Hibike! Euphonium

Ep 1: 1d 4h 52m

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More ribbons is always a good thing

Who's that character in the right and why is her tuba so dented?

This looks like it was inspired by the star wars tfa promo posters.

I don't know what it is, but something about Asuka makes me want to buttfuck her senseless

I wish KyoAni would stop pretending that Tuba-cuck and Midori are relevant.

Is this gonna become a general?

>inb4 it cant be a general because the show is airing
That's what they said about re:zero and look what happened there.

Last year Hibike and Yahari were the most active 'generals' during the season they were both airing. Yahari had longer legs because it lends itself to waifufaggotry and shipping, more than Hibike.

The movie STILL isn't translated.




I only hope they don't rush the second novel because i need my Mizore and Yuuko fix. But seeing how fast pace the first 3 episodes are i kinda doubt we will only be adapting the second novel.

How much Mizore and Yuuko do we get in the 3rd novel?

Episode 1: Ishihara & Fujita
Episode 2: Takemoto & Ishidate

I heard the 4th novel is about side stories? Do those all take place after the 3rd novel or is it possible we will be seeing some parts of the 4th novel adapted in s2?

Why are they looking so confident?

Literally whos.

That's how you look after losing your virginity.


>Takemoto & Ishidate
The only way to top this is Kigami and Yamada

>read spoilers
>Reina becomes literally "muh Taki-sensei" the entire book

Why is this allowed?

Did you expect anything else from an autistic, borderline yandere character?

How do I differentiate between those two Ishi-?

One is garbage but overrated(date) and the other one isn't

Ishihara: Shitty perverted otaku hack
Ishidate: Sakugafag

why does her tuba look soggy

Really makes you think huh

it's just a recap movie

What the fuck? She's a lesbian.

Date is the better one.

-date is best KyoAni director, wanted to be Kino fag instead of working on anime and directs VUG
-hara is one responsible for comedy and fanservice

I know KyoAni has a hard-on for mature women, and dislikes small girls, but I hope they won't fuck up this season, and give enough time for Yuuko's story, not make Asuka hog screentime for that too.
Unfortunately, the PV says my worries will come true

where are the proofs :-DDD

Still worth watching just for new scenes and 5.1 re-recorded sound.

Yeah the best Kyoani director responsible for such works as Kyoukai no Kanata

>I know KyoAni has a hard-on for mature women, and dislikes small girls
[citation needed]

KyoAni love small girls AND milf, because
1) KyoAni largely consists of nearing expiration date milfs thus they like to self insert in anime
2) Their motherly instincts make them threat small girls as Daugtherus

Indeed. He showed immense talent salvaging this wreck, and demonstrated direction ability and cinematic proffessionalism like no other.

>Their motherly instincts make them threat small girls as Daugtherus
They are jealous of anyone young, therefore they don't ever give much focus to small girls much less lolis, especially ever since they decided seinen otaku is not the best audience to pander to.

Best directed KyoAni show since Hyouka, despite the story flaws.



Such a hot garbage Jesus.

>They are jealous of anyone young
>Literally every anime they make has a highschool setting

I would hardly call it "salvaged"

What the fuck kinda opinion is this?

>banged up rotary valve tuba
brings me back to my highschool days.

You know, what he says is true, at least for Yamada, she said so in an interview. Is it really necessary to link it?
>jealous of anyone young

Still almost all the fanservice goes to mature girls or huge boobed ones, whereas lolis get nothing.
Amagi came closest, but even the bikini scenes she always covered her crotch areas, didn't have mutliple closeups, and her bath scenes were cut out.

If FFF would finish the fucking BDs for the first season I could watch it.

>I would hardly call it "salvaged"
He turned complete wreck of a story, into at least emotinally binding and impactful character story. As much of KnK plot remained nonsense, the story of story of Mirai and MCs suffering and affection trully did work and was resolved wonderfully.

I said once I am Superman.
Does this make me Superman?

>responding to LRD


does that affect the sound at all?

He turned a complete wreck of a story into a complete wreck of an animated story

>implying he's not right

Are you are free to remain with your irrelevant and tasteless opinion.

>his opinion
And so is yours. What matters is that nobody cared about that shit show and it sold accordingly shit.

Good. Still not good enouth apparently to prevent adhd retards like you being overagitated over it, sadly.

I wouldn't say the show was the best directed since Hyouka, that'dd be Hibike, but the movie improved as much as it could.

>better characterization(stupid gags toned down, mirai losing her memory helped)
>better comedy(proper timing and space)
>better digital processing(action not obscured by effects)
>more focused plot(not a disjointed mess like the TV series)
>dark parts aren't sanitized(gore and body horror)

You seem really agitated too

You are the one that sounds mad defending something that nobody gives a flying fuck about though.
Just don't be surprised when people laugh at you when you mention it as a positive example.

don't bully Mirai!

Know whats the difference between us? I am not suffering of autism - i am "defending" it because i liked it, despite the flaws and not a bit interested in making you like it too.

You however, are agitated over the show you apparently dont like and want desperately make otheres to hate it too. Huh?

>nobody gives a flying fuck
Yet almost half the thread is about it
Really makes me think

It would be true, if I just started going on about it in its own thread, or just mentioned it out of nowhere to shitpost about it.
However I replied to you being a silly goose by digging it up as an example for something good, which facts and solid numbers alone could show you isn't true.

now kiss

Exactly. It's the perfect fucking thing to watch right now.

>the perfect thing to watch right now is a recap movie of a trainwreck

It wasn't a trainwreck, stop being a contrarian.

what are you talking about?

>not trainwreck
Jesus Christ. It was a trainwreck alright. Cheapest kind too.

>just babbling

Ep 1: 1d 1h 10m

>look at me Imma hipsta'

>they won't march again

Why're her legs so short and spergy looking?


What the fuck is wrong with Kumiko and Reina?
Why the fuck they have some strange moment when they start confessing their love for each other in an overdramatic way, saying they will be forever together and stuff like this just to go back back being normal schoolgirls barely talking with each other a moment later



Sup, LRD

I google image searched "banged tuba" and was disappointed.

I don't think they will rush anything. They just don't expand the story out like the first season. Everything in the book will be there.

Yuuko also have some good roles in vol.3 and vol.4.

hazuki best girl

>I know KyoAni has a hard-on for mature women, and dislikes small girls
Fuck no, on the contrary Kyoany is the perfect example of the Japs shitty tendency to hate everything above 18 years old. All of their shows are about fucking schoolgirls.

You're gonna love Violet Evergarden

What is this?

Its fun seeing such shitposting from both posters obviously have never watched KyoAni shows

They streamed the first season at once and these are the ratings.

Mirai is good at Trumpet!


What do the blue boxes say?

Ratings. 1 is the highest and 5 is the lowest.




Who are these cum chums


dumb t/u/mblr frogposter

im not even /u/ but this shit might ruin her character and go super one dimenstional


Kill yourself frogposter.

Always looking forward to more Kyoani qts



please don't make me cry


So gay.

>more handholding

How many times already? Reina is gonna be pregnant.

Why are you surprised?
Ratings for these kind of streams are always over 90%.
Only fans would bother watching all episodes at once.

LRD please kill yourself

please don't post this in a tales of shillstria thread

better yet, any ufotable show thread

>Kumiko blushing while sipping from the same straw as Reina
KyoAni is doing this on purpose. I fucking swear.

The ratings in Zesty threads were per episodes.
The picture user posted is the rating for the whole show, streamed all at once.

>that Reina brain freeze
Tomorrow's going to be 50 pounds of cute in a 20 pound bag.

>KumiRei babies
The world couldn't handle all that cute.

Are you mentally retarded?

Far from, my angry friend. I'm having fun.

I see

Ep 1: 21h 4m

>yurifags hate her because she's straight
>heterofags hate her because she wants to get Shoe before Kumiko does

Being Hazuki is truly suffering. She's a nice girl

>yurifags hate her because she's straight
I like her a lot, actually.
And while I can only speak for myself, I think a lot of other yurifags like her because they believe she keeps Shoe away from Kumiko. If anything, I'd wager some don't like her because of her conversation with Kumiko in episode 9 (which of course ended up being prophetic in the novels).

Hazuki is a bro in my book.

no one likes hazuki because she is completely irrelevant

So faggot name me a single post k-on kyoani show that doesn't focus on schoolgirls. A single one where the protagonists have more than 18 years

>name me a single post k-on kyoani show that doesn't focus on schoolgirls
Are you trolling or just really new? I can't tell.

Have I missed 2-4?

Sorry I'm just trying to fit in here in Cred Forums so I always end mindless shitposting about kyoani so I can feel part of something in my mediocre life.

I can't wait for more Reina.

Kumiko surprising Shoe on Valentine's Day, how cute!

We better get more nice feet shots in S2.

Lesbians are just girls who haven't been fucked right.

Feetfags are cancer.

I'm not fucking shitposting, some idiot in this thread said that kyoani loves older women, now I want him to prove his claim. The majority of kyoani shows are set in an highschool and even those where the focus is not school life (like Amagi) have the main characters that are schoolgirls/boys.

Why? Explain. I'm waiting.



>not 3dpd

I NEED good shots of Hazuki's cute little feet, and I need a lot of them.

Kill yourself, cancer.

>CHUBA still in



Anti-foot fetish memeing should be a bannable offense.

don't you mean 19:30?

>expecting the trash meme studio Kyoanus to give us acceptable feet shots
>after that betrayal of a first season
Give up now.

>hasn't been licensed for stream yet

For any other college bros out there, how big are they on torrenting? They seemed to play it up a whole lot, telling us not to do it.

There's no way in hell I'm going to watch this show on some crappy service like kissanime though, that just isn't happening.

Fucking hell, the falseflagging footfag's here again.

Tch, rather.

Ep 1: 19h 11m