Boku girl

This is a japanese girl (male) thread.
Anime when?

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Im still waiting for the figure.

Is this already over, who won?

love wins.

Thats gay

Dont let this die. I need mlre cute pics

>ended right after they got together
>barely saw any of Mizuki's relationship with Takeru
>no actually pregnant Mizuki or maternal Mizuki

gg no re

He is a tranny. He cant get pregnant.
m maybe they are working on the after story

There already is an afterstory, its just Mizuki making a bento for Takeru

>turned into physiological female by bullshit magic

What are rhe chances of this getting an anine?
I wan to see some boytits touching

>Anime when?
I fucking wish.


Just that? Where can i check it out?

Would have needed more lewd scenes.
The gym room scene and the one where they get boozed were the high points of the series.
Also more little sister of big guy.

Who wore it best?

Two left tops and the right top

Id buy it but im not that into traps

Here's the raw in some runes that I believe are Thai?


Thats pretty sad.

Boring as fuck.

>Not even an ending kissu?

But she's a girl

That's it? She's a girl and it's shoujo land? Fun.

She isnt at all

Not even a distant epilogue. Where's the payoff?!

Where is his feminine penis?

Got inverted.