What's in your favorites folder Cred Forums?

What's in your favorites folder Cred Forums?

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>Children who Chase...
>Cowboy Plebop
>Death Note
>Mirai Nikki
>Mob Psycho
>Prison School
>Soul Eater
>Hataraku again
>Seven Deadly Sins

Your taste a shit.

Are you trolling is your taste actually that bad?

Wait, people have folders/files in which they put their favourites so they can remember which anime they liked, and so they can show their "superior" taste to other people?

Just use your head for this, baka.

>Desert Punk
>sword art

Great taste.

>Just use your head for this
Not Op but i bookmark the wikipedia entire to the anime i like since they are in the thousands and I'm also studying programming and 2 foreign languages. I don't wat to forget shit.

No, I have a favourites folder because it's an extra backup for stuff I really don't want to lose, and for easy access (since it's on my PC rather than an external HDD like the rest of my anime).

I used to have a thumb drive where I kept obscure stuff (things for which the torrents could realistically die), and I also put some favorites on there just for ease of access if I were traveling. Then I stopped being a jew and just backed up everything.

MAL works too, community's shit though.

just you know, anime stuff

I'm a little offended you put Knights of Ramune in this bait, it's far too good to be associated with most of those.

I don't need one since i mine anime by tropes

You haven't even completed more than 60 anime, have you?

Fuck off back to TVtropes immediately, you cancerous piece of shit.

What is wrong with that site?

>not mining anime

>cancerous piece of shit.
Me againForgot to tell you i'm a bookmark junkie
Learn to use Linkclump and Supersorter you whinnying bitch

It's bassicaly Cred Forums without the Kys & edgy memes

It's strange looking at this. I've either seen or plan to watch most of these. It's just a weird feeling seeing someone else with such a similar assortment of series.


It's an older meme but it checks out.