Flip Flappers intro coming edition

3Hz find a way

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More like flip floppers.

Looks like generic garbage.

What is it with action scenes in modern anime being flashy and nearly incomprehensible? Is it so hard to storyboard clear action? Also, the visuals in the OP don't really match the music.

Web gen animators can't into realism and weight so they do flashy shit.

Figures. This is another one of those web-gen circlejerks like Mob Psycho and One-Punch Man isn't it? I miss when animators actually understood the fundamentals rather than trying to be hot shit from the get-go.

That's wild

I was hoping this would be about skirt flipping flapper girls of the jazz age.

kViN said this was going to become the greatest anime of all time.

All I see is generic OP with flashy webgen sakuga.

Nice sakuga.
But that's about it.

Never trust twitter SJW e-celebs who like KyoAni.

Feels like a colorful and happy version of Kill La Kill.

This will probably sum up the entire show.

Name a better animated show than One Punch Man in the last 5 years.

And just like many other 'sakuga' anime before it, good animation will probably be the only remarkable thing.

this thread

>The entire anime is shit because I only saw the Intro

>webgen is shit

>inb4 Iso and Bahi are shit

>Mob-Psycho, OPM and Space Dandy were a mistake

>Muh realism, muh fundamentals

>everybody is now an animation expert

Mob Psycho, Space Dandy, Hana no Uta, Nichijou.


Space Dandy?

>shingeki no kyojin
Fuck off

Why are sakugafags so butthurt?

Watch the BD version.

Don't worry user, we'll get a break from them when the yurifags/anti-yurifags show up.

It's the sign of an autistic fanbase.

>staf who worked on Dennou Coil, Xam'd and Rebuild Movies
>Mitso Iso is also on the project

>hurr durr web-gen shit

Check the staff instead of writing bullshit next time.

It's still not worthy of being there.

I heard that this show is directed by a Studio Ghibli animator.

Xam'd looked kind of garbage for the most part.

I can already tell this show will become a success.

Why do they shitpost?

There's barely any hype, doesn't even appear in polls for most awaited shows of the season, official account with barely any twitter followers. Think again, pal.

2013 barely had any competition, SnK BD version was pretty good.

That's it guys. This user just finished the thread for you.

I swear the first thread about Kill La Kill was just like this one.

>everybody is now an animation expert
I visit sakugabooru daily, therefore I am kind of an animation expert.

Reminder that you realismfags need to die instead of complaining because anime doesn't suit your shit boring dull tastes

I can already tell that the threads for this show are going to be absolutely miserable all season long.

>animation expert
>most of the uploads are Dragonball and One Piece.

It's not about realism. It's about not drawing literal blobs and call it animation.

Only Hiroyuki Okiura is the true sakuga god.

>But that's about it.

You make an assumption will be sucky

>not the most extreme form of butthurt autism
Realismtards should drink bleach

There aren't many Dragonball uploads though, and there are many One Piece uploads only due to it having many episodes. Looking at the highest-voted clips is a better gauge of what the userbase appreciates best.

>can't into realism
>hurr durr it's not about realism
Kill yourself, realismtard


>Cherrypicking inbetween frames where the character is far away.

Try harder.

>t. webgen shitter

Can we talk about how we don't know who the fuck is writing this?

I will enjoy seeing this shit flop

>Looking at the highest-voted clips is a better gauge of what the userbase appreciates best.


>t. retarded realismfag who wants all anime to be boring shit because he's too autistic to understand the appeal of unrealistic stuff

Flip Floppers

I will enjoy the day all you retarded salesfags die

So? Nakamura is indeed the best action animator so his popularity is not surprising.


I'm getting cancer from it!

Please don't tell me it's going to be like this every week a new episode comes out.


But most of the sakuga part are only a ricicle from the first 6 ep


It'll probably be like this for two or three weeks, then the shitposters will go away. Don't forget the anti-yuri squad and falseflaggers aren't here yet.

No, Flop Floppers will be forgotten pretty quick by Cred Forums once the pre-orders start rolling. If you want decent discussions here better pray for your show to have mediocre sales so it doesn't get caught in the shitposting wars. It's been getting attention now because Flip Flapper fags have been hyping this show as the ultimate sakuga show.

God this is so bad. His arm is like jelly.

I say flop floppers ur dur i'm so original and totaly not autistic ur dur

>Twitter and reddit fags have been hyping this show as the ultimate sakuga show.


If anybody posts anything to prove you wrong you'll whine about how it doesn't count, or move the goalposts, or both.

Just go post in an 80s wank thread about how perfect cel is and save us the trouble.

Every fucking show with preemptive shitposting.

What's the logic behind this?

It's because of fear a show becoming popular?

I remember watching smaller shows in the past with not having to endure all this, now we can't enjoy anything.

God this is so bad. Animation is like jelly

I sure am looking forward to seeing that every single day every five posts.

It's pretty much the only reason why anybody will pay attention to it, just so they can say that over and over like it'll start being funny if they do it enough. It's just tedious.

Why does this show exist?
I don't understand what it's trying to be, who the audience is and what goal it's trying to achieve.

It it just made for the sakugafans?

Who knows, maybe the studio just made it because it was something they wanted to make rather than being a product of seeing how hard they can pander to somebody.

Flip flopping Flip Flapper flop fapping fags, you people are a mouthful.

You guys are being ironic right?
Everybody here is memeing right?

You can't be fucking serious, I've never seen a thread that is entirely based on shitposting.

Welcome to every Flip Flappers thread for the next 13 weeks. It's not going to improve.

>17 IPS

This is probably the same idiot that keep spamming FLOPACHI .

Looks fun and looks nice, it's all i need

Nice shitpost, retard

I think it's the underaged sakugafags that invaded this thread.
They can never discuss anything.

This show will not be relevant past the second week.

yo ho, yo ho, near the hooks i'll never go

Good, the only decent threads on Cred Forums are the ones for shows that nobody is watching.

Salesfags are going to shit up the place non-stop because that's the only thing that gives them happiness in their pathetic lives, though.


Nah. It's the bitter realismfag who can't enjoy anything because hurr durr muh realism

Flip Flappers

made by FliFla project


good luck waiting for Okiura to finish his next garbage movie in 7 years that will be about a rapist robot that gets away with it.

It's the production committee giving themselves a cute name.

>IP count still the same.


What is this suposed to be?

I don't care about those, I'm only here for the mahou shoujo,

I like the OP.
The music is catchy and the animation was colorful and beautiful.

What the fuck is going on in this thread?


It means everyone must flip their shit.

Faggots being faggots

People pre-emptively trying to be the ones who told you so, and 80swank.

Basically your average sales thread.

So the KKK are the bad guys in this show?

That or Big Fire is branching out.

Realismfags complaining because fictious animated stories don't even try to be realistic


Looking forward to Iso's cut.

When is episode 1 coming out?
Nice intro, I like the music.

Are those the cone guys from Nadia?

What the fuck happened /a ?

You are one of those faggots that cherrypicked inbetweens from Dragonball Super.

Digital was a mistake.

Who is this girl

Are you false flagging or are you truly this idiotic?

Two cuts of "what the fuck is going on" action "animation" , and the highlight of the OP ends up being a green rabit eating hay.

I think I'll prefer Aoyama doing actual work that takes skill and knowledge and actually communicates something to the audience other than "going really fast".

There is nothing that you can do in digital that you can't do on cel.

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. It's always better.


Nice, make your own thread now


It's not the animator's fault if you can't follow the action because you're retarded

90s animation was so much better than the quality-ridden animation we have to put up with today.

What does that even mean?

I like jelly.

>I've never seen a thread that is entirely based on shitposting

Lurk this place 1000 years before posting


I'm pretty sure that this thread is actually full of the sakugatwitterdork-circle just shitposting at each another anonymously.

kViN, reply if you are man.

Hey I'm (((Bahi JD))) and I'll be working on this. Please look forward to my work and don't forget to upload it on Sakugabooru. I need my monthly dose of fanwank.

>Complicated plot
>ZAQ opening

Guys, we found our ConRevo spiritual successor!

>Dragonball Super

Must have 24 episodes though.

What is this show even about?
Honestly this season seems pretty boring apart from Homo on Ice, Hibike 2 and 3-gatsu no lion.

Should I just go on with my backlog?

>I'm pretty sure that this thread is actually full of the sakugatwitterdork-circle just shitposting
just like (you)


My god, stop being sons of a bitch dickheads at least for a moment, shit eaters .

It's about sakuga and visual direction and namedropping animators and twitter ecelebs

Thanks for the reply, yuyucow. Now you are man.

A second cour is always a possibility.

>calling a SJW neckbeard a man


What seems interesting to you this season then?

Fuck off faggot

not much

you've never been inside one of those weird kyoani vs. shaft threads?

I hear the scriptwriter of Kiminoza is writing this so we'll might get something coherent

you actually put effort into making this?

Is this yuri?

I get the feeling that this show is going to be more serious than what the PVs hinted at.

The most ironic thing is even though Flip Flappers is hailed as the 'sakuga' show this season the usual roster of sakugablog fags are jerking off Kyoani not just once a week like they did with MP100 but TWICE a week.

Bonessemensluper-liborek is scared of Flippies dethroning Mob for sakuga of the year, specially now that Kameda confirmed he is doing animation in Flippies.

I think it's going to become a very deep and dark anime with complex emotions.

Like Madoka and Evangelion.

As much as 3Hz into making this web gen garbage show

We all know how Flop floppers will do.

What of those 2 shows you think is better?

I watched both and Phantom World was more entertaining. Grimgar shit the bed after that one faggot died, it was already very slow but the snail pace of the second half of the season was almost unbearable.

Everyone wanted and preferred Grimgar.
Isekai fantasy that is far more like OD&D > battle academy harem.

So the KKK confirmed for big bad?

I like this one better, a bit more subtle.

This one's the best though.

Oh shit, are those bad guys Klan Wizards?

I'm excited. Pity this thread is cynical.

The OP manages to be less visually impressive than Mob's and prescreenings already indicated that the story is a clusterfuck. Stay delusional, Flopfags.

Fuck off with your shit circlejerk studio. Don't you have another thread?

It's what happens when the sakugadorks are having their drama fights on Cred Forums instead of keeping it contained on twitter.

>90% of this thread is shitposting and pure baiting
>only 34 IPs
Mods, do your job.

>flip flappers
>not art deco styled anime about the roaring 20s


KyoAni circlejerk thread would be better than what we have now to be honest.

They're supposed to happen on Thursday, but for some reason, they now come out on Tuesday.

>FlipFlappers is the best show of 2016

It's over.

91 Days just aired, user.

And it was pretty lame aesthetic-wise.

Those are probably the designs with the biggest eyes I've seen in a while.


I like the opening.

I want patterns fucking everywhere

i mean come on it was extremely boring

Gankutsuou is thataway, user.

Why do people say kVin is an SJW?

No, it needs to be Russel Patterson styled and flapper themed

Because he keeps writing posts complaining about fanservice, uses SJW's favorite world "gross" and every time he talks about Robo on the Road he must mention how "creepy" it is.

Yeah, the intro alone has me hyped and I'm really digging the color palettes.

The same reason why people bring sakuga wank into threads that have nothing to do with them. Keep that shit on twitter.

Sakage is autism. Yuribait is justice.

The industry wouldn't be able to handle that much style, they'd have to make thirty CGDCT club SoLs and high school battle harems to balance it out.

I agree with the "gross" thing, shit's annoying af.

Haven't heard anything about fanservice-related posts from his side of things. Any examples?

Searching Twitter sucks, just try to find stuff he has written about Robo on the Road.

Stop using that word "webgen"

Everybody animates digitally now, even Yutapon and Iso.

Robo on the Road is shit.

You don't have to be SJW to know that it's not right for someone to attempt rape and get away with it.

They wouldn't use it if it wasn't stupid.

I agree.

Robo on the Road was boring as fuck.
No matter how godly the animation was, the rape didn't even bother me, it was just a boring short film.

>second best animated short in the entire Expo line-up

That was one of the worst short films of Animator Expo.

Even Me Me Me was better

Looks cute

Why so many hurt butts?

Nah Vivid Strike is a strong contender

Nigga are you retarded?

I thought that was boring.
I hate cowboys.

Faggots being faggots. Just let them be

What is it about this show that has triggered so many of you faggots?

I don't see it.

Why are most anime twitter fags social justice warriors anyway?

Some dork of the sakugacircle likes it.
Thus, other dorks who don't like that guy will hate it on principle.

Sakugafags are an amalgsmstion of butthurt e-drama, cancer, and autism. Ignore them and talk about a charming light-hearted mahou shoujo show.


Looks amazing. Unexpectedly dark-toned compared to everything we've seen so far. Hopefully there's not too much suffering.

i like nakamura scenes
but this one is not as good compared to his other works

i think shows focused on animation are necessary, even if they're going to be bad storywise

It's just a promo. No reason to flip out.

The thinking man's Rolling Girls


Who the fuck?

Not bring this trash to Cred Forums.

Rolling Girls was pretty nice looking and the first few episodes were really good.

Does someone have that "Yutapon Finds A Way" image?

visual direction > sakuga

Well, can't argue with that. You're absolutely right.

>an amalgsmstion of butthurt e-drama, cancer, and autism.
Sounds like they're no different from the fags on /vg/'s VN generals


Oh dear. Are you telling us that the sakugafags have already infested /vg/?


I don't know if it's the same people, but /vn/ is full of autistic fags shitposting VNs because some twitter e-celeb (like Moogy or Conjueror) said it's great or it sucks. Then, there's honest fanbases of the previously mentioned e-celebs engaging in autisitc shitflinging

I'm hoping the threads for this after a few weeks will be like Conrevo's. Small, dedicated fanbase with minimal shitposting.

As long as Sakugafags follow this show, the shitposting won't stop anytime soon.

I've seen a lot of anti-sakugaposter shitposting screaming at anybody who shows a passing interest in the show, and not a lot of sakugaposting, so they can go ahead and come in for all I care.

Or maybe I'm getting the two mixed up. Who knows.

You're forgetting this is also a yuri show (which should be obvious from all the promos so far). There are enough people here who hate yuri and determined enough to shitpost every show that has it.

Well maybe if yurifags weren't the worst kind of posters who care little for if a show actually has any yuri in it or not then they wouldn't have earned the ire of any sane person.


Is the main focus a romance between two girIs? No? Then it isn't fucking yuri.
And here you can see what a true cancerous fuck Iooks Iike. Go shitpost in fujoshit threads instead, they seem to be the same kind as you.

Nah, it's only pre-shitposting to get it out of the way. FliFla will air in 2 days together with Euphonium S2. Euphonium will catch 99% of all the trolls' attention.
And there will be Bungou S2 (will be ignored because rather boring), Keijo!!!!!!!! (will be shitposted hard in the beginning because boobs and asses), Brave Witches (lolis and patsus) and Yuri!!! on Ice (is this yuri shitposts repeated over nine thousand times).

Thursday will be Hell on Cred Forums.

There was also a fanservice crotch shot on the special.


Ryuuta Yanagi (?) on the explosion.

Which flapper would you flip?

The shota.

Best scene in the whole anime. Too bad the track used was trash. I remember an user posting an AMV focused around it that was amazing.

This desu.

Someone explain to me why this show doesn't even have any writers.

Poor man's Kill la Kill

Poor man's shitpost.
I mean, what the fuck does it share with KlK?

They know no one's going to watch this for the plot so they hired a nobody as an afterthought and didn't bother to put them on the website.

What are they doing there? I don't remember those looking particulary good aside from some scenes, specially Shingeki that went full slideshow at times

Kiyotaka Oshiyama
the director of Flip Flap was a studio Ghibli animator.

Mob Psycho 100




Sansha Sanyou

>the director of Flip Flap was a studio Ghibli animator
Miyazaki was right. Anime really was a mistake, seeing how even people trained directly under Miyazaki-san are corrupted by shitty webgen aesthetic.

So is this show loli?

The quality of this depends on the ammount of yuri. Nothing else

I didn't say shit.

Is the webgen aesthetic Shingo Yamashita's fault?

It's the fault of an entire lazy generation.

climax of this show is when they do tribadism together.

She just wanted to get to school on time!

Sounds good.

You mean when they flip their flaps.

>Lazy Generation
Bahi JD drew 2000 key drawings for Space Dandy episode 1.

Even Norio Matsumoto works digitally.

Just because it has many drawings doesn't mean it's good. And Matsumoto is shit these days, I miss 80s Matsumoto.

The Most Powerful Anime of this season

More like when they rub their flappers together

why do you faggots reply to bait?

The show hasn't even aired yet and the threads are already full of shitposting.

Music is terrible.

Only watching this crap because the loli/shota twincest.

So is there an actual fanbase for this show?

All I see in this thread are shitposters.

>No ping pong
low bait

It's pretty awful but hang in there. Things will get better!

What did you expect.
It's an entirely new show by a newcomer director.

Nobody knows anything about it.

It'll be Purple Bricks: The Animation Season 2 again.

The fanbase of the show does not surf Cred Forums.

>streamed by The Anime Network
Enjoy your shitty hardsubbed yellow text rip, sakugafags

It an original anime (which means it has no source material. Original anime doesn't mean creative anime. Just saying this before shitposters start greentexting "original" to act like smartasses saying the show is not creative). Any fanbase should reasonably start when the first episode actually airs

For a show that we know nothing about, made by newcomers,

having already over 200 posts is impressive.

I can feel the success.

Yes. We matter.

>200 posts of sakuga shitposting back and forth
Doesn't mean much. It's a shame the show already attracted this much shitposting before it even aired but I guess everyone is getting geared up for the Hibike thread.

You forgot the watermark

Do you reallythink anything here matters and boost up the sales?

Keep on believing.
We make this dream come true

Yes I do.
Makoto Shinkai's new movie is succesful because of us.
We literally wrote the story of Keit Al.


Nah, the show's already doomed the first time they named it "Flip Floppers". This is RG's spiritual successor.

that's it, it's time to delete this thread.

Far out dude.


This thread is going places

>Kiyotaka Oshiyama
>the director of Flip Flap was a studio Ghibli animator.

He also did that flying fish episode in Space Dandy

I know you are memeing but I actually believe that you mean it.

Check out the BDs for Shingeki.

this one?

That's Yuasa's

Why do you expect a fanbase for an original anime that just started airing?

What is he doing these days anyways?
I hope the easy money he gets from doing promo stuff for Disney doesn't mean he has no big project going on.
Anime needs some saving again.

He has no control over anything.
Einyoung Choi is now behind all his projects.

Running Science Saru and directing a movie.

He had a solo episode, the old fisherman and his daughter one.

He is workin on a new movie.
Looking forward to it.


Can we delete this thread already?
It has no purpose anymore.
End the suffering mods.

>studio where 80% of the staff is women
>beautiful animation, art and coloring
>actually know how to administrate their budget instead of blowing it all on seiyuu or op/ed
Are other studios even trying?


Of course I'm going to watch it. It's a Yuyucow and sagugafriends approved anime.

All you see is ONE shitposter.

This is one of those threads I will pay to have IDs

Don't forget Canipa, our favorite sasuga youtuber.

>This is one of those threads I will pay to have IDs

is this how you spend the sasugabooru patreon money?




Sakuga is a good thing
There is nothing wrong with wegben
Stop bullying twitter e-celebs
Stop shitposting
FlipFlap will be good.

Twitter e-celebs should be bullied. It's the only way to prevent a /vn/ situation where e-celebs get their dicks sucked constantly and their word is treated as if it came from God Himself

There is really nothing weong with what the sakugafans on Twitter told us about this show.

All they said was that this show will have great animation and they were right.

Why are you all shitposting?


Fat chance

Why is good animation bad?

That's what I'm talking about!

I didn't say that

I feel like the OP is trying to tell a story using the fantastical element like the show appears to do. Blue goes to take an umbrella to Red and the journey is framed as a magical battle. I imagine they'll parallel the normal world with the magical world similar in effect to how BRS OVA and TV did.

I agree on this one.

>sakuga is a good thing
Why is good animation not a good thing?

Anyone that brings up twitter e-celebs should be banned like the mods do with youtube celeb discussion.

We're using the term to refer to different things then

What the fuck is keit al?
Was it really animated by someone from a/ ?

Which can only be because you''re a shitposter
>stop shitposting
You admitted that you are a shitposter. Kill yourself

Not sure why you chose this website if you can't appreciate a good shitpost

Remember the good old days when the word sakuga wasn't a signal for shitposting, we still had /anime/ and twitter wouldn't even be brought up at all?

>using Cred Forums's textboards
Cred Forums's textboards were shit compared to channel4 and the like.

>Cred Forums continuously repelled Youtube e-celebs from their board, aware of the shitshow they could've brought onto the site if unchecked, yet little did they know the true thread came with the Twitter e-celebs, posing as those 'knowing more of the industry'.

So what do you expect from the show, Cred Forums? The comments on the pre-screening were both positive and a bit mixed. But everyone agreed that it has a lot of yuribait and sakuga. The main yuribait seems to be a "love triangle"with MC, Kokona and Yayaka.

I expect a fun mahou shoujo show with nice animation and girl meets girl plot.

I expect something like Rolling Girls with more yuri

I love this episode.
And his works are
>Dennou Coil main animator
>Eva 2.22

I've been away for a few weeks, is "web gen" the new thing to say to sound like a smart and disdainful connoisseur?

doesn't it just literally describe animators who grew up with the internet and digital stuff

So since about 15 years?
Jin-Roh was the last anime 100% produced without computers

Anine fans who care so much about muh sakuga disturb me. aren't there way more important things to consider? Or would you really watch an anime just cause there are some cool animations for some 10-20 seconds? we aren't even taking into account art style here.

Where did this shit even start? Was it digibro or reddit? I go on Cred Forums pretty infrequently and i feel like this sakuga trend only started recently (1-2 years ago). I don't remember anyone talking about it so specifically before.

Thats why I watched Yozakura Quartet.

Started with twitter anime specialists.

False importance caused by medium specificity

>all this preemptive cancer
Did I miss something? Could have sworn the only people interested in this were me and the 15 other anons that watched Rolling Girls.
>Brave Bitches
Can't wait.

I already have some hilarious image macros ready for Yuri on ice

I am a sucker for leotards especially when combined with thigh-highs

Is that you, Eric Prydz?

Oh boy, if this fails, Studio 3hz will be the new WIT studio

expressive animation is what i dig, there's not much more to it
and it's not limited to just anime, for example the fighting scene of Kerub vs Julie in Dofus is absolutely gorgeous
of course, it doesn't mean i have to post about saguga 24/7, this is just vocal minority

>literally just a slideshow of 3-5 still images with motion effects
>muh sakuga
why animeretards so retarded?

>people who like good animation in their animated programs are somehow bad
this board is beyond redemption

Yes it is, be sure not to come back.

The show is episodic. Each episode will have their own writer like Space Dandy.

I really like the OP.

Don't lie

I expect saving anime and cute girls doing cute things.

Hopefully Senpai and Research assistant chick have more screentime as well.

Picture of research assistant for reference