Honest thoughts on the Fate series?

Honest thoughts on the Fate series?

its decent the little I've seen, although the shitty snout faces always pissed me off, has the art style improved at all? at least how they draw faces?

Interesting concept and alternative takes/interpretations of historical and mythological figures.

Unfortunately, the series is chock full of highly pretentious chuunishit technobabble and other rambling. Kinoko Nasu's style of prose and writing really puts me off.


F/SN is a bad visual novel for the most part, with a few select moments that are good. F/Z is an enjoyable light novel with a decent anime, but several of the anime's scenes were out of character and/or badly directed.

>DEEN Fate
Mostly shit, a trainwreck of an adaptation, but has a good OST, voice acting and a couple decent scenes.

The Saber + Archer vs. Berserker fight is good, then it becomes utter shit.

Good visuals and voice acting, nice OST if you don't mind the Kalafina abuse. Great for people that are not very invested in the franchise, but after reading the LN the critical adaptation flaws become evident. Some people might consider it too "edgy" or find the character's reasoning and/or motivations absurd. Overall is miles better than the DEEN stuff.

>Ufo UBW
Great visuals and amazing OST, that re-imagines a lot of the VN's compositions, but some may dislike the Hollywood-esque approach they used. The story doesn't stand very well on it's own, but adds some amazing content to the Nasuverse that VN readers could appreciate. Some people might not like the tone shift from Zero and/or the humilliation that some of the recurring characters suffer in this route.

Some fighting and lewd scenes are very well done, some tracks from the OST are great, and it's an entertaining anime overall. Some people may not like the ecchi bits, the "contradictions" to the Nasuverse's rules, or just simply won't dig the story.

>Carnival Phantasm

I love mythology adapted into anime in any form, Fate is one of them.

I'm kinda jealous Nasu wrote it all out when he was 17 and made thousands off of it.

Saber is cute
flashy fights
Gilgamesh is also cute
Carnival Phantasm is best Fate
Ilya is cute
Luvia > Rin
Lancer is cute
Rider is hot
Caster is cute

>Luvia > Rin

You mean Luvia + Rin, surely.


Interesting concept, shit writing and shit MC.

>Luvia + Rin

You mean Arturia + Rin, surely.

Saber has no tits and no ass. Luvia is a true woman with great tracts of land, and Rin deserves a true woman.

only the original is decent
the secondary material is garbage
and the tertiary fans who like it are even worse

secondaries: the post
I like it how you review how good of an 'adaptation' something is despite failing to mention the actual VN they were adapted from

Luvia is a literal no one with no canon measurements and an obvious excess of body fat.
Saber is a higher being that possesses beauty beyond human comprehension and has canonically been shown as a figure that Rin deeply admires and has a strong attraction towards.
All you Rin x Luvia shippers have is a single image where they are blushing together.

Not that guy, but a simpe ctrl + f search shows he did mention the VN.

I meant review, not mention, almost as if he's never read it despite acting like a good authority on what makes a good adaptation

Great concepts, decent execution, garbage translation, even worse fanbase and hatebase.

I really liked the VN's directing, and not just for fight scenes. Small subtleties like rapidly changing the different peaceful background BGM to indicate Shirou's crumbling mind losing memories in Heaven's Feel, stuffs like that.

best magic system of all fiction

it was better before they started pandering to secondaries

Casual as fuck compared to other TM works, and it's only gotten worse over the years. HF and F/Z are pretty much the only worthwhile parts, although F/HA is good for fun and CCC seems promising. CP had potential, but the biased as fuck director ruined it by deliberately sabotaging the screentime and portrayal of characters he didn't like.

The world building is excellent, probably one of most complex magic systems out there. Too bad the characters and forced drama are okay at best.

best world systematic

So what is 'the Root' and why are mages so obsessed with obtaining it?

you want to be a literal god?
then touch the Root

Reviewing the VN and LN would have been lengthy and might have lead people into thinking I was baiting, since they raise very polarized opinions on the fanbase. Long story short, I liked them both if you wanted to know.
I think Ufo had a really hard challenge to live up to when adapting those works, especially with UBW. Considering the scale of the worldbuilding, how deeply intertwined the routes are and the sheer amount of words the VN has, there were a million places where they could fuck up. So, I'd say they surpassed my expectations.
Things like animating the Causality Reversion, the Multi-Dimensional Refraction Phenomenon, Saber's Instinct, Archer's Eye Of The Mind, etc. in an interesting way, without having to add a massive infodump to explain what happened, seemed to me like impossible tasks, yet they pulled that off quite elegantly, to give you an example.
I also appreciated the original content like Archer's backstory and LONDON, and bottomline, I had a good time while I watched.
As for Zero, as I said before, reading the LN made me realize there were some things that could have turned out to be much better, especially the conclusions of most character arcs. So I think it often gets a little more praise than it actually deserves, but it's still by no means a bad adaptation.

heaven / the afterlife / akasha / the spirtual realm / enlightenment / nirvana / whatever you want to call it

A great sandbox of ideas

Every girl is best girl and deserve a route

My favourite magic system in fiction that kinda have some sense

I'm still very fond of the original VN despite its flaws, though it's not my favourite TM work. I'm not keen on the direction the series has taken lately with all these bullshit spinoffs - I get that they're all separate works (probably, who knows anymore) but I still feel like hammering home the fanservice and Saber clones cheapens the original a little.

It's no masterpiece, but it gave me mai waifu so I will never be able to dislike it.

who's your waifu?
i'll determine if your waifu is good or not

No. She'll get bullied.

then it's up to you to defend her
are you not proud having her as your waifu?

The root is directly linked to Sorcery/Mahou. Sorcerer are those that manages to reach the root and made it back (most doesn't). Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, another unique one-of ability is obtained by reaching the root through death, but pulled back to life by medical science/etc.... leaving a lingering trace - the ability to partially access the record and see the death of things

Only an asshole would expose his waifu to unnecessary and undeserved harassment just to selfishly parade his pride.

Let it dead already, how many more titles are they going to make under one IP?

indeed, but in this case you're not exposing her for a certain harassment. She might even get compliments.

It's wormslut

Not worth it.
Look at this shit , I haven't given a single clue to her identity and people are already making assumptions and blindly throwing insults.

Good idea but terrible execution. The whole idea of having heroes fight eachother is cool. The idea of a hero trying to amend for his failures is a good idea. The idea of the magus summoning someone that shows the flaw of both hero and magus is a good idea.

Shame it is only a few moments when the concept really shines. The rest is dragged down by powerlevels and chuunishit.

At least fapping to Rin is nice

Tohsaka is very feminine. I might try fapping to her.

With Tohsaka, you can add another girl into the mix as well. She likes that.

>then touch the Root
doesnt that obliterate you?

Exactly. You become a literal God because you cease to exist.

Then I could add myself into the mix.

>really nice eromanga with Rin and Shirou in character and no rape.
>They have loads of lovey dovey sex
>saber notices
>instead of shariing shirou and giving her loads of yuri love Rin is dominant and doesnt give her shirous dick
disappointment all around

On an unrelated note. Why are corrupted berserker and caster and such called dark [class] while corrupted saber is called alter saber

>They have loads of lovey dovey sex
>saber notices
>instead of shariing shirou and giving her loads of yuri love Rin is dominant and doesnt give her shirous dick
This is literally the plot of T-Moon Complex 3. Hottest shit I've ever read.

Read the VN/10

No its not hot. Its sad for saber. Saber deserves the shirou too. I hoped it ended with rin and saber taking turns while kissing eachother. Not rin denying saber

You mean Rin eating Saber out while Shirou jackhammers her from behind, and then them swapping around so Saber gets to please the Rin while she gets a turn of the Jackhammer.

Like Star Wars, better when it hands of pretty much anyone other than the original creator.

>thousands off of it
Of yen? lol

its honestly really amazing thematically with some really interesting characters even if the writing is a bit shoddy.

Fate Grand/Order was the best concept poorly executed.

When people wanted a dream servant game, they didn't want FGO.
I hope one day when FGO shuts down, someone will have ripped all the sprites for each servant and create a better game out of the material left behind.

The denial is what makes it so hot.
It's Rin's harem, not a triangular relationship, and seeing Rin being the alpha female is extremely arousing.
Also, Saber is a sucker for being dominated. Rin borderline raped her in Fate and yet she enjoyed every second of it.

The non Nasu Fate works are Prisma, Strange Fake, Zero, Prototype Fragments and Apocrypha. Prisma (3rei in particular) is essentially VN regurgitation with less character development. Strange Fake is good. Apocrypha and Prototype Fragments is hot garbage, and Zero is about as good as Stay Night in overall. So about 50/50

It's fucking great and I love it. Shirou's also great by the end of the Fate route. Also
>expecting any response other than "it's shit" on Cred Forums regardless of the OP

Yeah but I can see rin order shirou to fuck saber so she can get swept up by the pleasure. Kind of like "you may fuck shirou but remember I always get him first, his dick is mine."

No more like Shirou jackhammering Rin while she pushes saber in her crotch. Then when they cum she lets saber lick her insides clean. Then she pushes the tired saber down and tells shirou saber should get a reward.

She was originally called Dark Saber too, then Takeuchi had to make her a special snowflake in the databooks. Just ignore retarded shit like "Altria" and "Saber Alter".

Berserker was the same just with his skins ripped off and blinded by Excalibur, Saber was altered by the black mud to the point both her armor and weapon and even eye color changed

But mostly its Takeuchi's saber fetish yeah

ow yeah there should also be an extra chapter where saber walks in Rins room while shirou is on an arrant and she sees Rin masturbating with her anus. Then the next time when they have sex and rin is dominant again sabre mentions this and tells shirou to stick it in her anus causing rin to lose control over the situation. she then takes revenge on saber and tells her if she doesnt take it up the butt too she will never get shirous cooking anymore.

when rin later mentions it was anal sex shirou says he doesnt understand.

it inspires "people are wrong on the internet!" syndrome

like people were complained that the anime was different from the VN when a scene was being reproduced word for word

this happened more than once, some people apparently feel the need to follow this series just to argue about it

>I'm kinda jealous Nasu wrote it all out when he was 17 and made thousands off of it.
I don't think he was 17 at the time. That was probably when he wrote KnK and the rest of his early shit.

Would Rin get Saber to tongue her defencelss anus?

Everything stems from the Root. If you figure out how the Root works, you figure out how everything works.


"Young wizards summoning superpowered historical/mythical figures to fight in modern Japan" is a fun premise. But it gets buried under all the bad stuff.

I can see Rin teasing and denying Saber until she casts aside all her pride and begs her for Shirou's cock.

she would force saber to lick her defenseless anus

>saber begs for dick
>rin forces her legs wide and tells shirou to shove it in
>2 page spread pun not intended but noted of saber being held by rin and her legs held wide as she looks both embarrassed and horny

Then Saber picks up the pace and they start furiously fucking like true lovers while Rin is enthralled by the view and can't do anything but desperately masturbate.
Maybe throw in some humilliation like Shirou saying Saber is much better than Rin and sending her to masturbate in the corner, which she finds out to be extremely arousing.

Yes, leave it up to a disgusting saberfag to ruin a good idea.

The only thing saber can produce are muffled moans as rin pushes her cumfilled pussy in her face

Here's my opinion
One day I'll marry Saber and I don't give a flying fuck about the rest of the series

I like the universe, but the amount of chuuni shounen-esque developments is annoying, everyone is always a special snowflake and an exception to the pre-established rules.

They need to oust Takeuchi and hire someone else to do Ufotable's character designs. His noses are atrocious in motion. I fear for the Heaven's Feel movies.

>Kalafina abuse
Can't have too much of a good thing, friendo.


They are actually curls.

They really didn't need to make Saber clones out of other historical figures.

Some things I like, a lot of things I don't like, and it's all wrapped in one of the fan bases to have a major and persistent presence on this board.

That's one of the few things I can't get over. Making a loli fanservice spinoff is one thing. Literally recycling the exact same character design for vastly different characters is just so goddamn shameless.

KnK and Zero looks fine. Its the post Zero character design that has issues

Get back to working on the Tsukihime remake, Takeuchi.

The best one I can think of is Nakahara.

He's good, he's got alright technical skills and I like some of his designs. I think he's got some shortcomings, but I suppose the same is more or less true for everyone. Of TM's regular illustrators I prefer Koyama and Morii.

I like it.

I really wish they'd tone down the genderflips. Yeah I get it, Arturia set the standard by being a female King Arthur in the original VN, but her case was actually thoroughly analysed, deconstructed even, and made for an interesting interpretation of the King Arthur mythos and Arturia herself a complex, compelling character imo. Now they just keep on spitting out horribly designed waifu baits and justifying it with "Lol the historians got it wrong" and thats it.

That being said, overall I love the Fate franchise. It has a great set-up, worldbuilding and many interesting characters with awesome designs... but it tends to be terribly executed with waaayyy too much otaku/waifu pandering. This is gonna sound secondary af, but so far I find Fate/Zero to be the only Fate-material that come even close to living up to the potential that the franchise have. It's still far from perfect but still.

The good shit I like about Nakahara is he can draw top-tier bishounens and semen demons alike.

He upgraded Arthur's look and the whole prototype cast.

I like his weapons and Scatach but that's it.

I like her character designs and art in Strange Fake, she's almost as good as Nakahara.

The good shit I like about Nakahara is he can draw top-tier bishounens and semen demons alike.
He upgraded Arthur's look and the whole prototype cast.

I like his weapons and Scatach but that's it.

I like her character designs and art in Strange Fake, she's almost as good as Nakahara imo.

All the non-Arturia genderbends are meme characters.

Imo the only interesting fate genderbend character is Mordred.

I don't really like Seibah, her clones, and other genderbend characters.

Fuck em.

>implying shituria is not
it would be okay if they stopped with her after the fate route, but she is everywhere at this point, there are tons of fucking character with her face just to bait arturia fags, she has alternate forms, she is shoved everywhere even if she's not necessary and she is constantly wanked. She's everything that's wrong with current TM

>He upgraded Arthur's look
Nah, it was Chihiro Aikura who redesigned Arthur for the Prototype OVA. It's the same design that appears in Prototype: Fragments, which Nakahara is attached to as the series' illustrator, but Nakahara is not the artist credited with Arthur's current design.

>i like this saberclone, but saberclones are shit

Which saberface do you like the most? I'm partial Saber Alter.

Zero was great, UBW just ok

>search for fate yuri
>get futa instead

I like Archer Artoria, Artoria Pendragon (Hana no Miyako), Devil Saber, Galactica Saber, Gray, Goddess of Rhongomyniad, Hungry Saber, Jeanne d'Arc, Jeanne d'Arc Alter, King Saber, Lancer Artoria, Lancer Artoria Alter, Master Artoria, Mordred, Mysterious Heroine X, Nero, Nero Bride, Okita Souji, Rider Santa Alter, Saber Alter, Saber Lily, Saber Lion, Surfer Mordred, and Ultra Heroine Z, all equally.

Mysterious Heroine. Her design is cool.

Nakahara's Arthur looks mature and more handsome than the manlet one in Proto OVA.

The Arthur in Proto OVA looks like Shirou with a different hairstyle, blonde hair and green eyes.

because saber once got a futa dick and fucked to create mortred

Like I said Mordred is an exception. I'm not being biased here since I hate Apocrypha and she's not even my fate waifu.

Arturia (the original, none of her AU selves or differently clothed ones), Nero and Jeanne. MAYBE Okita too. The rest I find to be just meh.

I feel like there's a lot of stuff wrong with the series but also lots of good stuff. Rin saying bye to Archer while New Dawn plays really had an impact on me. The girls are also great.

Pretty good. Can't wait for Heaven's Feel and all its shenanigans to be adapted.

you're confusing Arturia with Gilgamesh

He has been in more Fate/ titles than her

It's garbage.

What's worse is the pretentious fanbase; way too serious about a porn picture book.

>way too serious about a porn picture book.
what if they play the all ages version

It was my gateway into the trope 'magic in modern times', and I absolutely adored it for that back when the VN was still not fully translated and Deen's adaptation was all there was (2006~2009ish?). Rin is still one of my favorite female characters ever. These days I'm getting kind of sick of all these spin-offs and saber clones. Zero and Hollow Ataraxia are nice expansions of the original story thread, but everything after that just seems more and more divergent from the original material.

As a side note, I also really enjoyed the fan game Battle Moon Wars.

I like it.

Read KnK Secondary.