Does Cred Forums like chubby girls?

Does Cred Forums like chubby girls?

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Chubby girls are cute and sexy.
Fat girls are disgusting.



Too many people don't know the difference.


No. Put some effort into maintaining good health. If they don't care about their own bodies, why should I?

It's when they start to round out that I start to want out.

There's a difference between curves and curve.

>good porn
>ends with scat
Fuck you

>that image

you mean fat, user.


Does the pope shit on lolies?

this is chubby.


thats the only scene in the entire 42 pages. But i know what you mean, it reminds of that one pokemon doujinshi that yokkora made. Out of nowhere shit and farts

Its a good thing 2D makes everything look sexy huh

Literally nothing wrong with just one scene of scat after so much quality



Thats really sexy but im more surprised google actually got it right. Does anyone even use it to search images anymore?

that combination works

Fatties are gross

Fat is fine as long as it's not excessive and the girl doesn't have fat face

what do you think of

There is no greater tragedy in this universe than a fat girl with small tits

Found it, pants around ankles as we speak.

youre scum

The softest

Yes, obviously.

Where the hell is the english version?

This is ideal

>I'm too stupid to read the tags before I fap

I've seen so many people bitch about so much stuff that are in the tags on sadpanda I'm starting to think I'm the only one who actually reads them before I fap

Not him but sometimes I just forget because the art looks great and I jump straight in and get hooked, then there's scat out of nowhere

Yeah, a plump body is nice every now and then.

That would explain it, thanks /vip/.

no worries

Since way back then.
I have to say things got a lot better, there are more options nows.

She is a loli afterall.

help me find it

nvm I found it


THICC is disgusting. I hate it becoming popular in recent years.

Reverse gives nothing, do you know the source

Except armpit hair fuck that.

I prefer chubby girls.

Itadaki Seieki
Only for a panel/few seconds at the end. It's mostly a story about a half vampire half succubus that falls in love with some guy.

I prefer not too much chubby, but original YuYu is already perfect.

Also, can someone explain why /pc/ is dead? Imagination Stations stopped subbing it?

She was way too cute to be a background character.

It pains me thighjob is so rare and how little of that is even good

Hopefully she will be more relevant in the series.


I need this

that's the best part though, thats why they save the best til last


in other news, ashitaba san ch. 17 translation is in "quality control". any clue how long that will take?

alright, I am going to ask for a saurce here.

What happened to Okusan?