How many neps would a Nep Nep nep if a Nep Nep could nep neps?

How many neps would a Nep Nep nep if a Nep Nep could nep neps?

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Nep Nep?

Nep Nep neps nep Nep Nep

Neps nep Neps' Nepped Nep

how is this not considered shitposting?

why are the neps so gay?

All work and Nep play makes Nep a Nep Nep

What makes you think it isn't?


no this is nepposting


Then what else do we fucking do on this board, talk about anime?

Nepposting loudly.


Can't tell if this is satisfaction or regret

>Cred Forums is an anti Cred Forums board
They said
>there's no way we are letting Cred Forumsermin immerge into our culture
They said

It's too late

Can Nep order a QuattroVentiExtraCoffeeVanillaCaramelHazelnutsAlmondExtraHoiVerChipWithChocolateSauceWithCaramelSauceAppleCrambeFrappe and a sandwich? I don't think so.

Nep is unironically an anime and several manga though.

Why when Nep will go for Cawfee while Vert will try for Gween tea?



Nepu tuu nyu.

Go back to Cred Forums. this game is fucking bad.

>this game
>singular when it's a whole series
>with anime and manga


How is this franchise so popular? There's like what 7 games on steam now? That's not even all of it?

The games aren't even that good.

I play one of the games it fucking really bad. all girls don't have a personality shitfu

Op go watch hi-scoool seha girl it better then this shit

They are Neps by now.

I want ram and rom to sit on my lap so I can give them headpats


I want to fuck Rom in the ass.



About one

I want more of this expression
There's smug threads all the time but this doesn't even have one

I want to sniff nep's feet!
I want a footjob from her!

Look how happy Uni is!


She looks mind broken.
That's what happens when you install cfw on your PSP

She's enjoying it, so there's no problem.



A Nep would nep as much as a Nep nep could if a Nep nep could nep nep.

Every single one of the games is just another recycled version of the previous one with one or 2 new maps too.




I enjoyed Nep.

Title of the fanfic?

A Nep Nep would nep no amount of Neps, cause a Nep Nep can't nep Neps.

They could put more offort into them and not just go for quantity. Reusing enemies and maps in one game is bad but reusing them between different games is plain wrong



Bought Saturn's nendoroid because I used to own a Saturn before (only heard of this series just now so I'm delighted to see my old consoles Saturn and Dreamcast turn into qt girls)

Who here played the Nep zombie game? Planning on buying it this week at Steam

Nep is the coolest!

Is this from a new chapter?

>Who here played the Nep zombie game?
Bought as soon as I saw on the page today. Gonna play the shit out of it when I go home.

Was short but fun. Bought the LE a while ago.