Penn Jillette's Edgetastic Adventure

New chapter came out

vol 6 starts now

Also vol 9 came out recently (available on kindle if someone wants to upload it)

last time on trash: Was getting raped part of her plan?

this time on trash: eggs

read the rest at
also someone pls respond so the thread can keep going, I think OP can bump his own thread but only if someone else replies

also this is the bonus chapter, the real r start to vol 6 comes after this




best boy

also imma puase here until someone responds

Vol9 was scanned and shared by an user in a past thread

well shit, shouldn't have taken a break from Cred Forums
mediafire y14bsv2177b0j26/of+raped+lolis+and+butchered+t%2Atty+monsters%2C+vol9.rar



Youre welcome

Also i dont think this is the best time of the day you couldve made this thread, as its getting fuck all posters

I probably should have waited a bit more but eh,

I'll try posting slower, maybe some dudes will notice



This manga sure is something.
Good to see the scanlations coming.

they're slow and not very good but stuff eventually gets released




best girl

>bronco mask will never call you onii-chan

why even live



and that's the end of the chapter



next time on trash.: rape, fire, eyebrows, respect for the pipe

Anyone knows where i can read the raws?
I heard translations are more than 3 volumes behind

wait for nyaa to come back up

> reading vol 9

thanks uploader

final attempt at a bump with one of the tamer scenes from vol 09

wait I typed sage by accident

me tired

What happens to lolli?

she doesn't get raped, so that really leaves one alternative

I'm surprised to see such a tame chapter from this garbage.

Not even a single arm cross section.

What kind of person enjoys reading a non-hentai manga where cute girls are abused and raped?

Look forward to Rushia's flashback.


the girls are very cute for the few pages before they get raped/murdered

Every time I see this thread pop up I ask myself why I keep reading this garbage. One day I really will drop this pointless series.

aptly named.

See you next time.

Is v9 available already?

Absolutely not jackpot man, and there clearly isn't a link in this thread

Maybe not, I read the raws for this volume and volume 9 and I think something finally broke. This is the last good chapter and at least it has best assassin in it. I'm dropping it after this chapter though.
See you next thread

Tell me we're getting that Chinese girl naked.

there is some exposure

Thank you user, I apologize for being a retard.

is she ok?

You'll be back for the lesbian scene.

Sure, just spray some Windex on her and she'll be back up and murdering people in no time.

What about Francesca?

The insides of her head probably wasn't what he had in mind.

I'm not gonna lie to you, she's not in the best shape right now.

It just occurred to me, is there any more of the cakefucking trap besides those 3 pages that get posted now and then? I don't care to read the manga but that was pretty good.

He gets killed soon afterwards. Chainsaw blade'd to death, I think it was.

Oh well, at least this means there's no reason for me to give this manga another chance.


What is happening in this manga?

Nothing much. Just stuff. The old usual.

Ah ok. I'm not into normal stuff like this.

> think we won't see any random kids get killed for a while
> at least three die in vol 9

oh trash.

Bronco mask is Hit-Girl?

she'll get better

especially since we have full on regeneration in addition to the kid's magic blood

> Francesca fights chinese qt
> china kicks her
> she cuts her leg off
> goes for the finisher
> she stops
> later
> francesca "uh you go on ahead k"
> shota and yakuza girl leave
> francesca fucking murders the chinese girl to pieces
no mercy.

What's the better edge lesbian manga.
Trash, Murcuelafo or Happy Sugar Life?

She's a big girl.

Murcielago, but just because Hinako is just too best.

Trash because the lesbians are constantly raped by dicks.

Murcielago, because comedy.

Murcielago because it's plot actually goes places and the MC is interesting.

Fucking mosquito man needs his own spinoff now.

Sugar Life doesn't have much in common with the other two, it takes itself way more seriously. MurciƩlago is pure fun and trash is trash.

She's a dead girl.

Happy sugar is lesbians first, edge second, Muscielago is edgy action first, lesbians second, trash is full edgy shit with lesbian sex every once in a while.

So many raped

Is there any character in this series that hasn't been raped, killed, or tortured?

>introducing cool-looking characters
>mutilating them few pages later
Fuck this shit

the old man
the one who fucked yakuza girl in vol9