Meanwhile, in lovely Cred Forumscademy city

>Meanwhile, in lovely Cred Forumscademy city...



>outside the frame

Hey, I hear electricity each night when I'm going to sleep

Tokiwadai girls' dormitory, by the way. I wonder if I'm the only one noticing this.

Why is Mugino so based? She needs her own spinoff

U-um... pay no attention to that! It's just... a faulty plug! Y-yeah, nothing to do with powers...

Do the rest of you remember seeing that tower around before? Because I can't seem to remember it.


Instead of doing my homework I'll just convince myself it's already done and believe it very hard.

mikoto is cute

Could Accelerator stop it?

Nice retcon

How can i join the Misaki army?

I hate to be the guy to ask but is anybody reading Morning Star? What's happening with Saten?

How does this work do I just come up with some random scenario that involves this imaginary anime acedemy?


>mfw he can't even beat Saints


Somewhere in that city, I heard that there is a windowless building that can fly into space...

Saw the guy on the right constantly going to his dorm with bandages or being tired. Behind closed doors, it seems he snuck in a girl in there and it's so noisy.

He must be really into kinky shit. I want to report him for getting his girlfriend into a boy's only dorm but I don't want to be a snitch, and it seems like his closer neighbors don't mind.

Yeah, right, what's next? Talking dogs? What's the utility for that? Talking dogs and Windowless Buildings being able to fly.

That's nothing user, I saw him last week talking to a half-naked doll. That guy needs help.

>tfw getting the last pack of sale eggs before that spiky hair kid

>This was the last we saw of Himegami before the city turned into a pseudo-zombie apocalypse movie

>yfw Mie will become more prominent than Aisa

Oh my god its so fucking hot right now, oh shit a giant crocodile is falling from the sky

>it was brought about by a mad scientist in love with a dog
>Board of Directors and Board Chairman literally does nothing as the city goes to shit.
Academy City has gone to the kennels, and I thought September 30 or World War III was terrible.

BLAU makes the best Indian Poker about her

>Mie becomes the main girl and wins the Touma bowl
>still no illustration

That's her only worth as an unreachable Level 5.

>illustration of Touma walking with her bride in his arms
>face and hair totally obscured
>Index, Misaka, Misaki, etc. are all crying in the background
>Aisa just blends with the background's coloring, even the fucking girl with short hair and headband is colored in

I saw the #3 with a cat talking in third person like she was narrating herself
I think she may be autistic

Its ok, that girl in an IS suit and racing swimsuit will destroy it

Accel please stop.
Also your wife and a daughter a shit

I'm going to ask out this cute lonely ojou-sama, wish me luck friends.

Sorry bro, she's mine already.

Maybe in your dream ranker cards she is. I will claim the real deal.

I..I am uh...

I'm looking for a telepath-type esper to partner with and level up together!

>Level up
>He is still bluepilled by AC lies

Probably. He might need some of the earths rotational energy to do it

I'm finally in Academy City! I can't wait to get my esper power!

Anyone remember the Level Upper thing that happened a couple of months ago?

Say..say the 7 level fives, and ONLY the level fives participated in that Network. What could happen? What will happen?

this has been bothering me all day

Don't fret if you end up being level 0, you can still get some bullshit meme ability like or shiageluck.

So I was being rough to a girl who owed me a couple of things when this spiky haired boy punched me in the face and knocked me out. Now he's all I think about. Why?

Konichiwa, I am a transfer student from Eastern West Academy in the North, yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

You don't have to use such official language. Show us your power!

Brain damage.

You've been baptized. Just you wait when that girl you were rough with falls for you.

>Well, I guess I should grab some food.

This would probably actually be one of the thoughts floating around in Touma's mind if he saw this same scene now.

This city is so unsafe and things can be pretty fucked up. I think we should move out from the town.

Kashira kashira!

Local tomboy was seen wearing a short slutty skirt.

I heard that the higher ups have some microspic network spying on us.
Thats really fucked up

Where do I go to buy a maid?

microspics? What the fuck are mexicans doing in Japan of all places? They're the worst people to pick as spies since they won't fit in.

Go to the Ryouran Maid School, I'm sure they can help.

That reminds me, I saw Unabara Mitsuki eating mexican food while he was spying on Misaka Mikoto

Hey guys, did you know they sell figurines of that terrorist chick? I saw a dude with one in the supermarket.

I might've seen that guy, and his figurine, too. He was fucking talking to it, and he was making it move and talk somehow.
That guy is seriously an amazing ventriloquist; she looked fucking real.

Found this in an alley
Wat do?

Take her home and have her eat all the eggs.

T-tell me where's that alley, please!

These are MICROspics- Mexicans too small to see with the naked eye. If I were you I'd test my blood for teeny little hispanics.


Sorry to break your roleplaying but shouldn't we be getting magazine pics of NT17 soon? Like maybe even tonight soon?

She looks like a foreigne...uwaah, I'm so jealous of you user~.

she's fuking hot.

Who's the chillest Anti-skill officer you've met?
A lot of them act like they have a stick up their ass but there's some cool ones.
I saw her skateboarding the other day while blasting dirty music.

M-Misaka suggest that you become a Misaka..

Probably tomorrow

Yeah I figured it up. It will be sometime between "before this time tomorrow" and "this time Friday morning"

If you have imoutos in need of level boosts you know where to send them.

Have you heard what they say about #1?
Someone told me he kidnapped a little girl by taking her to Russia but then decided to come back and somehow threatened Academy City to let him live with her.
I never thought the #1 had that kind of taste.

I've heard all kinds of nasty rumors about the #1. Some of them don't even sound possible. I wonder how much of it is true, the truth twisted, or outright lies? I bet the guy just wants to be left alone

I saw him with a little girl once actually. She seemed as if she was bothering him, but he did everything she said somehow. I was surprised he didn't killed her.

I looked up into the sky one day after a sudden EMP fried all electronics in the city and saw this shit.

Everything was fine a few minutes later and literally no one in the entire city seemed to care. Am I crazy or is there something seriously wrong with this place?

There would be something wrong if people were upset. Stuff like that happens all the time and we'd never accomplish anything if we had to stop and go bananas for each one.

"Its 2 fucking AM and I can't get a decent night of sleep, last time a building got into a fire and now there's a giant fucking plasma ball in the sky"

Now I am not really close to the #3 (Railgun or whatever she calls herself to look cool) so its not like I couldn't be mistaken but is it just me or am I seeing girls that kinda look like her everywhere? Eh, it's not like her looks are super unique. N-no I'm not calling her ugly! M-maybe I just have a crush or something...

Oh great, another fanboy of the Railgun. Why does everyone care about that little girl so much? There's a much better looking electromaster at the University but since she's not Level 5 no one cares.

Because Academy City keeps plastering her face in advertisements and events that if you send your kid to AC he or she could be a superpowerful teenager like Misaka Mikoto. Basically, she's the mascot. The Pikachu of Academy City

№ 3 has been hanging out with some Level 0 fuckwad, anybody know something about that guy?

He beat the Number 1, and is under the protection from the Big Cheese in the Windowless Building himself, also living with his waifus in an all-male dorm.

Some say he used to hang out with the Number 5.

Yeah, it was always there.

But now it's gone after it miraculously flew off into space? Maybe? Anyway, it's gone now. Ain't that a bummer?

Have you guys been keeping up with BLAU's latest cards? The one he did with the #4 was absolutely fantastic.

Levels 5 all were called at some point to kill him for some reason, but only number 1 and number 3 answered. Sounds fishy if you ask, number 1 even followed orders for once and he didn't actually kill him.
I think that level 0 might be some kind of big shot in society, he also has been seen with a nun and some kind of robot fairy on his daily life.

#5 will always be my go-to girl, especially those rare cards when she was younger.

Sometimes i deliberately injure myself so i can go to the hospital and see the cute nurses.

Why are most Porn Indian Pokers about the #3 and some spiky haired guy?

Leave Misaka Mikoto alone you jealous idiots. She doesn't want all that fame! Let me tell you a story about her. I was just about to transfer schools and had to pay for a new apartment.i was gonna get paid tomorrow so I thought I'd grab a bite to eat at a restaurant and get groceries tomorrow. I didn't realize my bank account was so low. I'm not a useless layabout that tries to dine and dash. Long story short I very nearly got embarrassed and thrown out. Turns out Misaka Mikoto herself was there and paid for my food! She talked with me for only a moment and didn't stick around. She wouldn't trade emails with me or let me pay her back the next day. I'll never forget how alone the girl seemed. I'm sure she's tired of all her fame. So leave her alone!

I found a vampire. It was the #1 all along!

>love for the #5
>Get 4 5s
Well fuck.

Vampires are mythical creatures that don't exist, like fairies or muslims.

>There people that actually believe in Magic

Whoa, someone teepee'd her

Too old, leave her alone.

Maybe magic is what people think esper abilities are. Think about it. Shooting fireballs or lightening would look impressive to someone who couldn't do it or hasn't seen it before. How much do we even know about our powers anyways

>He beat the Number 1

Yeah, and my mum can fly.

even if he stopped the colony it would still fall on him

>her mum doesn't have the Flight esper ability

Did someone else see that fuckhuge gray orc walking around? I wonder how did that thing work.

Girlfriend has telepathy and now all she does is stare at me. It creeps me out the way she talks to herself. Please help. Anyone? Help! I've tried to explain this to anti-skll and they just go "awww" while she OH HI SWEETIE EVERYTHING IS FINE

Think in lewd thing

This. Mentally undress her; look at her cheekbones, her hips, her nape, her cute midriff when while clothing herself.. Her reaction might be interesting.

She probably wants to fuck

Hey Guys, recently started the Program. However I feel like I have a pretty serious problem, Whenever I pray for some reason it feels like my organs are burning, It started just after my first session. Does anybody know why this is? Inb4 God hates me

>Believing in god

Should have had your parents ship you off to AC when you were much younger and your mind was much more flexible.


I hope Misaka is ok, last time I saw her she had a bunch of weapons attached to her

>Implying Praying = Magic
>Implying magic is real
You just eat a too spicy curry.

Can we get some NT17 info hype?

>inb4 a bunch of "baaaw baaaw it'll be fucking nothing, no one cares" replies

It'll be fucking nothing, no one cares.

Nice copypasta tier reply

baaaw baaaw

The copypasta replies continue

>Yuiitsu sends bitches to get Touma but he breaks their illusions and they join him
>Some Aleister and Mikoto fuckery in the between the lines
>Touma meets with Aleister

Nice copypasta tier reply

I cry every time.

You forget:
>all this happens at the end of the volume

Aleister gives Mikoto dating advice but steps in a puddle

This would be pretty awesome. If Aleister truly is the final boss I'd say Touma should meet with and maybe even fight him before the final fight.

I know the "steps in a puddle/fights Mikoto near a body of water or building with iron" is a joke but consider this:

Would someone as powerful as Aleister give a shit if Mikoto had an advantage? Mikoto is a fly to him. He could be soaking wet, near a pool that has iron beams everywhere and still not give a singular fuck about what Mikoto could do to him

Mie and Bunny fuse

We don't even know if Aleister can be fought. Does he have a body? Is he all the way out of his tube? The only way to stop him may be IB/kill him

HC is the key to defeating him.

>yfw the Aleister in the tube is really just a floating brain that still has powers and can project multiple bodies

HC definitely has the info on exactly what's up with Aleister's body and how to cease its function

If Cred Forums was Cred Forumscademy city who would the Level 5 Shitposters be?

>Aleister is floating upside down inside his tube
>Plot twist
>It's not that Aleister is upside down, but the whole universe is downside up.

Yuuitsu will be killed by someone she fucks with and WR (and thus Kamisato's return) is lost forever.

>this will literally happen
God damn it, Kamachi.

I think I saw the #1 dress up like this the other day. Is it wrong to be attracted to her- I mean him?

>inb4 Touma saves another female villian except this time he outright fucks over someone

>Toumafags will still defend him as being right and shit on the person he fucked over if they get angry and turn on him

Why are you doing this to her you monster


Or mages


Kamikoto a shit


>bumping this hard
OP please

>Touma isn't growing facial hair

Come on, he's a high school student.

Kamikoto a best

>Misaka older sister making #1 dress like a girl.
I am calling Social Services, their daughter shouldn't grow in a home like that

I bumped into her once and she was a fucking bitch. Then a few days later I bumped into her again and she was nice and polite, though she spoke like a little kid. And she was wearing some goofy goggles on her head, maybe that's what turns her from a turbobitch into a nice gal.

Index wants him to shave often so she can bite him on his chin.

Ever meet an Asian before, user? They really aren't made for growing facial hair.