What are your thoughts on interspecies romance in Manga?

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How in the fuck does that mate or make any sense?

How did that happen? Haven't read this in ages but I see it is still as ridiculous and b movie as ever.

Literally best.

The last bubble says "Playing/Pretending to be the God?"

So you can assume it's Science.

Is that so?

Why has everyone dropped Terraformars?

This manga will end with the of Terra for Mars
It's like poetry, it's so dense

Still very popular in Nippon.

So, they made a Turkish baby?

I knew it...

I think Johj there got cucked by one of the shinier ones.

Is Invoker dead yet.

Rape baby isn't it?

Jew propaganda

Seems all that hard work payed off.

The anime sucked and the guy translating dropped it for like two months before picking it up again.

Personally, I also felt that the focus on Akari and the Japanese team for 20 chapters was really boring. It didn't pick up the hype again until the American team came to the rescue.


So the Johj's aren't genocidal now?

>mfw I realised the baby was WHITE after reading your comment

Well, not 100% genocidal.

Did a Johj fuck a human or is it the other way?

Just imagine the smell having sex with a cockroach

Okay, but what's the point? A normal TerraFormars is way stronger than a normal human.

I guess it makes sense why the Newtons were cooperating with the roaches now

next step of human evolution is roach hybrids

Oh god what the fuck, I hate this

I don't read this but I hate this

>When you hate the roach scum so much that you NTR them just out of spite.

Can't save pictures from this site but here's some more spoilers:

Well Fuck I never even suspected that was what Invoker was trying to do.

Now I'm pissed and understand the rage all the characters felt and why Roaches need to die.

>Why has everyone dropped Terraformars?

- Series went from "aliens vs humans" to "Humans vs humans vs aliens" which was a bad move imo.

- Gantz body count while on mars so a lot of good characters died.

- Delays in translations back when Display was doing it due to personal reasons. There would be months between Tank releases but those threads were still pretty chill when they happened.

- Then we get another translator who is a insect fetishist and not the best cleaner/translator to begin with. Abrasive personality and fap-bait credit pages push away some of the fanbase here.

- Then we get to Earth and throw another drag chute on the plot. Now the plot has none of the original action that drew people in and character love dynamics take front and center attention.

I stuck around through it all but really the Anime was the nail in the coffin for the fanbase on Cred Forums. Most people jumped ship after the second season started airing. The anime threads in general got really bad towards the end of season 1.

It was through science. Read the thread.

>"aliens vs humans" to "Humans vs humans vs aliens"
The interplay between the countries and humans was in the manga from the start. Don't play dumb.

> - Series went from "aliens vs humans" to "Humans vs humans vs aliens" which was a bad move imo.

That was always a thing really.

It's just that since the end of the Mars arc and the start of this new one not being really interesting the hyped went down a lot.

BUGS II was a microcosm for what the series was going to become. But the difference between Ichiro and wasp woman's betrayal, and the chinese + Joseph. Is duration.

We only had maybe two chapters of betrayal during BUGS II and then things went back to fighting aliens. Annex arc had entire volumes spent fighting the Chinese which, while interesting, didn't move the plot forward that quickly. Not to mention that it led to some pretty uninteresting fights during the chase sequences.

Really the best part of Annex arcs human vs human struggles was seeing Alexander go full angry russian on everyone.

Fighting other human characters isn't that interesting in this series because the Author doesn't give the opponents as many crazy maneuvers as he does the Johj. The Johj are essentially nameless cannon fodder so the author can go all out with planning fights because he can always make more whenever the plot demands. Last good Human vs Human fight was probably Koichi vs Joseph on Mars and after that there hasn't been a decent fight since.

its alright as long as the male is physically superior

Shokichi vs Joseph was the second-to-last human vs human fight we had, though. Akari vs Hobo King was the last and it quickly turned into Akari+Hobo King vs Kai's Zombie Roaches.

>mini bao's
That part was fucking stupid.

Maybe I should finally catch up on this garbage.
It'll probably never be as fun as when the first few volumes all got scanned, though. I miss scaling guns and bugspray to human size.


Can you explain what is that?

English, please.

I meant the little baos you just mentioned that I assume are the things inside that man's wound.
I should've quoted the posted page, as well.

I dropped the manga long ago so I just want to know.

Bao's base is a barnacle and he can create copies of himself through budding. Bao-prime is fighting Alexander and shoots him in the abdomen with a bullet containing some of his "children". Bao-prime also has redundant organs and a vertically flipped anatomy (heart is on the right instead of the left.

Pic related is what it looks like inside of Bao-prime with all those little clones moving around.

He gets his head punched off by Alexander after he OD's on transformation drug.

I cant follow it for the life of me, characters drop in and out and too many look alike, it's a baffling ordeal to read.

Bao never fought against Alexander.

Wait so no rape? Fucking dropped.

Whoops meant to say Sylvester.

Why humans are teaming up with roaches?

What are those little people?

>you will never make this face and know how it feels

Do you really want rape? We have doujins for that.グレゴリオ暦&hl=ja&prmd=inv&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj4oqWHr8HPAhWMo5QKHS2FAa0Q_AUIBygB&biw=600&bih=912#hl=ja&tbm=isch&q=テラムーミンズ pixiv

user, you are silly.

Can we all just appreciate that the one black guy on the crew managed to not only survive mars, but did it with no combat skills whatsoever.

Nah, there was also another black guy who could tell Jared (Orca) that his transformation was wearing off while getting his head sliced in half. He was pretty nice.

>antenna blowjob
Why the japs like to add stupid shit on hentai? Are you supposed to be aroused by this?

I dropped terraformars long ago.

Wait, isn't that girl Adolf's right hand who got one shotted by a super buff terra formars?

Who's the lucky lady?

It's chapter 0.

That doesn't answer my question in the slightest.

That is still no excuse seeing how the answer on one of your questions was right above you.

So is it its official name? There were already at least 4 bonus chapters before it and it's the first one to be called 0?

What are all the bonus chapters?

Yes, and the guy below her got even less screentime before offscreen jobbing to the Weevil Johj. Kind of cool how the author keeps showing/referencing dead characters.

Do you remember the scene when it happened? I don't remember a second black guy showing up until the sniper guy.

Yeah she got a page of hype for her insect base, and then promptly BTFO.

What a waste, would be cool if she somehow appeared in the Boichi spinoff, even if I'm not sure if he can even drew this kind of smug girl face without ruining it.

Which team was he part of? Don't remember him at all.

So does this count as a kiss? Are they fucking now?

How come she jobbed so hard anyway? Wasn't she like 11th ranked? How do you even get one shotted at this level?

Kill yourself senpai

Squad 1(Shokichi's team).

Unless you are a crustacean you don't have a super durable body. Brazilian Jobber girl jumped right into a muscle Terraformars like she was going to do something. It was probably mostly done to show off how strong the new variant of Terraformar was but she literally went full retard and jumped into a group of enemies.

The one that was posted.
The one with George the Johj killing a Johj with his sword and dying.
GREAT DEVOTION CASE2 (a beach chapter)(Good luck finding raws for these 2 on the Internet, I had no luck with it. There are Chinese translations though)
A bonus chapter dedicated to the first Anime Season airing. Has translation but someone smart censored all the gore in it.

Like at least 4 comedic spin-off manga.
2 spin-off manga about Adolf and Asimov (Adolf spinoff's art is kind of bad, especially in contrast with main series, Boichi knows how to draw old men but has unhealthy obsession with fanservice and all his female characters look like some Ayy sluts)
2 Novels (one is in two parts, if I am not mistaken and its main characters appeared in Manga recently, proving that they are canon)

Chapter 46/47, I think.

> long black messy hair
> smug
> tan
> big tits
> fit and flexible

Of all the possible characters this fucker of a scenarist had to make this perfection die right in her first appearance?

I think there are at least 7 spin offs in total.

>Chapter 46/47, I think.
Yep I found him.

>your picture
This is why I don't like killing off well designed characters. And by well designed I mean bangin bodies. Sai Ferox girl deserved better than to job out on her first appearance.

Oh yeah, pic related is a bonus chapter too. So it's like 6 bonus chapters now.

No way.

Not sure what's this is about.

Did they ever explain what Rahab is supposed to be?

Then there are some fanbooks too, I guess.

So is Lt. Dan evil or not? He had a gun with the whole "we are cosmos" insignia, but he's been helping Akari in the post time skip.

Bonus art goes without saying.

It's officers' arm wrestling. You can read it


Dan is probably like Chinese characters, he is a good guy but works on bad people.

did she always have tits this huge? Not that I'm complaining.

So are there english subtitles for the movie yet?

Thanks, I suddenly remembered that one. 7 bonus chapters now.

Isabella, Elena, Sheila and Nina were too good. Though it's hard to think of dead bad characters besides Bao clones in this manga.

And this is the madman we should thank for all this.

And here's his partner in crime.

Her tit sizes vary. They are a lot bigger in both anime adaptations. The manga can be pretty inconsistent with her body. In some chapters and bonus stuff like they are big, but in others she has a stick body.

Her tits are pretty big. Still smaller than Xi's and Eva's. And Erica's (non-combatant Gecko girl who survived all the bullshit.)

Probably the only thing inconsistent about Michelle is her muscles. Don't remember any instances of her having small tits.

Do you think people want to sub it? That Higurashi tv show this year was never subbed, either.

Those pictures look awful. He looks better in more recent one's.

>Higurashi tv show
Wow didn't know that was a thing.

Either way if Attack on Titan can get an english sub despite being god awful. I can imagine that eventually someone will sub TF.

Except AOT has a massive English fanbase while TF doesn't. Think before you post next time.

I wish someone was translating this spinoff

Sadly, next episode is final.

You could argue that the fact that we even got a translation of the manga gives me hope for movie subs.

And speaking of AOTS, it was two movies and the first was god awful. Yet the second movie was even worse than the first and somebody still decided to make translations for it.

I forgot link

It made Gantz look good. And that one is in the gutter anyway with the rushed ending.

>comparing Terra Formars to Gantz




You're right. It's hard to make comparisons when both are literal shits.

At least Gantz had its moments.

no niggeroach rape scene

I can't uderstand what's going on anymore. Is Joseph group dead? I will pick it up again once all of them are dead.

>It's hard to make comparisons when both are literal shits

Lt. Dan never was the same after he lost his legs in nam.

>random nobodies get killed instantly by roaches
>few pages of flashback of what was waiting for them
>back to their heads dropping on the ground

Am I supposed to have feels over these?

Is wasp man dead?

We only have TLs because the people working on it are fans. They would have dropped it otherwise.

As for AOT LA, that's due to the large fanbase. It's nothing to do with them being good or not. Think harder before posting.


Shokichi controlled by Chinese with Zombie ant fungi.

Isn't it just one guy doing the translations? I think it was xPearse or something. The way the story is going, I wouldn't be surprised if he dropped it.

>Think harder before posting.
You keep saying that like there aren't niche series and movies that get translations. It may not happen immediately but it's happened in the past and it can happen now.

Go ahead and prove me wrong on that. I'll wait.

So the next step to making anime real is having kids with roaches so we can have humans with 'anime eyes'?



Did those roaches fuck a human?

I read a few volumes and realized it was that weird Japanese cuckold murder-fetish stories and promptly dropped it. The Japs have a weird fetish sometimes for rocks-fall-everyone-dies and that's a really boring as fuck story. A 'twist' that the bad guys are actually impossibly unstoppable isn't a twist, it's fucking boring.

>the bad guys are actually impossibly unstoppable
So you didn't read it?

>Blablablablablablablabla (morale the author doesn't like)
>Oh yeah? BlablablaBLABLA! (morelae the author likes)

That's why.
Same thing happened with Magi, it became a snoozefest of babby's first politics and ethics.

I read through two or three volumes of them going 'Yay we killed it' followed a page or two later but roaches murder-hoboing everyone.

It got repetitive when every single time they introduce new overpowered humans, then spend the entire arc shitting on them because japan has a fetish for that 'twist'.

so, who got raped? or rather who is the mother?

I don't even know if that's possible


>roaches murder-hoboing everyone
In Volume 1, 2 out 6 combat-capable people survived, 1 was killed by a traitor and 3 died only to the bald Invoker/Messiah Roaches(there have been only 5 of those through the whole manga and they are very special). Normal roaches killing combatants is a rare occasion, and it's always their elite who do it.

>niche series and movies that get translations
Which TF isn't. You're just being overly hopeful and naive. Nobody really gives two fucks about TF in the west.

Yeah, it's just one guy. But he has dropped it on and off. First when Mangastream took over then when he got bored recently.

How soon will we get anzu?

You are only edge retard.

this manga is so fucking stupid,reminds me to gantz

can someone tell me the story thus far?

Did Anzu consplay Umaru?
I wanna see her as Umaru.


the porn does nothing for me once you realize cockroaches mate with their asses, they have no dicks as you imagine it

Meh, the west is a large area and more than one country speaks english. I'll take my chances. I found out about TF through a Brazilian bloke so I figure someone will care enough to make an effort.


No rape despite everything in the plot leading up to it.