Would you do drugs with you're waifu?

Would you do drugs with you're waifu?


No and my waifu wouldn't either

Drugs are for degenerates.

If the drug call love yes.

Already do

I'd give her a percocet for a blow job

>Would eat a bunch of shrooms & blotter with

Best trip ever!


No, I don't her to have an even lower IQ

*don't want

It's medical for me.

Yes I would. But I would wait for her to reach 18 first.
Occasional hit from bong to enhance experience from cuddling and sex sounds like good idea. I already smoke often before cuddling with her daki.
And trying LSD at least once would be great.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with experimenting with drugs as long as you don't hurt yourself.

How ironic.


Of course I would eat cake with Mugi-chan.

Unless Merlin introduced her to some funny mushrooms, I think I'm shit out of luck.


That is illegal you know?

While I obviously advocate caution and moderation, even a little harm to oneself is a fair cost for the perspective it can give. I may feel like shit at any particular moment but I know I'll never kill myself because I know the heights of ecstasy my brain is capable of. Really our brains are kind of dicks when you think about it.

Fuck no. Two known drug users-dealers in our area were gunned down. Thanks, Duterte!

Kafuka is fucking terrifying, there's no way I'd unhinge her from reality any more than she is

>MDMA with you're waifu
That could be pretty good.

Do benzedrex inhalers count as drugs?

I wish I had the willpower to end my addiction for my waifu, and then we could help the other addicts together. She'd be really into that.