what exactly do they add?

A dick.

Something for closeted faggots

Pandering to gay people who can't commit to bara. The quitters of the gay community.

Who is she?

Tight, pink buttholes that feel 10 times better than vaginas

Girls have those too. What do they actually add?


We like girls too though.

I like guys and don't like traps
We're still faggots

moe dick

To the length of my dick.



Nothing, reaIIy. Draw a girI, caII it a boy, add some shitty dick. Might as weII make a girI with an actuaI vagina, traps and trapfags are cancer.

its nothing gay about getting your dick sucked.


They indirectly add value to the work by potentially leading to doujins with dicks.

as long as your the one giving, not receiving, your not gay.

You keep telling yourself that faggot

i bet you think the romans were gay as well ha?

>heterosexual hentai: fat/old/bald men fuck a cute woman
>yaoi: BIG shoulder big hand men fuck men
>trap: nice/average looking men fuck cute girls(male)

Absolutely nothing.
For example - Prunus Girl. It's exactly like any straight romance, but with obnoxious "he looks like a grill but is actually a boy XDDDD" on every fucking page.


Came to say that

a """"""""""""feminin penis""""""""""""

you are way more faggot than a dicksucker

The best kind

You are just mad cause we aint rubbing dicks yet
What other reason would you have to click in this thread nyaaa~