Magical Girl Raising Project

Is it yuri?

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It's a trap!

We can trust this thing, right?


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What happens to your dick if he turns back while you're fucking her?

Does he play with his own boobs?

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its a dude!

stick it in the pooper, and you won´t have to worry about such details.

of course, just remember the contract

Is this anime original?

I've dreamed of becoming a magical girl. This show gives me hope.

No. There are various novels. It's literally Madoka. Expect a lot of suffering.

Damn, if this was original it would be perfect for Cred Forums. Little girls, suffering and lizard trap slut male magical girl who is also a knight.

I mean geez. Its screaming for people to throw popcorn at it.

Yeah, I've already read the spoilers, but I did the same for Re:Zero and I still enjoyed it. I can't wait to see how they'll animate it. This show has so much potential. I hope that the censorship will be light or nonexistent. Also, the ED is awesome. My favorite, right now.

Your dick gets contused and swollen, severity depends on how far you were in at the time. I'd be more worried about what happens inside of him when his balls come back to contort your hard on.

But nobody read the EULA.

Picked up

It's not a trap if it got boobs.

I feel like Snow White's power is something that can go horribly wrong

I made a thread about it on /u/ and it got deleted

that should tell you if it's yuri or not

It's lgbt shit.
"YOU CAN BE A GIRL EVEN IF YOU ARE A BOY xD" level of bullshit, no thanks.

It gets really fucking dumb. It's just an edge show and a blatant Madoka ripoff.

Free to play games sure have grown out of hand.

Whats this anime?

Maho Shoujo Madoka Magica

Link to spoilers?

>Make up


You better not read that, shit gets TOO DAMN REAL
Also the spoiler will delete itself in 4 days

Hello new friend, enjoying your stay?

Make-up is a lot of fun, you should try it.

I mean, unless I think the spoilers sound entertaining I don't actually plan on watching it.

Turns into a sort of killing game where the girl with the lowest points dies every week. Then several characters die outside of this, mostly from scheming and competition. This part isn't too bad although many of the deaths are more than a little silly, it's done for the sake of pure edge.
Most of the cast dies, the "villain" gets a stupid, predictable tragic backstory.

The real kicker is that the company that forces the girls to kill each is trying to use them to make more merch. It comes off as extremely stupid and highly unrealistic. Adding corporate greed into a story like this really devalues a lot of the stuff that happens, at least in my opinion.

If you like edge you'll probably like it, but don't expect anything of substance. And I say this as somebody who thought Madoka was dull and not too unique for a magical girl show.

Alright thanks, think I'll pass on this then as I didn't really like madoka.

What? Battle royal is only the prologue aka Volume 1 started by a crazy MG and a bored staff.

This has more of Darwin's Game/ Kamen rider Ryuki similarities than Madoka would ever be.

Why is this boy's makeup so fucking trashy?

I want to touch the horns

It's his fetish and he thinks it looks hot. I think there is no doubt he prostitute himself.

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Hot blooded fist fighter with lightning powers.
Spill spaghetti whenever my "best friend" compliments me.

Her power is basically to be unable to ignore the suffering of others in an edgy survival game series. It's just going to be used for maximum suffering while edgy shit is going down

I want a gate of babylon-like power.

You're never bored when your chest is a board

>There's a character that have a geass
>Another one with regenerative power
>One that can drowns you anytime

>LaPucelle's power is to grow her "sword"

The tomboy is winning by a landslide.

He gets by on the strength of his LaPucelle Tactics

Madoka itself is a blatant ripoff of Ryuki.

>Mai girl's powers is to hear the voices of people in danger
>She can hear the voices of her friends getting killed
>She can hear the voice of the opponents she's battling

>only one other slut
I guess Cred Forums is all talk, huh?

>Boy becomes a magical girl
>Looks and dresses like a complete cock-hungry slut
>Seems perfectly comfortable with it
What did they mean by this?

Becoming a Magical Girl is the best thing the best thing that can happen to you

>The earliest fanarts are of magical girl (male)
Good, Japan's learning.

so basically he's a heterosexual-boy-turned-lesbian-lizard-knight-bigsword-magical-girl

It's not a trap if she's an actual girl with a pussy and tits, you fucking newfag.

>opening scene

It'll be fiiiine.

>voiced a brother lusting pre-magical girl
>now voicing a magical girl (male [working female])

Best girl of the show.