Things You Love in Anime

>Pupils shrink

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>Reaction to insult/shocking event is just the same frame but colored white with a black background and bags under the same eyes as before

>Sisters share close relationships with their brothers and aren't screaming crying violent little disrespectful shits

>Light bullying

>Block enemy's attack and the ground underneath both of them crumbles

That's weird, but I love a well-done visually directed fainting scene. Seriously, the execution can be fucked up in a lot of ways.

>characters with multiple rings in their eyes

Spiral eyes are also pretty fucking great.

>Character is depressed and the top half of their face goes blue.

My nigga.

When something so shocking happens, the characters skip past "EEEEEH", pencil outlines, screaming, and just go completely deadpan.

Loli doing cute things.


Pupils vanishing.

>hype scene
>OP starts playing

Pic related. It's been years and I still don't know what this fucking trope is called. I named my folder with these "aaaaaAAAAAAAAA"

Entire episode is an art style shift.
This happens every episode

>silly show
>characters get serious
I'm the reason so many comedy manga were ruined with serious plots.
But god fucking damn it they keep writing parodies better than the material they parody.

>MC has an actual character

>Show has bad writing
>People think it's trying to be deep

>character has personality and interests beyond sucking mc's dick

That pose when the person falls on all fours as if the weight of existence is crushing them in their shame and/or defeat. Then there's that spotlight on them when they're surrounded by darkness.

Looks like her situation got a little sketchy.

I was about to post the exact same thing


>ED starts playing a couple of seconds before the visuals actually appear

Heart Irisis.
Makes my dick rock hard

>sad scene
>ED starts playing

>episode skips OP

>this character is clearly an awful bitch, probably going to die immediately, and not important to the main plot, right?
>jokes on you she's actually great and goes through a shitton of character development

Japanese songs with English phrases in them.


Excellent taste my friend

I loved when Golden Time did this, man that feeling is good.

whatever that means

It's a text representation of the pose you described
O is the head
T is the back, and the line going down represents the arms
L are the legs.

>character moves fast/lands attacks
>nothing happens for a second
>the ground gets blown away
I love this trope

>speedy character is blasted away by sheer physical force

Gets my panties wet every time.

also known as orz

Awkward transitional frames.

Wavy mouth.

This. The guy who did the mouths in New Game was pretty fucking skilled.

>the OP/ED lyrics are made for one specific moment in the series
>starts playing during/right after that moment

I see it


Triangles are love

They're better when they're a rarity.

>character places a hand on the another's shoulder

>senpai character teases MC and makes out like she's sexually experienced
>it's not an act

>Character speaks English
>They actually hired a native English speaker for the role

Smug loli.



Swirly Eyes.

Can't go wrong with the classics.

Luluco did this trope amazingly with an ED remix right after the action scene

Scribble eyes superior.

that's not the fucking pupil you idiot

assassination classroom is the only anime i've seen to actually do this

do you know of any others?

Werent the brits in K-ON movie actually voiced by native speakers ?

basically i love dramatic OH NO!/NO WAY!/IT CAN'T BE!

This is one of the nice thing in otherwise shit Kara no Kyoukai.

>it's a "I thought this was a comedy" episode

The Australian homestay parents in Free were native speakers, I think.

Jojo's was god tier with this
>That Zeppeli scene as Roundabout is kicking in.

C does it quite a bit.

I learned this and chuunibyou from a fan translation of the steins;gate VN before I really got into weeb shit

>tripfags opinions

I love those unexpected feels.

>When joke characters kick ass
Lookin' at you, Kanchome and Momon.

UnderTheDog did it.

The first time I think I saw that was in DBZ when Trunks went Ascended or whatever it was called and I thought it was the coolest shit. Or are you not just talking about when super angry/powered up? Are you also talking about when a character might be surprised or change to a more chibi style?

i remember seeing that scene on youtube actually
the red haired guy's japan VA did a great job with his english lines

Chestnut mouth. Especially when it has that nice, curvy point at the top. It's the fucking best. Also lip fang and symbol pupils in general.

>Enemy is about to punch another character with a VERY powerfull punch/ability
>MC block that power win one hand and his upper face is dark
>He smiles

There's a variation of chestnut mouth that I would call almond mouth, for obvious reasons.

This is what I meant by "lip fang" when the outline of the lip is changed to add in a fang, and the fang is even colored the same as the lip and everything. I don't understand why I love it, but I do. Also multifangs are pretty swell. I didn't think we could get better than just having both sides with a fang, but leave it to the Japanese to invent a third fang.



>Character A unleashes super punch or something to that effect to Character B's face
>Character B takes the full blunt of the blow, head slightly tilting back
>There is visible damage, but Character B brushes off the pain, tilts their head back to it's original position all while Character A's fist is still embedded to their face.
>Says something along the lines of "Is that it?", "What a light punch", "You call that a punch?" all while flashing a massive shiteating grin.

Bonus points if Character B immediately throws a Counter Punch the moment Character A flashes their face in disbelief at what the fuck just happened.

> OP plays during a climactic scene

>cute girls that have stomach flab

faggots the lot of you

Unusual pupils. Like in the steins gate VN they have white pupils and white circles in the iris. Then in the anime they didnt have that. In TTGL the sloppy seconds of the spiral king has a neat floral pattern in her eye. Shit like that is neat. Too bad the unusual pupil tag on sadpanda is just heart eyes (which is pretty cool too, mind you). Its just that permanent unusual pupils is top tier.

Other shit:
>guy/girl confesses and they didnt mishear
>if they do mishear or get interrupted they repeat their feelings
>romance actually has them go out and stay as a pair during the rest of the story
>the show shows what happens rathen than having shots of people commentating whats happening
>boob envy
>MC knows what he wants
>people kill others in battles, including the protagonist group
>tsundere isnt a violent tsundere

Please don't remind me of this particular episode

Partial transformations/henshins.

That right there is the main reason most faggots like Naruto. As ridiculous as they are, sharingan are way too cool in terms of design.

>Guy/Girl slashes opponent
>Puts sword back to the sheath
>Countless slashes

I like heart pupils but I don't seem to have any saved at the moment

Main character of the series as well as strongest ends up as the final boss

>Character unsheathes sword/melee weapon
>you can visibly see their power increase from it
>they become so fast it looks like they're teleporting
>moves up behind enemy's back
>Says something along the lines of "Nothin' personnel... kid"
>Enemy gets stabbed through the back and dies
Gets me every time


>Character says he's about to do something wicked
He actually does it.


thats what made me reallize i loved it

good numbers

>his friends that he made along the way must take him down

female characters are revealed to be male.

I can't get enough of this

Thigh highs and pantyhose

>all-girl show
>main girls have love interests

Pentagonal eyes and blushing

>singer does the show's theme songs from Season 1 all the way until the last season
This was one reason why Shakugan no Shana was so great.


I fucking love how they did it with Sket Dance

That's totally KKOW' Imai

The speakers were native, but they were going by the script written by the japanese which resulted in a couple of weird-sounding lines.

But yeah, that was one of the better English speech I've heard over the years.

Why won't somebody make a scaracter with the lower fangs showing (like an orc?)

Imouto wins her oniichan's bowl.

>tsundere likes MC
>MC is indifferent to tsundere
>MC helps love rival hook up with tsundere
okay, So this never happens but I wish it did. Instead, we get main characters who actually LIKE the tsundere.


Girls on the bog

Anime made me like skirts, thighhigh socks and pantyhose. ZR really is the cunning edge of female expression. Then I looked outside and saw how 3d didnt understand the beauty of skirts and everything that comes with it. Then I realised they are PD

Anime characters becoming embarrassed when it comes to forming relationships

During confession scenes or when a character is trying to express themselves I shout in my mind "You can do it!"

I'm so alone...

>not getting jealous and wanting the fictional cartoon doodles for yourself
anime destroyed my life

my favorite thing is when someone says something ridiculous and they say something under their breath off screen like "there is no way that would happen"

gets me every time

When the OP dosen't have english words in it.
The pronouncation makes me cringe so hard if it does.

I just want the doodles to be happy when I am not, I'm glad they are 2D and don't have to suffer 3DPD pain

I just want someone to be happy that's all, even if it isn't me

Only right answer

Post more.

Eh, it if you don't even know they're talking in english (I'm looking at you, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas) it's fine.

this happens to me so often.
>go to Cred Forums
>people complain about engrish
>didnt notice it
>find out it was during a scene I thought they just kept talking japanese

my only love is pantyhose and blunt bangs/hime cuts

Three shotas are playing in the childrens' playground in the early afternoon, with the sun just about to enter the "sunset" stage.
The kids are arguing whose dad is the coolest.
>My dad is half-reptile, and has tons of illegal substances in his secret stash
>That's pretty awesome, but my dad my dad has butha-

The kids are enveloped by an invisible 'cage' of helium, surrounded by a very dense transparent gas , something the KGB are very proud of creating.

A Christmas cake-looking woman, with a long coat which releases dark, ashy-looking smoke; with her hair (albeit not completely, but in a dash pattern), pupils, and boots coated in Vantablack 2. This makes her appearance rather upsetting, because everything which is coated, is powerful enough to bend light, so one can see a cat in her boots, a bottle of coke in her waving hair (though you'd have to focus really hard)..and her pupils..they look like you're staring into the abyss Nietzsche described. You can feel you're being stared at, but trying to describe that feeling to other people will only out you as a "classic Karachay lake survivor", a crazy madman.

"Oya, boya-tachi. What was that about 'illegal substances' you talked about earlier? You better talk up, or else..."

>all of the kids "Or else what, you shitty baba?"

>she looks visibly upset - "Ba-baba?" Don't make me start the helium fusion, you fucking brat".

"I can't help it, can I"? - says the feminine boy who talked about his dad's substances. "I didn't want to resort to this crass technique since it requires me and my friend to do something... crass..but we gonna die for real if I don't do this.

He drops his pants, and his panties
His friends exclaim "W-whoa, Alexei, you wear panties today? How lewd!".

Alexei blushes for a couple rassof seconds, and looks like he's about to slap his friends, but he quickly gets over his short temper.

"B-black Hole v330!", the lewd boy screams out while he's bending over and pointing his fat, girly bit at the agent.

What are you doing? Have you gone crazy!? Are you a Karachay-jin, kisama?

The boy forces the other boys to be in skin contact with him as not to get sucked in
The two boys spread the femboy's asshole, revealing a real black hole, and it sucks up the surrounding helium, and that other gas in mere femtoseconds. The Agent gets sucked up as well; without even realizing what has happened.

Suddenly, when she was trying to apprehend these boys, she got transported into a pitch-black dimension.

A-alyosha, it's your turn now. Perform the second part of the technique, with your "White hole!".

He reluctantly drops his pants, and starts passionately fucking Alexei.

"It's like we were made for eachother!", says Alyosha while licking Alexei's nape and twisting his extremely sensitive nipples.

The boy already tight anus pulsatingly tightens even more, almost as if begging for his love juice.


He shoots his semen inside Alex's black hole, and the agent sees something huge and white closing in ridiculously fast. She screams in pain as she is squished between the two 'holes'.

Alexei, with his extremely lewd ahegao, and Alyosha, who is feeling manlier than ever, hit their palms together in celebration.

"Thankfully we don't have to clean up anything, haha!".
"Let's go get some pirojki from that shop nearby".
"Let's" - says Alexei with a meek voice.

Triangle sisters are cute!

>tripping every dead flag known to man
>actually come out alive

Played like a damn fiddle.


People die when they are killed.


It's not even about skirts being good, it's just that jeans are fucking boring.

>So this is... spellcard power... woah

Just search Nanashi on sadpanda. He/She has an excellent taste on lolis.

>character threatens to do something absolutely fucking mad
>antagonists/protagonists don't take him seriously
>he actually fucking does it

Seriously speaking, why do they do this?

When a show is meta right from the start but it runs for so long it reaches 100 episodes and at that point you are practically watching astronomical shitposting featuring little girls.

this gets me so hype.

the opposite of ITT but
>karaoke scene
>everyone sings the OP

Atomic explosion slow mo.

>big bad is monologuing
>close up of their face
>their speach is interrupted
>camera pans down to reveal they've been stabbed
Even better if the villain dies in a massive anticlimax.

>MC gets berserk because new power/deus ex machina.
>All the cast trying to stop him with all they have, with badass moments.
>Female MC stops him with some stupid love shit.


>MC "dies"
>He's alive because he's the motherfucking MC, but he's awfully hurt due to he almost die for some serious fight.
>He need some time to healing those wounds.
>Support cast still goes to the final boss.
>Namek time.
>Support cast has a chance to shine while they goes to the final boss with other fights.
>The cast arrives to the final boss.
>The final boss defeat the support cast because they're not the MC.
>MC arrives, showing with the villain, more powerful than before, with a amazing pose or a badass sentence.
>No monologue, only punches and punches

Trylu amazing.

>Character is genuinely damaged goods
>Everyone pays him no mind and lets him/her hang out with them anyways

Bonus points if said person is actually dangerous

>changing seasons
Love seeing the character's outfits change and seeing them do seasonal activities

Favorite episode(s) every time

>character enters a berserk mode
>steamrolls everyone, including allies
>called a bakemono

truly the best feeling

>recognise this
>can't remember the name
>decide to try and find it by just searching through the incest/sister tag on sadpanda and filtering only top rated
Quite possibly the worst decision of my life.

For that matter,
>When the OP is in proper English

>subs are added to the OP half way through the series
>it's now completely ruined and you can't unhear it

How's this?

Dear lord am I going to need sauce on this one

I like the little lines that go down their faces

Wide hips and big butts in loose fitting, modest clothing.