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I'm trying to buy MUV-LUV artbooks from Madarake and I'm getting cockblocked by their stupid Verified by Visa crap.

Any of you guys with a Bank of America credit card ever run into this issue while shopping there? I was able to order Tharja from them a year ago with my credit card just fine.


Has anyone else ever shoplifted a figure?

Pre-ordered her for a "decent" price.

I tried once and got arrested.

what is this 'decent price' and where from?

227€ from otaku-planete



with shipping?

let me see the soles of her feet and I will decide if she is cute or not

> hasnt even got 1st eds stocks yet
Nobody who ordered from de is getting numbered edition

No detail at all.


Though I'm probably the only one that ordered her

pls not in this thread too, this is like the fourth thread you guys are going to discuss numbers on a book

I spend too much time here, sorry

Without. It's still best deal I found.

I was considering it but my October order is big enough, if it bins I'll get her.


No clue what she's from but damn.

My dick wants to but this.

What are the chances that Book Depository got ANY numbered editions?

she is from Sword & Wizards ~The Emperor of Sword & Seven Lady Knight~, as is pictured which has binned super hard (currently 50% off at Amiami) so I hope the one you have pictured there also does the same.

It's a light novel that doesn't have a manga or anime.

Was it not in their description for the book? I believe I saw that it was in the description for it so if that is the case, then why wouldn't they be selling it? Where I am from it's not legal to advertise something and then sell a different product so you could safely assume that they would be numbered...

They dont care user. On a positive note you can probably haggle for a cheaper price if that happens

Yep, only right stuff got the book. All 2000 copys.

The numbers will probably be handwritten in black ink with no authentication anyway. The reprint is identical in every other way.

I order a lot of shit from Book Depository and they have never fucked up so I can only laugh if the anons who do order from there don't get a numbered version.

I have never hated as much as today.

It's not like it's their fault if it happens.

Rightstuf rused the entire world.

Jesus,last threads were all yelling buy rightstuff.
They fucked up right?

>Yep, only right stuff got the book. All 2000 copys.

The blame is gitting passed around.

Wonder why they went with the tights later on

Man, it looks good but those legs are lacking something.

what happened`?

Are you ready?

>Yep, only right stuff got the book. All 2000 copys.

That's not what happened. They initially believed that they would be receiving 2000 copies, but it turns out that most of the 2000 were reserved by other retailers.

nah,amazon fucked me over

Its mostly speculation but from the sounds of it Yen Press wasn't clear on the limited nature of this book to retailers and allowed it to be over ordered. Yen Press in a news post said they didn't expect the book to sale so well.

>Grail appears on stock online
>Doubt for 12 hours
>Sold out
>Somehow I feel relieved that I didn't have to spend 150% of my paycheck

My order from B&N just updated to processing and the store page updated to out of stock. I can only assume BN got the books. Now I'm ready for my cancelation email. Can't wait.

Ultra rare grail or shitty job?

It's not rare, and I do have a shitty job, but buyfagging here is suicide, with a 10k fig going for $275.

>get drunk and order something on impulse
>wake up and see orders are closed now
Who needs money anyway.

>tfw living where my entry-level retail job earns the equivalent of $35k USD/year
>even after (generous) living expenses I could still order a scale every 3 days if I really wanted to

PVC for days and no responsibilities. Nothing beats the freeter life.

Have you considered moving to somewhere that isn't a shithole, user?

Yeah, I get mine tomorrow.

Where do you live, user?

>entry level retail job
>35k /year

dude what the fuck i'm working full time for almost 2 years and only earning 24kusd equivelent

>Have you considered moving to somewhere that isn't a shithole, user?
It's not a shithole as long as you don't have hobbies that require importing stuff. I'm leaving my country just because it's harder to buy PVC butts

Not him but started working 6 months ago and I started at 45k USD. Where and what are you doing?

Whats so weird about his wage? Its well below median wage earned by plumbers here

I know American always talk about what they make in Money a Year including tax money. How much do you actually earn, money in hand


working in "production" which includes invoicing, stock allocation & some manufacturing labour shit

was at 20k usd equivelent a couple weeks ago but just got a rise

thinking about finding a better job or going to uni desu

I'm still mad she's not at least one of the twins.

>it's a blog thread

Australia also. It's not as good as it sounds because it's usually balanced out by the insane cost of living here.

But it's great when most of your purchases are imports.

That WAS money in hand. I think my "annual salary" is above 50k, thanks to all the overtime I've been pulling.

----------NO BLOGGING BELOW THIS LINE----------

That's really nice work for a literally who series. If it bins I might get this new one; that ass just doesn't quit.

Looks like about 37-38k from a 45k salary.

>earned by plumbers
>comparing an entry level retail job to any trade

how do you shoplift a figure from amiami?

Getting a 4 yr or even a 2 yrs degree will get you a better job.

What's with the new Sakura Wars merch recently? Did I miss some sort of announcement?

20th anniversary

Ye i know that. I just really have no clue what to study. That's the big reason i didn't go straight in after svhool. Also i'll need to do the tertiary preparation thingo to get in now

Latest acquisition. Still not sure what I'm gonna do with that mousepad.

I got it on NY for the equivalent of 220 euro including shipping.

I only wish it were smaller scale so it weren't so pricey.


That's pretty gay even for you Harrison..


It isnt gay if its cute

I'm calling the police if this isn't numbered, it was supposed to be arriving today and now I get this shit?

Pic related.

From where did you order?

>Mine is arriving 18-21 of oct with normal shipping
Am I good?

>that estimated arrival date
user you're screwed.

What's so gay about bros lending each other a little helping hand?

Amazon UK, this was the status yesterday. I ordered a second one from another amazon which is dated 14 Oct - 15 Oct so hopefully it's numbered.

Ordered from Amazon on August 30, just got this.

This is such a huge fuck up it's unbelievable.

It doesn't even have a new estimated delivery date now

>New estimated delivery date: Not yet available. We'll e-mail you as soon as we have a delivery date.

Jesus christ. I ordered from de and I hope they dont drop that bomb on me

Get fucked faggots, my numbered edition has already been mailed and will be here in a few days.
If you give me a good offer I may consider selling it to you

I'll give you a rare brat that you and the other Shitposter haven't been using.

Terrible proportions.

Why are bratposters always so rude?

You don't have any rare brats.

On a another note. When are UK and de anons receiving their books?

>Favorite sword merch always sells out immediately on ami ami
>Too lazy to go to y! auctions/don't want to go through the hassle of a proxy for keychains and small stuff

Fujos are fucking fast

>Anywhere other than the US receiving numbered copies

dumb akariposter

What is it.

Some posters had luck bruteforcing it a bunch. I gave up and emailed them to change payment to paypal

What's your favorite sword?


Maybe I'm just slow because by the time I even notice something up a few days later, it's gone. I'm still getting a hang of buying goods. They seem to go much faster and are more limited than figures. Then there's all of the event exclusive things.

Oh, you mean goods in general and not something specific?
Try suruga-ya, there's always tons of sword goods up there and it's way easier and cheaper buying from there than yahoo since you can just forward.

Will try. Thanks for spoonfeeding me.

>Also ordered from Amazon 8/30.
>Cancelled and ordered on rightstuf on same day because cheaper.
>Got ship confirm.

Dodged a bullet there.

what amazon is that desu?

Amazon dot com, in the US

Why can't I trust Mandarake even when the condition is "Never Opened" and "Box minor damaged."

Has anyone received shipping confirmation from amazon? Luckily I also ordered from rightstuf

Anyone recieved her yet? How is she?

The Japs are really over the top about stuff. When they say box minor damage they literally mean a small scuff on a corner. Just buy whatever it is you want, I've yet to receive anything from Mandarake in a condition other than they stated.

I'll do just that then, thanks for the reassurance.

Only thing i ever shoplifted was pokemon cards when I was like 9 y.o.



I just think it's pretty weird when a figure released three years ago is said to be unopened. Even if it's true, the figure needs air and being inside a box for years isn't good for her.

Ordered on 8/29. With free shipping it should get here next week unless there's a fuckup

Remelia soon

It's not weird, particularly with how robust the secondary market is over there for this stuff. But plasticizer migration certainly starts becoming a risk.

Ive bought a figure a little over 2 yrs unopened and it seemed fine. They take good care of their stuff and i know manda stores check the condition

anyone ordered from .ca and received any notification of shipping or delay?

many are unopened, others have been taken one or two times out of their boxes and then resealed, most likely you won't even notice it.

2 years probably isn't enough to be an issue and stickiness is always a random thing. Not every fig will suffer from it, or suffer as quickly. But I'm not disparaging Japanese handling at all. They take good care of their stuff.

Does it come with the black legs?

where do you live?

I'm starting to get concerned. I got an email this morning saying it was delayed, and then it gave me that new date in my image.

Am I still okay? The re-release non-numbered ones release on Nov 8th, right? And this says the latest would be the 6th...So I should still be good, right?

hi ryan.

Yeah,youre a goner. Is it com?

Hello, user. How is your day?



What's so important about the numbered edition?

Kill yourself.

Oh, you were asking what country of website I got it from?

I got it off of American target's website. Forgot to put that in my original post. It stayed in stock on their store page for a good while after I placed my order, but now it shows they're out of stock when I go to the product page.

I ordered the numbered version to resale it later for 200 bucks.

Nicer than I expected.

Wow real intelligent response you rat fink looking bastard

The eyes look like shit.

Yeah and its backorder too
Youre fucked

Or maybe they dont have all books in storage yet


Id wait for 400

I mean, I'd assume target wouldn't be the fastest when it comes to anime books. Even if I don't get an numbered one, it's still a pretty good price for the normal version.

Anyone else buy theirs from target?

I actually ordered three copies, why are you mad?

That's a little bit too optimistic, I'll be more than happy if I can get 250bucks for each one.

I'm upset because Jackson didn't finish the job of getting rid of you dirty scalpers

Ordered the 2013 Mamiya Marie over the weekend for lots of dosh; I just had to have her.


Still debating whether this is worth the money

good choice I have two 2013 mamiyas.

Just wait. Decide at release when you can see the production fig.

How much did you pay for her? I got her for $160 when HLJ got some in stock.

liar, she was 15K at HLJ just when 110JPY= 1USD

sounds about right, i couldn't remember the exact price

current price is 22-23k at amiami

>No liking cute 2D animu boys
Are you guys gay?

Not sure if this is the wrong place to ask but fuck it:
I recently moved to a new apartment. It's a one room apartment with its own kitchen area. The only problem is that the hood fan is not so great. Can the smell of food somehow damage my figures? I try to have my windows and balcony door open to keep the air circulation going.

Finally got my Alter Maki in! If this is how all Alter figs are like, then I might actually fall down the rabbit hole when it comes to statueshit. I love how her hat is magnetic, I never would've thought that would be a thing.

Well technically its possible but I doubt it would happen in real life

did you put the led in the lamp yet?

Not yet, I've gotta head to an electronics store to grab the batteries.

>Can the smell of food somehow damage my figures?
Your figures will stink

>Please inspect the contents of your package upon its delivery in front of the mailman.
You guys do this?

Well cigarette smell can stick to figures, so I guess food could too. It would have to get pretty extreme though.

No. That said, if there's a giant gaping hole in the box it's worth saying something.

I get mine Saturday. Gotta find out who got the lowest number in the thread.

That's what I thought, just wanted to make sure. As I said I try to keep my windows open as much as possible so hopefully that's enough to keep them from smelling. I guess I could buy a cabinet with glass doors or sometjing to be safe.

it's not just the smell you have to worry about, but also the grease

Ordered August 30th on Amazon US.

Does this mean I won't get the numbered edition?

Getting quads would be nice but at this point I'm perfectly satisfied with my numbered order.

Correct, you won't. Looks like most amazon order won't be getting numbered.

Fug. What can grease do to figures and is there anything I can do to avoid it?

>Buy one Momohime figure
>EMS is $20 for an $80 figure
>Do EMS every time because I lost figure during shipping 3 times

Anyone else have any shipping horror stories? I hate how much EMS costs but the fucking shipping company with SAL and other stuff disappeared three times when delivering here.

Probably. Looks like Amazon accepted too many preorders for the numbered edition relative to their allocation.

The only quads possible would be 1111. That's a 1/2000 chance. Good luck user.

Put your figures behind glass. Don't cook greasy food.

worth or not worth?

Any anons getting an extra numbered edition and willing to sell?

Just don't keep your figure in or right next to the kitchen. As long as you aren't frying bacon 24/7 it should be fine then.

No pantsu no buy

This is a joke right?

I don't think the figure itself is worth it. The giant spoon is ugly and takes attention away from Chino herself.

Weird,I swear iv only seen US amazon users encoutner this

Aight thanks. Much appreciated.

Anybody hear back from amazon ca yet? I believe they were getting their shipment today.

Is ze spoon removable?

It seems like all of Amazon is having issues with receiving copies. I don't think I've seen a single person, .com included, who's received an actual tracking number already.

Just try to keep them as far away from the kitchen as possible, at least 3-4 meters

approximately on average, how much is ems shipping for a 1/7 scale in yen?

I see this figure posted constantly and made me look for the sauce.

I think in a faggot now. Thanks buyfags

No you should buy M82 from little armory instead and replace that stupid spoon with it.

guys im talking about the acrylic charcter plate, not the goddamn spoon.

But he's a 100% girl he can give birth and shit

Has ovaries. Is girl.

3-5k yen. Depends on the exact shape of the figure box and how compact the seller packs the shipping box.

Since amazon gets so many more orders than rightstuf I bet rightstuf was able to fulfill theirs better for customers that placed their orders.

>he doesnt know

man I just can't get into skinny girls with huge tits, big tits rule on thicc girls they just gotta fit into them

How are magazines shipped?

My western magazines are usually just delivered loosely, I'm just curious if stuff like Megami are packaged in any way.

It's 2700¥ for piece of A5 plastic mate, M82 cost about 900¥ and make it 300% more acceptable by American standards.

What I mean is that righstuf is shipping and their order period opened 1 day later than Amazon. I placed my Amazon order 12 hours after release and I got the delay notification.

It's not gay if he's cute.

It's most certainly gay because he's a boy. Doesn't matter how girly he looks. You can now live in peace.

Jesus christ, when will this shit end? I don't want to look after cute creatures gender any more.

That was my face when preordering her.

I wish the scanlator's release schedule wasn't so sporadic.

Shit i got into this wile browing a OPT. I havent feel like this after seeing the latest Takagi san chapter.

>tfw even boys are better girls

Its already over, translators are being lazy fuckers.
The ending is so-so.

I meant for the gender fuckup thing.

How much will the number add in value given second batch is limited after all?

Theres no 3rd printing

I gotten figures released WAY more than 3 years ago still unopened and they're genreally fine. One had sort of a smell to it and the other required a bit of force to actually get her onto her stand but they're both completely perfect after that.

I love her squished butt.

EMS is always pricey. My last two orders with EMS, with one figure each (granted, a large figure) were 5k and 5.9k jpy each.

Do I order this waifu?

Finally got my detolfs set up!

Don't have everything unpacked yet but here's some stuff

Fuckin exif data.


As much as those that obsess over it are willing to pay. It looks like most scalpers haven't even noticed that there was a numbering, they make no mention of it on listings.

Were you able to get the smell off? I have all my scales all in boxes still. No proper display until my friends find a local job so I can move out


Interestingly the oldest one I have doesn't really smell that bad at all despite spending like a decade in a box. Also one of my more recent ones (2013) stinks the worst. The smell is never too bad though and you can't really smell it unless you put your nose right next to the thing.

Yes. Make sure you hot glue the slut once you get her too.

>falling for the detolf meme
Heh, I bet you're the type of buyfag who actually reads the guide too huh?

She aint even my waifu and i ordered her.


I like 'em and they were really cheap.

They're also not just for anime figures those were just the only things I could get out today.

Maki is gorgeous and I love mine, but Alter has many figures that are even nicer. You can almost never go wrong with them as long as you like what you're seeing in the prototype.

Anyone with this Hasegawa table and chair set know how tall the table is? Making a diorama but I'd prefer not to have to wait to get the kit before continuing.

It does. This thing is drowning in accessories.

It's a great figure. I don't even care for her much and I'm tempted to.

Mizuki's ass is all fat I thought s/he was dojo wo/man

This thing is the most obvious hotglue target I've seen in ages, and it's not even cast off.

It's not a good hotglue target unless someone manages to vast it off. That arm fabric is asking for ham hands and I don't want to think about getting anything down her pants. Otherwise yes, totally asking for it.

cover them with protective layer of hot glue

You're welcome user. You're not the first to worry about it and you won't be the last.

There are two author signing events for the book coming up in NYC, good luck if you get that much.

check MFC