Dec 16, 2006

>Dec 16, 2006
It was only yesterday... Right?

It was almost 10 years go actually.

In the meantime Renji turned Rukia into a milf and Ichigo was confirmed to be a cowtits lover.

>4channer of 2006
>most of your original Cred Forums peers has moved on and quit Cred Forums.
>When being an oldfag becomes embarrassing

>most of 2006 Cred Forums has moved on
I suck

>>most of your original Cred Forums peers has moved on and quit Cred Forums.

I've tried to quit so many times. It's way too easy to be struck by curiosity, bring up one of the boards to have a look and get sucked back in and end up browsing for hours. Especially these days when everyone has instant access to the internet pretty much everywhere for the rest of their lives.

Its alright my niggas
Just accept this site isnt what it was back then and browse it for other reasons.

That's the the issue "my nigger". The issue is I've been here for way too long

ironic how the manga ended up more forgettable than Senna

I still remember her from time to time.

unlike the way Bleach ended

I always wonder if those former oldfags are currently having a normal life right now.

You know, having a career, family, house and old that jazz.

Why is Orihime so hot?

Fellow '06 friend here. I meant it when I said I was here forever, but so many others have left and I feel like I don't fit in as much any more. I'm lucky if there's one thread a day that gets me even moderately excited.

LoN was from 2007. Ask him.

>Haruhi was 10 years ago

>Tatsuki became hugely irrelevant by then


Senna is the future Ichika.

Kubo said he had Renji in mind when he was designing Senna.

And after all of these years I still believe it
They fucked, at some point off screen

Because you have shit taste, user.

Don't feel bad that your ship lost, user.

I guess everyone who finds Orihime bland must be a salty shipper?

Senna is female Renji.
Senna is also best girl for Ichigo.
IchiRen is OTP confirmed.

No joke,that doujin with gender bent Renji was the best thing to come out of Bleach

Senna was a good girl, the movie itself was forgettable just like everything past SS arc, but I still think about how things could've been different in the series if she was the main girl instead of Rukia, which was too apathetic most of the time.

Ichika's gonna be super cute when she grows up. I mean, that was a given, but it's nice to have a reasonable approximation of what she'll look like.

It's weird but being someone who's only 23 and browsed this place since 2006 it's weird. You look back on it with weird nostalgia but at the same time I know damn well my stupidity contributed to this place being as shit as it is today.

>Implying Ichigo kept his composure long enough to lose his virginity

I miss Bleach.

I think we knew Ichigo had a thing for big tits before then, but I can't remember what occurred when.

This prospect is concerning. How do I avoid meeting this jaded fate, anons?

How long did it take for them to quit spilling their spaghetti and finally fuck? And how poorly did their first time go?

Seriously, there's no way they didn't make at least a few mistakes, especially since Orihime has a...unique train of thought.

>every Bleach thread since the ending


You didn't watch it in 2006 anyways
You had to wait 'till 2007 when Dattebayo subbed it


Why? It was a bad series.

Robohime a best

Thicchime a disgusting pig

Daily reminder that Ichigo married Orihime and she gave birth to his child, the new most powerful being in the universe, while Rukia gets Renji's monkey dick every night and their genes have mixed to create the ultimate jobber.

Robohime is for killing people.

Thicchime is for giving life.

Post characters who you think had unfulfilled potential.

I didn't notice BG9 had future-orihime's gatling gun



We never did learn what her encounter with Urahara was about. And even if it turned out that Isshin and Masaki and White all got sort of tied together and passed to Ichigo alone, shouldn't she and Yuzu still have the potential for Fullbringer, if nothing else?

nel never had any potential to begin with

Karin needs a spin-off.

Nel was miles better than Orihime

and they were both garbage

Then who is best girl?


it definitely felt like there was supposed to be more to her than what we got. maybe not a lot more, but something, anything.




I'm not really on board with the whole arbitrary singlefile line of favorites thing that all the autistic kids are into these days. But even if we narrow down your interests to breasts and nothing else there were still better options than nel or orihime, whether you're going single file, tier by tier, or even just pass or fail.

It's too late, you're too far down the path already. Just get comfy and enjoy the misery friendo.

Just means Ichika is alternate time line Senna. Senna was a shinigami who lost her memory by getting into a dimentional time rift while traveling between worlds. This is not head canon mind you.

>when you remember Kubo made MoN canon in the final arc

How about all of them

I always assumed that she had some connection with the soul society and knew about everything going on.