuddle with her body

At least it was interesting, user. Maybe discuss about the new vampire in the next chapter or list worst monster girls.

>post literally anything
You got it, anything.
If the fake ID was found you'd probably be acquitted eventually. Your name, and possibly face would be shamed in at least local media for a while though, possibly national if this was an emergent case of human on luminal crime.

Place your bets. Is she a vampire, a bat, or a combination of the two?

Fruit bat pretending to be a vampire bat.

I wanna see Tio in her suit more.

So a fruit bat with an iron deficiency?

That shot actually made me want to see Doppel angry more. Seriously, look at her ticked off face under that pile of papers.

We can, but we have to either make a country where such research is allowed or erase some religions from the world.

Honestly speaking, the first option is better.

poor baby, I'd humour her. be all "BLEH" when she bites me

I don't Doppel much but she is funny at times

Cred Forums go back to your hole

>Your name, and possibly face would be shamed in at least local media for a while though, possibly national if this was an emergent case of human on luminal crime.
Best to never fall in love with monster girls that can transform or have loli bodies.

>Cred Forums
Literally what? He's right, and it's not even a Cred Forums thought. Religions have held back society and technology for literally thousands of years. Don't bring Cred Forums into a non-Cred Forums discussion.

What a terrible fate

Not him but we're going down a rabbithole of offtopic discussion. Let's talk about something else. Your waifu wants a pet for her birthday. What would you give her?

Lala gets a tiny rabbit. the tiniest rabbit I can find.

Whatever their natural predator is. IE, getting Miia a pet fox, or mongoose.

>Giving her the tiniest bunny imaginable while also stuffing her head in a bunny suit

Would you read Rikky Tikki Tavi to your snek children as the pet mongoose curls up with them?

That should be a good thing since a men will keep his distance from them. Plus, it's the bonus is that species like Doppel, Luz, and Suu will never experience love of a human nan.

Reminds me of Stocking doing the donut commercials.

What company would your monster waifu sell out to and advertise on television?

Tio is the Superior Girl

>What company would your monster waifu sell out to and advertise on television?
Pic related.

This monster huntress knocks on your door.
How fucked (literally) is ur monsterfu?!

We're both fit as fuck and she has zero muscle. We'll be fine.

Except it's like a Bacardi advert.

Imagine a coffee bar for spiders, like a night club.

"There are no monster girls here", i say while my slime gf hides in my rectum

What will the vampire lady name is going to be?
A pun?
What is with japanese people and puns?

With crabman it's always a pun or alliteration. I have a feeling her name with be Batia.

>Jap who knows no english
>Using an english pun

I doubt that user.
Maybe Kyuuko or something.

But all the names are puns, most using english

Yours is probably more likely.

Do you guys prefer cinnamon girl as is, or would you like her thiccer or have more muscle definition?

All the names are very direct in their puns

So probably Pyrie or something

Both would be good, but she's still lovable as-is

I like my girls blue.


I'd rather suck on their tiddies to be honest

It makes sense that she would have more muscle. She'd look better too, Crabman is too shy about drawing muscles

>Rach might be italian

Is there anything she can't do?

>ywn eat spaghetti with Rachee while Smith plays the accordion and sings Bella Notte

She's not Italian, it's clearly a bondage reference. look at her smirk.

>hey I've got an idea
>lets import young, hot, fertile, and horny as all hell monster girls into our country
>some from species that only have females
>and then lets put them up with human hosts, especially young single men
>and then lets make a law saying they they can't fuck

This is a sick joke, right?

It's almost like, and stay with me here, it's an ecchi comedy manga that isn't super serious.
So yes it is a joke. Literally.

I meant on the Japanese governments part.

I think what he was trying to say is that you're reading to much into this. It's a shallow manga/anime. It isn't meant to be taken with any kind of depth.

I sometimes feel like the "can't fuck" rule is something Smith came up with on her own to mess with hosts

Especially since it doesn't seem to be holding anyone back

>everyone has been getting balls deep in monstergirls this whole time while Darling and the girls are getting cockblocked by a fake rule

Smith is a fucking cunt.

I'd love her if this was true. Would make Doppel look like small time

>Rachnera daughter

Das cute.

today, 2 burds.
No effect layer to speak of on this one.
Will have the other burd shortly.

Would tenderly love/10

Is OK burd... I don't look ppl in da eyes either... Also I on Cred Forums... so I know dat weird.

Zombina is the Superior Girl

>Guaranteed infertile
>superior girl


does anyone have that clip from the manga of lala's body holding darling with that blushing face emoticon over the neck? cant seem to find it in my files for some reason.

>literally can't worry about getting her pregnant
>not best

>Will never give her the joy of being a mother

Someone quick, post the two skeletons getting a baby pic!

People are different. Some of us don't want kids.

Fair enough.
If we're talking 2D though, I'd wan(t) to put a bun in my waifu's oven.

But she technically is. As far as I'm concerned she's responsible for her now since there's no way her parents can teach her about being a Zombie properly.

A permanent 2D daughter

> Infertile
Zombies reproduce through infection, user.

That's true maybe we'll get to see more of what kind of motherly instincts Bina has if she hangs out with Yuuhi more.

>a permanent loli daughteru that can't grow up to be a fucking disappointing slut

It's perfect reallly.

Yeah. I'm not really sure how Suu reproduces so if it's clones I would be okay with that. An infant I don't think I am qualified to take care of. Add to that I'm handsome (going to get laughed at for this), but in every other way I'm a genetic dud. I don't want any children to take after me so a Suu clone that is genetically identical to her seems the most appealing.

We've seen how this works.

Monster girls only have daughters that are loli versions of themselves.

So they can only steal from others, they can not create their own

Even worse

I would still prefer a slime clone over a slimebud.

Well Kobolds are covered in fur and Polt is already pretty short so my weakest features shouldn't be so bad...

Season 3 when?

Right after Season 4.

>being kidnapped by a Lamia den just to be killed by non stop snex

What a horrible way to die.
where do I sign up?

You can't

That's clearly penetration and this is a christian board.



Shark, dragon, monoeye and toxic slime are miles above her in every way. She's also the worst spider.

Your waifu a SHIT

That means you get to pick and choose only the best of the best to be your family, user. No fear of using your lousy genes.

Not allowed to honor my ancestry by continuing the family line

Just making it look worse and worse user

What the fuck

Everyone is entitled to their waifu. I respect your (shit) opinion.

Nonconsensual cuddling inside pillow forts

She should have the same personality as the minotaur in 12 Beast

The fact that she doesn't is why she is the worst

Well, there's always adoption.

The other burd.
alpha 90/255 or 35%

odd burd with arms.

my opinion is fact, even her personality is shit

A permanent loli buttslut

>implying I wouldn't gladly jump into her domain

I wonder what are TTFs thoughts on 12Beast Warewolf.

>Smith is a fucking cunt.
Talking shit about my waifu?!

Cott and Ton are smaller versions of Priapus

Bone marrow needles

barbed to rip your skin off before you can take them out

Does anyone have the color version of this? Iknow there is one, but can't seem to find it.

Here you go.

Dat all mighty smug face. Why Suu have to absorb the sea water?

Ara Ara!

Thanks a lot user.

Wrong. Tarantulas that large wouldn't have needles proportional to their bodies. That wouldn't be helpful evolutionarily. Irritating fuzz that humans can adapt to is more likely.

Suu is the smuggest.

One of my favorite forms of hers.

You're welcome. Anything to help another Suufag.


Come to bed user.

>tfw no thicc shark gf
>tfw no thicc monster gf of any variety

>It doesnt matter if I die if I died having sex.

And some people swear they aren't slaves to their biological function.

So long as it's really good Snu Snu with a hottie i'm down.

>You can develop immunity microscopic hook-like needles evolved to be as painful as possible to get whatever is messing with them to fuck off
>This is what tarafags believe

>I'm not thick I'm pregnant you baka

Fucking enlarge the text so you can read it if you're going to fucking bother with a screenshot.

Raptor Girl Jesus.

I want to FUCK that otter girl

>Tara has those
>Tara's spider half has to be exactly like a tarantula and hasn't adapted for the larger size
>This is what fuzzhaters actually believe

Hey chill man I didn't take the cap. chill your head, think of your favourite monster girl

It's fanfiction, and I say she has needles that injects venom from a brown recluse

Suu is for _______




throwing away

It's been stated that she has them, and if it was the only thing wrong about her it wouldn't matter, but the fact of the matter is that she's shit in every way. Furthermore, you tarafags come off as so meek and timid that she'd probably hate your guts

fingering your niece with johnson & johnson

Feeding soda and getting a fizzy swirling blow job from.

Loving hugs

You. I like you.

The whole meek thing is just Cred Forums's effect on me. Usually I'm a little tougher than that. Anyway, I reckon she'd like a submissive guy because he'd be easier to bully.

Uhm, TTF asked Crab, crab said you would get irritated from her needles, but if persistent you'd eventually become immune.

> Implying I won't put her with a male Large Breed and force you to watch


You cry all day on here saying she doesn't exist.

> Believing a shitty writer

She's a violent criminal with anger issues. The only thing she'd like about a submissive guy is that she wouldn't have to bother explaining smith how he tripped in the kitchen and got two black eyes, fractured a few ribs and dislocated his arm; as he would do it for her.

Asterio a best

Sure, and darling can become immune to Miia crushing him with repeated exposure

>implying nobody else on here does that

If it's writers own story, then yes I'll believe no matter how good or shitty the story is.
Hilariously enough he's already done that.

> Crab doesn't follow the "Show don't tell" rule of comics

What's the point?

Cred Forums would just call them 3DPD and stick to their 2D monster girl waifus.

Can't possibly be Miia learning to control her strength

It's a group effort. actually darling just applied his jerking skills to her tail

Yeah but I know (YOU) for that.

crab is a hack

>one whole minute in GIMP while I wait for my lunch to be delivered later

Um. I thought you couldnt upload the same image twice.

Anyone else seeing this?

I'm seeing the older post as deleted. That should make sense.

I should probably cut down on the sad fuzzposting huh?

I see it now in my post that its crossed, but I still see the actual post there and not deleted. Strange.

>knows how to use GIMP
I swear that thing was made by aliens for aliens, I can't wrap by head around it after 10 hours of trying to figure it out.
Off topic aside what are chances that Smith is actually a hardworker and Darling is her only place to relax and get her doze of shit and giggles?

Which one of you autists are shitting up /v?

To be completely honest I'm running blind whenever I use it. I just guess until I figure it out.

I never go there.

Just Cred Forums, /fit/, /k/, and Cred Forums for me.

>can you stop calling me "your waifu"? It's really disgusting.

Well, there's so many over in Cred Forums, we really didn't think anyone would notice

I want to help Luz brush her tails.

>"no way someone's that retarded"
>checks Cred Forums

I'm shitting up /vip/ right now because I'm not a commoner like Cred Forums is.

Link us up, we want to laugh too!
>Implying a lamia wouldn't pop in happines at that discovery

it was me

I wasn't talking to you, you fucking slut.

Now where the fuck is Mero?

Just kidding Miia, you're a top tier girl and I hope you win.

>Raptor Girl Jesus
You are wrong.
Runbirb is the best birb.

So I recently found out that NASA has been sending spiders into space since Skylab.

It turns out they make better astronauts than humans do. Spiders show no sign of being disoriented by the microgravity, and they are perfectly capable of spinning their webs, navigating their enclosures, and even mating while in space. This in particular struck my imagination, quite a bit.

Now I'm lamenting the fact that I will never be stuck on a rocket, floating aimlessly and panicking to get around while spider waifu teases me and laughs manically as I start floating towards her very visible web, but with nothing to push off of to redirect my motion I just keep floating towards it and eventually get caught.

That looks more like Mero as an Arechne than Rachnera for some reason.

GIMP has guides for almost everything you can do. I learned how to to use some features of GIMP within minutes.

>every episode coyote tries to catch the bird
>every time it ends in something lewd
>attempt #38
>coyote sets up a cataPOLT to crush the road runner
>it snags her top and pulls it off on the way
>misses completely
>attempt #46
>Polt is writing a plan on a blackboard; put a cake under a box to lure Land Animal, then when she comes to eat it, drop the box
>Collects flour and milk from her kitchen to bake the cake
>No eggs
>Looks outside
>Land Animal is there, looking unconfortable and rubbing her tummy
>Polt walks outside
>Holds up a sign with an egg on it
>Land Animal looks down at her belly and nods sadly
>5 minutes of Polt massaging Land Animal's midriff as she moans softly
>Egg is finally laid
>Polt goes back inside and cooks the cake, then assembles the trap
>Land Animal comes and eats the cake
>Polt pulls the string
>Nothing happens, Land Animal runs away
>Polt goes to inspect the trap
>Box falls on her

Not that user, but I've been using for a long ass time now. Any time I go into GIMP I feel like I'm reaching in the dark. Any clue how GIMP compares to in overall usefulness?

Learning to use gimp is basically just checking the GIMP online manual whenever you have a question. It usually directs to where the different buttons and functions are.

You can even use gimp to edit .gifs, it's a bit tedious but relatively easy if you're used to the basic draw, select, and delete functions.

I raise you

for you

>Took nearly 11 hours
Is the meme finally dying?

Paint net redirects me to this.

I want to impregnate Lala's head.

Yes, you have to Google paint net instead of typing in or following the link.
Admittedly annoying.

That seems like it would be more than a little bit difficult.

well it certainly has my permission to die.

Very funny.

I'm willing to cum inside it as much as I need to.

I haven't heard of this until now, I couldn't compare them immediately, but I'm looking into it.

There are ton of plugins for it as well that help it do some functions that are inherent to other programs as well. I'd say don't worry about it too much if you're already used to GIMP, everyone seems to recommend that anyways. I'm just always looking for someone who's used both as a comparison (beyond myself), so that's why I asked.

Protip: It's shit until you discover what plugins are out there, then it's good.
Boltbait's plugin pack is pretty much a need.

I'm fucking around with it real quick. So I can make a quick comparison without any plugins. Pic related. Paintnet's fuzzy select/magic wand is selecting Lala's hair. But it seems to make cleaning up easier.


For the magic wand make sure you're also using the 'Tolerance' bar at the top. It lets you update in real time exactly how much the wand is selecting, can be pretty helpful.


Without any cleanup. Honestly both seem fine to an amateur like me.

look up:
Grim Color Reaper
Tweak Transparency
Alpha Displacement
Alpha Mask

This is a pic made lines / shading only in ONE STEP with GCR

Thanks for the heads up, will be testing those out in bit.

>Miia plays dead when it's her turn for chores

>Snek daughter plays dead when it's time for school.

A chip off the ole block.

I'm suddenly recalling a funny video of a guy who could make his pet snake play dead on command

While we're on the subject, has this image ever been colorized?


Don't think so.
Sorry TTF

Close enough! Let's see if I can manage something worth posting.

pick colors and use layers to color each part. u can be sloppy where another HIGHER layer will overlap it anyway. Use this .png as the topmost layer. (depending on your program, it's a good idea to make a solid color bottom / BG layer that you use to check that you are staying clean. You can delete it, or draw a real background, when finished)

Some user posted something about a blue-green Oct a couple threads ago.

That coloring makes her seem very inhuman. I wonder if Crab is going to do something like that or go for a base human flesh tone.

blue BG layer...
skin color layer

I highly recommend just pirating Photoshop.

filled in hair and eyes...

hair layer
white eye layer
yellow eye layer

you get the idea...