Nyaa is down

>nyaa is down
did daiz finally do it?

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>watching anime

>can't download the new saiki
I'm mad now.

>nyaa is down

No it's not. It's having some kind of connection issues but it's not fully down. With some patience and determination I was literally just now able to download a torrent.

Yeah, same here. After like 20min I managed to grab another first ep of some anime.

I would've cared if I didn't download all Horrible Subs anyway. I just went on their site and got what I needed. To be honest I'm not sure why I even bother with nyaa nowadays.

Yeah the first 20,000 times were just false alarms but THIS time it's totally happening for real nyaa is down forever anime is dead post your ron paul gifs.

use hs

HS only releases the weekly compilation, not the daily short episodes.

They aren't uploading the shorts.

Must be those jap pirate hunters

Finally I have an excuse to post this.

>tfw also cant get on horriblesubs.info

>pirate hunters
do tell

it goes down every couple months fuck off

>Not using News XDCC


Like clockwork.

Probably because you live in a shithole that blocks it anyway like Turkey you damn mudslime.



Does Turkey actually block Nyaa?

Try nyaa.ws

They block everything they deem "immoral".
Which is basically most of the internet.
In fact they block Cred Forums as well, have to wonder how mudslimes make it on here.

>internet stops being free
>nyaa goes down


even "stupid muslims" know how yo bypass a block and you no?

News to me. From what I've seen most of you can barely operate an edge grinder, let alone a computer.

kill pirate hunters !!!!!



Cannot go there from Russia. Tor yields similar results.

Do you guys know another anime torrent site with handy RSS to parse? Just in case.
I don't want to start downloading torrents by hand after four years of relying on the automation.


The fuck are you talking about?
It works just fine.
Get a better internet.



You triple shitskin.
As I said, get a better net.

Works on my machine.

What's your problem

Works for me.


because when someone writes about these hunters pirates this trail takes me and I'm sorry if I was not nice

is there an alternative to nyaa?

Yes, but it's pretty dead thanks to daiz telling people not to upload to it.

It's not the first time, might be just a DDOS

just have patience

It's cloudflare, I heard they got DDoS'd. Any site with cloudflare is affected.

Only the hong kong servers are having problems though, and even so its only degraded performance.

It's up for me.

Time to hire people to hunt down and stop these pirate hunters.

Diaz killed TT?

I agree with you

Nobody expects the pirate hunters hunters.

I hope no

Just use bakabt lmao

I haven't used TT in years anyway but that's besides the point.

TT is not a tracker and you can't "upload to it", it's just link aggregator.
It works fine but if group can't upload to nyaa there's nothing to list on TT.

Yeah, because they have an abundance of currently airing releases, especially the ones that are licensed.

>Some people use AB to download HS.

It would be trivial to upload to a directory on their website when nyaa fails and link to that on TT

But who was tracker? You can't expect DHT to magically be reliable for new uploads. And if you can just magnet the shit up.

>for ongoing, licensed anime

There's magnet links.
It's the fools own fault they're still using torrent files in 2016.

Horrible Subs has magnet links for most of their shit. If they can the "better" groups can do it too.

I couldn't even access cloudfront main site

cloudfront and hong kong is down for now, but it'll get back up soon i assume

its down

You would be hit only by a subset of the traffic, a self-hosted php tracker script would be adequate until nyaa comes back-up

no fucking shit

>nyaa dying
>Cred Forums dying

We have reached the end

Gonna be up tomorrow as usual
Night, fags

>Not using magnets

Srsly... -_-

>Not being on private trackers


Why do we need a panic-stricken thread every time a particular site goes down for even a couple of hours?

But what if they hire Pirate Hunter Hunter Hunters?

I've heard that you can get in AB from WCD
That true?

>not having a browsable copy of the database

This is getting recursive. Let's stop here before everyone is hunting everyone else in an apocalyptic situation.

user you can get on AB from Cred Forums.
I did and all I had was a screenshot of bakabt profile.

I'd download a private mirror for myself but it'd be fucking massive and I'm too lazy (also updating would be a nightmare)

What's WCD?

Don't mods browse /ptg/ all the time?


> it'd be fucking massive
user. Entirety of anidb is fucking massive and they still provide offline application. Nyaa dump is what, just a few columns of text without relations? That's some excel tier "database" you need there.

Except nyaa isn't down

Most probably. WCD is a lot stricter.

>stuck at before the downtime
Who cares
The real issue is the lack of redundancy in the distribution of stuff

I wish they would add a rss feed and I probably would.

Hand over the nanoha torrents senpai

I'd use my AB account but I don't wanna waste that ratio

animetosho still works


What is the image from?

Oh my


What ratio, nigger? It's stupid easy to bloat the thing to a point you won't need to worry for months, maybe even years. Freeleech is also regular and currently ongoing.

I'm currently wasting my ratio on downloading every Gundam and Macross and I'm not even making a dint in it.

Works on my machine




What is the series depicted?

This works 99% of the time

Just google "nyaa mirrors" and you should be fine, fags

>jap pirate hunters
>japs still slaughter whales

Does that mean the japs are going to hunt and slaughter themselves for pirating that whale fat?


It isn't even anime

Looks like a poor man's saucenao

it werks now yay

>Still uses emojis

Can confirm

>1988 animated french movie
Not even that user, but there goes all interesting. As if I'm going to be able to find a quality torrent for that.

It's actually really good for its intended purpose. Which is saucing anime. It has a pretty high rate of success and still seems to be pretty new. I've never found saucenao good for anime saucing. Better at manga or pixiv and clones shit.

Still misuses quote function


Why is it checking my browser now? Were they adding this? Why do that?

>quote function

You sound like a faggot user. Do you shower regularly?

ddos protection

standard cloudflare DDoS protection. The fact that it's on now means it was probably yet another DDoS

That is just a cloudfire feature



The site was getting ddosed so they put cloud fare protection on and now it's working again

No it doesnt you fucking retard


Fuck off snacks.


>inb4 someone posts about baskets again

Be glad. It's shit for mass distribution and if anons actually started to bother you'd whine in a heartbeat that your shit downloads at 3,5KB/s or that you're number 568 in the queue, getting your shit maybe tomorrow evening.

It's fantastic. Takes static screenshots and makes them animated (finds the exact part in the episode and plays it, giving a full description).

Try it on this picture.


This isn't a court room, there is no sneks here.

Can I get into AB with shit internet?
I always let my PC on though

So it doesnt work with fanart.

It's shit.

fuck off.


Did you make it?

It's for anime screenshots mostly. Are you retarded? Works great for what it does.
>Wanting to find a series from fanart
who does this except when it's porn, and then it's easy to find anyways.

Yes, just be honest and don't fuck up your favorite anime choice

It's meant to be something for finding anime from screenshots, gifs and webms. It works pretty solid and has a better chance of success than everything else. Are you retarded? Go use iqdb, you mentally hadicaped retard.

>Works great for what it does
Except it doesn't seem to handle cropped images well which makes it useless for most reaction images

My favorite anime is Big O

>being this apologetic with that chink website

Stop being so angry anons, it's terrible and you know it. You don't have to use buzzwords to get your point across.

How is it terrible?
It's great for what it does. I don't understand.

Good, now think of two more and you're set
my choices were pretty shit but they were honest: Saber Marionette J, Kenshin, and Bubblegum Crisis 2040.

The thing is also only a few months old and still works better as a reverse search engine for its intended goal. No engine handles crops properly.

>internet stops being free
>internet being free

Are you in a fucking Mc Dicks m8?

>I don't understand
>It werks 99% of the time

Maybe you should stop being so mentally incapable and look at a bigger picture user.

It's not meant for reaction images. It's meant for anime screenshots and webms.

why the fuck would you want to watch an anime based off some smug reaction image

>why the fuck would you want to watch an anime based off some smug reaction image
I see people asking for sources on reaction images all the time

He probably means free as in speech after the USians handed over the control over DNS.

>why the fuck would you want to watch an anime based off some smug reaction image

You clearly have not lurk enough. Go lurk for 2 more years.The whole point is that it's not as accurate as you think. How is a Mikoto picture similar to a fucking Berserk character?

That doesn't answer the question.
Just because retards are being retarded doesn't justify shit.

Nor does it invalidate screenshot/webm reverse searching, which is superior to reaction image searching.

You're an idiot. No search engine is reliable for finding things like crops. I don't see why you are being needlessly nickpicky with this. There probably won't be any solid ones for a while either due to the nature of what you are trying.

>tfw couldn't find out who the smug face from "why does she sit like that" threads is for years

It's accurate with webms and screenshots. Not crops and reaction images.
As is its intended purpose.

Then how does Google do it?

lurk moar

Not him but badly. Even for full images you often get results like 'girl', 'cartoon drawing', 'design' and adding some extra text description won't always help either.


People crop images/all the time, whether for their own sake or others. And how do you suppose it gets it's point across as a source for searching images when they couldnt figure out a cropped picture and an original? It's so inflexible and inconvenient for others.

See how I said "solid" there? Google isn't reliable at all. That's ignoring that its subjective searching as well. Google has a decent edge over the others due to the size of google and how much raw data they can deal with. But google still handles crops like ass. It can handle them, but its a big gamble.

Your complaints are also retarded and pointless if you read the first few lines of the faq. It isn't a similar search.


By looking at other websites for the same reaction images or similar images and piecing them together.
Which is not what that website does, nor what it was made for. They are completely different types of search engines.

Because you are an idiot who is incapable of reading nor do you have any basic knowledge on reverse image searching.

>reverse image searching

Maybe for a neet like you you might know. But it's not about you though. So fuck off.

Its still up.

Back up, you mean

Lurk for two years before posting, Ricardo.

Huh? Huh? What does that have to do with anything, fucktard? Last I checked I'm not and having basic knowledge of your most entry level of basic tools for the internet doesn't require you to be a neet. Even having advanced knowledge doesn't. However, a lack of this knowledge and ones lack of interest to learn and to mock those are only makes you a brainless idiot who is just basically a grandma on facebook. It's almost amazing you found your way onto Cred Forums.

>Cred Forums
Fuck off.

Been lurking and posting for more than 10 years, friend,

Just forgot to hide some things.

too retarded to crop?

>no gay sex with hats on
2/10, needs more effort

>Google Chrome

No, I just like trigger people like you.

>shit taste
Thanks for the laugh Ricardo

>10 years
fuck off you lying spic. stay on Cred Forums

Oh, Ricardo. Such a card.

Not him but why would anyone bother unless there was actually something sensitive there?
We're all anonymouses (well mostly) around here, it's not like you'd recognize his posts tomorrow.

>10 years
Great 10 year profile, Ricardo.


he said hes been posting on 4chinz for 10 years, his mal profile is from 2008.

What's wrong?

He made it 8 years ago. That's pretty fucking good, mate.

Quick raid his profile!

>dropped Ninja Slayer
Shit taste/10

>119 completed autist that mentions Cred Forums in his blog commented
Whoever that is in this thread you need to kill yourself. Lurk for 2 years before posting you cancerous newshit.

I thought the legion fucks and gamer-baiters all fucked off to 32/Cred Forums.

nice try Ricardo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz


An edgy tumblr too? Crack up

suck it bald faggot

>You must be friends with SSaitama to comment on their profile.
Smart move, Ricardo!

You know better than to post screenshots on Cred Forums uncropped

Always one step ahead, mate.

Just stream it for now

Wow fucking pussy

Its not the first time, friend.
I also have a folder full of pic bait to derail threads.


>just pretending
lurk for 2 years before posting

You guys better start learning moonrunes.
I'm telling you.

more (you)

Again? what's new?

Kill yourself cancer.

Spaghetti here, it's up.

Then export better you fucking island niggers.

God damn.

I am portuguese and im triggered we get mixed with those mexican monkeys

You guys still triggered about the Euro? lel

>>>/tumbr/ stay there. no porch of gul should be on Cred Forums

After you, friend.

Hi Max!

>gender: Non binary

what if... WHAT IF

Its a joke?

Really makes you think, uh?

>gender: Non binary

Hi user

Are you Max?

Fuck off Ricardo you're fucking faggot holly shit. You want to suck SUUU Ronaldo's dick

No user, you have to spend $400 to get your favourite series in blu-ray even if things that cost way much more to produce in the US cost $60 for an entire set.

Shut up Ricardick. No one cares.

Yes buy some tofu on your way home honey

Not everyone takes this shit as seriously as you.
Not every site has 'why are you asking me this stupid shit you really don't need to know' option like Batoto for example.


Is this the best you guys can come up with?
You call this online harassment?
Im disappointed with neo Cred Forums.

>tumblr link

>neo Cred Forums.
>tumblr link

Max, make me a sandwich.

You live in Portugal mate, there is not much we can do to top that.

We just don't care enough sorry


fine, I just wanted to make some friends.

Works just fine desu.

The joke is getting old, really.

It honestly surprises me sometimes how many non-anglophones there are on here

It's really not though.

Cred Forums turned into Cred Forums

kill yourself. Cred Forums never changed

y'all need jesus

The closest thing to a joke in my post is that it made me realise for the first time that this weeb board automatically transforms 'desu' to 'desu'.

boards.Cred Forums.org/vip


Wow thanks
Ive been looking for that shit for years

best shitposting thread on Cred Forums


It did it again of course. I meant 't*b*h' to 'desu'.
I'd never say or type 'desu' in any context.

lurk for 2 years before posting

>sekrit klub for little sissies

war never changes

I only use AB.

Lurk for 2 years before posting.

I lurked the weebosphere for long enough.



2 bombs werent enough