Fixed your joseph, now he can be the main character again

fixed your joseph, now he can be the main character again

go die

Keep the wrinkles.

Ah, it's Ladd Russo

Much better.

>if he didn't give up on the ripple

He really wasn't so bad in S:C oh my god this latest season he is so old and feeble. It's fucking depressing as shit.

Young joseph get a time machine.

I always assumed that he intentionally gave up Hamon as to not outlive Suzie Q and his daughter.

If you think that's depressing, wait until you read Stone Ocean

oh my god and holy shit it funny at first but get really old fast.

At least he's the oldest Joestar that ever lived assuming the lifespan of George's ancestors were normal.
>Dio doesn't count.

Kill yourself, faggot.

Was ripple something anyone could learn? Or did you need to have a natural talent for it/get it given to you like stands?

Seems like otherwise basically anyone could go and at least learn the basics of it.

Zeppeli was a pretty normal individual and had to train decades in Tibet along with many other people to learn it. Just because Jonathan and Joseph were naturals doesn't mean it you can't learn it if you're willing to put yourself through training.

Yeah, it's just about being dedicated to working on it for years and decades.

Like I said, I don't mean mastering it like Zeppeli did, of course that would take decades. I just mean like the basic power you'd get from the breathing.

Then you just need to train not decades. Learning the basis of breathing took Jonathan a day, so non-naturals probably need a bit more time + constant practice to not lose it like Joseph.

>ever getting old

His macguffin power would have ended every arc in 3 chapters if he was still functioning adult

>>if he didn't give up on the ripple
It's really a matter of quality of life. You could work hard to live longer, but if you spend all of that extra lifespan training then you are not really doing what you enjoy with the extra time you gain.

It's why sometimes old people rather keep smoking and dying than to quit and deal with the withdrawals for the short time they had left.

I'm sure it'd take a fair bit longer than Joseph and Jonathan, certainly, its just a little odd that ripple's mostly only known to weird monk dudes in tibet if it can make a fifty year old look like, twenty seven.

I don't know user, a few hours practicing a breathing technique to be able to like like, 10/20 years longer than normal, I'd say it's probably worth it.

> a few hours a day*
> to be able to live like*


Honestly getting older is a better excuse for being a jobber.

Jotaro has no excuse.

then why don't you jog you fat piece of shit

Speedwagon didn't have hamon potential

>Jotaro has no excuse.
Crippling autism.

Jotaro had a harder life and never got a break.
Joseph was living it up by cheating on his wife with other women and big black men.

Speedwagon didn't have the aptitude of using Hamon breathing 24/7 like Jonathan does. Zeppeli just says Speed won't be able to learn it because he wouldn't be able to stay focused enough for training.

>then why don't you jog you fat piece of shit
He might be rude, but he basically is right.

Most people want to live longer, but NOT willing to actually spend any time to make it happen. Instead, people pay money buying whatever elixir or pills that could allegedly make them healthier, because it takes no time. To spend time now, to get more time later, is something most humans struggle with.

Breathing > jogging

Because you have to breathe while jogging.
That's twice the work.

>when you like a character more than its own author does
>when the character means so much to you but he'll never, ever get even one more single moment to shine

Joseph is the shittiest JoJo

Joseph is already the shiniest character, he doesn't need any more than that


I just want the younger generations to go "wow, you really were something back in the day, huh?"
Josuke like just barely tolerates him as it is.

Breathing is healthier than jogging

He doesn't deserve any better. He pump n dumped some woman, hurt his wife, and didn't even realize he impregnated the girl.

But that's just how people are with their elder. And Josuke is holding a grudge (and rightfuly so)

Josuke knows Joseph is kind and a brave person when it counts, but he IS old, it just kind of goes that he'll have his dumb senile moments.

>implying that it wasn't a guise he put up to fool his wife and have his own globe trotting adventures
>implying he hasn't still got it
r-right guys, he'll come back in next part of the manga, r-right?

> He'll come back in the next part

>Oldseph suddenly becomes his younger, witty self again
>decides to act like a proper dad to Josuke

What does he do, Cred Forums?