What went right?

What went right?

Smug edgelord with a sense of humour.

Author dying

I really liked the MC.

Basically this, MC was super likable.
Shame the Author died, the series looked like it had some promise long-term.

Good tsundere male lead and tsundere female dynamic. Also, likable gary stu MC.

The MC was great and knew how to handle the tsundere main girl who, honestly, was pretty good. The jokes were spot on too. That slap on the ass ending was 10/10.

I would have loved to see more, such a shame about the author. Kaze no Stigma is a guilty pleasure of mine.

MC carried the show with his personality and OP powers to back them up, he dealt with the main girl in very fun ways and he poked fun at someone who was about to stab him in the back.

Smug bastard is too cool.

too bad for the tsundere (she needed to be btfo'd and shitted on completely)
well her seiyuu is pregnant now

Teen Shana with attitude was cute and HOT.

>Teen Shana
I'm glad I'm not the only one who made that connection. I mean, she also uses a fucking flaming sword as well.

>no s2

The Legend of the Legendary Heroes had good MC's also

Ah well, some anons used to call her that way, way back. SnS S1 had came out the year before and the hype was still flowing, so it was suitable. Was fun times back then.

That wine lick was excellent and hit me out of nowhere too. I really enjoying the relationship/interacting between these two alot. One of my absolute favourite pairs.

>The Legend of the Legendary Heroes had good MC

This is how you deal with a tsundere.

There needs to be more anime with an MC like him.

there was hagure yusha and mondaiji whatever but neither of them were popular

>but neither of them were popular
A damn shame too. I guess it's hard to be popular when your primary audience can't self insert into someone with a backbone.

mostly this

>People like an asshole whos superpowerful but despise sasuke
>MC was an unbearable fuckwit with no depth, lame 90s one liners, and boring plot backstory
>Girl was a tsundere beta bitch that existed to be torture for the authors mygonist views
>The little brother was the best character and should have been the lead.

You just confirmed why the most beta of males like shitty gary stus that pretty much live out there fantasies.

Dante from DMC and Spiderman from Marvel comics are the most pandered male fantasies with autism and antisocial tendiences ever.

>The little brother was the best character and should have been the lead.

Wanna know how I know you're gay


The MC was too good for this shitty show.

Why are 60% of the anime girls so temperamental?