Why is Mike-chan such a wonderful captain?

Why is Mike-chan such a wonderful captain?

Because Shiro is her mayonnaise.

Because she thinks of her crew as a family

Remove Mike.

Because luck >>> anything else in war.

Mike is the epitome of leadership.


>only decent doujin was a fucking rape doujin
kill me.

Because cute feet.

She'd the crazy plan and the luck to back it off.


99 luck skill.



OVA translated when?

>There's no storm we can't overcome!
Pretty funny considering that she's scared of storms.

Little cunt should've been court martialed and hung for deriliction of duty.

trash is best girl

Torpedo-chan is best girl


Why is there so few haifuri doujins overall? Wasn't it quite popular all female cast show?

The Haifuris are not for lewds.

She isn't.

Shut up Malon.