This is your doctor tonight

This is your doctor tonight.


Has the artist done anything new since he finished Franken Fran?

Fran's pussy is the only one that gets tighter with every penetration, because you can lace her stitches like they were shoelaces

One of the only mangas with an ending I truly enjoyed.

What this manga call.


I mean. If what you ask for is simple, you won't really get monkey's pawed. Just a simple medical check-up? She does that for rich people all the time.

Alright doc, I don't care what crazy shit you pull, but turn me into a little girl.

Best Sensei.

Post more of my waifu.

It seems like the only way to get monkey's pawed from a complicated procedure is to either be vague in what you want or to not listen to her post-procedure instructions. It's such a shame that so many of her patients are so terrible.

That one doctor she fixed up to save that kid's life didn't really suffer any repercussions, but he did look scarred as shit.

Please tell me, where can I hide from this abomination.

I-is that a shake-weight?...


>you will never vivisect a pumpkin with her



yes, but as far as i know, it hasn't been translated

Looked very promising, but author lost her creativity after first two issues. No wonder it ended so stupidly.

I want Fran to operate on me.

> Sausage party