Is it worth reading?

Is it worth reading?

Current arc is just pure fanfic tier writing while everything before it was weeks of boredom with a few decent moments


I remember finishing the Tokyo Ghoul manga a year ago. Should I refresh my memory, or should I just dive right into Re?


Kubo Tier

The original, yes.

:Re, fuck no.

Why tho? Looks really interesting and I enjoyed reading Tokyo ghoul

First series was good, :re is just a clusterfuck to me and I dropped it. It was like D.Gray Man all over again.


Ok why is it a clusterfuck? This is my first time on Cred Forums, but are you guys really this bad at elaborating? Jfc

Because the writing is terrible, the plot is going nowhere, everybody's a ghoul vat a tweest, the characters suck, the random side-characters popping up out of nowhere and have flashbacks that take up entire chapters aren't interesting, the action is dreadful, everyone's jobbing or killing themselves because reasons, every theme that made the original interesting is gone, the Qs are unbearable trash, and the pace is Bleach tier.

Sui either had no intention of continuing TG or this is just a random mesh stitched together to make more money. Oh, he even pulled a "lol, amnesia" at the start. That was retarded.

If you want to read it so much, then go right ahead. Don't know why you're asking if it's worth at that point though. Try it and see for yourself.

No one wants to write an essay to explain to you why you should read something or not, most of the time here. Try something out and get your own opinion. Anons don't come here to recommend stuff to you. Lurk more or fuck off, newfag.

No it isn't worth reading. Even the die hard fans at mangafox who are often retarded are getting sick of it.

You can read it up to torture scene in the first series, but not further than that. Just pretend it ended there. Don't be like me and think "surely it can't be as bad as people say." It fucking can. You won't believe how fucking hard it shits the bed.

dumblr tier garbage.

Looks gay; no.

Just read the original.
Re is a mistake.

The original manga is actually enjoyable. re: is a clusterfuck.

Sparkly ghouls with superpowers. What's not to like.



Yeah, definitely one of the better manga out there.

What else is good?

Of course! As long as you don´t mind to see cliffhangers at the end of every fucking chapter, see how mc goes from an average monster who constantly try to be stronger to protect people he loves to the damn monster Jesus which life revolves around an autistic four eyes faggot because MY DADEEEEHH!!!

Not to mention the fact that every character you used to love is now a fucking joke o simply doesn´t appear anymore while a lot of new autistic useless characters are now the main focus just because MUH KANEKI PARALELS!! SO DEEP!!

Extra points for how a cinnamon roll trap becomes the fucking psycopath with a smashballs fetish who is able to kick the shit out of a fucking powerful badass crazy monster just because MUUUHH TORTURE, MUUH WHITE HAIR, LIKE KANEKI!!

its trashtier

Have you any problem with Teenager, especially the "muh AAAAANGST, muh edge" type?
No: you can read this, you're up for not a really good manga that can still entertain.
Yes: don't read this.

It's pretty good, give it a try. People on Cred Forums just like to shitpost about it.

Nah. It was good before the recent arc takes place. Now it's just a mess.

Current arc is a mess but everything beforehand is a great well thought out story
The attack on the Tsukiyama estate arc was its peak

I kind of hope the next arc with better than the current arc.

Why did the art change so much from the first one?

The story is pants on head retarded too so you shouldn't really worry about anything.

He switched to digital drawing in :re

>the plot is going nowhere,
Your whole post is awful but this is a straight up lie. You could say that only in this current arc, the plot finally started moving.

Arima dies.

He was drawing digitally since the beginning of TG

Hell no. I don't even know what's going on anymore, you can't even recognize the characters

Shit, I loved the beginning of the story, with the author taking his time. Also seeing Sasaki as a new character and personality, with the side of the CCg being explored and all was cool, but the current arc shits the bed hard.

Bringing Kaneki back was a mistake